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  1. wow… i really don’t know who’s lamest…

  2. MannequinSkywalker

    Averill. What a cunt.

  3. Averill – pull the huge 2×4 out of your ass

  4. Oh, Aunty Averill…the interwebs have some treats in store for you.

  5. Oh God damn,fuck my mouth like a black mandingo warrior porn star

  6. Ellie, its Aunty Averill by far.
    Wish I could see her reaction to more offensive posts

  7. So… Mrs. Gincley doesn’t know ‘then’ from ‘than’, thinks ‘lbs’ is spelled ‘pds’, and has decided to fat-shame her daughter publically as a means of getting her to stop smoking pot. Awesome. Good luck in therapy, Gincley Jr.

  8. Gay, boring, lame, fake. This entire site is gay, so are the staff.

  9. alright is it really worth it to be postin hater comments? you have contracted chronic UBER lameosis. go back to facebook. PEACE

  10. Dude, that skiing game is the best

  11. Um, you know you left the last name visible, right?

  12. MannequinSkywalker

    Lamebookers for the separation of church and SkiFree.

  13. the p is next to the L. It’s a typo. If he’d have started calling all women sluts the autie wouldn’t be lame. Website should just erase stuff like this.

  14. Kat, they left the surname visible so that we would know they are mother and daughter

  15. Averill the overreacting God warrior or Mrs. Gincley the bitch who makes her daughter self conscious about her weight who I’m sure justifies it by saying it’s in the name of drugs. Hard to choose.

  16. Uhh, since this is such a unique last name, its VERY easy to figure out who it is… presenting: Alyssa Gincley and Staci Gincley of Philadelphia. Please make it harder to stalk people.

  17. @Vincent

    So the shorthand for pounds is actually lds? Silly me, I thought it was lbs.
    *Looks at keyboard*
    Is the ‘d’ meant to be near the ‘b’ then? Hmm. Silly foreign keyboards.

  18. Poor Averill! I bet she’s a nice lady who just wants everything in the world to be full of ponies and ribbons. We need more people like that!

    Not on Facebook, obviously. Or anywhere near me. But in a general sense. Just don’t let them vote.

  19. Listen, Averill. I know you’re a total stranger and you don’t know me, but your annoying, pharisaic comment ended up on my humor site. That’s really irritating, reading a comment not directed at you personally in any way, taking personal offense to it, and leaving a self-righteous comment. If you want to judge other people, please do it within the confines of your ladies’ church group, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

  20. Averill can go fuck God right in the asshole.

    OH, I SAID IT.

  21. wow like… I’m sad for Averill… she’s not being self-righteous.. she just wants some respect.

    Imo that image has no reason to be on lamebook. I find it offensive as well and I admire that she spoke up about it because I might not.

    I mean wow, all she did was post a comment. What happened when that Dutch comic artist drew the Muslim prophet? worldwide protests! Even threats were sent to him… she just asked for some respect. Quite politely if you ask me.

    People need to grow some decency.

  22. Not only did Gincley mom try to shame the daughter about her weight, but she said weed makes her daughter “dumber ‘then’ u are.” Nice parenting, there, Staci. Poor kid.

  23. @Rachelle

    People need to grow thicker skin.

  24. @ S Hol: Oh wow, she expressed her feelings. Surely that’s a sign of being weak. Or, people can learn to be a little more accepting, tolerant, understanding, and maybe considerate of others. I mean it’s up to the guy if he just shrugs it off or not, which he likely did since it WAS pretty random, I’ll admit, but just as everyone here has a right to comment, so she too had the right to express her feelings on the matter. I mean we’re all doing the same thing…posting as strangers in response to another stranger’s comments.

  25. @Rachelle

    Twist my words all you like, that isn’t what I said.

  26. Right. Well, all I have to say is that 99% of the posts on lamebook DESERVE to be on lamebook.. that one… not at all.

    The SECOND image however… definitely deserving.

  27. @S Hol

    Way to live up to your name. I’m sure you’re a swell guy with tons of friends who like you and TOTALLY not some basement dwelling drain on the welfare system.


  28. @Mol

    it’s true though. part of parenting is being realistic. and it’s funny.

    i think aunt averill needs to get over it.

  29. All I said was people need to grow thicker skin. I’m such an asshole. I hope I burn in my lonely basement.

  30. @ S Hol

    I think I agree with Rachelle here, to an extent. I don’t think her comment illustrated thin skin but rather respect; and Averill took the comment as disrespectful. While I was not offended like Averill (mostly because I’m desensitized to the phrase now, which is really too bad), she did politely proclaim that she was offended by the phrase and asked it to not be used further. That was all.

  31. The first image is all a matter of perspective. If it offends you, Jason is the lame one. If it doesn’t, Averill is the lame one.

