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Failed Examination

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  1. i wonder who Mr R is to mark… like, a family friend or something?

  2. Read his comment again…He’s Stephanie’s teacher.

  3. Nah he’ll just be a mutual friend. They included the R of his surname coz she didn’t say “Cameron”, she said “Mr. R”. Like a tool.

  4. Um…he’s her fucking teacher. She’s a senior at whatever school in his Social Studies class. Try again.

  5. Chill the fuck out. I posted same time as you and didn’t see your comment, didn’t realise it was her teacher. Plus I’m English, not a fucking clue what grade a senior is and in Uni I’d never call a teacher “Mr whatever-their-name-is”. Bellend.

  6. Take it down a notch. No need to get violent.

    P.S. How kind of you to use an English insult such as “bellend.” Here in America, we’d just call you a fucking moron.

  7. Saying “my social studies class” could imply that she is his classmate, it doesn’t specifically say he’s her teacher.

    Plus, aren’t seniors 18? What’s so wrong with that? It’s not like she’s 14 or something.

  8. You’re in America, speak English, not British, tard.


    Hilarious turn of events on the picture. I give it an A-. Could use more awkward detail divulging for a straight A.

  9. Exo, shhhhh!

  10. BWAHAHAHAHA @ ‘bellend’ haven’t heard that one is years… Please chill out though people, bit of a harsh way to start a thread!

  11. He refers to the guy as Cameron and she calls him Mr. R____. I’m inferring that there is quite an age difference here. Mark is the man.

  12. WOW jennifferrrrr should chill out. pms?

  13. First, she called him “Mr. R,” as opposed to “Cameron.” I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t generally call my classmates mister or miss anything.

    Second, seniors are generally seventeen or eighteen. Regardless, this is on a completely creepy level considering Mark is dating a girl his friend teaches….who is in high school.

  14. they get the internet outside america?

  15. @Exo January 18th, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    You’re in America, speak English, not British, tard.

    Really hope that’s supposed to be a joke, you know with the Internet being international and all.
    Admittedly, I also thought at first that Cameron was a fellow student and she was just referring to him by his surname as a kooky little thing some people do.

    What exactly is “social studies” anyway? Like sociology or something else? Learning how to be a social person?

  16. Here’s what I think. Mark is in college, and Cameron is newly graduated with a teaching degree. Mark and Cameron went to the same college at the same time and maybe were in the same frat. Stephanie is probably 18, which makes her, being a female, more mature than Mark or Cameron. Cameron is just mad that he, a 22-23 year old, can no longer date the perfectly age-acceptable 18 year olds because he is now a teacher. Also, he’s a douche.

  17. Social Studies is like history, social issues.

    I agree with # 16. Mark and Cameron are buddies and Mark is probably digging this high school student. Cameron’s is Stephanie’s teacher.

  18. It all depends on how old Cameron and Mark are.

    Seeing as Cameron called Mark “bro”, I’m guessing they’re quite young themselves. If Stephanie is 18, the age gap is probably seven years at most, which really isn’t such a big deal.

    So it would seem Cameron is overreacting. Or maybe they had a deal in place so that only he would be allowed to sleep with his students. That would be quite disturbing, though.

  19. You all know that they have computers and internet in Britain, right? Just making sure, because you all act as if you thought only America was good enough for that.

  20. Er, I have often heard people refer to their friends as ‘Mr/Miss *****” in a friendly, jokey kind of way. It’s not that uncommon.

  21. I agree with sarah :P

  22. who would have their teacher on a friend’s list? dumb broad

  23. I agree fully that jennifferrrrrr should chill the fuck out and stop acting like she’s smarter than everyone else, especially since her very FIRST response was wrong.

    This all started with her incorrectly answering aleesh87′s question about Mr. R and Mark’s relationship, responding with Mr. R being Stephanie’s teacher… then swearing and being disrespectful to others.

    I don’t normally dislike people after so short a time, but I definitely dislike you.

  24. BTW, there’s a pretty big difference between a 27 year old dating a 17/18 year old high school senior and a 27 year old dating a freshman in college.

    It puts a bit of stress on the relationship to know that your girlfriend could get grounded if she skips gym class one more time.


    I think Stephanie wrote this on Mark’s wall, and this is a screenshot of this wall (not a status update). Cameron is on Mark’s friend’s list, not Stephanies. He just recognized her name. I think.


    Jennifer’s a big motherfucking slut

  26. haha.
    of course britain has the internet, we probably know how to use it better than obese yanks.
    i think there’s a lot worse we could say about america than britain to be fair, so there’s no point getting into that.

    i mean, it has taken an awful lot of you to try and fathom out what the post is about anyway. i’d say it’s pretty obvious.

