Friday, February 5, 2010

Fantastic Friday Part 2

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  1. Why 169,000 exactly?

  2. Because on a scale of 1-10 that’s how much they suck.

  3. If Lamebook keeps this up I will quit visiting the site. They really need to stop publishing these lame and phony groups/fan pages.

  4. @Swiper totally agree

  5. Here I was expecting something FANtastic. Sigh.

  6. Adds Erin to friends list

  7. Marvin’s posting is understandable. I’ll join a mock group, then join the regualr group to tell them about the mock group. But the rest are lameness

  8. cwark_91 FTW

  9. Well colour me suprised Beanstalker likes to shit stir.

  10. Eh

  11. @ Beanstalker
    Why would he tell the regular group about the mock group? So they could all join it too and start a pointless facebook flame war? Besides, why would he have to join it to tell them about it? God, Nickelback fans are all fucktards.

  12. Because pointless facebook flame wars are entertaining. Unless when it’s with children…then it’s annoying.
    Sometimes I like to poke my head in and join the fight. Pointless? Yes. Highlight of my day? In some cases, yes. That depends on the intensity.

  13. those are real groups.. I just looked them up. well most of them.

  14. @Swiper
    Stop complaining! If you ever find a website where there’s nothing you don’t like, you’d be dreaming about THE website…

    (Oh! By the way… Who cares if you don’t ever come back here?)

  15. Haha! I didn’t know there was a fan page for sleeping with your FB friends!

  16. lmao @ Beanstalker

  17. Since “Pants On The Ground” is a song mocking kids who wear their pants dragging on the ground, it’s not that funny. I *guess* if you didn’t know that, it looks funny, but who hasn’t heard of that yet? It’s been everywhere.

  18. Sadly, no one on my friend list is fuckable, even once

  19. @wordpervert

    I think you should start looking for some new friends.

  20. Now, that’s not lame.

    As South Park says,”Aww thats not nice mayor, just because they’re gay doesn’t make them a faggot!”

    Faggot has been another word since since before my mother was born that was used to call someone “Annoying, insanity stupid” And a Fag, is in the dictionary as “A pile of sticks, or a Cigarette.”

  21. @TrojanMustang: I’ve never herd of it. I live under a rock.

    @Wordpervert: I’m with Renton. Everyone needs friends they could fuck.

  22. surely these people are just doing this on purpose for a joke, and a chance for an easy in on lamebook?

  23. I agree w/TrojanMustang, if you haven’t heard of “Pants On The Ground” yet, come on out from the rock you’ve been hiding under.

  24. I guess some people have more important things to do than tune in once a week to watch a shitty, over-glorified talent show and general waste of time.

  25. I don’t watch american Idol at all and I heard it the next day. everyone was talking about it so I googled it. and it was ALL OVER the internet already.

  26. bollywood_rocks83

    I created an account to say the gay marriage group is very real and there are 2 of them.

    As you were.

  27. I’m a member of at least 20 pro gay marriage groups.

    Also, sometimes people will join groups of things they hate in order to argue with the people there.

  28. Renton and eenerbl,


  29. You’re barking up the wrong tree, Zimmerman.

    Also, ‘mock’ group does not mean fake group in which one would think fake group to mean it doesn’t actually exist. I agree with another poster that people do this for easy ‘OMG LOOK I’M ON LAMEBOOK’ bragging rights.

  30. People who intentionally try to get themselves on Lamebook are morons. However, I don’t feel right condemning them completely. After all, this is almost certainly the best thing that will ever happen to them in their entire miserable lives, and I don’t want to take that away.

    So cheer yourselves on, guys, and realize that the highest pinnacle you have reached, or ever will reach, is looking retarded on a semi-popular website. Go you!

  31. They need t-shirts made Sensible Madness so they can proclaim to the world. “I was featured on Lamebook and all I got was this awesome t-shirt!”

  32. @wordpervert: I can hook you up with some fuck worthy chicks. Your friends list will rock… your mattress.

