Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday PhoDOHs!

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  1. Wha?!! Someone thinks that Bush is the vice president??!!

  2. Are you freakin kidding me? Obama has been president for over a year, how long has “Jenna” been saying Bush is VP and why has no one corrected the poor girl? OMG… I guess they’ll let her say whatever she wants as long as she is an expert on those “nut jobs”.

  3. that “camp” picture is the gayest thing i’ve ever seen but i don’t get the tags – i feel like there is more lame here than meets the eye?

  4. I see “Camp” (stupid name of the day) is a subscriber to “Total Douche Weekly”

  5. Tim, they’ve obviously been watching too much Entourage.

  6. Don’t really get #4. I guess they’re all sort of keywords of things he’s into – typically masculine stuff… then “snow leopards”? WTH?

  7. Guessing those 2 guys are trying to recruit a 3rd guy to complete the menage a trois?

    The Brother-in-law does have a point.

    Jenna…let’s hope she’s really pretty with aspirations for trophy wife

  8. Bush is asleep

  9. First one is epic, made my morning.
    The second one however….really? I’ve finally just come to accept the fact that half of the world is retarded in some way.

  10. why does the brother-in-law have a point? what should he be doing? the firemen are doing all they can for the fire. i’d be taking pictures too, gotta catch those memories…haha

  11. The Camp Bros are like shit Barney Stinsons. At least he’s a joke in a sitcom. It scares me that there’s people out there doing that and being completely serious.

    Jenna, I’m an ignorant Briton who knows nothing about politics in America, yet I STILL know how you just said something really stupid.

    Also, this post reminds me of that big billboard with the picture of George Bush that says ‘Miss Me Yet?’. No clue what the point of it is, but hey.

    Zack, just… wtf?

  12. Camp’s photo is probably the gayest thing I’ve ever seen, ever.

  13. @Zoned

    I’d have to say it’s more than half…probably about 90%. it has to at least include anyone who has access to information and knowledge and still believes in some kind of religion.

  14. @backbeatrhythm

    What is “gay” about it, exactly?

  15. Once upon a time, “Trophy Wife” meant a beautiful woman who had her own career and her own money and took care of herself and judged you as worthy to wed her. Now “Trophy Wife” means “Hooker Got Married”. :(

  16. “Miss me yet” refers to the BILLIONS spent on a hope and prayer change scheme.

  17. @Tim everything.

  18. The way I read Jenna’s comment gave me the sudden urge to go and watch Ali G. I don’t know.

  19. Oh Zack!

    wtf is up with “Camp”? On a side note: After reading this I want a freaking Filet Mignon, I’m hungry. oh, and many some sex too, just not from “Camp”.

  20. huh..I always thought trophy wife meant the guy made enough cash to buy the chick he could never get in college.

  21. @wonderlandalli

    once upon an always “Trophy Wife” meant pretty woman who did nothing but sit around and take your money because that’s all she can do. Hence the word “trophy”, which just sits on a shelf and looks good and shows the owner’s (in this case a man) accomplishments…hurp durp

  22. That should be maybe, but many works too I guess.

  23. Read all the words in Camp’s photo as “with dudes” after it, then it makes sense

  24. Scarlett The Harlot

    Did no one notice that Patrick said “It must be a presidential thing….”? So, it’s not JUST Jenna who is being a complete idiot.

    Also, I think the Camps ran out of “masculine” things to say after a while. Opera, snow leopards, and tennis?

  25. WTF…look at the camp photo again…you can make out the watermark…says CAMP BROS…come on has to be gay.

    @eenerbl…hmmm..might need to rethink my relocation strategy ;)

  26. @lazytubs: I agree. Well put!

  27. @pretendr
    Nothing, but I can send you some links to things that actually are though, to cure your ignorance.

  28. @Tim No thanks, keep that to yourself

  29. pretendr FTW.

