Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Photos! (part 2)

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  1. gotta love mo money….

  2. the dollar sign in the hair looks pretty impressive

  3. emo nipple makes me want to cut myself….

  4. The first one is just sad :(

  5. lol

  6. i like the last one
    it’s clever

  7. Hmm.. Photo #2 could possibly be Cynthia the preggers again.

  8. MonkeyCMonkeyDo


  9. What is it about frat boys that don’t seem to realize that swallowing bottle caps is neither cool nor good for you?

  10. Lamebook is quite lame today.

  11. It’s kinda cool..

  12. Brandy Alexander

    That hair-do is a win!

  13. But seriously, If that’s the kind of thing #1 does – Take a sad ass photo and put it on facebook – I’m not surprised Vicky left.. Maybe she likes her men you know, without ovaries.

  14. @13 Evil_Nykki

    Right on Dawg!!

  15. The last guy looks pretty hot, and I’m rocking the emo nipple!

  16. Photos like No.1 just annoy me. Attention seeking, poor me (I secretly hope Vicky sees my pathetic picture or one of our mutual friends tells her about it). What do they expect to accomplish? Yeah cos Vicky is going to see what a vagina you’ve made out of yourself on facebook and come running back.

  17. The one with the haircut, it didn’t come out straight. It came out “gay”.

  18. Chewbacca shagger

    I like the emo nipple. I though you were supposed to bust a cap in yo ass, not your gut.

  19. That last picture is me. Someone sent in my photo. That’s lame.

  20. you could of at least blurred my cats eyes. He’s famous around here.

  21. lol

  22. Ha, a cap in the stomach is for novices.
    When I worked in the emergency department, some of the xrays of what people had in situ, would boggle your mind.
    The complete set of Christmas lights inserted per rectum, has always been a favourite memory of mine.

  23. The last two are pretty brilliant and made me laugh haha.

  24. the last one is totally Tom Higgenson

  25. At least the third one knew the difference between “then” and “than”. Every little thing counts!

  26. Definitely love the cat one. Everyone loves a good pussy!

  27. @worpervert

    Wow, complete set of Christmas lights inserted per rectum is impressive. So many questions arise:

    Why did they do it?
    How did they get them all up there?
    Did the person do it alone or did someone else do it to him/her?
    If someone else did it, was it consentual?

    I’m not expecting you to have the answers but, just wow, the mind boggles…

  28. That nipple is puketastic.

  29. the nipple looks like my alcoholic uncle

  30. EmKitt.

    I’d love to tell you everything, but patient confidentiality is a creed I live by.
    Trust me in the knowledge that it is a true story, and there are many in my archives.
    I will say though, they were not flashing by the time the person got to us, you know, moisture damage and all.

  31. The first one makes me want to punch Rihanna

  32. I would like to see that guy in the last photo hanging out with the pussy in the first photo.

    As for the last one, I’m sure that pussy is running away from him just like any other he has been around. Poor virgins…

  33. And EmKitt, the final line in my last comment WAS a joke, but I can assure you, the person in question wasn’t laughing.

  34. @wordpervert, damn confidentiality…

    My partner and I both work in fields where confidentiality is a big deal, so when we come home at the end of the day it goes kind of like this:

    “How was work?”
    “Good. I worked on some stuff”
    “Yeah, me too.”

  35. yourinevitabledemise

    Can you explain why you can tell us about the Christmas lights in the first place, but not how or why they got there? It seems to me like we still don’t know who the hell you’re talking about, whether you stop at “Christmas lights up the ass” or go on to mention the manner in which they were inserted. I’m also just trying to justify wanting to know so desperately… how can that in any way be a good idea?? At least tell us they were on meth or something, so that the stranger folks on this site don’t go making any special plans.

  36. Wow, I love the “read rest of entry” thing… I open this in a new tab and right when I click to it, I get a nipple in my face >.>

    @Wordpervert- Oh what I would have given to be in the room with you when whoever it was, was explaining it. I bet it was quite a story

  37. thanks sedna, your comment was the one showing before i clicked on “read rest of entry” so i had fair warning about the nipple!

  38. Almostdead, that’s what I’m callin’ you cos your name is a little long for me (I shorten everyone), although I think it’s a great name.
    So ok, without going into too much detail, it was self insertion for sexual gratification purposes alone. They had migrated too far up the bowel to allow for their removal, which I am gathering would have been part of the thrill. No drugs involved.
    I’m stating the obvious here, but people do the strangest things, and get off on the weirdest things.
    Lesson here… always leave enough cable to enable a safe exit.
    On that note, I’m done.

  39. yourinevitabledemise

    What a perversion of my words. Hmph.
    Thanks for filling in the story, though it was far less exciting than I had hoped. Ah well.