  33. Frankie McBaseball

    durr hurr im lamebook i dont know who scott brown is or what pants on the ground is. i truly am lame hyuck hyuck hyuck.

  34. who is Scott Brown? Is he the real slim shady?

  35. @17: that’s what I thought! Most of the lame pairs of groups featured are groups that completely cancel one another (“Support Haiti” and “Put Americans first before anyone else!” That sort of thing.) And I’m *pretty* sure the creators of LB have heard of “Pants On The Ground”.

  36. If I could just point out what most people probably already know: “Paging Dr. Faggot” has nothing to do with not supporting gay marriage; it’s a line from the movie “The Hangover”.

  37. Err thanks eenerbl, but I’M a chick, and as much as I enjoy female company, I prefer the guys rockin’ my mattress

  38. ‘Pants on the ground’ made me snort. Not because it was funny, but because it was lame. Psh, Lamebook. There have been stranger.

  39. @Wordpervert: I know some hot dudes as well…

  40. Now ya talkin’!

  41. Why is Misty’s post lame? Pants on the Ground is song telling kids to pull their pants up. Those two groups do not contradict each other.

  42. i knew wordpervert was a chick. because guys aren’t that choosy when it comes to that.

  43. This group joining buisness is ruining facebook, its like there’s a competition to make the most pointless group ever.

  44. lol @ xaramore, good call.

  45. Elizabeth Bathory

    You’re talking about “lamebook bragging rights” as if lamebook is the most popular and desirable website in the world, and everybody who is featured on it got 15 minutes of fame. Get real.

    On the other hand, ff somebody actually intentionally did something to appear on lamebook, that’s just beyond lame. That’s amazingly pathetic.

  46. It’s been pointed out on quite a few occasions that it looks very much like the person posted it themselves. Duh it’s lame, but people do it. People also photoshop things to get on failblog, too.

    I didn’t say I was one of those people, but I hold so little faith in humanity I just assume there are those out there who would do it.

  47. My head hurts.

  48. @eenerbi: I stupidly clicked on your name and it took me to some retarded blog about smut, romance novels, and Paranormal Erotica. What the crap?

    Anyway, I’m seriously doubting you know any hot dudes or ladies outside of your silly books. Unless your idea of hot is fat/lonely/owns lots of cats.

    No offense.

    Just kidding! Take offense, weirdo.

  49. @fealkj: You make me lose faith in humanity even more. Tell me something, why do you associate people that read books with ‘fat/lonely/owns lots of cats’-people? That is just dumb. If you’d open a book once in a while, you might discover that a book is just like a film, only you can imagine the whole scenery around it yourself, thus making it more personal. Moreover, in good books (read: literature) might actually change your entire vision on the world, which is -in your case- narrow.

  50. Misty’s post isn’t lame, pants on the ground is still making fun of “ganstas”.

  51. @anus: You’re so silly!

    People who read books are fine. I read books all the time, that’s proof right there :)

    If you had any reading comprehension whatsoever, you would have realized I was referring to people who read Romance novels, Paranormal Erotica(what the fuck?), and genres of that ilk.

    I’m sure there are a few normal-ish people who read that nonsense, but the majority of them are fat and surrounded by cats.

  52. @fealkj whats wrong with reading romance? tons of normal people read romance, i mean look at twilight. well, maybe not all the tweens that read twilight are normal,(bunch of twits actually) but there are plenty of other famous romance books that plenty of normal read. although i haven’t read it yet, Pride And Prejudice is one of my favourite romance stories.

    but i also have to agree a bit with you, the majority of the people that would want to read paranormal erotica must be lacking something in their own life.

    this is just my opinion. doesn’t mean its true.

  53. Why does someone have to be lacking something in their lives because they read a certain genre?

    Are people who like pepperoni lacking something in their lives? Do people who enjoy Radiohead lacking something in their lives? How about people who love roses? Are they lacking something?

    People like different things. Doesn’t mean anything OTHER THAN they like those things.

