Friday, October 16, 2009

Fresh Prince of Hot Air


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  1. That’s impressive



  3. this is kind of amazing.

  4. Lameness is spreading.
    You can catch it through facebook
    Status messages.

  5. I quite enjoyed that.

  6. that is amazing!!! No way is that lame!! LOVE IT!

  7. I can sleep now that I know humanity has the potential for awesome. :3

  8. Shouldnt really laugh but lmfao!!

  9. Pure genius! That was great!

  10. This is totally, incredibly, stupidly lame. Not only is it hideously contrived, but it’s a played out old meme that wasn’t funny when it started. Anyone who has the time or the inclination to do this should be ashamed of themselves for wasting oxygen.

  11. Hey Ben,


  12. yeah Ben…

  13. Undeniably awesome.


  15. Maybe if you improved the quality of your wishes, they might come true.

  16. hahaha- that was fantastic!! a tip of the cap to all involved

  17. Even though this is obviously pre-written it’s still great!

  18. That is just great, I seriously want to know those people. It gets a tad turgid in the middle but still well done.


  19. I think this is funny, you gotta hand it to these kids for seeing it through to the end!

  20. This is brilliant!

  21. I think its funny

  22. Absolute gold… Very funny..

    I saw a status update earlier on that read “you Falcon, ima let you finish, but Anne Frank had one of the best attic hide outs of all time, of all time”


  23. yo*

  24. Yeah, it’s because I don’t think this is funny, I need to lighten up…

    It’s an old joke, it’s an obvious set-up, and it was submitted by one of the people who wrote it. It’s shite.

  25. Away and read a book or something then. I know it’s a Rule of the Internet that nothing is allowed to be posted anywhere without someone saying “This is shite”, but really man, don’t be that guy. There are millions of other fuckers out there queuing up to be living clichés, give one of them a chance.

  26. Oooh, that’s me told. Again, what was I thinking, going on a website that has the sole purpose of mocking people, and being rude? I’m such a fool!

    Speaking of living clichés, I like the sanctimonious internet sage act. It’s very good. I can practically smell the wisdom from here.

  27. I don’t think site is really made for people as grumpy and serious as Ben. It’s just a little joke Ben, not meant to be read into very deeply. Okay so they’re not the next tenacious D but have a giggle hey? Theres so much negativity on the world… just move on to the next submission!

  28. Yes. I realise this now, just slightly too late, that me telling you that you are enacting a cliché is, as you rightly point out, also a cliché. I can only apologise. I think we either need to take this double act on the road, or stop seeing each other.

  29. What? I didn’t understand this…

  30. brilliant!

  31. Excellent, i enjoyed that

  32. MK- its a take on the theme song from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air

  33. It’s a website. One of the best (and worst) things about the internet is that it is open to (almost) all. If I want to be grumpy, I will be.

    I’m not actually very grumpy, I just think this particular submission is below par, and I think that the number of people gushing over how clever and funny it is is bizarre. For some reason, being told off because my opinion differs from that of the majority makes me quite annoyed.

    “Silent Koala and Ben”? How about “Handsome Ben and the Silent Koala”? Or “Stupid Ben Garbage Face and the Koala of Silence”? Coming to theatres near you!

  34. Tell your people to call my people, etc.

  35. Silent Koala your blog is hilarious. I don’t know how you haven’t done a ‘carrie’ yet.

  36. The Fresh Prince take was a definite lift…

    The bickering over it… not so much. Sigh.

  37. Hey don’t argue with Lamebook, if lamebook says it’s awesome then it is awesome! :)

  38. I support Ben’s right to be grumpy at will.

  39. thats awesome!

