Friday, August 21, 2009

For Eva Eva?

For Eva Eva?

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  1. oh. dear, god. maybe one day i’ll be lucky enough to be called gawjus.

  2. aw babe

  3. Facebook posts like this made me want to hurl and kill someone with fire and take his tiny little gonads and put them in a vice and make him swallow dynamite so his guts end up painting the walls of the tiny tool shed i have out the back which i built for just such an eventuality and when hes dead i will raise my fists to the sky and scream like a banshee for eva eva eva eva eva eva eva eva eva eva eva eva eva eva eva xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww….

    Watch it “baby girl” – this dude has stalker written all over him….

  5. I wonder if Jayden has all ways been this much of an wussy assclam or this girl brought it out in him.

  6. This is exactly what happens when mediocre looking teenage dudes get their first girlfriend.

  7. Oh god. it’s so lame that I think I just puked a little bit in my mouth. And WTF – seven kids?? Run away, Jayden. Fast!

  8. and he no longer has a girlfriend

  9. She doesn’t even have a name – only a generic “baby” – probably a good thing. Jayden’s just put me off drinking.

    Am impressed he managed to get to 7 though. I’ll donate the birth control…

  10. This guy saying he wants to have seven kids is clearly the type of future dead beat daddy that won’t stick around for the first couple months of the first child’s live. What is with so man lame posts having very little grasp of the english language. There is spellcheck… it’s maddening.

  11. At least he has a sensitive side.Too bad it’s served with a platter of douchebag.

  12. I mean to say “so many” oh man. I’m just as bad as Jayden. ha ha ha

  13. Boz (yeah and everyone else) ur comments make me so happy im jus crying as Im writing this retarded post, lamebook is the funniest site i have eva loved its my new babyy i dont think i wanna be marrie when im 22 coz i already passed that age and 7 kids are sooooo many but at 22 every year you can have them all by 30 coz ure a gawjus angel sexy princess that I never wanna meet eva eva eva eva eva eva eva eva grwwhhhaaaaaagghhh (thats me throwin up)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!

  14. Jayden – If (the amount of periods your baby girl has) = (the amount of periods in this post), then you are well on your way to seven children.

  15. lol @ Rick. Please, please don’t wish that on the world. They could have an entire Jerry Springer show all to themselves. With Baby 2, Baby 3 etc etc

  16. Versions of the word babe: 16

    Number of punctuation marks: 0

  17. Why can you never find a greeting card that says just that?

  18. I’m sorry Ms Jackson, oooooo.

  19. I love how he knows how many children he wants and what age he wants to marry her at. If this doesn’t scream “I FUCK UNDERAGE CHILDREN” then I don’t know what does.

  20. Carmen, it’s really not “I FUCK UNDERAGE CHILDREN” if he’s still a child himself.

  21. This is the kind of facebook wall message every girl dreams about.

  22. All ways.

  23. At least he can type while he cries for his gawjus baby girl. This dude must have loser written all over him!

  24. Arf The Crime Dog

    and then they break up

  25. He just wants her to blow him again.

  26. Ahh I bet he’s 13 and they’ve been together for a week.

  27. this guy is a total doucher

  28. gawjus? really…

  29. what the fuck is a jayden anyways? what happened to names like anna, and steve? i get it, they’re trying to be creative and unique. let’s take a really popular name and change the first letter. that’ll fool them.

  30. I’m in love right now and that post still made me gag

  31. Wow, R. Kelly’s lyrics have really gone downhill since all that funny business.

  32. I think this is sweet

  33. Best lamebook post yet. His lack of full stops upsets me the most.

  34. O_O Ladies and gentleman, this is the first sign of a stalker. His grammar and spelling made me throw up a little in my mouth and die a bit inside.

  35. Jayden, lithium can help you with the manic episodes

  36. i’m dead certain he just lost his virginity.

  37. Imagine the message this idiot would write if that chick broke up with him?

  38. I’m sorry Ms. Jackson
    I am for real
    Never meant to make your daughter cry
    I apologize a trillion times

  39. My baby’s drama momma dont like me…

  40. I love you too babe, but gosh that’s a massive sentence babe

  41. He was typing in a love rage. With his dick.

  42. Little does Jayden know, but he’s shooting blanks.

  43. i couldn’t even read more than like 3 words of this before i wanted to die

  44. LMAO @Eva

  45. @37 Charlie – if we pray hard and long enough, it’ll happen and we’ll get to see it. That’s assuming that message doesn’t do the trick first.

  46. Jayden’s keyboard must just be missing some letters… and the period key.
    Maybe I’m giving him too much credit.

  47. Fiji mermaid is a dumbass

  48. babe im so sorry babe but we just cant be together anymore gawjus babe prince angel bubba its just that after that nausea indducing paragraph babe my friends have all started teasing me about what a pussy my boyfriend is babe im sorry babe i know you wanted to marry me and sit together watching the sunset with our 7 children as you cried on my shoulder babe but i just cant quite understand how were gonna make babies babe seeing as you clearly have no testosterone in your sexy body beautiful gawjus babe but i still love you for eva eva eva eva eva.
    love, babe.

  49. LOL that’s what this guy is. Oh and total LOL at EVA’s comment LOL!

  50. I dated a girl called Eva once. She was HAWT.

  51. what the fuck is this

  52. lol @Train Req… that’s a good observation, I love it.

  53. Mr. Lover lover, Mr. Lover lover, girl, Mr. Lover lover
    She call me Mr. Boombastic say me fantastic, touch me in me back
    she say I’m Mr. Ro…mantic

  54. The problem with this kid is, is that when she does dump his ass we gonna have another “columbine” on our hands!!

  55. i think i just threw up in my mouth a little bit..

  56. This guy is a creep -.-
    seriously -.-

  57. I am pretty sure we should notify the folks at Guinness. That has got to be the longest run-on sentence ever. Oh, and I would stake money on the fact that he was cutting himself while crying and typing that message.

  58. Do NOT let this man have 7 children!!!

  59. He said “babe” 13 times.

  60. Luvinthesecrazybitches

    This is about as bad as my ex boyfriend who told me that watching TWILIGHT made him cry cos it reminded him of me….and this man is suppose to be the father of my child in 7 months time? FML.

  61. Run, Aby! Run far away!

  62. You gay muthaa fukaa. Get a hold of ur self. You aint in love boy. Fuck me your sad, she guna dump u 4 the message u left u idiot. CLICK ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Grow some nuts you little bitch!!!

  64. Crying when you were right it? Really dude? I hope you were really high on something, but unfortunately I think you were just born accidentally into a mans body..

  65. Sigh, write.. its like 1:30am here fwiw..

  66. weeeee writing even

    (reminds me of the “still wrong” post)

  67. Jayden, there is so much I could say to you, but I’ll keep it brief. You’re such a twat so fuck off and grow yourself a cock and some balls you god damned pussy faggott.

  68. u fucking pussy!

  69. Too much faggy shit in this post.

  70. Can you say pathetic? What is he, twelve?

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