  54. Okay, I don’t read Paranormal Romance, so this isn’t me getting pissed off at being insulted… but what DOES piss me off is people that are so smug and patronizing and assume that anyone who is interested in a certain thing has to ‘be lacking something in their own life’. Wow… way to respect someone else’s tastes and opinions only to follow it up with a line defending yourself from criticism by stating that it’s your own opinion.

  55. *Paranormal Erotica. Also the first half ot the last sentence was sarcasm and the second half not. I should stop correcting myself.

  56. @rosinbackrider

    I’m pretty sure by romance, they don’t mean romance. But, really, what’s wrong with the occasional piece of smutty trash.

    Heath makes me want to cry a little inside. Like most of the people who join “The Hangover” based groups do.

  57. I guess I’m just out of touch with the kids, I have no idea what the fuck pants on the ground is. We can file this right next to jersey shore and the Grammys, under shit I don’t give a fuck about.

  58. “Pants on the Ground” is a very amusing song written and performed by Larry Platt, a civil rights activist, as a plea to youth to dress appropriately.

  59. That’s a lost cause

  60. Wow, I just got shit for reading books. That’s a first!

    @fealkj: Firstly, I like what I read, I’m a avid book junkie, that must make me “fat/lonely/owns lots of cats”? umm.. O.K. I am neither of those things. Plus I’m allergic to cats, ass wipe.

    I do read other things then erotica, even though that’s what I really like. So sue me, I like smut. Isn’t that kinda like giving people crap for watching porn? I have a vast book collection, ranging from Jane Austin, Jack Kerouac to others. Take your closed mindedness and shove it up your ass.

  61. Peterotica

  62. allergyerotica.

  63. My man wanted me to add to this:

    “I like it when you read those books, it leads to great sex.”

    Also, hat tips to Penny Lane, BritishHobo & Anonanus.

    Now excuse me while I go eat some Twinkies. I have to bulk up to live up to your stereotype.

  64. @fealkj

    You are a self-aggrandizing, vainglorious fucktard. People will continue to like whatever they’re going to like regardless of your asinine little opinion. No one needs a troglodyte like you to attack them based on their choice of reading material. Do I personally like Harlequin-type erotica or paranormal erotica? No. Do I check out eenerbl’s blog anyway? Fuck yes, because my wife (who is not fat and owns no cats) reads that stuff. The blog gives me ideas of books to pick up for my wife, who responds to the smut she reads by becoming sexually aroused. Her sexual arousal, in turn, makes her extremely suggestive to whatever out-of-the-ordinary sexual activities I’d like to try in the bedroom…which keeps me extremely satisfied.

    I hope you’re happy with yourself. I hope reading your post on lamebook – or the responses to it – gave you a little chubby. Now go away, shitbrick.

  65. @63: Your wife needs smut to get turned on?

  66. why are you people complaining about it being lame. it’s LAMEBOOK.

  67. Hat tip to Stretch.

  68. Think I’m actually gonna have to kinda go with fealkj on this one. Erotica novels do pretty much blow, and “paranormal erotica” does sound ridiculous.

    And although, I don’t think that GUARANTEES that someone is a weirdo, I do know some pretty strange, lonely old women who read romance novels. Also, the notion that what people like and who they are are not linked is bullshit. The things people like define who they are. People who like romance novels are probably addicted to the idea of love. In a lot of cases (not all), this is because they are lonely. As we’ve seen, though, the blogger in question is an exception.

    @PennyLane “Do people who enjoy Radiohead [lack] something in their lives?” No, because Radiohead is a good band, and they are universally acclaimed, and their fan base runs the gamut from hipsters to jazzheads to frat dudes, etc. Now, do people who enjoy Nickelback or Mudvayne lack something in their lives? I would say, most likely.

  69. @64: No – but smut is one of the many things that do turn her on, which tends to work out well for me.

  70. Nothin’ wrong with gettin’ a little down n dirty fealkj. Try it, cos you sound like you haven’t been done good in a long time.

  71. Hat tip to wordpervert.

  72. Sounds like Fealkj needs a little bedroom wake-up call.

    In the words of mothers everywhere, “Try it, you might like it!”