  40. I don’t think Ben was being grumpy at only Will, I think he was being grumpy at everyone…oh I get it

  41. hehehehe

  42. Well put together.

  43. This is kinda awesome.

  44. I’m lovin’ it!

  45. This may be one of the best FB exchanges I’ve ever seen.

  46. I enjoy that.

  47. @Ben

    Lol.. re. 33 – Quite right, I agree – and for those precise reasons, if people want to tell you to lighten and be annoyingly gushy n stuff .. the will do! Lol – it works both ways :)

    Lighten up! *smiles* :) Actually, don’t – if you did, we’d have nothing to talk about, lol…

    ..lighten up! :)

  48. That’s acutally funny! I loved it! not lame AT ALL!!!!

  49. Dreamer…I’m sensing some mixed messages. Did three different people write that post?

  50. This was amazing. Not Lame at all.

  51. That totally rocked!!

  52. rad!

  53. @ 2 – I’m going to assume you’ve never seen the version of the song using the President of Iran.

    Anyway, I love when people do this. Best thing ever.

  54. I ♥ James. I must befriend him.

  55. I’ve been doing this with my friends for years, but we go through full length songs, and 75% of the time it goes uninterrrupted.

  56. That. Was. Awesome. !!!

  57. [...] via: Lamebook [...]

  58. geniussssssssssss

  59. Sick

  60. The above argument is the reason I subscribed to the RSS feed and don’t usually read the comments…

    But anyway, I love how they actually did the entire rap from beginning to end. I chuckled a bit.

  61. Here’s a bunch more, if you like this sort of thing:

  62. You’re all offended when people make jokes about pedophiles, but when someone does something as serious as defile The Fresh Prince… you laugh. Cowards, all of you!

  63. Round of applause…. pleasing Briliance. Could the nay sayers purchase a sense of humour please!


    Ahem, sorry bout that. But seriously, I thought this was amazing and HAD to be sent in :D

  65. I love how the people who don’t find this funny are having a sense of humour failure. It’s not a sense of humour failure. It’s just not funny.

    Yet when I make a harmless joke about how hot a paedophile’s daughter is, I get abuse.

  66. Oh this made me so happy.

  67. This doesn’t belong on lamebook…this is cute!

  68. @ jenocye and any other person that doesn’t know how to fucking read.

    the FUNNIEST and lamest of facebook.

    1 more time:

    the FUNNIEST and lamest of facebook.


  69. God I wish these were my friends. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen lol.

  70. LMFAO! That’s entirely made of win. BRILLIANT!

  71. Seriously, Melly? If that’s really the case, and not just gross hyperbole, you really need to get out more. I’ve trodden in things that have amused me more.

    And FUCK YOU is right. Read the FAQ, idiots. My problem with it is not that it’s not lame, which it is, but that it’s not funny. And should definitely not have had the headline “AWESOME”. But at least that’s changed now.

  72. Absolutely HI-larious! That made my day…

  73. people, lighten up. this is so funny!

  74. OK….i’ll give it to Ben….it’s not really funny, but it’s FUN….like tag team or round robin. i enjoyed it cuz the friends seemed to be having so much fun….what i don’t get is why Ben is wasting HIS valuable energy HATING it so much….you don’t have to like it, but you ALSO don’t have to be so hateful about it….y’know, so much anger shortens the lifespan, Ben

  75. That was seriously the best thing I’ve seen on lamebook in a long ass time.


  76. @Ben – the author was probably being sarcastic when they wrote “Awesome”.

  77. @Ben If anyone needs to get out more, it’s you. Stop trolling the comments waiting for someone to either respond to your crankiness or say something which makes you feel entitled enough to pounce. Come out of your basement! It’s ok, the sunlight might not burn you to ashes (fingers crossed).

  78. I laughed :)

    One of the few memes that’s worth a rehash every now and then.

  79. “Hey Ben. Nice to see you. What did you get up today?”

    “Oh. Nothing much. Just spent my time arguing why a certain post on a blog website shouldn’t have been titled Awesome. You?”

    “Met up with my girlfriend and had sex.”

  80. That’s flippin brilliant xD

  81. stupid youtube comments just totally owned ben’s ass. lol.

  82. Ben,

    Could you please bring your dishes out of your basement so I can wash them?

    ♥ Mom

  83. this is the best thing i have ever read.