    The second one though… yikes, failparenting.

  32. @S Hol

    The group of “people needing to grow a thicker skin” would include you, apparently. See what I did there? Now go scurry off and get growing that thick skin you seem to care so much about.

  33. @James

    You’re a fascinating one.

  34. We would be more lenient on Averill if she just asked for respect instead of throwing in a sly preach about the deity she believes in giving Jason life when in fact that isn’t provable and Jason may not believe it.

  35. @ Boz: It’s probably not too weird that I read your post as, “Poor Averill! I bet she’s a nice lady who just wants everything in the world to be full of penis and ribbons. We need more people like that!”

  36. I second Djinn’s point. It’s more annoying that she came out of nowhere to try and admonish someone totally unrelated to her for something that is not offensive to most people. If god did exist, you think he’d be a bigger person than to worry about stupid shit like this.

    GOD DAMN. Not a big deal.

  37. Keep your fat daughter
    Away from candy and weed.
    She is god damn fat.

  38. @ Mr. Haiku


  39. Quit talking fucking shit about my god, god dammit.

    Don’t fuckin curse neitha, ight?

  40. Am I the only person left on the internets that ignores things they don’t like?

  41. *Becomes a fan of Mr. Haiku*
    Oh, wait, this isn’t Facebook?

  42. Jonas, mind you don’t get eaten by Gincley.

  43. Spokesperson for Mr Haiku

    @ bamelook

    Mr Haiku was considering a facebook fan page but decided against it for three reasons.

    1. He would then feel obligated to write Haikus every single day, rather than just on the days he feels like it
    2. He would feel like a wanker creating his own fan page
    3. He couldn’t be fucked anyway.

    Mr Haiku has asked me to thank you all for reading.

  44. I am getting sick of these people who are saying “please don’t post that on my page, it is inappropriate.”

    Their page is their page. If you don’t want it on yours, hide it.

  45. Thicker skin = actually living the rhyme “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” She’s letting words hurt her, words that weren’t even directed at her since the writer probably never knew she existed. She’s being rigoddamndiculous.

    But maybe that’s just because I live in a “garden” apartment.

  46. I cant wait to get new hamsters for my ass. My old ones were named Log Splitter, Double Fudge, Mickey Methane, Stinky, Scratchy, and Tickler. I hope these new guys are a little larger, the old ones stretched out the old O ring a little much. I should get some elastic sewn into it.

  47. Even Mr Haiku’s spokesperson is fucking cool. LEGEND.

  48. @ Mr Haiku’s Spokesperson

    You just tell Mr Haiku to keep doing what he’s doing, and we’ll all be fine. Genius can have days off too, you know.

  49. The mother rocks.

  50. Mr Haiku, Im gonna let you finish but Jason had the best post of all time, OF ALL TIME.

  51. ^ lame. Get over it.


    I have the feeling Rachelle might be in Averill’s Church group.


    Seriously Rachelle, chill.
    This is Lamebook, god damnit.


  55. @43

    There’s a Facebook Hate page dedicated to me.

  56. Haha, seriously?

    I guess I have to join.

  57. Averill, sorry to burst your bubble but god is a myth like the tooth fairy and the easter bunny, we have all heard the stories but never seen them. hmmmmm funny that…

  58. Hi I’m Averill and I ask that people not only not curse around me, but also around everybody I know. I fail to recognize that this makes me a totally manipulative bitch due to some truly fascinating phenomenon.

  59. David C Wilson is a tool

  60. It’s so funny, last night, I raped God. You should have seen the look on his face though!

  61. That was you? Asshole!

  62. @Rachelle – It was a Danish magazine not a Dutch one

  63. Jason – Next you’ll be telling me Santa isn’t real *puts finger in ears* lalalalalalalalalalalala

  64. Someone needs to remove Averill’s web connection, as an act of kindness towards everyone else.

  65. @ Rachelle: It was an artist drawing for a Danish newspaper, actually several artist did draw the muslim prophet. Since you obviously don’t know much about the facts of the story, maybe you should keep it out of your parables. Goddammit.

  66. Normally I’d say, ‘Averll, shut the fuck up’(even though I grew up with Christian beliefs and still hold those beliefs; I just don’t practice them), but…

    What was Jason’s point? I don’t comment my friend’s posts saying ‘Fuck you’ and such for no reason. Why so mean to Billy?

    Oh wait, Averll, shut the fuck up. How can asking God to damn someone be taking His name in vain? Jason just wants Billy to be damned. Calm down. :P

  67. I wonder how Averill manages to get around after blocking off her two main senses by wearing earplugs and a blindfold (or Ted’s sensory deprivator 5000 from HIMYM). I assume this is what she does as it’s really the only way she could get around without being constantly offended and also without having to stop strangers on the street asking them not to blaspheme when she overhears their conversations. Otherwise a ten minute trip to pick up some milk would turn into an epic adventure of requesting others not to blaspheme and blacking out naughty words and images she sees in the newspapers and magazines she passes.