  73. Let me see if I can sum up fealkj’s posts, in case anyone comes in late and doesn’t want to read the whole thread:

    Anyone who likes things that I don’t like, or doesn’t like things that I like, is retarded and worthy of scorn. Your tastes in music and literature suck, and you and anyone else who shares those tastes should die in a fire. Your opinions on these things are all I need to know to judge everything about you. Also, I’m a troll who likes to rile up strangers on the Internet for no reason.

  74. @70: Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m gonna have to pass. The whole getting it on with vampires, werewolves, ghosts..etc, not really my thing. Picturing Fabio on a white horse with the wind blowing through his fruity hair doesn’t really do it for me either.

    ka_rokso gets it.

    Yes, we all know that stereotyping is politically incorrect, but there’s usually a lot of truth to them. The stereotypical romance novel reader is a lonely, overweight woman.

    As for the stereotypical Paranormal romance reader, I have no idea! Describe yourself, eenerbi, so I’ll know which weirdos to steer clear of in the real world.

    @71: Pretty much! Thanks ;)

  75. What happened to my comment about Ray getting a blowjob from that ghost in ghostbusters? WTF lamebook?

  76. “Picturing Fabio on a white horse with the wind blowing through his fruity hair doesn’t really do it for me either”

    Haha…come on, guys, lighten up…That’s pretty funny.

    Also, @Sensible Madness: Where are you getting all those things from? I don’t remember hearing anything about anybody dying in a fire…Also, is there really a HUGE difference between defending people you don’t know on the internet and getting people riled up on the internet?

    I am not for prejudice, but it’s hard to deny a statement that a lot of people who read romance novels are lonely, older women. Obviously, though, there are exceptions. I don’t think we need to take these things so seriously. It isn’t like fealkj declared a war against all that like romance novels. He just called them dumb. I mean, they are. Even the fact that the romance novel blogger likened it to porn points to the fact that they are a guilty pleasure. That guilt would have to come from a deep-rooted recognition that romance novels are kinda silly. Right?

  77. Haha @ spectral blowjob

  78. What’s wrong with mudvayne?

  79. Surely these are intentional, if someone joins 2 groups that obviously contradict each other then their doing it because they think it’s funny. it’s not lame

  80. Cos I’m bord of feakjl or however the fuck his name is spelt, I thought I’d point out what I’d just noticed… the advert to the side of this post is selling t-shirts with ‘Pants On The Floor’ on them.

    And that, my friends, is more interesting than anything Fealkj has to say. Discuss.

  81. *Pants On The Ground. Not that it matters anyway. it’s advertising naked women now.

  82. @fealkj: According to you I’m “fat/lonely/owns lots of cats” so I’ll let you stick with that.

    Sorry, but I gotta get back to “Fabio on a white horse”, there is just something about his long hair…

  83. What’s really wrong with the first two?

    Oh, and Nickelback is the worst. band. ever.

  84. Let me elaborate: “Pants on the ground” is dumb and all, but I don’t see how being a fan of the two groups is contradictory.

    One night stands, while not the best idea, aren’t necessarily “lame.”

  85. Uh-huh. And mudvayne is the second worst. band. ever.

    @chingaso Well, for starters, they hardly make music. They just turn everything all the way up and play something REALLY FUCKING LOUD. ‘Cause they’re metal as fuck.

  86. That’s what I’m sayin, I’m not the biggest mudvayne fan but I certainly wouldn’t place them with nickelback, that is some shitty music. Now if someone listens to nickelback, does that mean that something is missing from their life? Fuck no, it just means they like shitty music. Karosko got me started on this one, u can think him for the rant if u even read this shit, when they are this long I usually skip them

  87. Yeah, I agree that one night stands are not necessarily “lame”, nor is having a one night stand with someone who’s a Facebook friend. The situation I propose is this: What if a stand-up dude just gets really fucked up one night and fucks some girl who is just so hideous that he doesn’t want to stick around the next morning because he doesn’t want to lead the ugly chick on any further. But, just so she doesn’t feel completely worthless, he sends her a friend request on Facebook the next day as sort of a gesture to say, “I had a good time. Thanks.” I don’t think that’s lame.

