Thursday, April 19, 2012

Foto Fun!

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  1. OK the first one made it worth checking in this morning – adhesive you did there!

  2. Yum… that is one spot-tastic neck.

  3. Wait, who’s gonna be the first to say “that’s fake” or, “I saw that on 3 other websites first, so nobody should laugh at it!”
    Meh, whatever… that shit was funny!

  4. ^ Oh, and I meant thee tape one; that other guy’s tattoo is pretty tool’ish.

  5. Holy neckne!

  6. Wow, the Tattoo artist gave the customer aids but in return revcieved lepersy.

  7. That’s funny corn .. but I don’t think there was an ‘artist’ involved, probably not even another person.

  8. Mass, you think he did this himself with a mirror?

  9. that’s harsh mass.
    just because a guy’s giving out prison tattoos for tobacco and sexual favours, doesn’t mean he isn’t still a person.

  10. Point taken MsAnne (but not in the same manner as CapnJaques takes one)

  11. Why don’t tattoo artists spell check before they start? I feel like if I were a tattoo artist, I wouldn’t want people knowing I misspelled “’til”…

    Also, “Alive ’til I’m Dead”… no duh. Haha. That’s like saying “Hungry ’til I eat”

  12. No. I have to stay functional until my mission is complete. Then it doesn’t matter.

  13. interracial sex tape. notice how no one cares about the second one

  14. Sydnilouise93, “till” is the correct spelling, either as a preposition ‘up to the time of’ or a conjunction of until. Other than that it’s just a shit saying on a shitly done tattoo.

  15. Syndilouise, I picture you the bitch in a floral print dress that’s passed your knees. With curly hair. Then when you’re in the bedroom you ask for it to be stuck up your butthole ‘deep’ .

  16. @Ragmonkey I guess I’ve just never seen it spelled like that before lol. I’ve always seen it shortened as ’til. When I see the word “till” I think of the farming term :P

  17. Bring_back_fingering

    Epic trolling, Ragmonkey. You fat cunt.

  18. Bring_back_fingering

    Also, Alive ’til I’m Dead is not a bad saying – akin to Carpe Diem. Which is about fishing

  19. ^ *fisting.

  20. The most unattractive thing ever is acnecks, I know most can’t help it, but it is still the most disgusting sight. I’d rather see a retard jerk off into a cup, smother his juice all over his face and shave over his pimples slowly until there is a sweet mixture of semen and pus than look at someone’s ugly acneck.

  21. What if the retard’s pimples that he shaves off are on his acneck? That’s a bit paradoxical, don’t you think?

  22. Why spoil this page with the tattoo? It was clever and funny till then.

  23. @18 Holyfuckinashit–you really think ‘Alive ’til I’m Dead’ is akin to Carpe Diem!? I fear you really do believe it means ‘Seize the Carp!’ The former is obviously inane. ‘Alive’ should have been replaced with ‘Stupid.’ And don’t forget that other rousing cry; “Sleepy ’til I Nap!”

    And ‘Till’ is a verb pertaining to farming–preparing soil or a noun–cashier draw. The tattoo should say ’til.
    Dammit people, I’m a very busy person and have little time for this shit! Carry on.

  24. PS: If you put Saran wrap over your computer screen and connect the dots on his neck, starting on the left, you’ll get a unicorn. Not leave me be, I have some coloring to do.

  25. *now* dammit. Not not.

  26. 2nd one looks like a girl I know.

  27. Ha! I was right :P

  28. Mass, You’re just fucking sore because I didn’t pull out in time, and now your pregnant! Get ready to birth another mutant motherfucker!

  29. ^i’m going to make you cry and urinate all over your floral frock.

  30. holy shit? again?

  31. Ms. I don’t believe in THIS much coincidence. Please don’t tinkle near me. I’ll move.

  32. Dear Ragmonkey,

    ” till ” is a word meaning: to prepare or cultivate land for crops ( could also be a cash register )

    ” ’til ” is the slang used in place of the word ” until ”

    So in other words YES ” till ” IS a word but in this case the slang word ” ’til ” is the one that should have been used.