  27. Are you really having an America/Britain argument on Really?

    Even lamer than most of the posts on this website.

  28. I don’t think Mark knew Stephanie was still in school..

  29. insert clever name here

    @me3 – Yeah limeys tend to freak their shit on a regular basis here on LB and start raving about Americans being overweight and uneducated. Oh and for some reason it really upsets them that many Americans aren’t circumcised. It’s bizarre.
    At least we know how to capitalize at the beginning of our sentences.

  30. insert clever name here

    Oops I meant to say “many Americans are circumcised.”

  31. I bet jennifferrrrr is hot… I hope shes 18 cuz her fiestiness is making me pop wood

  32. I love Mark’s post “Cameron, are you being serious?”. When I read that all I could think was haha bet the little twit lied and said she was in Uni/College not high school hehe.

    As for the above British/American debate: it has been over done on LB my friends. I’m sure that there are better things you can use to insult each other with.

  33. Hi guys, I stereotype everyone.
    I’m also a moron.
    Coincidence? I think not!

  34. Well as an in shape (hence the name slim) and well educated (In grad school and work as an engineer) American I love when the English rag on americans for being fat and ignorant… I guess what I’m saying is I’d rather fuck a fat dumb chic then a chic with bad teeth and kept trying to debate the socioeconomic status of indigenous australians while I’m trying to pound out a nut

  35. My brothers are in their 30′s and they call each other and their male friends “bro”…

  36. You’re bashing their stereotyping and then you do it yourself.
    What’s your point?

  37. @slimjayz yeah what is it with the pommy chicks teeth? is it genetic?

  38. Well Sarah… My point is I love stereotypes… They make me laugh… And if you missed that then I’m guessing you’re American :)

    Oh and @penny… I call some of my close friends bro and I’m in my 30s as well

  39. Slimjayz, guys like you make me really thankful that I married the kind of man I did.

  40. I’m thinking that Stephanie and Mark make a cute couple and Mr R needs to stay out of their business.

    I think Mr R and Mark are in the same group of friends which makes Mr R think they are equal – he thinks Stephanie is out of bounds to him so he extends that onto Mark. But for all we know Mr R could be 22 years old, finished his degree and teaching, and Mark could be 20 and still studying. Nothing wrong with a 20 year old dating an 18 year old in my book. It might just be awkward for Mr R and Stephanie if Mark brings her to a friend outing and the student and teacher have to spend time together in a social setting as equals.

  41. Oh and grown men calling each other bro isn’t some virtue I was condoning. It’s obnoxious. I was more verifying the fact that, as you’ve so clearly demonstrated here Slimjayz, 30 somethings can be pervy and delusional about what is socially acceptable with sex and language.

    BTW, you’re an arrogant deluded engineer…sounds like a clear cut case of Asperger’s Syndrome. Congrats!

  42. Cameron: Bro, you ready for the big weekend!? Party time!
    Mark: I can’t go. I wanted to go with my gf but her stupid teacher scheduled her test for the Monday and she has to study.
    Cameron: Oh yeah. And she hasn’t turned in her pyramid project yet either….



  44. @ #26 flower91 – we American’s maybe “obese yanks” – but I have two words to describe Britain since you feel “there’s a lot worse we could say about america than britain to be fair, so there’s no point getting into that” – AMY WINEHOUSE. Great representation of your oh-so-superior country ya got there.

  45. *may be

  46. @Chrissy- *Americans.

  47. LOL – thanks Sparkling – my phone likes to ‘auto-correct’ things that are often already correct and I don’t notice :)

    As for this post – I believe what a lot of people are missing is that perhaps “Mr. R aka Cameron” may not be commenting on the age of Mark’s girlfriend – but maybe he’s commenting on WHO she is…

  48. @pennylane

    Arrogent and delusional I might be… But Asperger’s Syndrome, not so much… My physical abilities are fine as I excel at sports and have moved that into coaching all my son’s teams from soccer to little league… And I excel in social situations as I am a project engineer that is working on a MBA because my managers are fast tracking me… I just love the fact you judge people based of internet comments… My wife would tell you she is glad she married the type of man she did. Although I think she just wants me for my job, community service, how great I am with kids and my huge…. ego ;)

    But I’m sure your husband is way better than be because he doesnt crack jokes on the internet

  49. At least Winehouse didn’t fuck the country up *cough* dubya *cough* but yeah we shouldn’t really point fingers. It’s a neverending battle. Just chill peeps :-)

  50. Lamebook seems to have become a sanctuary for angry upset women disappointed that they never quite got as far in life as they hoped. But hey come on here and use big words to put other people down if it makes you feel better about the fact that your boobs have gone kind of saggy and your significant other would rather look at some dirty skank on a website than sit down and play scrabble with you.

