Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Photos (part 2)

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  1. the last one is almost disturbing

  2. That last pic has been making rounds on the internet for quite sometime now.. Noone on facebook recently took that of themselves

    And that tramp stamp is HOT!

  3. ApplesauceBitch

    Someone should take a shovel to Shevelle

  4. ‘That idiot spelt it wrong’? Wait, what? I guess we’re going back to that age old Facebook debate… didn’t the person getting the tattoo check what it would look like at all? Didn’t the tattooist check with them? Can nobody in the world FUCKING spell?
    Besides that, it’s a nice tattoo.

    Unless I’m being stupid, number 2 is a completely normal picture?

    Number 3… bit weird. But fair enough.

    Number 4, is pretty awesome.

    The girl in number five needs a fucking dictionary.

    Number six… I’m just gonna ignore that one.


  5. If you’re going to but Tramp on your ass you might as well just stamp WHORE on your forehead…we shouldn’t have to wait to see your ass too know !

  6. BritishHobo…the second is totally normal if you force your infant to chug a pina coladas on a regular basis.

  7. **put not but

  8. um, i will wait to see the ass… but thats just me

  9. Of course you would slimjayz

  10. @jmaak: I totally didn’t realize that’s what was going on :o I guess we’ll take that one as me being stupid :P

    …I still kinda don’t see it.

  11. cynicaloptimist

    Nothing says clean like ringworm on someone with a tramp stamp

  12. Picture #4 – Hahaha! People still wear Mudd jeans?! Oh lawd.

  13. Wonder why #1 is misspelled. Guess the proud owner of the tattoo thot he spelled it right the first time.

  14. Tramp stamp?! Trailer trash at it’s finest!!

  15. It’s frightening how many misspelled tattoos are on this site alone. Makes me hesitant to risk another.

  16. What is wrong with #3?

  17. RhetoricallyHere

    Ohh! Number two is “lame” because the baby is being given an alcoholic beverage (or at least that is what it looks like). <..> I’m not slow, I swear.

  18. @cupid

    damn, I got a rep with people I dont even know :/

    And number 2 isnt lame… that baby isnt old enough for rice cereal… its obviously just a joke… Probably a mother that has been chained to that baby for months and just trying to have a little fun while she is out.

  19. i feel bad for the guy he’s trying to pay homage to.

  20. anyone else notice that the person with the literal tramp stamp is a guy?

    unless ‘Rob’ is now a girl name? lamebook blurred his name, but it still says go back to Rob’s profile, etc.

  21. yeah what’s wrong with #3? she looks like a kid. lamebook is lame

  22. @ elle em, it is robs photo album, that doesn’t mean it has to be a picture of rob

  23. Miss Tramp Stamp also has what appears to be a lovely patch of ring-worm on her arm. Attractive.

  24. I don’t think Shevelle was actually feeding the baby pina colada. Some of you need to lighten up.

    And to the dude in #1: good luck getting it fixed; it will be even more lopsided when Remembered is “spelt” correctly.

  25. What part of WORLD WIDE WEB did these people miss?!

  26. i feel like if i were to get a quote from “the sandlot” as a tattoo in memoriam of someone, i’d probably pick “YOU’RE KILLING ME SMALLS” over that piece of crap.

    however, there may have been a your/you’re spelling dilemma and they nixed it.

  27. @go team, because we all know that, for all intents and purposes, tattoos last FOREVER. F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

  28. Well atleast #1 has decent taste in music :]
    Even though his tattoo is a failure.

  29. @ BritishHobo I didn’t get #2 at first either. I prefer a dirty martini over froofy drinks, and didn’t recognize the glass at all. That could also just be from a blackout, but I digress.

    With the the way a martini glass is shaped I always spill before my baby can get decent a sip. Although, it’s probably better that way. Olives are likely a choking hazard, and that would just be irresponsible of me.

  30. Great, just great! It’s like a fucking car wreck, I can’t stop staring at that dudes Spider-man crotch.

  31. Just be sure to take cover once he starts shooting his web.

  32. @Soup -

    Oh, hell. Now she’s leaning all close to the screen to see if she can figure out where the web comes from…

  33. the only lame thing about the last picture is that someone submitted it and lamebook actually let it on. that picture is older than dirt. my friends and i put that as the picture for all our facebook events.

  34. Never mind that Shalin’s photo is now out on the Web for the world to see; what the Christ propelled him to don that Tigger/Spidey outfit in the first place?

  35. Gotta love the spy kids poster in the background. Pedophile on the rise!

  36. guys no need to make fun of the lady with the baby. that kid is all kinds of uptight and that’s the only way he can relax. it gets his game rolling. you know what i’m talking about right ee?

  37. Come on, the Tigger picture is as old as time itself.

  38. Damn Stretch, how did you know!

  39. @eener

    It’s Friday night on the East Coast. I figured you had to be a couple of glasses of wine in by now.

  40. Hey now, I’m only one in. Don’t over estimate me!

  41. Looks like we have a future furry in photo #3.

  42. What’s wrong with #3?

  43. In all fairness, I think the first pic is the first one to ever realized their shit was spelt wrong. Or at least to acknowledge it. As far as the third, she’s 13 maybe 14 so not lame. If it was a 24, 25 year old, then yes that would be lame.

    And down south here so I am our on my second bottle!

  44. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Rob’s got back, well kind of. Fuck it my lamebook friends, I’m not ashamed to say I’d go there with a girl with that little self respect and/or a sense of humour that fuckin’ hilarious.
    At least there’s no two ways about what a tattoo there means when it comes to her…
    It could pretty much be a side show to this website but I’m the kind of sadist that really gets hot at the thought of ugly, ugly, trashwhore tattoos, or chumps with spelling/grammatical mistakes. End of confession.