  33. ^this so true! because now no one has any clue at all about what Spotty McNeck is trying to convey to anyone standing closely behind him when he’s shirtless…(cough)
    English language is very special and amazing and perfect and sacred and we must fight hard to preserve its integrity for posterity and stuff.

    there shall be no neck so insignificant, nor spotty, that we will fail to hunt down the bad spelling that is tattooed poorly upon it, and frown hard with self-righteous pursed lips at its insolent wrongness.


  34. yeah nah…not really

  35. that one was a fair bit above your pay-grade, spud.

  36. ya reckon?

  37. My point remains. Tattoo artists should check these things!

  38. why do you think tattoo artists become tattoo artists, sydni? because they were the winner of the 1986 spelling bee competition? i see your point but you’re giving them way too much credit for having some measure of intelligence.
    besides which, they don’t give a shit

  39. I dunno, SLG, I’ve seen some really amazing artists. I’ve also seen some get sued and have the business shut down, BECAUSE they got sued too many times. I actually just got my first tattoo, and I turned down any possible artists with tattoos like these. Improper spelling, poor drawings, etc. So I mean they SHOULD give a shit, or they’ll go out of business. But stupid people always give scratchers business.

  40. from what i’ve seen of commercial litigation, the liability exposures related to tattoo parlours are fairly minimal. if the parlours you speak of got sued into the ground, as you suggest, i’d imagine that it was either due to very, very poor tattoos, or by managing the customer dissatisfaction incredibly badly. if they were insured for these exposures (which you’d be silly not to do), their insurer would step in and take over the case, so straight away, lawyers. most large settlements require a permanent injury and/or significant impairment/disfigurement, and you’d be an idiot not to settle a minor case with some “go away” money. but hey…people are stubborn, they get all caught up with “what’s right” rather than seeing the commercial reality of their situation.
    so in reality, as with many other businesses, the general MO seems to be to run the business like you don’t give a shit, and expect your insurers and lawyers to pick up the pieces once shit has gotten all fucked up.

  41. Chances are, those business-destroying lawsuits were more of a hepatitis-C problem rather than an ugly tattoo problem.

  42. i’d say so, but proving negligence in the case of the transmission of a communicable disease can be difficult to prove in the absence of evidence suggesting that proper cleaning procedures were not adhered to. if proper cleaning procedures weren’t adhered to (AND they’re such fucking idiots that they make it possible for someone to prove this!), they deserve to go down, frankly!

  43. to clarify, i’m speaking in an aussie context. there is still some requirement of onus of proof falling on the plaintiff here (though it seems to be diminishing and proportionate liability provisions have muddied the waters). over in sepoland it’s amazing what you can get up.

  44. you know what is more boring than reading your uniformed guessology on a topic which you clearly have only the sketchiest of anecdotal knowledge(at best)?


  45. oh ok msanne! sorry to annoy you!
    actually no i’m not i’m giving myself max kudos right now.
    oh and here’s another area where you may find you know less than some. finding a few of those recently…

  46. ^yes, you’re right. i know mothing about being a tedious little toad. and i’m happy to not have to witness you continue.
    you know, if you don’t mind?

  47. gosh! i meant, the matter to which i was referring…but you just twisted it around on me, didn’t you? your cleverness is an inspiration to all, have no doubt.
    actually i’m going to operate using my usual “i do whatever the fuck i want, all the time” method. if you think yourself up to the task of stopping me, you are welcome to try. it’s my winning strategy and i don’t intend to depart from it.
    i can tell you mind, so i’m not gonna ask. but i didn’t really give a fuck, so it would have been a meaningless courtesy anyway.

  48. ^’comment’ 47; “i don’t give so much of a fuck that i’ll just write a short story about how much fuck i’m not giving.”

  49. hey…SLG is short for Story Lovin’ Guy, after all….right?

  50. that sounds like a boring story.

  51. hey now hey now…they can’t all be interesting stories! you’re welcome to give em a rating out of ten if it makes you feel better

  52. zero

  53. no. minus 12.