  84. Silent Koala, have you done Finalnd yet?

  85. @79, 82: LOL

  86. WIN.

  87. Ben. You Suck.
    Everyone else. You are cool.
    Just sayin’

  88. Here’s the middle ground:

    Squirrel eating pizza – Awesome

    Pedophilia- Hysterical

    Dogs playing poker – THE BEST

  89. Maybe it’s just because I’m high, but this is hilarious.

  90. Well, I’m not high like Bee, and I thought it was hilarious!

  91. Ha, not lame at all, great stuff.

    Even down here in the southern tip of the world we heard the story of that cunt that finally was hidden in his own house. And there they were those nonsense images of a balloon flying (?)

  92. *pinches Ben’s cheeks becauwse he wikes it*

    set up or not set up, funny to me or not funny to me.. this is what facebook is *supposed* to be about. let friends play around and be creative, rather than be bitchy and monotonous. beats retarded catfights and posts about doing the laundry any day.

  93. @ Hank from BA #91..
    It was for some reason was all over the news last night in Spain, but got parodied much to my delight all today all over many TV channels.

  94. I loved the Balloon boy rap, but they made it laame.

  95. @ Ben

    your quote in 33, “I’m not actually very grumpy, I just think this particular submission is below par, and I think that the number of people gushing over how clever and funny it is is bizarre. For some reason, being told off because my opinion differs from that of the majority makes me quite annoyed.”

    I don’t think comics that curse are very funny. For example, one comic may say, “That fucking man.” while another comic may say, “That [adjective] man.” I find it more amusing that the second comic chose an adjective to describe the man, but I understand that some people find comics that curse to be very funny. It is for this reason that I don’t rain of their parade; it’s just different strokes for different folks.

    Just because you didn’t find it funny, doesn’t mean others should not.


  97. What I find hilarious is wondering how many times Ben had to click on refresh to keep replying to comments pertaining to him.

    Someone has way too much time on his hands.


  99. @Ben: what a bitter betty! Buck up, chuck.

  100. I agree. That was pretty hillarious! :)

  101. This is probably one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

  102. That was HILARIOUS I Almost Pee’d My Pants,

  103. This reminds me of those videos of random people at train stations or wherever bursting into synchronized song and dance. It’s one of those beautiful things that comes out of nowhere.

  104. I like comics who curse. I also enjoy curse words when they are not appropriate. Whatcan I say, I am easily amused

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  106. I really want those people in my friends list.

  107. GAY

  108. linden fucked it up


    absolutely hilarious? best thing you’ve ever seen? you’ve never witnessed something greater than a facebook status thread? are you serious?

    it’s 6 people, updating a facebook status 12 times in a 45 minute span to sound like a tv show theme song. one of the posts doesn’t fit and they missed 4 or 5 lines from the song.


    Why you gotta hate?



    because i think it sucks. isn’t that what this site is for? am i in the wrong place?

  112. Pretty cool, but would have been cooler if each line was written by a different person. Lamebook’s for funny things too. Sometimes there’s a fine line.

  113. Ben is a total cock.

    These guys are awesome.

  114. Oh, and I’d like to know what brilliance Ben and LMAOJKLOLROTFL ;) – if that IS your real name – are expecting when they come here.

    Ben’s mom, I love you.

  115. I like it, great song, good times

    but, uh, isn’t linden a bit off there at the end?


    dee? the dee summers?! i just want to say, really terrific job handling that money shot in screamers. you totaly should have taken home the avn for that. all you aspiring adult film stars out there, take notes from this girl, especially on handling the meat. linden, krista, james, james, mateo, dan; i’m looking your way. don’t forget to cup the balls

  117. I love you Silent Koala.

    The kid puked on the Today Show this morning. The funniest thing was it almost made his brother AND Dad puke too.

  118. 4- i love your haiku

  119. Stay Sass 4 Life.

  120. Wow. Things on this thread are really moving! I’m liking the extremely original abuse.

    “Hurf durf, someone disagrees with me on the internet, I’ll make some mum jokes.” Hilarious. Almost as funny as the guy who claims that posts like this are what Facebook is for.

