Friday, March 26, 2010

FANtastic Friday! Part 1

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  1. 5 bucks says Timmy is single … and has been for a very long time

  2. And first for the very first time , the sun is shining and the weekend has arrived

    What a day …

  3. I agree with Timmy. William is a bitch.

    I also fear bumlove has somewhat disturbed Matt beyond help.

  4. Timmy needs a hug, and a girlfriend. If he thinks that loving your girlfriend is that big of a deal, then he has some serious woman issues. Get over it buddy, and remember, William probably gets more ass then a toilet seat for posting stupid crap like that on FB. While he sits at home on his computer shaking his head, William is getting head.

  5. crap, awaiting moderation for fixing Timmy’s typo. Damn you Lamebook ad.mins!

  6. I would also like to point out that I am really happy about the lack of half naked creepy guys in this one…

  7. I miss the little diddy nekkid guy. Sweet

  8. Hehehe Peach is totally a slut

  9. @chicky_monkey,
    Specially when playing against her on-line.

  10. I’m sorry, but Timmy is right…William is not a man. No self-respecting man would use that many exclamation points in one sentence, especially following an ellipsis. How would you even say that out loud? The ellipsis suggests some doubt, but then the exclamation points follow to suggest a ridiculous level of excitement. I can only assume the creator of the group was having doubts about his love for his girlfriend, and she came up from behind and knocked him unconscious with a baseball bat and finished the title of the group herself.

  11. @ sensible madness

    marry me!!! :D

  12. Timmy’s Billy Madison reference FTW

  13. Matt doesn’t like to get raped. Geez what’s his problem

  14. Matt’s profile looks like mine about a month ago.

  15. LSMMTUAFIMC @ Timmy

  16. …oh, and William is Frodo!

  17. Timmy FTW!!! If only for his rant!

    And methinks Matt has already experienced the bumrush….sadly for him :(

  18. What kind of man goes by the name “Timmy”? I think he sees a bit of himself in that rant. Except it’s his mommy who’s holding that jar in her purse.

  19. All these turban groups annoy me. The first one or two were kinda amusing, but now there’s so many. Although the racism arguments on some are a bit LOL-worthy.

  20. wonders why this awaits moderation? “Oh……btw a***n……release mcowles comment forthwith so that we may partake of his wit!”

    Is LB getting THAT lame????

  21. hmmmm….thought so…………..don’t ever use that dreaded word…**n!!! we don’t appreciate criticism or questioning!

  22. @Girlpants
    What do you mean all these turban groups? Is LSMMTUAFINMC becoming a trend or something?

    And I totally called peach a slut during mario kart. She was the worst opponent…always

  23. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Gees matt is really picky about the conditions of his own rape.

    Timmy wins, i can even forgive him for his childish name. If you have to join a group like that then you dont deserve a dick, fuck, if you created that group you should be tied and forced to watch the entire twilight series over and over but on second thought you would probably enjoy that.

  24. awww, poor timmy didnt get enough booby time with mommy… lsmmtuafimc!!!

  25. I’m intrigued that Matt’s rape donkey is aroused. Wouldn’t that be implied? Have all his other rape scenarios involved people and animals pushing their flaccid dongs into his ass? Like putting on a pillow case? I guess you just got to work that shit in there.

  26. The turban groups are insane. Some of my faves: Turban Outfitters, Been there, Done that, GOT THE TURBAN!, WTT – “What the Turban!?” and Liar! Liar! Turban’s on fire! :L

  27. Aw man, I thought I was alright with Matt for a minute there…

  28. your cool hobo… its says hobos… you just couldnt rape him with your wife… you gotta rape him solo

  29. @randomuser

    I think they moderate any comment that has the word adm1n in it, in order to raise a flag to them, in case someone says “Hey Adm1ns! Can you delete this guy’s spam? He keeps talking about raping goats and posting sections from erotica websites!”

    You all remember THAT guy, don’t you?

    Or they’re just dicks.

  30. @ SensibleMadness 10:
    I imagine it’s a situation where Snake was discovered 5 seconds after the declaration of love was made.

  31. Greg = lame = submitted his own comment to Lamebook. (“a few seconds ago”)

  32. @ Sarah

    if he posted it himself it would have a delete option
    your comment= fail= lame

  33. yourfreakingmom

    the guy who joined all the “not getting raped” is
    Matt ‘Buckethead’ Bigford

    i searched up “not getting raped” in the search engine && he was the only guy named matt in a few of the groups. && if you look at the stuff he’s a fan of.


  34. Does he have a list of things he doesn’t mind getting raped by, also?

  35. Chewbacca shagger

    If he’s really hairy i’d go there. I like a vic that’s not a rape slut.

  36. motherlovemelon

    The thing I found funniest was the fact that Timmy ranted and raved about his friend’s “gayness,” yet he’s the one who actually used the term “power bottom.” Come on out, Timmy… that closet’s pretty stuffy.

  37. So is Matt okay with getting raped by donkeys that aren’t aroused?

  38. OH..MY..GOD! LOL!!!! Timmy your a legend! for both that comment and for having the same name as me :D

  39. I’m pretty sure that all of that has already happened to Matt. Either that or he is trying to imply that he would like that.

    I have to agree with Joe on the vampire thing. I remember the good ole days when vampires used to suck blood and not cock.

  40. Oh and I’m sure that Timmy has joined the group that called Peach a slut.

  41. matt’s gonna get raped isn’t he? =p

  42. I think he already has.

  43. so i suppose matt wouldnt mind being raped by an aroused penguin then? cos i can organise that if you like? if your gonna do something, matt, do it right.

  44. I find Timmy’s comment funny. The whole whipped thing is just so funny and true.

  45. Timmy’s comment is barely LOL-worthy… We all know the guys’ whipped and that his sex life is down the crapper but where was the humour? Is it just me or does his comment sound a lot like Robin Williams stand up comedy???

  46. lol

  47. I commend Timmy on the Billy Madison reference and only the Billy Madison reference.

  48. You Got Doddified

    Dammit malteaser for deliberately loling at every post one after another XD

  49. I hate all these turban groups, they’re not even funny. I don’t think I’ve laughed at any, possibly smiled at the first one I saw. @ Howdy, yes there are plenty of turban groups, not one is funny. Yes they are rascist, but what really bugs me is that some are inaccurate with their rascism,”OMG, Look How Short That Girls Turban Is, What a Slag” is one such example. Lame to the extreme. Rant over.

  50. I looked up “Not getting raped by chickens” and was crushed to discover that it doesn’t seem to be a Zelda joke.

    But seriously, chickens are assholes.

  51. Keep doing your thing malt. You have had a nice run at it.

  52. I believe Matt doth protest too much.

    Tim rocks!

  53. What the hell is a power bottom? It sounds very sexual, and tat would defeat the purpose of the rant =P

  54. *that
    I’m glad I didn’t point out the spelling mistakes in the rant

  55. Matt is pretty specific about who he would not like tobe raped by…

  56. he didn’t say anything about getting raped by a woman though… :D

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