Friday, December 18, 2009

FTW Friday!


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  1. amazing. simply amazing.

  2. This is eh.

  3. Andrew deserved it solely for saying “prolly”.

  4. ok so that WAS pretty lame of Andrew, but what the hell is Sara’s problem???? Did she need to be such a bitch about it?

  5. HA!!! Sara Rocks:)

  6. OWNED!!!!!!

  7. yes… yes she did.

  8. Well, he was also being creepy, perverted, and a douchebag.

  9. Kudos to Sara!
    Looks like Andrew’s back to trolling Facebook for more prey to ‘kick it’ with sometime.

  10. Ditto to #5!

    I don’t think she was a bitch at all. The guy is really creepy!

  11. but the whole thing would have been just as funny with out the rude part. A simple “yeah you did, i won’t go out with you” would have sufficed and she wouldn’t be seen as a bitch. to me, she is worse than the fb stalker guy because she’s just rude.

  12. I think Sara would have kicked it for him, hard.

    Great post, owned.

  13. then again, she already proved herself as your typical stupid bitch sorority girl with her status update. he should have known what he was getting into. maybe he should have waited untill later after she’s wasted after a night out with her “bitches” and they he probably could have nailed her.

  14. “dont mean to be a dik but who r u?”

    fuckin fag

    like he doesn’t remember adding some random hot girl, especially if he’s a fat loser

  15. Sara FTW!!!

  16. Is probablynot Andrew?

  17. sorry, i had to come back to say that
    probablynot you failed.

  18. Sara, win.

  19. Sometimes I look at the things people do to try to pick up women and wonder if those things ever actually work with any woman ever. I mean, other than the type of woman who charges by the hour.

    This is one of those times.

  20. seems like probablynot is harboring some hardcore bitter feelings, no?

  21. The Scarlet Pimple

    yeah, this one gave me a lol.

  22. haha, no, i just hate people being rude to each other. And girls like her just make the world uglier, as does creepers like Andrew.

  23. true fact.

  24. lol at how andrew set himself up even though he failed

  25. andrew was practically asking for it with such a lameass pick-up attempt. what a douchebag.

  26. This shows that over compensation is a bound fail.

  27. Yeah, anyone who adds someone that they don’t know on facebook just because they want to hook up with them is 1)asking for failure, 2)retarded, 3)pathetic, and 4)entertaining. :)

  28. Haha Andrew was prolly holding his dick while talking to Sara and quickly put it away when she carved him up!

  29. I’m gonna have to agree with most posters here and say fuck yeah he got what was coming to him. I feel that it’s a bit to feminine for guys to use “lol”. Then you add the way he types and “prolly” talks… Plus he called her friend Bo an asshole. Just because you might be a bit husky doesn’t mean you should take extra offence to her response.

  30. Nice assist by Bo.

  31. LOL @ Insane — I can totally see that.

  32. Insane FTW

  33. lol thats not really something you say on an update anyway ‘who are you i dont remember adding you’

    Bo was right, there is a thing called messaging

  34. I wanna see Andrew’s fat ass.

    Wait, that doesn’t sound right.

  35. Whatever.. Andrew’s a moron. But, Sara’s the pathetic one here. Who sends requests to random people on FB? So lame.

  36. LMAO

  37. Um no Alijacket – Sara was added by Andrew, making him a creepy loser.

    Not to mention he posted such an insulting thing on a pretty important update. That update should be filled with congratualtions etc etc. not – who are you? Who does that? Seriously if you don’t know the person just delete them…

  38. @Alijacket

    Uh, it says right there that Andrew added Sara. Reading comprehension is your friend!

  39. This is why I moved off-campus in a HURRY. Morons, all around. There is no point in trying differentiate between them. Where do you even BEGIN with these people?

  40. I love Bo, not least because he makes me think of a fluffy dog. Also because he shot that fucker DOWN.

  41. This is amazing :)

  42. Anyone called Sara is a bitch anyway, though fat Andy is a dirt-bag and deserves all he got.

    And I wish I was friends with one of the Duke brothers like Sara

  43. I’d love to know the “backstory” to this. My guess is that Andrew logged into facebook late one night, after a boozy binge on pizzas, donuts and a dozen Bud Lights. While scratching his balls and burping away in front of his computer, he trawled the college network and came across Sara and a few other “hot” chicks, judging by their profile pictures.

    The next morning Sara quickly checked her facebook before rushing to write her exams for the day, and just confirmed Andrew’s friend request without checking up on him first. Andrew slept late (hopefully without missing any exam papers), and couldn’t really remember what he did the previous night.