  30. Well, now we have photographic proof that bears don’t just sh*t in the woods.

  31. not the woods…so we don’t :p

  32. I know I know…have a nice cup of STFU :)

  33. Sorry, I stand corrected, they are technically getting busy at the edge of what apears to be a wooded area.

  34. i think you’re confusing the word “gay” with “douchey”

  35. To straight guys it’s the same. Gay Women..whole new kettle of fish.

  36. another dudes hairy butt = snuggie

  37. way to go Camp… I havent laughed that much in ages

  38. I think you’re confusing both of those with the word “you”

  39. douchey does seem like a good choice for #4…except that it’s a picture of 2 guys and it says SEX on it…hrmmmmmm. i’m gonna have to go with gay based on the aforementioned fact. perhaps that is the DOH… Is this by chance Jeremy Camp, the Christian singer?

  40. @pretendr..I’m assuming your trying to insult me…Hey I’m pro gay dudes. More gay guys more women available for me. As a straight guy, I sure as hell do not understand the attraction..just like I don’t know why a douchebag would enjoy a snuggie and “Desperate Housewives”

  41. Since they appear to be brothers stating things that they like as words on the picture, I didn’t see it as gay at all- unless you’re using the definition based on it being stupid. Hence why it looks like a couple of douche-nuggets to me.

    As a note, those who are vehemently homophobic tend to slant that way, and are just overcompensating.

  42. so then incestuously gay? just fueling the fire here…lol

  43. @lazytubs- LOL

  44. @Mykl42 Actually I was directing that to chicky_monkey, but…you’re “pro gay dudes?” lmao

  45. Bear sex FTW !

  46. LOL @Desolation Row

  47. Come now, you have to admit..the flamboyant, effeminate gay guys are just as douchy as redneck trailer park trash. Two dudes sporting Camp Bros making a text montage about “things/acts” is pretty damn flamboyant and highly unlikely to be done by any dudes except teenage posers or artsy gay dudes. Didn’t see Dating Prom queen and graduating in the text.

  48. @chicky_monkey “douche-nuggets” Bhahahahahaha lmao

  49. Gah! Signed up purely to comment!!!

    First thing I saw was two guys and immediately the phrase ‘sex camp’ jumped out. I guess that’s it.

  50. @Mlkl42 So you consider yourself as flamboyant and douchey* (which isn’t even a word, but if it was, it would be spelled that way) as redneck trailer park trash?

  51. @Academic

    jolly good sir…you have solved mystery holmes. they still seem “gay” and full of douche-nuggetry…

  52. Camp Bros- we like the finer things in life, like wine, cigars, and snow leopards. LOL. Reminds me of the Monty Python Lumberjack song, where he starts singing about wearing womens clothing.

    As a chick it looks like a come on to girls to me still, and not a guy dude thing. It’s like “hey, I have box seats to the opera, and I like the better things in life, come jump on my cock.” – but to a chick…

  53. I meant to say *gay* dude thing

  54. Snow Leopard is an update to the leopard operating system on Macs, aka OSX, this is also a sign of douchey gayness…

  55. …it sounds ridiculous.

  56. @pretendr..nope..consider myself confident and not likely to change to PC ways…Still you retarded to describe stupid. Midget to describe midgets and all the other varied words that the over sensitive population has deemed “hurtful”. I.E. renaming the yellow line of Atlanta transit system Gold because it goes thru an Asian community is retarded or gay. Retired before 40 and don’t need to kiss anyone’s ass to get along.

  57. *use not you

  58. @lazytubs- If they were talking about the OS, then why enter it in lower case and plural?

  59. i don’t know? who would put the animal snow leopard in their picture? that’s random and gay…lol. i’m not PC either…f*ck that! either way, it’s gay…lmao

  60. @Mykl42 Are you SURE you aren’t retarded and/or gay? (and probably both)

  61. If you’re not PC, are you a MAC? Possibly running Snow Leopard? :D

  62. By the way..I want that rainbow back in public domain…we all like rainbows.

  63. PC as in politically correct… i’m definitely a PC (Windows) user. Mac is a trend destined to die…

  64. Mykl42, just stop. You’re obviously extremely gay, we don’t need any further proof.

  65. LOL, Positive on both counts. IQ=142, Never even a bromance. Guys just don’t do it for me not even a little bit. Hold ZERO ill will for gays but, get over yourself it’s an oddity. Much like Armed Forces will always be called baby killers in some quarters. You can whine and insult or just ignore your perception and attribute it to a someone who’s opinion that doesn’t matter to you. Put on your big girl panties and grow up.

