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  1. Way to go Angela ,this has been on TFLN this week…

  2. I love you Jess.

  3. I hate Angela and all women like her. Buy your own damn beer!

    If you want equal money from your job, then you should be treated equally!

    The other two are pretty great though.

  4. I like skeezers.

  5. What an interesting juxtaposition: Here we have two girls who will clearly sleep with just about anyone, and in the middle we have Justin, who will never sleep with anybody at all. Well played, Lamebook.

  6. Yeah, poor Justin.

  7. x box live ? that’s lame indeed :-) everybody knows ‘cool’ guys are on the PS network

    I kinda liked angela’s joke (but she was prob being serious) and jess ftw all the way

  8. I love girls like Angela. She’s the reason guys have created all those fantastic risqué bedroom moves like the donkey punch, dirty sanchez, and the shocker. I hope someone makes a new one up for her where right at the moment of climax, the guy pulls a staple gun from underneath the pillow, and tacks two in her nips. They could call the Tim the Toolman.

    (Good eye @#5)

  9. Now I know how mcowles felt !

    However, they do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  10. The last one ruled. But all of them were fun. Skittles.

  11. Kiwi is right

  12. It’s “a lot” you dumb cow, not alot!

    Pet peeve, blame my year 7 English teacher.

  13. Angela’s status is a joke she has stolen from Chris Rock, therefore she’s blatantly kidding. LAME whoever submitted it and LAME to Lamebook for posting it.

  14. @13 – indeed.

    But it does offer a good LOL @ all the whore-hysteric guys “zomg she had teh sex with a guyz that mean she sleepz all the guys woah slut LETS STAPLE teh bigch”.

  15. @13. Maybe the admins just don’t know every single Chris Rock joke out there? Just a thought.
    BTW… Justin=Win

  16. @13. Maybe the a***ns just don’t know every single Chris Rock joke out there? Just a thought.
    BTW… Justin=Win
    Sorry if this double posts, last comment requires moderation
    We can’t say a-d-m-i-n anymore?

  17. haha, i love the lame post about the period…I have thought about saying the same thing. The important word there is “thought”…I love lamebook :) It puts everything in perspective!

  18. God receives credit for some really weird things.

  19. 15. What the fuck is an a***ns? Just say it.

    And my comment was actually meant in the way that leequette interpreted it – I was mocking the early posters who took Angela’s status to mean that she was a complete slut who fucked anything that moved, instead of realising what it actually was: a humourous quote that she simply found funny and wanted to repeat.

  20. @Lizzle

    a***ns = a-d-m-i-n-s. Finn commented that he couldn’t leave that in there, or else it required moderation.


    They do that in case someone says “Hey a-d-m-i-n-s! Someone is being racist in an unfunny way!” To alert them to drop the hammer.

  21. Ah sorry…missed that second part!

  22. @13: Using an uncredited Chris Rock quote that makes you look like a whore seems pretty lame to me.

  23. Oh, true true. Makes sense really.

  24. PMSL. Jess is fucking awesome!!! And there is one thing i would like to say to Angela. Can i pick you up at 8?

  25. apparently family guy quotes are out to. A.D.M.I.N needs to stop over moderating, otherwise people will more than likely migrate to 4chan or some other random site

  26. MY HIV test came back negative!! Thank God!!

    I threw up in a car, but it wasn’t mine!! Thank God!

    It no longer hurts when I pee!! Thank God!

    That rash has cleared up! Thank God!

    I no longer make socially awkward FB posts!! Thank God!! (Well, let’s not be hasty)

  27. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    Anita you gave me a good ol’ chuckle

  28. Anitalaff: Pure Gold!!! FTW

  29. You find that humorus? Ugh. Lamebook indeed.

  30. Angela’s post is from, so she’s definitely not one for originality.

  31. @MarthaSpewitt: Maybe if you weren’t so crank, you wouldn’t be spewing all the time. And maybe, just maybe, you might find the humour that is in this site, rather than imitating Buzz Killington all the time.

  32. *cranky

  33. Find employment Insane. Then you wouldnt need to justify your existance by correcting miniscule and benal spelling errors on a fucking forum. Does it make you feel big?
    Such a loser troll.

  34. I saw the need to correct my spelling error so morons like yourself do not confused and lost. I am doing something meaningful with my life, and i am here to laugh. Why are you here MarthaSpewitt? Over-compensating for that failed escort service that was once running, maybe not well but a least running. So now that your business has failed you come onto a site such as Lamebook to attack people who are here for fun? Seriously you MarthaSpweitt are the one who urgently needs to reflect on your life and find a way to improve said meaningless existence.

  35. @MarthaSpewitt – I think it is a little bit rude to demand people ‘find employment’ just because they happen to be on the same damn site you are on, think about the fact it is global on the internet and you are insinuating conversation with a total stranger! Does this then require I to demand you to get a job, seen as how you were on at a different time that i would be and you made no real comment but i do hope you feel big now that you have belittled someone else for the day, does this constitute as justifying your meaningless and pitiful existence?

  36. You could almost say that Allie was “God smacked”.

  37. holy shit she gives away her pussy for free beer? SLUT! you better be an alcoholic or your just a whore hussy :) GO GET A FUCKING STD TEST, BITCH!


  39. @ Ha ha, I love idiots like this who have missed the whole discussion.

  40. @ 33. MarthaSpewitt

    By benal spelling errors, did you mean banal spelling errors?

  41. Hahahah #33 MarthaSpewitt For the overreaching-their-vocabulary WIN!!!

  42. @ MarthaSpewitt – Existence is a word. Existance is not.

  43. Angela has clearly not met a gay guy yet and when she does she’ll be surprised when her vagina gets rejected. From the sounds of it if your straight you really should avoid her too if shes offering it so freely. Prostitutes give it

  44. away more freely

  45. That’s why man invented raincoats. So you can play in the rain without getting soaked!

  46. Wow… Angela… what a whore.

  47. I agree with sbs_kcbaby. I have a vagina, and it doesn’t get me drinks, my wit does. I am funny, intelligent, and not too bad looking. I’m a bit on the plus side, but as they say, fat girls try harder.

    That’s why I can afford to pay for my own. ;)

  48. @Svetlana

    Pfft, you know the only reason people buy you booze is because they want to fuck you.

  49. @Joe Evil Jr

    This is the funny thing, I decline the drinks, and still get the offer to get laid. So I must be doing something right…

  50. [...] “I got my period!  Thank god!” [...]

  51. Hmm a website got it’s period, and it’s thanking god! OMFG the interwebz are alive! Kill it, kill it now!!!

  52. MarthaSpewitt = Ben.

  53. Jordan and Jess are full of pure win.

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