    And being in the “Pants on the Ground” group is DEFINITELY not at odds with being in the other group. The song, “Pants on the Ground” is a heart-on-its-sleeve plea to saggers to please pull their pants up (giddyup). Why doesn’t any one understand the depth and magnitude of ‘General’ Larry Platt’s genius?!

  88. Who the fuck is Larry platt?

  89. That douchebag Chad Kroeger can’t sing. He sounds like a fucking Muppet. The music is formulaic and played out. It’s a shitty, cheap version of things that good rock bands were doing 18 years ago. They may have technical “talent,” but they don’t have that “thing” that makes artists GOOD. They are goddamn posers. (And their big hit, that horrible Rock Star song, is simply a crappy country song with some heavy guitar added to it.)

    Shall I go on?

  90. And yea, I think everyone has fucked one of their facebook friends, that’s nothing special

  91. Chingaso, if your “rants” are only three sentences long, you gotta start exercising your brain more, homeboy. Just let loose. Not to mention the fact that you admitted your attention span is so short that you skip past anything that is very long…Please explain your point that someone liking a band as shitty as Nickelback does not have something missing from their life. Is the appreciation of art or entertainment not SOMETHING in life? And, can’t it be argued that they don’t have enough of an appreciation of the art of music to understand that there is nothing redeeming or valuable about the music Nickelback makes? So, can’t you say that, right of the bat, without assuming anything else, that they’re missing a true appreciate of art from their life?

  92. ‘General’ Larry Platt=Pants on the Ground dude

  93. Thanks juk, but I don’t think anyone here is going to argue the fact that nickelback is shit

  94. LOL @ ka_rosko! I’m a middle school teacher, and now, when I have to dress code a kid for low pants, I simply start singing “pants on the ground” really loudly. It’s awesome.

    I see what you’re saying about the one night stand thing. However, not all one night stands are with people who are “hideous” people! (Not that I am speaking from experience or anything. lol)

  95. Keep in mind, chingaso, that we are not arguing whether or not Mudvayne or Nickelback are good. I think it’s well established that they are bad. What we’re arguing is this–if someone likes shitty music or shitty art in general, is something lacking from their life? I would say, yes. And i would elaborate on my point of their lacking a true appreciation for art by saying that they lack creativity of thought.

  96. Ching, true, but I just can’t help myself when it comes to my hatred of Nickelback. I know… preaching to the choir!

  97. Totally agree w/ you, karosko. (“if someone likes shitty music or shitty art in general, is something lacking from their life? I would say, yes. “)

  98. “People who are hideous people” is from the department of redundancy department. Sheesh!

  99. Definitely true, jukaswo. It’s pretty random when you’re drunk. That was just for the sake of my example.

  100. Well if u wanna put it like that, then everyone is missing something in their lives . I know some people who have great taste in music but are total fuckups in every other aspect of life and vice versa, so I’m just failing to see how listening to radiohead improves your overall quality of life

  101. Holy shit, are we actually having a real conversation on lamebook? This is a first for me

  102. How does “failing to see how listening to Radiohead (I will allow Radiohead to serve as our example for ‘good art’) improves [one's] overall quality of life” follow from people having great taste in music who are “total fuckups in every other aspect of life”? Also, are these people REALLY “total fuckups in every other aspect of life”? Please explain what you mean to that. And then, please point out how that means that listening to Radiohead does not improve quality of life. Remember, though, that our taste in art can be separate from the other aspects of our life. Maybe someone who has a good taste in music also has a crippling crystal meth addiction. Still, though, listening to Radiohead can make them happy as sort of a bright spot in a dark life. Also, they can take solace in the fact that the art they like is generally accepted as “good”, and they will not get teased for their tastes. They understand good art, and understand why it is good. This makes for satisfaction, comfort, and happiness-three things that definitely improve quality of life. Someone who does not understand any rubric by which art is graded other than that “it rocks” (or whatever simplified critical offering any fan of Nickelback would offer up) is probably missing something from their life.

