Monday, March 1, 2010

Family Feuds

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  1. oh goodness.
    last one = win

  2. Kenneth is wonderful.

  3. @BethaneyBailey

    That’s exactly what I was thinking!

  4. It’s spelled “feud”…

  5. Wow – a horse with an arse at both ends.

  6. oh so Aaron has a foul mouth but Laura is such an eloquent speaker?

  7. Looks like the lamebook ladies are getting in line for Aarons top notch servicing


  9. If your vag tastes like sour cream and onion, you need to consult a gynecologist stat.

  10. HAHAHA Lamebook fail. Fued is feud. lulz.

  11. I tried to call in with the plague once. They didn’t buy it…Now any time one of my kids is sick, I tell people he’s out with the plague. Or the ick.

  12. Sensible, I prefer my ladies to taste like popcorn… mmm, movie theatre butter

  13. I once skipped work and claimed I had the plague. A week later, there was an actual plague outbreak that killed a third of the population of Europe, and I had to show up to work because I had already used up my sick days. Karma is a bitch sometimes.

    Yeah, I’m old.

  14. sensible madness should be father time

  15. And lulz at them changing it to feud. Good job ;-)

  16. I assume Patsy is Laura’s mother – what’s with calling out Aaron for his comment but saying nothing about what a whore her daughter is?

  17. grandpa for the win?

  18. @slimjayz – movie-theater-popcorn-butter-flavored good good sounds like it would be bad for your cholesterol. You’d never need lube though :)

  19. HAHAHAHA Kaalo is right!

  20. “Butter Flavored Good Good” = best. band name. ever.
    Seriously, someone needs to get on that.

  21. Rhawl= awesome name

    I swear something is off on the aaron one. I keep seeing what looks like eraser marks or something around the words. Fake? Or maybe I’m crazy. Probably crazy

  22. Aha I’ve got it. Put Aaron’s entry towards the bottom of the screen and scoot a little closer. You can see where it’s been erased and edited. At least that worked for me.

  23. @howdy – crazy’s not so bad. it’s actually pretty enjoyable once you get used to it. you can get away with a lot more if people know you’re a little “off”.

  24. Dizzy_Ballerina

    Howdy, I’m trying to see what you see and I don’t see it. I see someone who saved in a bad format like a .gif format that was then put into the standard .png lamebook format.

  25. Imagine if the good good tasted like skittle! That would be awesome!

  26. Patsy was so infuriated that the other girl was better than Laura that she completely forgot why she was so infuriated.

  27. @ eenerbl

    Taste the rainbow NSFW

  28. What’s wrong with the original and natural bloody, fishy, crusty day-old semen taste anyway? Kids these day, sheesh!!

  29. I think eenerbl, anna and wordpervert should come throw me a rainbow party

  30. lol slim!

  31. I kinda want her outfit, reminds me of Rainbow Brite!

  32. that was very poorly worded but you get what i mean.

    @ walter….you’re sick.

  33. @ Dizzy_Ballerina
    Really? Damn I thought I had made a discovery. Oh well life goes on

  34. Oh FFS! Why do people insist on posting stupid shit without blocking family from seeing/posting on it?! You think people would learn by now, but no.

    Idiot facebook users FTL.

  35. @slim – let me grab my lipstick. pink or red?

  36. You’ll have to work the colors out with the other gals Anna… Just cum to the party hungry…

  37. *goes off to find chips*

  38. Why is Patsy calling Aaron a “foul-mouth [sic] pig” when he hasn’t uttered a single swearword? And her daughter (presumably her daughter) has?

    Perhaps it’s because she knows where Aaron’s mouth has been and therefore knows it will now be riddled with disease?

  39. @Anna, I’m a fan of red myself.

  40. For you, slim? Always…bordering on famished even as we speak.

    @PurpleApple – I hope they’re not sour cream and onion. Sensible has tainted that flavor for me for a while.

  41. @ee, I’m a pink girl myself, but I have ventured out into plum and enjoyed it. You should check out “The Word Plum” by Helen Chasin. It’s almost like erotica for a linguist.

    Hoping slim has something plum(p) for us :)

  42. awww… hate to see a famished gal… let me feel you up

  43. In all fairness for the first, I enjoy gay porn. If one man is good, shouldn’t two men be great? I know there’s the male vs. female double standard going on, but…hmmmm, gay porn.