    A week later Sara was overjoyed at having finished her finals. And Andrew was still looking for his first experience of sex.

  44. It’s Archie & Veronica Move to the Projects.

    Oh my days! Remember when kids would try to speak with adult sophistication and eloquence? Now they all wanna sound like a pimp. “sup, dawwg!”

  45. But it’s funny as hell to you guys when someone calls a girl a fat ass huh? Hypocrites..

  46. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    ah Andrew.. you should be so deserving of a Darwin award…

  47. @DukeGuy -that’s a pretty dumb stereotype to put on someone based on their name… were you dumped hard core by a Sara? Because of all the 8 Sara’s/Sarah’s I’ve known, none of them were wenches. All stereotypes based on names are stupid… unless it’s Mercedes… stupid wench…

  48. hahahaha sara ftw, andrew totally deserved that!

  49. Maybe it’s just the language barrier, being from the UK where we speak English not English(American), but if a guy asked me if I wanted to “kick it” with him I’d have to answer either “sorry, I don’t play football” or “I’m not into that kind of thing…”

    For the record though over the internet some guys seem a lot more cocky and try the most ridiculous lines. I was once randomly added on msn probably via my old myspace page or something like that and a bloke opened the conversation with something along the lines of “hi, where are you from? want to meet up sometime? do you like anal?” all in the opening sentences. He was very quickly met with a “Sod off, you’re blocked.” The internet brings out the worst in people, but at least we can still have a laugh at their expense.

  50. @Jenivere:
    I completely understand you. When my cousin from Boston said that she’d hit someone up, the last thing on my mind didn’t involve her calling somebody.
    The internet only exposes some idiots for who they really are, and it’s quite funny to take part in the spectacle.

  51. You deserve a medal for understanding the immense amount of rubbish I spout sometimes, bravo Maralie and I’m not being sarcastic either! Some idiots are always idiots though, it’s hardly exposing them when they can barely conceal their complete lack of braincells…chat up lines have to be the funniest of them by far though

  52. @Jenivere:
    Yeah, ‘suave’ lines are so brilliant.
    P.S. I’ll gladly wear that medal! It’s all easy to understand, just as long as it doesn’t have anything under the lines of “…i prolly added u to see how u looked,” I’m perfectly well off.

  53. Haha pick up lines? Does anyone use pick up lines anymore, let alone one’s that aren’t cheesy and scare people off? And trying to pick up via the internet is so wrong. Bill needs to design and implement a computer that can slap a person with a newspaper and tell them ‘NO!’ when it detects the user flirting cheesily on the internet.

  54. How about this one?

    “Hi sexy. Write back and then we’ll see how many times I can make you squirt before you faint.”

    Yeah that was the opening line

  55. @Anitalaff you assured me our correspondence would be kept strictly confidential.

  56. @ Jenivere & Maralie … now that’s how to conduct a civil internet conversation! Props to you both – and I do not mean that in a “let’s kick it” chat-up kind of way either…!

  57. The language barrier has now left me wondering what sort of props these are – for a play? From a film? I hope it’s either lightsabers or spares from a porn set, or even better both to make a truly terrible parody…

  58. Haha Jenivere!

    Right, let me try again…. kudo’s to you both!

    In a-tipping of my hat,

    (PS. If you do wonder about my strange grasp of the English language, I don’t live in the USA, UK, or Australia/NZ. That’s as much as I’ll give away, though I do have an Antarctic heart…)

  59. i ran a proxy on your connection – you’re NZ.

  60. Hat tipping? Not UK….that makes you Southern Irish then? Top o’ the mornin’ to ye’!

  61. No Gripper, not NZ. Had a few visits there years ago, but that’s all.

    Not Irish either, Jenivere! Though I’d like to spend my retired years there, to be honest.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to sidetrack this thread and go too far off-topic… and I honestly don’t think it all that important to know the nationality of anyone else here, anyways. It can be fun but often leads to silly stereotyping.

  62. We’re all anonymous, well most of us anyway, so it matters not. I just like giggling at the differences in some sayings that make no sense over here! At the end of the day, we’re only here to laugh at stupid people, but if occaisionally an interesting conversation arises, let it happen, it balances the clever/dumb ratio in the world.

  63. Spot on, Jenivere, spot on… hope that made sense to you! *laughs*

  64. This is an amazing site. Just brilliant…

    Not sure I can take much more of this Antarctic Circle guy though – every comment he makes just makes me drowsy and bored.

    Dude. Writing. It’s not really your thing. Please cease and desist. Thanking you in advance…

  65. @ scuter: you’re not required to read the comments. if you continue to read despite getting bored, are you not just aggravating yourself?

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