  40. Huh? Who would have thought that someone was decorating their tree, having perverse thoughts in there head. “Oh look they twinkle, I think I’ll shove them up my…” Whoa!

  41. Well I guess not all stories from the ER can be like a fabulous Christmas tree full of flashing lights.
    That’s how it was.

  42. Well, they do say that people get mesmerized by flashing lights! Poor bastard just couldn’t control himself. That’s some funny shit though, thanks for sharing!

  43. I’ll share with you any time ee, you know that.

  44. yourinevitabledemise

    You’d probably have to work in LA to get someone who used the Christmas lights the ways I imagined. Maybe *I* should live in LA…

  45. That I do word!

  46. The Christmas lights story reminds me of one of the funniest stories I read, about 2 guys in ER, one with a burnt face, the other with burnt nether regions.
    Story eventually came out that they were experimenting with inserting a gerbil, but it wouldn’t come out. So some bright spark decided to hold up a naked flame, hoping the light would attract it.
    Unfortunately rectal gas is inflammable……………..get the picture?

  47. hugs.incorporated

    The first one reminds me of Gellieman and Aisha. “she moves, she moves like a breeze…”

  48. There’s a book called “The Woman Who Swallowed a Toothbrush”, and it’s a compilation of the 51 most bizarre medical cases ever recorded. It’s pretty good if you want more stories about people putting weird things inside themselves and whatnot. After reading that, the bottlecap really isn’t that impressive actually :)

  49. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Someone shot him in his mouth, they were popping a cap in his ass, it’s just taking it’s time getting there via the alimentary canal.

    only just noticed the side part fringe on the emonipple. Hilarious!

    word, surely patient confidentiality specifies protection of identity, but you can still tell the stories without the names…

  50. Of course Divine.
    I said that for effect.
    But having said that, there have been cases of people I know who were discussing the details of patient cases out of the workplace, and were caught out by someone that was known to the person in question, and the ramifications were huge.
    The lesson in that one is you never know who’s listening.
    So I’m always careful.

  51. Divine, and in a lot of those cases the names were not even mentioned.

  52. I love #25′s undetected righteousness. So wait, because they would have a dollar sign on their head, you just assumed their grammar should be bad?

    (also Im just being politically correct here by just mentioning hair; you could have thought that because they’re black and ghetto)

  53. so you do what you did… be as vague as possible but still tell the story.
    although it’s not the funniest story (light bulbs) it did make me chuckle.

  54. Fotoh #2 looks like a Snapple cap…totally irrelevant information but I thought I’d put it out there anyways.

  55. The last one’s clever, and the picture is adorable! I don’t think it deserves to be on here.

    Now, the emo nipple on the other hand…

  56. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    word, when you said the ramifications were huge, I immediately thought the best way to meter out some poetic justice to someone having a laugh at the expense of someone else’s arse, would be insertion of said object up the gossiper’s no-fly zone. That way the ramifications are in direct proportion to the crime, and you’d know which proctologists not to go to- they’d be the one’s that can’t walk properly.
    Anyone ever lose a riding crop up there? :-)

  57. I lost a piece of boiled carrot up my nose. I wasn’t putting it up there for sexual gratification though, I swear… >.>

  58. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    The guy that Vicky left looks completely downtrodden. I wonder if he has emonipples too?
    I must be behind the times but I didn’t know separate body parts had sub-cultures now.
    That makes my dick a crusty punk, my left ball is a hippy and my right a skinhead- they make quite the off-beat (or switch the words) trio… But my nipples are always happy, in fact they’re always “pumped”! *shakes head, puts laptop down and has a bath with a toaster*

    Last question: Who calls their emonipple Troy?

  59. Haha these are all pretty awesome. Except the last one, generic bs.

  60. @els9874

    Snapple cap? Your observational skills are on par with my baby niece’s. This is why I named my penis “the pacifier”. That little slut loves her binky.

  61. Damn Soup!

  62. Fuck Soup, too far dude! Get help!

  63. The dollar sign is tacky but kinda cool still

  64. this post is way too emo.

  65. Gotta say, the guy in the last photo looks HOT

  66. Emo nipple :D

  67. RenegadeSoldier

    Nothing worse than being black and getting dumped by some trailer park fatty named Vicky… That really does suck!

  68. @renegadesoldier you shouldn’t say things like that ever, especially in a public forum. There are lots of reasons why it’s wrong.

  69. (bump)for the x-ray picture, did he swallow the bottle cap accidentally or on purpose?

  70. WTF?

    How the fuck do you swallow a bottle cap “accidentally”?

    That’s like a Snapple cap, not a beer bottle cap … it’s freakin’ huge.

  71. #1 looks like that douche bag Kanye…

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