  66. I know what pc means, I was making a joke….

    Oh, and bring on the gay guys out here, they are a lot of fun.

  67. Nah… Even before rainbows were gay, they were pretty gay

  68. i think pretendr and Mykl42 were gay lovers and had their break-up recently… *sigh* …it’s sad to see the end of love. :(

  69. Mac lost it at Lisa…the proprietary stranglehold on 3rd parties has handicapped it ever since.

  70. @lazytubs lol

  71. yep he broke my heart just before V-Day..bastard, lol

  72. I’m not even American and I know the VP of the USA is Joe Biden.

    You know I understand some people don’t really pay attention to anything that doesn’t occur in their own backyard, but you have access to the internet – use google! At least TRY to sound smart.

  73. LMAO @slimjayz …so true and frickin hilarious

  74. @slimjays ok..they can keep the rainbows

  75. lol lazytubs, zing

  76. How in da hell imma gonna git both my beer and da Betsy sue down to da NASCAR ??? I gots me a idee-ar…

  77. single AND gay on V-Day…it’s gonna be a sad night full of booze for you…lol :P

  78. Travis you are a nut job and I am no stranger to nut jobs. Ahahahahahahahahah….



  79. i’m neither of those…but the night will be full of booze :p

  80. OMG…one of those…not even a dog in the fight and tilting at the windmills.

  81. i’m well aware…but according to Ron White…all men are a little gay…

  82. Calm down, Mary. And really, a Don Quixote reference? That’s the best you could come up with?

  83. So….. what is the argument about the two guys boinkin’ one another in the barnhole????

  84. I’d be so disappointed, if not only my house caught on fire, but if some fat, ugly fireman showed up to put it out.
    The unwritten law is fireman have to be hot.

  85. LOL@ #84. Well said!

  86. @ tcrider pretendr is/was all a flutter because we were referring to the Camp Bros photo as gay w/o direct proof of there cornhole activities

  87. *their

  88. Haha! firmen are just people too… I used to be a first responder and that unwritten rule isnt really true… Just like the myth of hot nurses… Not that there arent any, just not at the ratio of our fantasies

  89. did someone really ask what’s gay about this? pretendr said it best – EVERYTHING – but i don’t know, let’s start with the menage-a-trois, snow leopards and SEX BETWEEN TWO DUDES?

  90. @slimjayz: Shhh, don’t say that! Your kinda ruining my dream here, I’d like to stick to the ratio in my fantasy. It makes me happier.

  91. Memoirs of a Douche:

    In high school, I was the coolest. I had the one-line beard and all the friends possible. Chicks used to blow me at parties, just because they wanted to be near me and my fleece jacket. I wasn’t a jock, and the football players all hated me, but screw them, I had my crew and we ruled that place.

    I’m out of high school now and I work as a grocery bagger at Kroger and my manager is a total tool. He hates it when I slick my hair back or leave it all the way up like a retarded Edward Cullin. Wait, is that redundant?

    Anyway, I still go out on the nights that I don’t have to work, throwing on my black turtleneck, gay looking scarf, and that same fleece jacket that I’ve been rocking out for almost a decade now. I still live at home, so I can blow my money on anything/everything that I want, and trust me, I do.

    I love to live life to its fullest, what can I say? I eat nothing but filet mignon and drink scotch and smoke cigars. I laugh at the people that don’t belong in my company and then I have sex with their girlfriends (or a menage a trois, if he’s cute enough).

    I can’t help being who I am… I get a manicure every week and flirt with the Korean woman that’s doing my nails. I pretend to play tennis and talk about operas that I research on wikipedia to make myself feel better.

