Friday, November 27, 2009

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  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! love them all.

    so glad SOME people know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Or “they’re” “there” and “their”. crazy times.

  2. So, this is what I’ve been missing out on by not joining Facebook? Good.

  3. i wuv you anatomie

  4. awwwww… i wuv you too pb. MWA xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo share the Lurve.

  5. Why do so many people struggle with Your and You’re? It’s really not that difficult.

  6. I think it’s just that grammar etc isn’t focused on so much in schools anymore. If you don’t pick it up as a kid, it is much harder to make sense of it all as an adult. Like the multiplication times tables :)

  7. I think someone just discovered the copy and paste function

  8. The whole you’re/your thing gets me. The there/their/they’re thing annoys me also.

    But i really want to shoot people who can’t get their head around to/too/two. My boyfriend texts me saying I love you too. I always correct him. It annoys me more than anything

  9. sorry he texts saying ” i love you to”

  10. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Excellent! But I don’t really get the second one. Simple much?

    Is Derek saying that the memory of being with him is better than actually being with him? Is that it?

  11. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    and @ Zizzi – I’d dump him. Or pass him onto Sophie. She’s single. Is he prepared to potentially raise another man’s child?

  12. @hitmewithyourrhythmvic – yah i found that somewhat confusing too, but i think you’re right – he is saying that the memory of him is better than the reality. i think….

    @Zizzi – awww, dont listen to hitme… – not worth dumping over :) lots and lots and lots of brilliantly creative people are horrible at spelling, dyslexic, (insert anything else here).

  13. I want to see Errons face when she tells him that he is the father.

  14. oh my god! get another line cumdog! jesus.

  15. LOL @ diva! love it. btw – i’m pretty new to this site – how do you get your username to be pretty blue hyperlinked like that? :)

  16. Erron , that was a rhetorical question pal.

  17. add a webpage in your settings

  18. …and i thought Zombie Kid was annoying, he’s got nothing on the annoyance factor that CumDog possesses. Anyway, these made me laugh. I too hate people that cannot comprehend when to use your and you’re… Along with two, to and too and there, they’re and their. I was taught that crap in first grade. I actually wonder what is taught in schools now that this is obviously neglected!

  19. thanks @ijustsawfly – appreciate it :) now the troubling decision of what kind of page i want to link to.. hmm….

    @Donnie Brasco – i think they teach Creationism in schools now…. you know, worthy stuff ;) … oh no she didn’t , OH yes she did!… i wouldn’t say i “hate” people who don’t know the difference between your/you’re etc though. That’s a lot of hating!

  20. #20 break the trend and don’t try to be original, post a link to lamebook

  21. #21 lol@ originality idea. i thought linking to lamebook would be commonly done! I like the idea of it. Recursive Loop beware.

  22. Schooling these days consists of loving every moron on the karaoke shows, the usual “if you have an opinion of worth, then you’re clearly a freak”, and how to text in shorthand so that the receiver of said text has to read it aloud to make vague sense of it. (I refuse to reply to a text I have to read aloud.)

    What I REALLY don’t get though, is that these chuckleheads insist on misspelling to use less characters, yet always seem to add an unnecessary “r” in can’t!

  23. I absolutely love it when people point it YOUR. Oh world, it’s funny how people always use your, instead of you’re. Even magazines.

  24. loving these posts , the first one really was my kind of humor , Sam FTW

  25. *point at. hehe


  27. and here we go again with the grammar police , get over yourself guys/girls/hemafrodites…

    It annoys me that people are offended by age old grammar rules

    But it also annoys me that some people are so stupid

    I m confused

    help me

  28. You spelt hermaphrodite wrong.

  29. and yourself in stead of yourselves

    i have an excuse … English is only my third language …

  30. @lemonseed

    Haha! true that

  31. English is my sixth language.

  32. well you could find lots of A cup girls with a french accent over here cumdog … you’d be hitting it all day long

  33. #30 speaking many languages rule, english would be my second thou, but my excuse for abusing it is that i dont care

  34. actually, sam is ftl; because florence is my gay.

  35. Father Sha is my favourite commentor here :D

  36. Does anyone else think that Logan got a double win here? Not only did he make a witty remark, but he also mocked Laredo’s inappropriate use of title case.

  37. @ Dr Hymen.

    I concur. Logan is my hero.

  38. Erron Makes a great friend.

  39. Fuck yeah Erron.

  40. They’re all freaking hilarious!!! 1 & 4 are funniest by far.

  41. @10: I believe what Derek is trying to say is “I’m better as a memory than your man is” or the egocentric statement reworded to make a little more sense “I am a better memory than what your man can be”.
    His statement is awfully perplexing and i am not 100% sure on the translation, but i am confident enough to say it is close.

  42. Sam for the win!!

  43. Zizzi,

    I love the irony in your comment.

  44. These were awesome!!

    @ Zizzi STFU!!! You’re obviously not as smart as you think you are.

  45. Erron FTW!

  46. HAHAHA I’m actually friends with Derek. Hilarious..he replied back with “shut the hell up.”

    And @10 and @42 “I’m better as a memory than as your man” is a direct quote from a kenny chesney song. Just to clear that up.

  47. PS. The dudes a creeper in real life. Hell, he’s a creeper on the internet too.

  48. A lot of wasted time on Florence’s part…

  49. I like turtles.

  50. @47 & @48: He would have to be listening to something like Kenney Chesney. I have never heard of him before, but going by his name he sure does sound creepy.

  51. @ 51. its Kenny Chesney.

  52. @52 i thank you for the correction although to be honest i could care less about the musical artist in question.

  53. laurenlee653…. I don’t know who you are… So how can I be a creep?

  54. mysteriousblister99

    Yes i think that that florence has too much time on her hands. she needs to take an insight to the english language. i bet shes the proper clubbing type.
    england is madness!.. i follow this girl on facebook thats how i know what type of person she is. Maybe she’ll be my friend?

  55. Loved the Derek and Sophie one.

  56. You’re and Your .. :/
    I’m 13 so I can tell you right now that they don’t teach grammar or spelling in school, at all. It’s shocking, lucky and some sort of a fluke that some of us managed to learn to speak properly. You’de be amazed at just how many people around my school and where I live say things like “he don’t” or “she don’t” and the ‘text talk’ is just annoying.

  57. *You’d.
    Sorry about that.

  58. Edderzz: I applaud you, I really do. It is nice to know that some of our youth can speak and spell properly. More would be better, but beggars can’t be choosers.

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