Friday, April 30, 2010

FANtastic Friday (part 1)

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  1. Guitar Hero hurts my ego… I can go ahead and play a song by The Tragically Hip pretty damned well on my acoustic and then pick up the game and have it go, “GAME OVER!” Whatever people may think, it just doesn’t transition over all that well. The time spent practicing that game could be better spent on the real thing, and then you can play songs like Kumbaya around the camp fire, or Roll Another Joint by Tom Petty.

  2. “In our sky there is no limit, and masters we have none, heavy metal is the only one! ‘Cause it’s a heavy metal universe, with a heavy metal sound. Masters of the thunder, shake you to the ground! It’s a heavy metal thunder, and it’s never going down. Burning across the universe, were heavy metal bound!”

  3. CommentsAtLarge


    Yeah Guitar Hero does not a real guitar player make. I’ve tried the real guitar, just have a tendency to hit multiple strings ’cause I have big fingers. I settle for it just because it’s fun.


    sweet – I’ll hold off on finishing the song for you until this cold clears up; I sound like William Hung from the congestion and the only one that should have to suffer that is me 😉

  4. Speaking of Madonna, did anyone see the Madonna themed Glee?

  5. Comments, you singing with a cold would still sound better than William (probably not very well) Hung any day.

  6. @ wtg

    I can do some metal… currently my son cant get enough of me singing search and destroy… while I am much more talented singing alternative, pop and reggae, I can sing metal if it makes my son happy or earns me a bj 😉

  7. Hmmmm…. Now wtg has got me thinking. Is it possible to rest the guitar on her back and play while fucking from behind? I must test this theory.

  8. CommentsAtLarge

    Oh oh oh she BANG she BANG…

    That actually fits in here, ironically enough.

  9. @ Who’s That Girl
    I could never hate on you. I enjoy your comments too much. And word, slimjayz, British Hobo, Sensible Madness, and Soup… ah Soup. His truck-stop/mashed banana comment haunts my dreams. But today, it was Bucky Fellini that made me giggle hard-core.

    I love NOFX. Eat the Meek is sweet.

  10. Who's That Girl?

    Wow, I check back on the comments at the end of my day and I feel so loved. I think nuff is my new Joe…♥

    slim – your son has good taste in music. Keep up the good work.

    eye♥brains – awwwww…you linked me in with the regulars. I feel special. I saw NOFX last year – they rocked!

  11. @eyeheartbrains
    The fact that one of my life experiences has affected (infected?) your life makes all the sores totally worth it.

    @Who’s That Girl?
    I’m going to be nuff‘s wingman here and say he’s a hell of a lot better than Joe. You should totally internet fuck him. Unless you’re too old. That would be gross.

  12. MachineGun Monica

    “I know punk. I listen to NoFX.”…

    OMG, I think I just pissed myself. That was the funniest thing I’ve read in ages. Thanks for that, WTG!

  13. i love malteaser too

    @slimjayz: I totally know what you are talking about. I went swimming once and all my clothes were stolen. I had to wear the New York Times on my way back. The people on the road couldn’t take their eyes off the business section. For some, the very sight made several columns inches longer.

  14. Who's That Girl?

    @ soup – I didn’t think anything was too gross for you. Besides, it’s the internet, I have the glory of being a fat 80 year old woman while one imagines me as a young hot chick with big boobs. You’ll never know :0)

    @machinegun monica: Glad to provide a little warm fluid between your legs!

  15. @WTG?

    I was speaking for nuff. Personally, I like the old ladies. I find that a dusty snatch provides a friction and gritty feel that is just fantastic. It also satisfies my inner bully, as I get to give her vag an indian burn.

  16. Who's That Girl?

    Now THAT’s the Soup I know and love!

  17. @ Soup: At first I thought you were sick. I’m thinking “Has he gone mad? Soup will fuck anything!” But then you go and say something like comment #66 and totally redeem yourself.

    The last one made me chuckle a little.

  18. lol since when was it “Hiding Seek”

  19. cough

  20. cough

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