  51. Lol, slimj, this ain’t a class reunion. It’s the Internet. Nobody cares about your accomplishments. Sorry dude. Good luck.

  52. lol… Well said poopaloop… Never thought I’d be telling someone going by the name poopaloop that, but there you go… You said it well BRO

  53. Noone cares about your accomplishments at a class reunion either… In truth your mom and maybe your spouse are about it… The rest just nod and wait until its their turn to say what they accomplished… Or to make a funny on what your accomplishments are, like you just did to me… I just love to argue… And someone questioned my mental and physical health so I defended it… If you got a problem with that… Well there isnt anything I can really do since I dont know who you are so I will make a general statement in an attempt to sound cool… So if you got a problem with that then you can lick my hairy ass crack

  54. I don’t have a problem with that :-)

  55. @mistaphill

    I don’t think that she had her teacher on her friends list — I think that she posted on Mark’s wall and then Cameron, who is Mark’s friend, commented on her post.

  56. Slimjayz..if you were ok with yourself you wouldn’t have to defend anything.

  57. Y’know, these comments are more enjoyable than the original post! Although I have to say, if he is her teacher…that is pretty funny stuff!

  58. these comments are HILARIOUS.

    January 18th, 2010 at 2:42 pm
    You’re in America, speak English, not British, tard.”

    was my personal highlight

    Jesus fuck, give yourselves a stress-induced heart attack over nothing much?

  60. Also, jennifferrrrr is racist.

  61. I am definitely under the impression that Stephanie lied about her age and Mark was under the impression that she was graduated from high school at the very least. There is always the possibility, too, that Cameron is just a student teacher which would make his use of the word “bro” mildly more acceptable and the entire situation a teensy bit less creepy.

  62. @slimjayz & Penny Lane:

    Get a room.

  63. Can people please stop ruining this entry please?
    best case scenario;

    Mark and Cameron (Mr R) are in their late 40′s. Mark thinks he has picked up some hot college chick and didnt realise she was a senior in high school, probably because she was lying to him! (taken from ‘Cameron, are you being serious?) However, too late for Mark who has already bragged to all his friends (including jessica).

    Stephanie is in love, probably because Mark is her sugar daddy and buys her heaps of cool things, so she is pissed at Mr R for ratting her out.

    Mr R is a little bit of a prick so ends with the ‘good luck in your test tomorrow’ as a bit of a jab that he is in the power position, being her teacher.

    oh and social studies is like a combination of history, economics, geography and political & legal studies. at least at my school it was!
    australians FTW

  64. I don’t get why Mark has a problem…

    She’s 17-18 and he could be upto say 40, so he’s scored with a hot chick who’s recently legal. That’s a good thing isn’t it??

    Unless she’s a fat minger, in which case it kind of makes sense…

  65. Lol slim :)
    I’m British, be careful or I’ll bite you with my terribad teeth!

  66. I think the British are just as ignorant and/or obese as the Americans tbh.

    Oh, and Penny Lane and Slimjayz, obviously neither of you have a clue what Aspergers Syndrome actually is.

  67. this post really isnt hard to figure out. and as for american / english debate fuck you stereotypes

    and as for the guy who said ‘bellend’ was funny and was pitying the use of it, its the same with ‘moron’ in england.


    awww yeaaaaaa

    p.s. i only read like 20 comments cos i got bored

  68. @slimjayz

    ahahahahahah to most/all your posts

  69. This is further reason for a student never to be Facebook friends with her teachers at least until she’s graduated.

    @Trees: Yeah, I read the first few comments and rolled my eyes, too

  70. Cameron’s a passive-aggressive, cock-blocking douche who secretly wants to fuck his own student.

  71. I am still LOLing about exo.. concur babyturd.. in fact let’s look at it again just for shits and giggles.

    January 18th, 2010 at 2:42 pm
    You’re in America, speak English, not British, tard.”

    AH HA HA HA HA. EPIC FAIL. This alone deserves its own page what a donkey.

    oh and HEEEY mcowels ;-) ;-) ;-)

  72. Wow, an American vs British argument? That should be on Lamebook… also, Shut The Fuck Up Because It’s The Shittest Argument Ever And You’re All Idiots… Book.

