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  1. I love the “Fuck Iraq, we have to catch Voldemort” group.

  2. The Scarlet Pimple

    Props to whoever posted the Andrew entry. Priceless.
    And Kayla, if you were my friend, I would probably punch you in the face first.

  3. Oh Atalaya , I’m sorry darling…

  4. The Andrew one is great.

    You know, I was surfing Myspace for once today and found a lot of things that would really qualify for Lamebook… Someone should start a LameSpace or something.

  5. Wow… Dustin is such a catch. Maybe his definition of ‘crap’ is not looking at his girlfriend’s breasts, because clearly she wants him to perv at her chest because she decided to go for a ‘low cut top’ Or maybe she just has big breasts and doesn’t wear a turtle neck in summer. Hmmm…

  6. dear Jesus. can people stop becoming fans of this stupid shit already? besides the obvious irony and whatnot the principle in itself is stupid.

    i wonder if there’s a fan page for

    “falling asleep and then waking up quickly so that you flinch and accidentally knee your boyfriend in the junk and he cries out in pain which in turn leads to an argument about how there is no equality in the relationship and how your seemingly involuntary movement was simply a result of months of latent hostility that came out in a moment of semi-hypnosis that always exists when one is in that uncertain space between sleep and wakefulness”


    “my friends and i all have American Girl dolls which we procured when we were young but have retained in the interests of maintaining the youth and innocence that we associate with our childhoods”

    i block all that shit in my newsfeed but sometimes i can’t catch it in time. grumble.

  7. @cool username: You could save alot of work by renaming myspace to lamespace.

    I like the idea of that first group, but I would like something a little more abrupt like “I like boobies”!

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Pull out method, fail!!!

  8. Antarctic Circle became a fan of easy-e (#6). And not in an ironic way either. Really, good comment.

  9. I’m tempted to create a fan page for “I become a fan of pretty much anything that pops up in my feed”, wait until there’s a couple of million fans(shouldn’t take long, they spread fast), then use the page to inform them, less than politely, of their over-usage of oxygen that could be put to better use elsewhere and where they can relocate various pointless pages of internet space that could have been used for porn. Because surely the internet can never have too much of that.

    Saying that though, fan pages are useful for amateur artists and musicians, and people who actually have a shred of wit and intelligence (ie – “The Sarcasm Society” and “The Onion” fanpages).

  10. Andrew’s is great.

    Did anyone go to the page of the “Pull Out Method Does Not Work” group? The Wall is too funny. :)

  11. @mel: the wall of that group could gets its own page in the lamebook hall of fame.

  12. @Mel: Yeah, it really made me understand why there are so many fucking idiots born every day. :) I especially like the comment “Abortion you fucking retards!” or something like that. Because everyone knows it is so much better to have an abortion than to use proper birth control. :)

  13. ‘Andrew became a fan of Irony’

    ‘Danny became a fan of Captain Obvious’

    that is all

  14. Andrew one is best

  15. I LOOOOOOLLLLED at the Andrew one. Hahahahahaha

  16. I’m a fan of “gurls cant complain when guys look at theyr chests because theirs nothing going on in the brians department if they cant differentiate between they’re/their/there/theyr(?!?!)

  17. Someone needs to tell Atalaya if you are in a jam the pull out method works just fine (trust me)

  18. Lmao, last one is epic fail. Oh and Jelly, I’m a fan of “gurls cant complain when guys look at theyr chests because theirs nothing going on in the brians department if they cant differentiate between they’re/their/there/theyr(?!?!) too!

  19. Nice to know I’m not alone out there! :D

  20. Sorry, theyr.

  21. Is Danny a fan of giving them ya think?

  22. I am a large breasted, female feminist, and also very sex positive but I have to agree with Dustin. Young girls who dress like hoes in rock videos are only offended when guys they don’t find hot look at them. You have to realize that tight shirts attract glances from ALL men (and many women) so if you don’t want anyone to look at your boobs, go up a shirt size.
    Also, do you think a 27-35 year old grandmother created the “pulling out doesn’t work” group?

  23. the pull out method definitely works.

    raincoats are for sailors

  24. I don’t know lots of girls who complain when guys look at theyr boobs.

  25. Theyr? WTF is “theyr”? Seriously. Facebook will drive me to the edge of insanity with the spelling and grammar thing…

  26. Atalaya is living proof that the pull out method doesn’t work. It works fine for me. But that is just me, I suppose.
    @SeeBea – I think Danny is a fan of giving them, and he probably joined the groups to pick up tips :)
    @Wednesday – WELL SAID! I agree with the shirtsize / staring at boobs comment.

    Seems like all the neccesary has been said. Doesn’t anybody need Svetlana anymore? :(

    This is Svetlana.

  27. i just realised that i am fan of all these things , that would make me uber lame i guess

  28. Andrew, wow.
    The wall for The Pull-out Method Doesn’t work is just full of SP3LLGZ LYKK THIZ YO!!! ITZ ALL LI3K “FUK DA PUll oWT M3THOOOOD NIGA, DAT SHIT DUNT WORK AE! nOW i GOTz MAh kIDZ AND ShIT yo!

