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  1. FIRST!!

    BEN = herpes

  2. Muslims don’t wear turbans, Sikhs do. Racism fail.

  3. Actually turbans are worn by some Afghani’s and Pakistani’s who also happen to be Muslim.

  4. Racist Fearmongerer = Fail
    You can’t be politically correct, on Lamebook….

  5. Notice how Muslims have problems distinguishing between their correct “There” and “their”

    My Turban brings all of the muslims to the yard, and there(should be their) like…

    SHAME !!!

    It was corny, and kinda funny…. Although I’m intrigued to know what is said AFTER the “there like”

  6. I think it is “they’re”…

  7. stever ftw

  8. iddjit. If there was a Lamebook for Lamebook your post would be on it.

  9. Randy became a fan of bending down to pick up the soap in a public shower

  10. iddjit, according to your theory that Muslims have a problem distinguishing there and their, then you must be muslim, because it should be THEY’RE.

    you fail.

  11. @Father Sha, LOL!

  12. @ChairmanBlao – LOL!

  13. no its their there
    and they dont wear turbans
    its a burka

    I get my to too two confused to!
    Or too?

    So do Muslims wear turbans or not?

    What is they’re (are you happy) preferred mode of transportation
    1) Magic Carpet
    2) Camel

  14. omfg, iddjit, you’re the biggest fail i’ve ever known.

  15. Thank you for making me laugh.

  16. Are you actually being serious iddjit?
    It’s ‘They’re.’
    ‘… Muslims to the yard and they’re (they are) like…’

  17. lmao

  18. I love the hacking skills one, hilarious.

  19. @iddjit you ned to read this:

  20. nah, I’m all good chicky monkey….
    I can speel (but when i do make a mistake, a red squiggly line is under the word, so I will get out the dicktionary), when I chose too…. My grammar was teached to me by my grammar (she was from England, where they invented English!)
    Sometimes when I’m bored, having my morning coffee, I like too have a read on here, and get a chuckle at the Lamebook status updates, and the comments from the members to….
    Their usually funny

    Happy Easter to all of my Muslim friends out there!

  21. “My turban brings all the Muslims to the yard and there like العنصريةش”
    العنصرية= racism,
    ش is just a letter.
    I don’t get it though…

  22. iddjit:


  23. iddjit must be laughing his or her balls off at you guys.

  24. The first one is stupid, but I really enjoyed the hackers one. Also, who names their kid “Trans”?

  25. @Rodo: iddjit’s doing it on porpoise.

  26. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    lol I was about to put in a motion to change the word “Ben” to “Iddjit”, I wish he were serious tho, cos that would have been the biggest fail storm I ever saw.

  27. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    … and lest I forget, #9 Father Sha was epic.

  28. @fluffernutter

    Joking 101:

    Rule #1:
    If you’re laughing and nobody else does, your joke fails.

    Rule #2:
    If by the end of the joke people roll their eyes at you, your joke fails.

    Rule #3:
    If your deliver the punchline and people walk away, your joke fails.

    Rule #4:
    Grammar and spelling jokes aren’t funny if they are intentional.

    There are more, but these are the main and basic ones.

  29. @25 dcrearview

    I laughed. :D

  30. @Rodo: if you don’t get the joke, you fail.

  31. thezealousotter

    @moomzi: Yeah, the doesn’t Arabic makes no sense whatsoever. Unless the tamarbutta was put there unintentionally.

  32. I think whoever made the group is playing on the lyrics to the song ‘Milkshake’ by Kelis….

    “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they’re like, ‘it’s better than yours’ ”

    Dunno what it says in Arabic but I imagine it’s something along those lines or a funny (or not) variation on that. Could be some Sikhs are ribbing the Muslims saying their religion is better (they have a history of clashes) or maybe its some turban-wearing Muslims saying their religion is better than all the other just-as-dumb ones! Who knows…can anyone translate?

  33. I hope Trans’ middle name isn’t Phat.

    And iddjit’s way funny, the people I’m rolling my eyes at are those taking him/her seriously enough to keep correcting.

  34. The first one isn’t that great. It could have been funny but the Arabic doesn’t make sense and most Muslims don’t wear turbans anyway. :P

  35. @rodo
    rules 1, 2 and 3 are all variations of the same rule. It’s like saying “rule 1- don’t kill, rule 2- don’t stab anyone until they are dead

    and rule 4? If it isn’t intentional it isn’t a joke, it is a mistake.

    If I were you I would ask for my tuition back from the comedian by mail school that taught you Joking 101

  36. Holy Shit! I think we hit a rift in time! #34 and we started this whole conversation over!!

  37. @the Hoff, you said it, so here i go. some Muslims do wear turbans, especially those from Afghanistan and Pakistan!


  38. Firstly, it’s THEY’RE (contraction for they are–think about it!). Secondly, it is racist, because a Muslim would never write something like that. Thirdly, get a clue:

  39. Meh.

  40. My lamebook brings all the tards to the yard
    And they’re like, jokes are hard.

  41. @38, really? are we really going to start the ENTIRE conversation over again?
    And I don’t get your link, I read it and saw that there are plenty of muslims that wear turbans…?

  42. CommentsAtLarge


    Damn right, these jokes are hard.
    But I’ll stop now, before this goes too far.

  43. CanIHasFrenchToast

    Come and knock on my door…

  44. The first one made me ZOMGLOL. I guess I’m racist. Shit.
    Here is a list of all the people that win: stever, ChairmanBlao Father Sha, and of course, Soup. <3 to you, Soup.

  45. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    I’ve been waiting for you…

  46. God damn it, you can’t be racist to Muslims because it’s not a race.

    -a non-Arab (and super chillaxed) Muslim

  47. @iddjit your second and third comments were lame too (note: too, not to). Not that I’m backing up Rodo, but seriously dude.

    LOL @Soup

  48. ooh, some uptight little bunnies out there today!!


  49. Love the twatlight one

  50. rodo = Frodo

  51. .. is it bad that I didn’t find the entries that funny, but almost wee’d myself reading the amazing argument(s) in the comments section?

  52. This picture makes me laugh. It reminds me of all you guys crying about grammar on facebook, when its not tattoo or related to something permanent.

  53. And I doubt you’re nearly as good looking as she is.

  54. JesusOnADinosaur

    That shirt hurt.

  55. @ alltonic
    Muslims kind of have a history of clashing with pretty much everybody.

  56. Comment #1 FTW! You rock dcrearview!

  57. lol!

  58. @41 Yes really! LOL!

    It gets so annoying that people argue over spelling and grammar constantly. So I just thought I would succinctly summarize the grammar issue.

    I posted the link to show all the people that were arguing about whether Muslims wear turbans or not.

    I don’t think it’s appropriate that (American) society thinks it’s ok to have prejudices against an entire religious group. It’s simply ignorant and (apparently) the Arabic doesn’t even make sense either, which strengthens my argument. I think it’s sad that young Americans think that this is funny. It’s not.

    What is someone wrote: My crucifix brings all the Catholics to the yard and they’re like: Down with the Jews?

    Think about it.

  59. Malt you are getting out of hand! I want you to calm down and quit getting so excited.

  60. @KathleenOne, i agree with you.
    i actually hate all these sikh and turban groups. they’ve all been started by tards with no lives.
    some of my friends join those groups and they laugh at that unfunny ish :( dislike.

  61. hey kathleen can you stfu

  62. Lol I’m joining these.
    -God’s investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  63. Ahhh, elixabeth. My investment is making sure that at least some of your comments aren’t the most recent ;)

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