    Anyway, when I first read this, I for some reason assumed that Cameron was Mark’s older brother, and that Mark was pretty young, while Stephanie was a senior. Maybe it’s just because I’m not used to using the word bro to a friend. But I guess the other way makes more sense. Love this one though, especially the last line.

  73. They should make a site just for all the lame comments on lamebook. it would be filled to capacity is days.

    you guys insulting these people is like the pot calling the kettle black.

  74. @kookyknut

    Rather get a room with Sarah than pennylane… She bites ;)

  75. I do!

  76. jennifferrrrr is right!

    Mark is dating Stephanie.
    Mark is friends with Cameron.
    Cameron is a teacher, and Stephanie IS his student.

    I know this as fact because I am related to Mark and there is more to that thread than what was posted.

  77. Bahaha. Thanks, Lilac. ;)

  78. please screenshot lilac!!

  79. AMERICA FUCK YEAH!!! Coming again to save the motherfucking day YEAH!!

    Internet!! (fuck yeah!) Power!! (fuck yeah!) Best in the World!! (fuck yeah!!!)

  80. jenniferrrrrrr is a dooshbag fr a number of reasons

    being a know it all at the start
    having a completely irrational reaction to another person’s comment
    and probably posted this in the first place and was sad enough to wait around for comments to appear likes she’s clued up when in fat comes across as a looooooser

    america…fuck yeah!!!

  81. Busbeta, it sounds like you need to get laid, let out some of that angst. :)

  82. @pennylane I agree with you about almost everything in your post (especially the bit about engineers being arrogant and deluded.) But you clearly don’t have a clue what asperger’s syndrome is. If @slimjayz had asperger’s he would be socially awkward never want to draw attention to himself by being so obnoxious.

  83. @slimjayz noone questioned your mental or physical health. Asperger’s is not a mental illness and it does not effect ones body in anyway. It is a syndrome that causes one to be awkward or unsure how to behave appropriately in most sociall situations. It can also cause one to obsess over certain things. for example My cousin who has asperger’s is obsessed with movies and rock music. and my other cousin with asperger’s is obsessed with electronics.

  84. @pennylane, way to be incredibly offensive. you pride yourself by marrying someone unlike slimjayz, yet “diagnose” him with asperger’s because you dislike the way he acts or think he’s immature. that’s not what asperger’s is. it is not an obsession disorder, and unlike what most people think, it’s not an excuse for people to act like assholes. it’s autism, which is a spectrum disorder. asperger’s is just a mild form of it, and technically, would be considered a mental illness. my brother has it, and even he would realize your statements made you look like an inconsiderate hypocrite.

    but thanks for playing!

  85. Penny, is your limited ability to function in a social setting due in part to home-schooling your child, thus making it difficult for you to develop appropriate and normal relationships with peers IRL?

  86. @Busbeta

    if i was you i really wouldnt be promoting the states at this point, in case you have been living under a rock -or more likely with your head shoved up your ass- you would find it interesting to know that your country is gone to shit.

    You first all got fucked over by Bush (who many of you stupid fuckers voted for in the first place) and i dont think i need to say much more because of what a wonderfull job he has done with iraq, next you got in Obama, who i have nothing against, but lets not forget the fact that he de-humanized criminals just so he could move them.

    Last time i checked de-humanizing someone is not something to be proud of.

    Now for you Slimfuck, i dont give a shit if your studying to become an engineer, your fucked anyway, any damn place would hire a women over you who has the same qualifications because they know they can pay her less, also going to school in the states is nothing to particularly brag about aside from the title of your degree.

    your school arent about the marks as much as they are about the money, also most of the students at the more prestigious schools anyway are assholes who will do anything to stay ahead of their classmates.

    Now for Chrissy the stupid fucker who made the comment about Amy Winehouse.

    get a new fucking comeback. the beatles fucking came from england and they are more influencial than any fucking american band could ever hope to be. Also even with all the stupid things amy has done, none of it compares to the crap that comes out of Britney Spears fat mouth.

    as for what ever dumb ass one of you americans decided to ask if there was internet outside of your country. i am almost dumbfounded by the stupidity of that comment. Have you NEVER wonderd where the websites ending with “.ca” or “.uk” were for?

    As for the rest of the americans on this site, Im sure your not all over weight and hell some of you are probably pretty fucking smart, these insults were meant soley for the fuckers who cant find in withen themselves to say something of intellegence.

    cheers from CANADA

  87. Fuck yes vallium….someone had to say it.

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