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  1. Oh shit…genes are contagious now?

  2. WTF? Seriously lol WTF?

  3. For her spawn’s sake, it would be better if genes weren’t the things passed down to future generations. It would also probably be better for the future of society if she didn’t “love tha dick”.

  4. Wow… what a freaking moron. I pray this one doesnt reproduce.

  5. I remember it like it was yesterday.

    I was walking along the sidewalk and someone sneezed. I couldn’t get the words “God bless you” out of my mouth before I noticed how well shaped his backside was. I had never had these feelings before, but now it’s all I could think about.

    Within 5 minutes, we were behind a dumpster, going at it like homosexual hyenas.

    It’s been 3 years since that day and I haven’t looked back (except when I’m on bottom… so that I can see his face.)

    Turns out he also gave me blue eyes and a higher chance for alcoholism, all with that single sneeze!

  6. He can’t be serious? 😐

  7. @mcowles – exactly what I was thinking. Damn, gotta find someone to infect me with green eyes, the ability to dunk a basketball without jumping, and a bigger dick.

  8. This is the problem with today’s youf, I mean youth. Uh-oh, I think I caught the ignorant gene. Crap, now I have to listen to gangster rap for the rest of my life.

  9. lol !!!

    i mean… yeah… you can catch genes.

  10. and i am still not over the fact that his name is lyes.

  11. I cannot stop laughing at this.

    To be fair, though, Peter Parker got the Spider-man gene from that spider bite. At least it wasn’t a gay spider, amirite?

  12. Lyes… please, for the sake of the future… educate yourself! And LOL@mcowles!!

  13. i hope this mofucka can’t sneeze stupid on people

  14. Is Lyes a boy?

  15. Intelligent design, MY ASS!!!!!

  16. @ Goldenfry

    Yes, Lyes is a boy. That’s why he said “Like a mofucka gna sneeze on me n I b like wooaahh!!! I love tha dick”

    I don’t know how that could be clearer, haha. I guess he doesn’t think he could ever like penises, even if the gayest man in the world sneezed on him. However, if he saw mine, he’d be in love (it’s shaped like a carebear).

  17. @ mc cowles

    too bad; i like popples better than carebears.

  18. mccowles – ba haa haa ha!!!!

  19. I’m just glad black people don’t sneeze.

  20. hmmm…I think this mental giant has “genes” and “germs” confused.

  21. wow @Jules. I haven’t thought of Popples in many years. Btw, I know you’re lying, no one in their right mind could possibly like Popples more than Carebears, ESPECIALLY Sunshine Bear!

  22. His name is lies.

  23. @ Mcowles. U r the new anonisgay

  24. I don’t understand why you would be pissed at this guy. He is being facetious. “As if” = sarcasm indicator. Unless Lyes is communicating with his Indian friend Asif, in which case I totally miscomprehended this, and Lyes is not a friend of the gays after all.

  25. He sure as hell caught the ‘bad grammar’ gene from somewhere

  26. I didn’t see a question mark anywhere, so maybe wasn’t sarcasm. He was telling his friend ‘Asif’ that there is a Gay gene, and how he’s going to catch it, someone will sneeze on him (hopefully) and he’ll likes the penis.

  27. Asif is just “as if” but with a missed space. So he IS being sarcastic.

  28. GNA = gaynucleic acid? gayoxyribonucleic acid?

  29. Once a lesbian sneezed on me and I ended up with rugburn on my face for days.

  30. National Dyslexic Association

    #1, #9, #20, everyone.

    Yes, genes are contagious. Look up “retrovirus”.

  31. RETROVIRUS: A virus that has been until recently out of fashion but was brought back by a trendsetter thus making it cool to have again.

    Thank you, Urban Dictionary, for satisfying my curiosity.

  32. 30.National Dyslexic Association

    ^ LOL but no.

  33. He is being serious
    Asif = as if
    He is British.

  34. You can not catch gay!
    Does he think that Queer eye is
    The same as Pink eye?

  35. Lol what does being British have to do with anything? Maybe he’s been watching too many episodes of Family Guy and just got the wrong meaning…

  36. From what I can tell, he is referring to the recent studies that homosexuality can be a “gene”. Obviously our friend here does not know what gene is…

  37. Clearly doesnt realise the difference between GENE and GERM. Cretin.

  38. Strange: have no idea what Lyes is talking about, but I’m pretty confident that he’s very very wrong about it.

  39. @T

    Is “you’re the new anonisgay” a compliment? My post was related to this submission, even if it was in story format.

    Hmmm, I’m somewhat offended, but I’ll let that slide, just like I let myself slide inside your mom last night! OH! Sorry… sorry…

  40. @mcowles^
    You mean you’re not gay anymore?
    Some damn heterosexual must have coughed in your vicinity!!

  41. The sentence is hilarious and genes are not contagious, but he seems like the smart one in the conversation. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT WAS SAID TO MAKE HIM REPLY LIKE THIS. Roflmao still.

  42. National Dyslexic Association

    Genes can be contagious.
    Look it up.

  43. I’d rather not. I hope you’re not talking about catching it from your parents.

  44. National Dyslexic Association

    No, I’m not.

  45. @National Dyslexic Association

    if you are referring to something along these lines:

    (Retrovirus genomes commonly contain these three open reading frames that encode for proteins that can be found in the mature virus:

    * group-specific antigen (gag) codes for core and structural proteins of the virus;
    * polymerase (pol) codes for reverse transcriptase, protease and integrase; and,
    * envelope (env) codes for the retroviral coat proteins.)

    then please note: it is the virus that is contagious, not the genes.

    Please note: (All living things depend on genes. Genes hold the information to build and maintain their cells…)

    – a virus is an organism, so yeah, it has genes. However, what is contagious is the virus and what the virus does, NOT what the genes do. If the genes were contagious, you’d turn into the virus (kinda like how you’d turn into a carrot if you ate one.)

    [yes, this came from wikipedia – i chose this source vs hunting through a biology textbook and attempting to paraphrase chapters on genes and viruses)

    anywho – this lamebook post was quite comical! :]

  46. National Dyslexic Association

    If only you knew what all that meant.

    Retroviruses will alter your genes. Meaning the genes can jump from one organism to another using retroviruses. Look up the terms in your second asterisk point to understand more. If you want to quibble over the fact that carrier is contagious, not the package it delivers, then congratulations, you clearly have a much bigger cock than me. The fact is your genes will be changed by retroviruses. And no, I’m not just referring to the fact that virus has it’s own genes, I’m referring to what the retrovirus actually does.

    Unless you want to pay me tutoring fees, here endeth the lesson.

    Yes, it was quite comical.

  47. national dyslexic association is right.

    retroviruses use an organism’s own cellular machinery (including their DNA replication mechanisms) to transcript and translate their own genome so they can form new viruses to infect other cells.

    in fact, certain retroviruses have been implicated in particular cancers.

    of course, this pleb obviously got germs and genes mixed up.

  48. *killed by wall of text*

  49. National Dyslexic Association

    @ kat

    Yeh, I doubt Lyes knows much about retroviruses.

  50. From what I can gather, Lyes is a friend of the gays. He’s just not a friend of science.

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