    No, Facebook is a convenient way of keeping in touch with your friends. It’s retards like these guys who are ruining it, and it’s retards like the rest of you thinking this is hilarious, and “epic lulz” who are ruining the internet. I despise each and every person who found this funny.

    Which means I suck cocks, obviously.

  121. Not lame. Funny. Learn the difference.

  122. @ Izzy, I agree.

  123. I love Ben. He’s my hero.

    Stick it to these shallow motherfuckers Ben. Stick it to ‘em good

  124. Internets to Ben

    Go out in real life and be cerial.

  125. This is awesome cool.

  126. WOW! LOL good one

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  128. I seriously want to be friends with these people. Excellent chuckle – well done!

  129. @ Silent Koala
    Please, please, please update your blog!
    I have trawled through the whole lot. Did you kill her? Was she committed? Aaargh I need to know, don’t keep us hanging!!

  130. This is the best thing I’ve read all year.

  131. lol well done

  132. Not lame this is sooooo good. Lamebook is not as good as it used to be.

  133. Epic win!

  134. soooo awesome!

  135. Hey Ben–You suck.

  136. I’m pretty sure this is not lame. This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

  137. ^ You should get out more.

  138. Hey fucktards! Read the FAQ. If you find this funny, you’re a moron, but you’re an absolute fucking spastic if you post that it’s not lame.

    “Wait. Why isn’t everything on this website lame?
    The point of the site is to gather pretty much anything and everything lame AND funny, but we know the name can be confusing.”

    It’s only the second FAQ, so even with your limited mental powers and attention span, you should be able to read it. Unless, as is likely to be the case, you can’t fucking read.

  139. I can live with being a spasticated moron, Ben. This remains, to me, a funny, not-lame post :)

  140. ben is a homoerectus

    “No, Facebook is a convenient way of keeping in touch with your friends. It’s retards like these guys who are ruining it, and it’s retards like the rest of you thinking this is hilarious, and “epic lulz” who are ruining the internet. I despise each and every person who found this funny.”

    don’t you think it’s possible that people keep in touch with their friends in creative ways?

    they didn’t post it thinking “oh manz, this will be all over the internet and lamebook!” they’re a bunch of people thinking their fun times with their friends are going to be kept with their friends. you’re a fucktard for reading about people’s facebook conversations outside of facebook because you don’t have your own friends to read about or be creative with.

    there should be a post here with just a status of yours that says “I’m ben. I have no friends. someone plz comment. i’m going to talk shit on a website cause no one cares. :*( (sad panda)”

  141. benny and the jets

    it’s on LAMEbook for a reason, stop saying its “amazing”

    you are lame for thinking this is good.

    The syllables don’t even match up to the real song you stupid f u c k s

  142. Ok guys… I should just end my life.


  143. Hey Ben… hold up there…

    Remember to cut ALONG the veins, not across.

  144. Seriously though, don’t do it.

  145. Wow, ben is a homoerectus, for someone who doesn’t care, you certainly felt an odd compulsion to get your knickers in a twist. You’re also a fucking idiot. If you look at the post, you’ll see that one of the people who was involved in this was the person who submitted it to Lamebook. So it is VERY OBVIOUS that they aren’t a group of friends being “creative” for the Hell of it. They DID “post it thinking “oh manz, this will be all over the internet and lamebook!””.

    Try reading and assimilating all the information before berating me, you douchebag.

  146. hey,its pretty cool. it aint lame.
    whats lame is that its on lamebook.
    whats lamer is that, as ben pointed out, is that the guy who supposedly liked it (you, …likes it) sent this to lamebook. cuz if u like it, u dont send it to lamebook.

    and ben, that was creative. whatever the reason. hand it to them. ok? dont freak out and develop theories on why ppl would send it to lamebook. get a life.

  147. LOVES IT!!!

  148. No, it’s not the fact that he liked it, and that if you like something you shouldn’t send it to Lamebook. Read the FAQ if you don’t understand why.

    What’s lame is that it’s not the spontaneous and funny event you all seem to think. It’s that it was obviously set up. That it’s a crap old meme from fucking 4chan. That it isn’t even done particularly well. These are all valid reasons to call it lame.