  103. Man I don’t have time for that shit, I’m at work

  104. Radiohead sucks, too.


  105. In all seriousness, I don’t like Radiohead, but only because it’s not my kinda music. They don’t suck, a la Nickelback.

  106. I’m pretty indifferent , I mean they don’t sick but some people think they’re led Zeppelin or something

  107. Sick, suck, whatever, fuck it

  108. thankyou fealkj for bringing back a tiny bit of humour to the comments.
    @eenerble if you cant have great sex without reading those cheesy novels one of you is doing something wrong. I’d say since it is you that reads the novels that without which sex is average maybe your man isn’t doing it for you. Maybe you should get him to grow his hair longer, and start riding a white horse around?

  109. @poopaloop: I don’t think he could pull it off.

  110. ka_rosko = boring

  111. I’m not the one who has the screen name “word pervert”. Nerd.

  112. Just kidding. I like words, too. And thank you for calling me boring.

  113. ka_roski = stupid
    Seriously, somebody would be lacking creativity of thought because they like something you don’t? Way to make yourself sound important.

  114. Boring and stupid. You guys are regular wordsmiths. BritishHobo, I know my posts just weren’t as captivating as your captivating romance novels, but try to re-read and think about what I said. Do you really think that I was saying someone lacks creativity of thought if they like something I don’t? No. Don’t engage in oversimplification. It is not a legitimate way to debate things.

  115. I think it’s ironic that you guys are doing the name calling, and the point you’re trying to make is to be more tolerant of what other people like.

  116. 1. I don’t read romance novels.

    2. I didn’t oversimplify anything. You said people who like ‘shitty art’ are lacking creativity of thought. But since taste and opinion is so subjective, that can’t really be said about anyone. Except Twilight fans.

    3. I’d have said ‘yeah, but I don’t like you so I don’t have to be tolerant of you’ except I have no beef with you beyond that one sentence about the creativity thing. If I happened to be talking about fealkj, however…

  117. Also the Twilight line is a joke.

  118. Yeah ka_rosko, you just like them WAY too much

  119. First off, how does any of what you mentioned make me stupid? You said taste and opinion is subjective…So then, how would my opinion that artistic tastes and creativity of though are intrinsically linked make me stupid, when it is just an opinion, and opinions can not possibly make anyone stupid?

    I’ve yet to hear an argument as to HOW there’s no correlation between people’s taste and their creativity of thought. Please make one, or just revert back to calling me stupid or boring.

    Your first statement, by the way, *is* oversimplification because you stated that I said that if some does not like what I like, they lack creativity of thought. I did not. I stated that people who are into only shitty art lack creativity of thought. It doesn’t have anything to do with what I like. But there is shitty art that exists, and cannot be denied as shitty. If there was no shitty art, there would be no good art. I am simply opining that there is a correlation between the type of art and entertainment people are into and the type of person they are. I never said one was more valuable than the other or anything; simply that, given what somebody is into, there is a greater chance that they either have or don’t have certain traits.

  120. @wordpervert That is a fair statement. How, though, does that make me boring? Is it possible that you’re just protecting yourself by lashing out?

  121. No ka_rosko, nothing that deep. Thesis length comments are usually full of boring, self important drivel (like yours), and I almost always, never read them.
    It’s that simple.
    REALLY bored now, bye!

  122. ka_rosko, if it can’t be said in 5 lines or less, it’s not worth saying, and definitely not worth reading.

  123. Self-important, huh? How so? Again, it seems as though this is just a go-to accusation for you to levy against anyone who tries to get you to think. It’s your way of justifying your lazy-minded existence. And that’s fine, I could care less if you don’t believe in anything, but don’t lash out at me. It’s your shortcomings that come into play when you can’t read anything with any length or depth, not mine.

    @poopaloop Dangerous how many people seem to think that these days.

  124. I never made any declaration of my own worth, I simply made my argument, so I don’t see how anything I said was “self-important”.