    But the one thing that really sets me apart from everyone else is the snow leopard that I have tied up in my room. I mean, come on… whenever you think of wealth and affluence, what do you think of? Hell ya, snow leopards!

  92. Douche-nuggetry, FTW!!

  93. Does anybody know who the Camp bros are??! That’s hilairious!!!!!

  94. slimjayz, I’m a nurse, shut up.

  95. @ Mykl42….oh….. well thank you for catching me up to speed….yea these guys are totally experts in the art of pp fencing…..who wants filet mignon….. real men eat brontosaurus burgers!!!…and crap outside!….

  96. i’m pretty sure the camp bros pic was just putting lots of rich people stuff up and trying to look fancy and sophisticated…but i’ve been wrong before. once. i thought i was wrong but i was really right, so i was wrong about thinking i was wrong.

  97. @mcowles- you’re my hero! That was brilliant!

  98. Holy shit, I just found out that it turns out I actually know the douchebags in the “Camp” photo. Their entire family in Mississippi is generally regarded as being assholes and sucking at life.

  99. @pretendr – Now that you realize you know them, they are douchebags and not gay? Glad you’ve seen the light.

  100. the couple in no.1 are definately baylor freshmen, they have that naive look about them. plus they have no idea what’s going on in the background.
    and i’m going to say no.4 is a joke bc when you look at it that way, it’s actually pretty funny.

  101. lol@lexluther!!!!!

  102. @chicky_monkey no, they’re still both. I never said they were gay for each other

  103. @ wordpervert

    Haha! Hey I like nurses… My wife is a surgical tech… I just saying the ratio isnt like our fantasies… Next time you are at work look around and you will see (although I think scrubs look hot on chic… Then again I’m wierd)

    And dont worry… I’m in the profession where people assume I have pocket protectors and tape on my glasses… Noone thinks, its an unwritten rule that engineers are hot, lol

  104. Oh, Jenna, tsk tsk.

    There’s never a good c*nt puncher around when you need one.

  105. oh mcowles, you still have my <3

  106. This comment section is gay.


  107. @omfgitsdrea

    I don’t want your <3… you know what I want of yours. It starts with "S" and ends in "pard".

    If you're thinking "Jean Luc Picard?", then you may have a learning disability, even if he is awesome and attractive.

  108. Well I’ll give you that slimjayz re the attractive ratio thing.
    That goes for almost any profession save for a few.
    I know all fireman aren’t hot, but for the most part, when they’re in all their gear, it usually makes them look sexy.
    Except for him up there in the picture, he don’t!

  109. I love how her name is Jenna. Maybe Daddy didn’t have the heart to break it to her :(

  110. @britishhobo i see what you did there

  111. Fireman photo>> Bush photo >>>> the others

  112. That baby has terrible taste in beer.

  113. Jenna is from the south. From south of the line that divides normality from mental retardation.

  114. Something tells me not even Palin would have made that mistake…

  115. @galleleo

    Only because she wrote it on her hand. Not that I’m political or anything.

  116. In Britain “camp” actually MEANS gay!!! Or more like “faggy”, as in “see how limp his wrist is, how camp!”

  117. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    every good fireman needs to pause for a photo op before putting out a fire.

  118. Jenna is the reason the whole world hates America.

  119. That must be Jenna Bush lol j/k

  120. #1a) Luckily when the bears finish, the male will want to sleep, and the female will want to chat, so the kids get to live. b) Why do you ask, Two Bears Fucking?

    #2) Bush is adorable? I think we can eliminate anything that comes out of Jenna’s mouth as poppycock and not worth listening too.

    #3) lol

    #4) Speechless, make… …sick… …and… …want… …kill.

    #5) Don’t think I would say a case of Bud Light is any form of rollin’.

  121. I know the Camp Bros. They’re from north Mississippi. Wealthy family- good people, not gay. Promise.

  122. I wish my friends were this dumb. It would make life more interesting.

    And the baby being in the beer box doesn’t worry me as much as the beer box being near the edge of the table and leaned on by the older one does.