  54. Mrs Annie Throp, when’s the last time you changed your tampon? Because you are the most cynical bitch I’ve ever seen. You might wanna get that checked out.

  55. minus 300.

  56. the question is, msanne – did it make you feel better?
    i suspect it didn’t.
    can’t blame a guy for trying though!

  57. bullshit it didn’t. laughter is the forth best medicine.
    well, after cannabis (lunch), alcohol(dinner) and paracetamol(breakfast)

    and i wasn’t the only one laughing at you, doofus.

  58. You are such a winner. Drugs and alcohol, being an anonymous bitch, eating your meals in a weird order, forever alone. Why haven’t you ended it yet?

  59. are you fucking kidding?
    no wait. i don’t think you even know how to kid.
    i don’t really know what to do with twats like you who are so fucking serious about this.
    stop telling me how much you suck. i get it.
    and please don’t try and tell me what to do, your opinion underwhelms me. hell, you underwhelm me.

  60. well i’m truly glad it brought a ray of sunshine to your otherwise bleak existence! it’s nice to help people!
    paracetamol, msanne? what’s that for? a headache brought on by alcohol-related dehydration, i suspect? i refer you to earlier comments…i believe the same comments that got under your skin so much, it seems, where i expressed the view that there’s nothing you can do about the dehydration. ahh…feels good to be right.
    thats an interesting….diet/lifestyle/path to death you got going there…
    by comparison sunday morning for me is more like “get up really early, have a protein shake…feeling fucking great…i’ll go to the park and do a run and run up some stairs…fuck yeah”. did 6000 stairs just this morning in record time for me msanne. makes ya feel alive! high five me, msanne!! yeah woohoo! you should totally come along!!
    oh that’s right…you couldn’t keep up.

  61. you seem to be losing your grip…is your face all red and grumpy-pants?

  62. When you lose an argument, you start to insult the other persons “Ability” to argue. That’s how you know Thropper is losing.

  63. my face does go a bit red when i do stairs msanne!! have you been peeking? and i sweat like a mofo, man!! you should see it!! sometimes i even puke, but i love it when i do because it means i’m at the edge of what i can possibly do.. its getting harder and harder to get there these days, msanne!! i’ve even seen a couple of people have heart-attacks on these stairs i’m talking about dude! woooooot! oh and the hill i often do? it’s not called suicide hill for no reason, msanne! you never know you could get lucky!!
    grumpy…no not really, although if i do get mad about something, a heavy cardio session is a great place to put that sort of energy anyways! charrrge!!
    actually, you sorta remind me of this chick i saw yesterday. she was wearing tights and had a massive cameltoe going on. her gunt was on display and she didn’t seem to be aware that her flappy self was quite ouchy to behold. she just strutted around, doing her thing, totally unaware, msanne!
    i’m sure you can see the comparison. you’re a clever girl!
    beefcake msanne!!! BEEEEFCAKE!!!

  64. ^my my. another page-long rant that i will never read.

    are you trying to compensate for the lack of something?

    you go to all this trouble and i just ignore it, sneer at you, and call you a dickhead again.
    i hope you’re enjoying yourself.

  65. i totally am msanne!! another big sesh planned for this morning, right after this!! woooooooo!!!! reckon i might do a big one today, i seem to be flying on the wings of msanne’s butthurt!
    hey msanne…you might wanna…you know…pull the fabric outta that cameltoe dude. i’m sure those juices of yours’ll dissolve that fabric in no time.
    and then where will you be, msanne? in a situation where you’re wearing crotchless tights!
    haha…i bet you do read ‘em msanne. but wotevs mate, wotevs!
    tell me, msanne, what exercise have you got planned for today. you know they say you should get an hour every day, right? you do that, right?
    you forgot to call me a dickhead msanne. next comment hey!

  66. oh and msanne…it’s no trouble! no trouble at all. really! you’re totally worth it, msanne.

  67. i, think by this point, you’re totally on your own, slug.

  68. is that what you think, msanne? but, you see, the thing is, you’re here with me, so how can i be on my own?
    *feels the warm glow*

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