Friday, September 25, 2009

Fit for the Job

Fit for the Job

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  1. Yeah, yeah. In a few years she’ll want to “take a break” from the child-rearing to “focus on her career”.

  2. Sweet, sweet desperation.

  3. Can I sign up?
    I’ll even be nice enough to send a gift. A nice, strong noose…

  4. I think she means “crackwhore”. They’re so modest these days.

  5. I prefer to order mine from Russia

  6. I suppose she doesn’t want to be allowed to vote either. Better start working on that time machine, Courtney. These things were very cool more than 50-some years ago. Now, you just sound desperate.

  7. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    Classy! And very not-desperate of her.

  8. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    How classy and not desperate of Courtney.

  9. And the fact that there’s only one taker says what?

  10. Soooooooo does anyone want AIDS?

  11. Notice how only chicks “liked” this?
    Even the one dude to respond didn’t even click like it.

  12. *click to like it, I meant.

  13. Sounds like a perfect woman to me…She must be disgusting looking for her not to be able to find a man.

  14. Either one of the most subdued, elaborate Facebook rapes in the site’s history or my dream girl. Not fussed either way.

  15. I wish more woman were like Courtney. It sure would save me a lot of effort weeding through the ones that just wanna drain my pockets or are bitches.

    Well, that’s assuming Courtney doesn’t look like the bottom of my foot.

  16. hmmm cant see her picture but something tells me she’s been around…

  17. This is exactly the type of woman I hate.

  18. Probably swallows

  19. @15

    Those are the ones draining your pockets.

  20. While this chick is clearly a desperate case, I’ve got to say that the puritanical comments from some lamebook posters are very funny whenever sex is mentioned – for example, B-Easy’s ‘so, doesn’t anybody want AIDS?’.

    Because, OF COURSE, anybody who likes to have sex is probably going to be wildly promiscious and thoroughly irresponsible. Seriously, stuff like this is as lame as the lamebook posts where somebody refers to having sex and a maiden aunt chips in with a comment about the terribleness of teenaged pregnancy.

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  22. fuck… all my wife does is hit me with a rolling pin when I don’t take out the garbage.

  23. Damn…I wish someone had told the suffragettes all they had to do to get the vote was give head and fold stuff. I’m going to take some laundry with me to the pub tonight and sort out my towels in a seductive fashion.

  24. What Kindred said…every time there’s something about a woman talking about sex, the comments usually involve the words ‘slut’ and ‘whore’.

  25. God. Idiot. What a slap in the face to feminism.

  26. This woman’s status update mixes desperation, sadness and laziness in such a straightforward way it is almost perfect.

  27. 23 jezebel:

    Take sanitary towels and you can team up with Torie from the T.M.B. post

  28. Keyser
    I’m there.
    BTW I don’t believe in you but I’m afraid.
    Film geek alert…wooooooop!

  29. “i also like to practice making babies. preferably 3-5 times a day.”

    Do we have our next “OctoMom” here?

  30. its obvious this is a joke…does anyone here get sarcasm? gosh.
    and i would check like, too. it’s humorous

  31. It’s what’s for dinner!

    To be fair, if a guy is posting something about how much he likes to have sex, it makes him a douche.

  32. I want to meet Courtney. Really, I do.

  33. Can anyone explain to me why I get the impression this girl is unattractive and will probably refuse to put out after the first month?

  34. This makes me yearn for pre-feminist days. Women need to learn the place that nature intended for them.

  35. To patrik: it people like u that should be slaves

  36. Who dis:

    “I believe your beliefs are backwards, dehumanizing and discriminatory, therefore you are subhuman and should be enslaved.”

    Fucking tard.

  37. Ask any reputable sexologist, biologist or anthropologist. Women are naturally predisposed to be monogamous and tasked with staying in the home and caring for the children, and making sure the man is taken care of so he can cook and protect the family.
    Argue what you will about how our minds have let us evolve past this stage, its correct to say that we are inclined to act certain ways due to nature and instinct.
    Should this woman be scorned for simply acting as women have acted throughout human (pre)history?

  38. I would suggest Courtney was taking the piss… different sense of humour on this site i suppose.

  39. Seconded, Hugh.

  40. disregard that I suck cocks

  41. Meet the face of Herpes.

  42. 28 jezebel:

    The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled …

    If liking The Usual Suspects makes me a film geek then guilty as charged, your honour.

  43. I can never find a good folder. Question: assuming by the post is the Courtney-model three hole punched? That’s a bonus. For the last 15 years all I’ve had is this one manila folder which only opens when coaxed.

  44. *roft*
    what a biatch

  45. the holy grail!

  46. Someone should tell this bitch to get a job!

  47. This is scary. I think I actually know this woman. I can’t verify this because we don’t talk to each other anymore (can you imagine why?). I certainly wouldn’t put it past the Courtney I knew. I would have to bet she was off her meds the day she wrote this.

    Everything she claims in the update sounds like her.

  48. What a hose bag!

  49. She’s a keeper.

  50. AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. this is hysterical. I didn’t know this thing existed!! this was my status and I appreciate those of you that thought it was funny because it was meant to be just that. any if my friends that saw this know my humor. for those of you that took it serious…get a life. and seriously I hate feminism. fuckin dykes ruined it for us

  52. LOL! Courtney shows up to school us that “fuckin dykes” ruined feminism. Did the dykes tell you that ya need to be practicin’ your BJs, since that’s the only way you’ll be able to keep from starving?

  53. if the shoe fits!! :)

  54. Bet you she is ugly as shit..

  55. This young woman has got to be hit from heat to toe in order to be this desperate. Though if she’s not…where do I put my name down? lol, j/k

  56. “heat” to toe?

    I’m sure something’s in or on heat but i don’t see how it relates to toes…. ;)

  57. They should change the title of this post to “Fist for the Job”

  58. “I’m a really good folder haha” -why is this funny? Some kinda sexual ref. am not picking up on??

  59. i think she means folding laundry.
    that took me a minute though lol.

  60. Unblock name nao.

  61. Sounds ideal, she can bring up the kids and do my laundry, ironing, cooking, cleaning, you know, the stuff all women should be learning in their ‘Home Economics’ classes at school!

    Meanwhile, I can go to work and shag the receptionist as well as Courtney when i get home.

    She’s so low she probably wouldn’t even mind me double dippin’!!

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