  29. A few examples :D


    “On tha real, all yall thinkin bout pullin out, get that shit ouch yo mind. Yousa fool, fo real. tried that shit 3 times…the 2nd ma fuckin time dat shit failed me.”


    There’s more, that was just a taster. The whole page could be a Lamebook entry

  30. @Finn – I am crawling around, almost peed myself laughing when I read what you posted. And then I visited the real thread, and I spat my orange juice all over my screen and keyboard. Thanks. Now I need a real shower! :)

    Just as I think I have seen it all… Finn ftw!

  31. Any time, it’s amazing, the people we really, really don’t need to reproduce, all proudly stating their personal cock-up on the internet.

  32. Well, I think I’m gonna join Dustin’s first group too, because that’s absolutely right, methinks

  33. Seriously, if the pullout method doesn’t work for a guy, then he should stick to pulling!

  34. No Insane, there are so many other creative ways a guy could get rid of his soldiers. I.e. getting the girl to swallow long before he blows his load. It’s what I do… and I haven’t been or gotten pregnant – yet.


  35. or dotting the freckles …

  36. euh connecting the freckles is more like it

  37. Ahhhh Svetlana is back and Zombie kid too. Everything is right once again.
    This is SeeBea

  38. Ah SeeBea, you have decided to join us! :) Thank you for gracing us with your presence! :D

  39. Is the upshot of all this, that all women should swallow then?

  40. @ Imamofo – What is wrong with women swallowing exactly?

  41. Nothing wrong with it at all, I just wanna make sure I got my story right next time its feeding time back at home.

  42. Swallowing, now your talking my language!

  43. @Svetlana: Touche`! There is also the Pearl Necklace approach as well.

  44. Uhm, Prince Mishkin – I hate to break it to you, but you kinda blew your chance of me ever swallowing for you… It’s only SeeBea, Insane and Psycho Ed who will now experience that pleasure… Unless you make it up to me…

  45. Insane, I’d rather suck my mans’ balls dry, as I can’t stomach the smell, but I don’t mind swallowing at all.

  46. I “blew” my chance for a cybersuck? Clever pun, your like G.B. Shaw! (How’s that?)

  47. @Svetlana: You have such dedication to the task at hand. Bravo!! You never cease to amaze. Also comment #44 … ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLRIGHT!! Ugh I mean I am touched.

  48. Oi, Insane, I have a feeling the Prozac is working – you seem a whole lot happier lately! :)

  49. Haha Svetlana I started taking Prozac with coffee so now it kicks in while i’m on Lamebook rather than later when i’ve gone :D Thanks.

  50. Yay, Insane! BTW, thanks for the help with Shim the other day. :)

  51. :D no worries Svetlana. If I am ever on Lamebook and I see you need backup, I will rush to your defence!

  52. Me too Svetlana, I’m like a White Knight, or a TLOTR ranger, or a drunk Hobbit, or an Socialist Jewish 50 something fan of Ben Shahn (whoever that is)from the upper east side of someplace.

    this is SeeBea

  53. I don’t know who Ben Shahn is either! But the quote was from “Annie Hall”, which, had anyone recognized it, would’ve been another clue to their identity . . .
    I’m feeding everyone’s comments into a profiling program, hoping to get some backstories on the commentariat.

  54. For instance, there’s a .72 likelihood that Svetlana is Northern European, large-breasted, blonde, with a very aggressive personality; also could be a precocious teenage boy from Encino, but the probability is less.

  55. @ Prince Mishkin — thanks for the laughs!

    “Commentariat” … beautiful!

  56. Oh, Prince Mishkin… please pay attention. I told you where the fuck I am from – SOUTH AFRICA! You know, where the 2010 Soccer World Cup is being held.

  57. @Svetlana:
    From South Africa, but still blonde and large breasted with a very aggresive personality. BTW there are like 500 Nadias from South Africa on FB.
    @Prince Mishkin:
    So how is recognizing that quote profile me?

    @Zombie Kid: glad you’re back. Just be careful we don’t want to loose you again.

    This is SeeBea

  58. @SeeBea – Google the image : Nadia Nolan.

    OMFSM! I just said my real name!

  59. Three pics come up.

  60. I am the dark haired girl… that’s got like an emo-ish look, if you click to enlarge it’s a black and white pic, and I have a cross around my neck…

  61. We need to bury this thread to minimise the damage.

  62. Okay check the one after this one… :)

  63. Ahhh, if it’s who I think it is…seems much better than Loren or Kenny but I don’t think he has the balls to take it very far.

  64. MMM, we’ll have to see about that… I just got thrown with a screen! LOL. Bwhahahahaha *Insert evil grin here*

  65. Dustin is my favorite! haha. And Vanessa for the win!

  66. Andrew FTW. Dude you’re such a gem. No wait, YOUR such a gem. Ha, now that’s better.

    Oh the irony XD

  67. :) I don’t know what is more funny…comments here or the actual lamepost… You made me laugh that’s for sure :)

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