  123. @Apolotical

    Well that’s true, but she had the wits to write it on her hand first! Wait, wits is completely the wrong word in this context…

  124. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    I always loved to watch Spanish soap operas and translate it myself even though I did not speak spanish at the time. I also love to insert dialogues into pictures, which I will do for you now with the GW Bush picture… :)

    John Kerry: I want that seat. I want that seat. You are going down, you little whining bitch…

    Bald Guy in back: Why am I here? Where did my hair go? Wonder how much hair plugs are these days….

    President Bush: Look at me, I am sitting! Wanna watch me spin around really fast until I throw up? That would be super swell!

    Woman: The American public is right, he is an idiot. Can you do me a favor and just shoot me, John?


  125. @deanna: Really…? If they aren’t seriously gay than they might wanna rethink writing camp all over their shit when they posing for photos. I get it, it’s a surname thing, but didn’t incessant mockery at high school clue them into it’s double meaning? Flexible definitions of the word camp aside, why are two brothers adding text like “sex” into the mix? He is also wearing a particularly “campy” cravat, and I don’t mean it’s a family scarf.

    Maybe the fireman is the missing piece of the camp bros menage a trios…?
    He can pose for a photo before he hoses the bears off… who are not the only ones who need a cold shower by the looks of some of these comments…

    Jenna could be Jenna Bush… look into the presidential crystal ball America.

  126. The woman in the Bush photo is Karen Hughes, who dropped out of politics to actually raise her own child! Bald dwarf in rear (!) is the nefarious Carl Rove, Mr. “Family Values” who just divorced. The guy in front is NOT John Kerry, but I cannot make out who he is. This should have been posted under the “Douchebags and Baguettes” heading.

  127. Babycat: I’m gonna assume PosterformerlyknownasTristan knew that (benefit of the doubt), yeah if I was filling in the blanks on a thought bubble above Carl Rove’s head it’d involve a monologue on wanting to be Dick Cheney so bad, or building a Deathstar or how it’s my gay dad’s fault I have megalomania (Gay dad bit is true for the record).

    I think she’s trying to teach him to spell. Or which way is the right way up when you hold a book.

    I mean it wouldn’t surprise me to learn it, but why would Bush and Kerry hang out…? Unless you know, they are in some kind of secret socie… *some text missing*

  128. @alproshazan: “Camp” is not slang for “gay” over here in the States, at least these guys don’t know that. They have money, took this picture while living in Italy, and decided to add words that equal $$$$$ all over their picture. Maybe statements like, “We love boobies” or “We love having sex with women” would have been better, but then again, what would everyone discuss.

  129. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    Well, to me it looks like John Kerry so I went with it. I am sure that they have met and had meetings.

    I do want to thank Babycat for filling in the names though, putting names to pictures is great, but Carl back there looks completely lost while the John Kerry-looking guy is sending hateful subliminal messages of death to Da Bush-dog, yo.

  130. deanna
    …words that equal $$$$?… like Tennis? Does that mean that they pay for sex?
    So you know them, they sound like high rollers… I’m always impressed with expensive sounding words.
    “We love having sex with women” would’ve maybe help to set it straight (Pun intended) as opposed to the slightly more ambiguous superimposition of the word sex over a picture of you and your brother. But hey, you said it, it gives me something to laugh at. I just wish I had thought of writing caviar and jets and yachts and box seats on my photos first.

    Tristan are you really sure that they have met and had meetings? You must have some top secret dossier or something… Skull n Bones secret society, as in google it.

  131. @ deanna – that’s right, because when I think of rich people, I automatically think, Snow Leopard! wtf?

    @galleleo, lol, wits is definitely *not* the right word…

  132. Cornelius Murdock

    brenda, those toddlers have ten years of big macs and bacon balls ahead of them before they “roll like you do”

  133. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    @ alproshazam

    I will quote Tom Cruise from Top Gun when I say, “I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you.” :)

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