    I fail to see how it is creative to replace the lyrics of a song with your own lyrics about hot air ballooning. Especially when they don’t actually scan.

    However, I have enjoyed this exchange so far, and will continue to “freak out”, because it’s quite enjoyable. I especially like the fact that I’m constantly being told to get a life because I’ve responded to something on the internet. By people responding to stuff on the internet. The irony is simply delicious!

    Sorry, if that’s too long. To sum up: You’re a douchebag, and I have every right to my opinion. If you don’t like it, there’s nothing you can do about it.

  149. I'll tell you what's lame...

    …If you don’t like it, ignore it! Why waste your time abusing someone you don’t even know, for their opinion? Which I might add, they are perfectly entitled to.

  150. I'll tell you what's lame...

    Also, scroll to the top of the page and read the Lamebook tagline… I think you’ll find it reads- ‘the funniest and lamest of facebook’ !

  151. …If you don’t like it, ignore it! Why waste your time abusing someone you don’t even know, for their opinion? Which I might add, they are perfectly entitled to.

  152. benji the gay male hooker

    ben it’s filed under ftw. stick to lame archives if you want to post negatively

  153. Made me laugh

  154. perfidious_albion

    Made me laugh too. And it was lame. Sometimes I laugh at lame stuff. I also like a lot of cheesy techno and MOR crap. I don’t care how much of a fucktard that makes me. If you don’t like that you can fuck off too.

  155. I’m surprised so many people fell for his obvious troll act. Ignore him.

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  157. Isn’t Ben just attention seeking, something this website pokes fun at, to be honest Ben, you use an extensive vocabulary and seem fairly clever. Surely then you should be able to accept that people like this. Conversely you have every right to be grumpy, just don’t feel the need to show everyone every 6 or so posts.

  158. I can accept that people like this. I have no problem with that. Just like I have no problem with the fact that liking this makes you a retard.

    It may also reduce your ability to correctly use commas and lower your capability to end a question with a question mark, but I’ll need to research that further.

  159. Don’t you see guys Ben’s cooler than all of us, he doesn’t go against the grain. He does cool shit like wear sunglasses at night, while he smokes cigarettes behind the dumpster at his school.

    He’s too cool for any lame shit that’s pre-written because it’s obviously pre-written (Because it takes a lot of time to come up with your own lyrics to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air a lot of time) if he had to come up with his own lyrics he would have to sit down for hours to write it, literally hours to come up with his own lyrics. I mean for real he’s goddamn clever, that he’s exempt from all types of criticism on the internet but he can criticize others, he’s so above it all.

  160. How did nobody think of this before.....Ben's Parody

    Nobody cares where I was born and raised
    My mom’s basement is where I spent most of my days
    Never been laid, still livin with mom
    Mad when I got on
    A status thread there that I thought was no good
    So I made a post saying what I thought I should
    Got in a bunch of dumb fights with everyone that was there
    Then my mom told me to bring dirty dishes upstairs
    I – got – done with all my mom’s chores between nine and ten
    Logged on to see that everyone was PICKIN ON BEN
    Looked at my friends list, but no names were there
    So I cried in my room, because life isn’t fair

  161. Even that doesn’t scan! Don’t you people understand the concept of syllables? Fucking Hell guys… I like the last two lines though. Very good.

    It’s a shame that I don’t give a shit what you or Shawn think. It’s fun getting you all riled up though.

  162. How did nobody think of this before.....Ben's Parody

    Oh, I’m not riled up. But it is mildly entertaining to keep you going. And although it doesn’t exactly match up, it is definately close enough to be funny.

    Hey Ben, don’t ever leave this thread. My life would be boring without you. I may be in love.

  163. How did nobody think of this before.....Ben's Parody

    Oh, and thanks for the compliment about the last two lines, Ben. It means alot coming from you. I know you don’t dole out compliments easily. That’s why everyone hates you…..umm, except me, of course. That’s why I wrote a song about you.

  164. I think saying that everyone hates me is a little extreme, Parody… Some people have agreed with me. not many, I’ll grant you, but some.