  125. I’m making a declaration of your worth, and I declare your comments aren’t worth a bucket of piss. By the way, special thanks to lamebook, kkarosko, wordpervert and poopaloop, and anyone else I forgot to mention for helping me get thru a gruelling 15 hour work day. Please keep it coming

  126. OK

  127. No one gives a shit about your work day, Chingaso, or how you’re at work surfing Lamebook.

    This is the most boring god damn argument on the face of this earth, and I have seen hundreds of abortion arguments.

  128. Did it ever occur to you meat heads that the admins might just post this stuff to watch you all squabble afterwards? I mean, heck, why go and join a fb group to fight with them when you can bring it to your own stompin’ grounds?

  129. I am well aware of that smee, I appreciate your honesty, and am truly ashamed to be a part of this boring shit sense argument.

  130. And u seem to give a shit if u read the whole fucking thing

  131. Did u take your name from captian hooks homeboy in that robin Williams movie? Just curious

  132. he seems irritable like smee from hook. but less amusing

  133. Good fuckin movie

  134. I think smee is karosko, who was really just fecal from earlier

  135. Who the fuck is Smee and why’d he bother to read everything if it was so boring?

  136. i agree with everything ka_rosko says.

  137. awesome movie.
    @rosinbackrider well at least you can do it without turning it into your autobiography.

  138. @BritishHobo, at the start I was reading everything too in the desperate hope that there might be a hilarious gem hidden in among all the bullshit and poppycock. how wrong I was.

  139. @poopaloop: I just kind of skimmed it all to post my own boring bullshit in there too.

  140. Walter just created the group “what do you want for dinner?” “food” ” what kinda food?” “good food” “good by what standards” “good by my standards” “well then eat this 3-year old can of cheese whiz, dipshit” “yay!!!!”

    you are all free to join! See you there!!!!

  141. I suggest this may be the same pregnant Misty of toilet photo fame??

  142. I don’t even know what that means, chingaso. Is fecal a user? Or is this a way of saying I was in a shitty mood? I don’t get it. Also, sorry to bore you guys to death. Noone ever forced you to read anything.

  143. I’d just like to say that, after laughing much and having many witty retorts pop into my head in reply to some of these little tidbits, I only joined to say that the username “poopaloop” has made me chortle every time I see it.

  144. I didn’t read it. I read half of three posts and I was done.

    And no, it’s not from Peter Pan.

  145. @smee yes it is from peter pan, quit trying to deny it! D:<

  146. It’s not from Peter Pan….close though….it’s a quote from Hook

  147. It took me three sessions to read this thread. After the second session I posted my little cheese whiz thing.

    Couple comments: something is missing in my life – Like the experiences I gave up while I was reading this thread. I could have wiped my ass sooner and then pet my cat for a couple minutes. Or I could have listened to some nickelback and thought about how I should stop being an elitist fucktard.

  148. I forgot my second comment: fecal and krosco are frodo.

  149. #144
    Elitist fucktard = chronic masturebator?

  150. Is this the shittest comments page ever?

  151. A person who tries to get on Lamebook is Frodo.

  152. @ijustsawfly: That’s fucktart.

  153. 150 comments on this one????

    This is just right to hall-of-lame…

  154. your mom is just right to the hall of lame

  155. #66 ka_rosko

    First of all, thank you for politely correcting me like an adult, I do appreciate that.(That isn’t sarcasm.)

    But as far as saying that a love of Radiohead is objectively better than I like of ET Erotica simply because many people like it is nonsensical. (I’m sure others have pointed this out to you, but since it was directed at me I’ll give my opinion as well.) I’m sure you dislike the Backstreet Boys and yet, they have a much larger fanbase than Radiohead. Nazism was all the rage in Germany, but by almost every measure it was a terrible thing.

  156. I hate Radiohead fans, for the most part. (I am married to one.) They think they’ve some how found a way to make the subjective objective. I like a few Radiohead songs. MOST of them are “meh” to me. I don’t think that says about me, other than, I like a few Radiohead songs, and I think most of them are meh.