  45. And I forgot. Even if Chevette’s was a virgin colada (I just drank them, don’t spell them) that pic is all kinds of DHS. A baby on the beach with no clothes, hat, etc. But I guess the bar’s umbrellas provide protection.

  46. Shit, I forgot again. That’s what Kentucky Tavern will do to ya. Yea!!! for the cheap whiskey. Not only are they Mudd but have two different colors on the legs.

  47. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Hey drukrnwhpre, you got any body art on your lower back by any chance? I kid, I kid.

  48. Hehe DMT. Don’t kid with me unless you are willing be on Maury.:) Would back right hipish count? I have the moon there to go with the sun in the front. I mean I knew I has whorish ways and tried to place them so that pregnancy would not affect them. But at 19 what the fuck do you know? 15 years, STYX, and a broke minivan changes shit. Shit happens.

  49. drukrnwhpre, even though these are the best of times, you should come sail away with me. If you think you have too much time on your hands, you’re fooling yourself. You could be my lady.

  50. Down in old japan where young love’s forbidden,
    You’ve got to keep it hidden.
    Where is Richard Dawson?

  51. The guy with the TRAMP stamp also has a Question Sleep tattoo. I loled.

  52. Survey Says: he’s hanging around with a flock of seagulls? I have no idea what that means.

  53. dammit, just get in my pink Cadillac.

    And I have joined the retart club. Thanks Soup.

  54. Well, Pink Cadillac could offer many options. Are you Bernadette Peters from the Clint Eastwood movie? Because that would be awesome.

  55. Nah I am more Tina. Need I say more?

  56. Yes. Yes you do need to say more because you have lost me.

  57. Fucking damn. You (or my alcohol same diff) have confused me. I got I was thinking Billy Ocean. I am a dumbass. Thanks!

  58. hoo-boy howdy! that there “tramp” stamp is simply rife with hilarity! then again, coming from someone who has a tramp stamp that says “plunder me booty” in a piratey script, i could just have a twisted perspective on what’s funny when it comes to tattoos.

  59. I always knew my words were textual ethanol. But now you’re a Caribbean queen? Lady, you have more personalities than Sybil.

  60. Gosh, I wish I could could up with a smart response but all I have is Stop! Collaborate and Listen! Ice is back with a new …

  61. Now you’re just embarrassing us both. Why would you do such a thing?

  62. Pic 5, she spelled Beasties wrong.

  63. “…mopre personalities than Sybil” – love it!

  64. Is it to late to comment now that I am almost sober?

  65. hugs.incorporated

    I guess they only consider Jonathan Andrew a hero and not a legend. Poor guy has an expiration date.

  66. @hugs.incorporated
    you do realize the date is “7/13/09″… that was last year dumbass.

  67. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    drukrnwhpre, I’m willing and willing to be on maury, but since you and soup seem to be hitting it off, I might have to swing the ol’ swashbucklin’ cutlass at pootypoot’s treasure trove, yar!
    pootypoot, are you serious? That’s an outrageously awesome tramp stamp, and if you don’t really have it, I’m going to make my girlfriend get one.
    *insert disarmingly charming play on words incorporating scrubbing decks or plank walking double entendres here in order to board your ship, me heartie*

  68. Really? The Sandlot?

    Come on. Dude could have at least used “L-7 Weenie” or “For-ev-er”.

  69. I’ll admit I didn’t see the mistake in the first picture. It took me reading the poster’s comment. :( I am disappointed in myself. How would you even get that fixed though?

    And just as a side note, having ringworm doesn’t necessarily correlate with personal hygiene. When I worked at PetSmart I had a co-worker who got it from one of the hamsters. Just sayin’. I think that girl has a cool sense of humour.

  70. A Tigger/Spiderman collaboration… not one that has ever sprung to mind for me, but I’m really catching on to the idea.
    It’ll be the top of my list for the next dress up party, a sock in the pants to complete the look, and I’ll be good to go.
    Won’t need a big sock though, that guy clearly ain’t packing.

  71. who the fuck has a spy kids poster!

    is the fat abby drinking pina colada? (if that is how you spell it)

  72. nope. but the fat baby is.

  73. I am pretty sure no.2 is Schapelle Corby…

  74. The last one scared me.

  75. It should be ‘No-one’ not Noone’. Slimjayz you are a tool.

  76. crisco, leave my sexy slim the fuck alone, and take your grammar and spelling lessons to some place it really matters.

  77. @DivineMonkeyTrigger – Arrr, indeed, I be serious. Me backside (and oftentimes me FB profile pic) shows it to be true. And, thanks, I’m pretty fond o’ its outrageous awesomeness myself!

  78. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    pootypoot… permission to board?!
    I work for a tattoo magazine (I swear, it’s true), so if this doesn’t sound like the 2nd sleaziest thing you’ve ever heard you should submit a photo.
    Considering it’s a fb profile pic it sounds like you want it immortalised in print forever…
    Or were the double entendres not ship-shape enough for you to lower your cannons?

    I swear I’m fresh out of pirate cliches. But you make me timber(s) shiver…

  79. lol

  80. Photo number four makes me sad. There should be rules about having both a tramp stamp and a “Johnny the Homicidal Maniac” tattoo.

  81. Um, I have a tramp stamp and a JTHM tattoo. The tramp stamp looks like a crop circle. :D

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