    Thank you for writing a song about me. I think it’s the first time anyone’s ever done that. Even if it mentioned my mother more than it did me. And claimed that I’ve never had sex. And still live at home, in the basement.

    Hang on… You DO hate me! Fuck you!

  165. How did nobody think of this before.....Ben's Parody

    Whether I hate you or not is arguable, but you are definately the focus of my artistic outpourings, however unoriginal they may be. That’s gotta count for something.

  166. I get the feeling Ben is a troll. A bad troll.

    @ Ben – No one seriously gives a fun. It’s funny. It’s under “FTW”. Anyone who participates in that is win. Just get over it. It’s Lamebook. Save your bawwing for somewhere else.

  167. The “fresh prince of hot air” sucks everybody on here sucks, oh and everybody that thinks its cool to disagree with ben SUCKS. BEN i love yooouu!!!!!! wooooooh get a life you cock suckerrrrsss!! oh, dont mind replying to this post, im not lame enough to EVER come back here and check it. =)

  168. p.s. the last comment on this facebook status made it suck extra bad, why is it even there??

  169. Linden, Ya blew it… Capiche?

  170. Hey you guys, it’s me! The Gloved One! I just popped up from Hell to tell you not to mind Ben. He’s just a lonely little rat that needs something to do.

    “This doesn’t fucking scan! Why the fuck don’t you fucking spend all your freetime on 4chan, newfags?! Fucking scan fuck old meme fuck!”

    Come on down here, Ben. There’s room for one more!

  171. What awesome friends this person has. I love it.

  172. This is too much funny. I literally woke up my roommate from laughing so hard. xD

  173. @172: You can figuratively wake up your roommate from laughing? Well, you learn something new everyday.

    I’m glad I didn’t take the time out to watch that whole “news” story. At least the string of comments was mildly amusing, even if the meme was lame.

  174. Gold. If you don’t love this, you’re either too old or too young. Either way, shut up. I love this.

  175. dude i would of totally combo broke that

  176. Those nigga’s stole dat shit offa 4chan.

  177. that’s a pile of crap right there.

  178. FUNNIEST SHIT EVER! that seriously made me cry laughing.

  179. good stuff.

    Ben: If you dont think its funny, thats fine. State it and move on to the next post if you want to. But engaging the trolls is silly. You’re not gonna convince them of anything, and even if you tried as hard as you could, and succeeded in changing even one mind, all you’ve done is won an argument on the internet. And I’m sure you’ve seen the pic about internet arguments, and what winning them means. If not, google it.

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  181. thats pretty damn clever

  182. This is brilliant :D

  183. This is by FAR the most BRILLIANT and MAGNIFICANT thing i have ever seen in the entirety of my LIFE.may the people who wrote this be forever honoured for their talent and abilties.They are my new heros and i love them.<3

  184. They should make a lamelamebook and post all of these people’s retarded comments that they have left in response to these facebook posts.

  185. Just AWESOME!!!

  186. may be the funniest thing on lamebook??

  187. <– laughing out loud for real.

  188. Ben is right, everyone who finds this funny is outright retarded.

    It’s beyond lame, enjoy the funshine plebs.

  189. am i the only person who is going to cry fake? (to be fair i didnt read all 188 responses but i did skim ;])

    these are probably real people but im sure this isnt just improve, they were plotting this, it may or may not have been for lamebook but it was being plotted :p

  190. bahahahahhha, yes. then call me a retard.

  191. aleesh87, you are a fucking genius

  192. i’m all about dropping money on that new ben+koala flick.

  193. Loved it hahaha

  194. Ben, I love you!

  195. Totally an act. They must of planned all of this before doing it.

  196. That was awesome

  197. SO. MUCH. WIN.

  198. I’m such a slut

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  200. haha, wicked.
    linden killed it at the end though

  201. This stuff is so amazing…

  202. Alot of this stuff I just can’t believe

  203. Obviously it’s planned, the time stamps give that away; it’s too fast. That doesn’t mean it isn’t clever.

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