    I know a woman who I consider creative, thoughtful, brilliant and intelligent, yet she LOOOOOOOOOOOVES the Twilight series. All it says about her is she loves the Twilight series. As hard as that is for me to stomach personally.

  157. SeeBea is Frodo.

  158. @Penny Lane, hypocritical much?

  159. Penny Lane, thank you for actually responding thoughtfully. I appreciate that. I think you misunderstood my point, though. Radiohead was just the example I was using. I was simply trying to say that there is good art, and there is bad art. There are things that can fall under each depending on preference (this is the vast majority of art), but there is some art that is just plain bad because it is lazy. Nickelback was the example I used for that.

    And, my other point was that there is a correlation between people like and what kind of person they are. It’s not an exact correlation, because there are exceptions (such as your friend who likes Twilight), but exceptions are just that: exceptions to the rule. They don’t CHANGE the rule; they’re just exceptions. Know what I mean? Because a few happily married women like to read romance novels does not negate the fact that even more lonely, old women read romance novels.

  160. Exceptions to rules not only change the rules, they also make them crap rules.

    For example, if the rule was “All nice young boys who behave nicely will receive a treat after supper” but I was a nice young boy and I behaved nicely and didn’t get a treat, then that changes the rule to “All nice young boys who behave nicely will receive a treat after supper – except Walter.” That’s a crap rule.


  162. Just kidding. I’m making myself giggle.

  163. I can’t be Frodo, I have a pool.

  164. This may be relevant to your interests:

    “Can This Pickle Get More Fans Than Nickleback?”

  165. @eenerbl I used to like you and thought we were similar in our values, thought process, likes, dislikes. But heaving bossom novels??? Really?!?! Now I find you worthy of nothing but scorn. Your laughable selection of reading material just completely wipes out all the good, smart, positive things I thought of you!

    NOTE: Please watch out for the heavy drips of sarcasm that may get on you while reading the above.

    jk girlfriend, but honestly, heaving bossoms? lol

  166. @yaya: Really, what can I say. I like things to “heave”.

  167. cackles. I was a fan at one time when I was a bit younger. Now I am all about the murder mystery thriller etc. I get things heaving through other avenues now ;)

  168. In all reality, about 50% of what I read is “erotic” I actually enjoy books on history and science (I’m a huge history buff). I still think it’s quite humorous that my “little ol blog” pisses people off. Seriously? Get over it and move along.

  169. I am sort of glad whatsisbutt tripped over it because it led me to check it out. As far as erotica, I’m all in. I also am a fan of the historical novel.

  170. Did anyone else just go over to facebook to see how many of their FB friends they’d slept with?

    Just me, then?

  171. Walter, I beg to differ.

    “…but there is some art that is just plain bad because it is lazy. Nickelback was the example I used for that.”

    The definition for art is not “unlazy”. Art is beyond definition. I agree, I personally don’t find Nickelback to be “art”, but Nickelback would disagree, and so would their fans. Art is in the eye of the beholder.

    “They don’t CHANGE the rule; they’re just exceptions. Know what I mean? Because a few happily married women like to read romance novels does not negate the fact that even more lonely, old women read romance novels.”

    And this is why I think people shouldn’t go by “rules” when it comes to subjective things. To judge an entire personality based on something as trivial as their like in a certain genre of music or literature is lazy. VERY lazy. It’s pigeon holing. Take each person as you find them and accept them for what they are. There are as many pigeon holes as there are humans.

  172. Sorry, that wasn’t for Walter. That was for ka_rosko…it’s Monday. Leave me alone!

  173. ParanormalRomance

    Long time reader, 1st time poster….and to be honest, I only registered at this time because I could NOT pass up the opportunity to use this description as a user-name. Pure gold…thanks…Hope to be able to contribute something value soon…

  174. ParanormalRomance

    1st post and already exhibiting twat-like tendencies…not good…

  175. I was going to post a message saying that Nickelback was not the worst band on the planet, and go on to some deeper thing.

    Then I forgot. Shit.

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