  44. Oh dont worry anna… Id fill ya up too… i pack a fierce cun+ puncher

  45. He’s always willing and ready! He’s good at what he does.

  46. Anna, you should watch a movie called “The Fluffer”. It’s amazing!

  47. um, not a fan of lezbo porn… so definately not a fan of the gay

  48. K, so should I expect you guys in the next hour or so?

  49. I’ll check that out ee. Found it on almighty amazon.

    Hmmm, that surprises me slim. Thought girl-on-girl action was all the rage for you young rapscallions.

  50. I’m leaving work now… omw anna!

  51. Dude, you just don’t know. I’d send you home limping.

  52. where’s your sense of adventure slim?

  53. When I watch porn I like to imagine myself in it… with girl on girl where would I be? I want the gals to 69 while i keep switching sides fkn them… or one on my face and one on my bad bad… now thats what I’m talking about

  54. limping huh… id give ya the penguin!

  55. Add some skittles to the equation and I’m so in.

  56. LOL! I don’t know that I would have the heart to walk away from a man on the verge though. It would take some serious effort…

  57. Come on over ee, I’ll have the skittles ready and waiting.

  58. Tempting Anna, but I’ll have to put all of that on hold. Reality calls in the form of a 3 year old. I’ll take a rain check! Hang on to those skittles!

  59. No problem ee. Well slim, looks like it’s just you and me. ;)

  60. this is why i don’t add family on facebook.

  61. Well if you gals are wearing the pink and red, what other colours are in the rainbow left for me to wear… none of them match my skin tone.

  62. And true, Sensible, about the flavour thing, and I kinda wish sometimes you boys tasted like chocolate, but then if that were the case, I’d have to hurry your ass off to the Urologist as well.

  63. Why does everyone bite the head off first?

  64. Come again, Soup?

  65. Chocolate bunnies translated to chocolate dicks. That fucker might rise again, but it’s going to take longer than 3 days.

  66. <3 Kenneth.

    Ahh, Soup does have a way with words, doesn't he?

  67. lol

  68. OK so the kid discovered early (dunno his age but must be early cuz he’s still too dumb to kill the page history and cache like most normal 12 yr olds) that he’s gay or just likes gay porn, big deal? I am a straight female (I suppose I could so bi-curious but it seems to offend people…I would seriously consider being with a girl, just never had the opportunity, so as I’ve only been with guys I still say straight until I am positive…ANYWAY) but I hate most straight porn because most guys in porn are FUUUUGLYYYY!!! Their faces are, anyway, and the hairy-legged ones. I prefer lesbian porn, the girls are almost always really cute – and NOT hairy – and I think they do a better job at pleasing the other girls than the obnoxious males. LOL

    The posts following that are way creepier to me haha!

  69. Shelmarie , i think i want to meet you !

  70. wow, not nice to out the little brother before he even knows he is gay himself

  71. loving Aaron btw , he gets a threesome and compliments and is still being a huge asshole about it.

  72. @shelmarie my wife is always wanting to find someone to “try” things out with. If you live anywhere close to Arkansas(and no she is not a toothless hick…she is from Cincinnati.)

  73. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    I agree IVB, Mackenzie really knows how to give a kid a complex.
    I never considered you can watch gay porn and not be gay though, until I caught a gnarly video of men disappearing unorthodox appendages up other’s colons. It’s actually hilarious viewing and sheds a new light on the limits of the human body.

    “5 easy ways to fuck a straight guy” This sounds like a drink spiking instructional video.

  74. @Anna – ick is a real disease, though the only way humans get it is from infected (living) fish…

    yeah, it looks like there’s been white-out over the “ch… ever”

  75. What the hell is Matt up to?

  76. “If you don’t behave, I’m gonna put you up a horse’s ass!”

  77. new item for the busy working parent – Tote-A-Tot!

  78. @shelmarie87

    Another straight woman who loves lesbian porn here. Men ruin porn.

  79. correction….possibly straight…possibly bi-curious

  80. @hazydream99

    Who are you correcting? Not me, I hope. I know what I am

  81. @Milo – Aye, that I know. I makes it all the more amusing for me, since people think I’m making it up and I’m amused by wordplay in general (I get my grins where I can). Ick and plague are both real, but I’ve never met anyone who had either of them.

  82. @shelmarie – I loove lesbian porn.. and i’ve kissed a couple of girls before i really enjoy it… but i’ve never really done anything beyond that with any girl…. and i’ll admit i’ll never stray too far from the D!{k, i’m very very curious… i’m still waiting on my good female friend to fly down and “eat teh oreo” as we like too call it. hahahahha you know.. cuz you eat the insides first tehn nibble on the outside….

  83. Oh, pouty_lips, you’re a harsh attention whore :’]

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