    If she doesn’t do this however, she should be used to ignoring the things that she finds offensive but are in fact, for everybody else, common. In which case I don’t understand why she wouldn’t apply the same principle here and merely delete it from her page instead of preaching to someone she doesn’t know.

    I think people like Averill need to learn they can’t control the world.


  68. @James: I picture you hanging upside down caught in your own trap and saying to S Hol, “See what I did there?” Yeah. Everyone sees. Good job! You’re such a special boy!

  69. God, please damn Billy
    and Averill too. Amen
    Ask and you’ll receive

  70. @ Boz- your comments make my day

    as to rochelle

    “wow like… I’m sad for Averill… she’s not being self-righteous.. she just wants some respect.”

    well the thing is he didn’t post it on her wall- he posted something to a mate of his and it accidentally ended up on her wall and instead of deleting it from her wall she stuck her nose in.

    “I mean wow, all she did was post a comment. What happened when that Dutch comic artist drew the Muslim prophet? worldwide protests! Even threats were sent to him”

    yeah- and that was retarded too

  71. Averill needs to get a life

  72. God damn christians are stupid. Stop trying to impose your ancient mysticism on everyone and censor the world. Praise Hitler.

  73. I know loads of people are going to have a go at me about this comment so please understand that I’m just giving my views here, which I am completely entitled to. I know other people will have other views.

    I think religion is whack. It causes a ridiculous amount of needless conflict. In many ways it is a source of evil. Religion is the main reason behind suicide bombers – because they’re stupid enough to believe everything they’ve been told by their religious leaders. The fact that people believe in God is nearly as stupid as potential suicide bombers believing that to get into their heaven they have to sacrifice themselves and others first. Religion is ALL just a load of crap that has been moulded in different ways to suit different cultures.
    For believers in ‘God’, it seems that it’s a fantasy that’s there to make them feel better about life, and death, and to make sure that the people who have been successfully manipulated behave in ways the church want them to. Oh and they often donate money to the church. How convenient.

    Anyway…Averill supports religion, which in turn causes war, conflict and terrorism, therefore she’s offended me. What a hypocrite. Now she better not post anything about religion ever again or I will be very ticked off.

    Anyways gotta shoot, I’m off to meet the fairies and elves at the end of my garden so we can all fly to Neverland.

  74. Religion is plain ol’ tradition – it’s whatever country you are born in that dictates what religion you will (usually) follow – so if Averill was born in Iraq, she would be saying ‘don’t take Allah’s name in vain” – religion truly is the opiate for the masses.

  75. @hmmm: You are certainly entitled to your opinion, as are the people that believe in God, so therefore, Averill is entitled to her opinion. You actually don’t even have to be offended,but you are, so you are entitled to that as well, though your lack of “tolerance” at her being allowed to voice her opinion is hypocritical. I am also entitled to be offended that you think anyone’s belief in God is based on fantasy and that is the freedom we all enjoy.

    Here is the truth, though, the source of evil is actually evil, not religion. We as humans tend to turn all good things to bad, therefore, because a handful of people here and there and over time are evil and do bad things in the name of religion it is now a bad thing. It’s like saying that a certain country is bad because there are are a few people that have caused it to be so. But would you just assume that every single person in that country is evil and write them off as the source of all evil? I would think not.

    There is a lot of good that comes out of “religion” too, like teaching of love, kindness, acceptance and charity that millions upon millions of people throughout time have adhered to. It’s too bad their work is marred by the few that would do evil in the name of religion. The majority of homeless, weak and downtrodden throughout the world are helped daily by religion. That’s is where the majority of that money goes to that is given to the church, btw. Are you going to take care of the people that need help if there were no churches around to do it for you ? Or would you ignore it? Do you honestly think that this fallible world would be less evil without “religion” or as you truly mean, God?

    And, if there is no God, as you apparently believe, where do you get your sense of right and wrong from? Did that evolve from the primordial ooze that you believe you came from? If so, why doesn’t every animal that “evolved” have that sense of right and wrong? Why only humans?

    Sorry, folks, off the soapbox….

  76. @Evil is evil

    First off, I realise it’s quite difficult to get to grips with sarcasm over the internet, but I was being entirely sarcastic when I said Averill offended me. I was turning what she said round, trying to make a point that we can all be offended by others, but that doesn’t mean we have a right to be or to expect anything to change because of how certain individuals feel.

    I understand what you’re trying to say about evil coming from evil and human nature. But a lot of this evil is procured by religion. The followers of the religion(s) that promote suicide killings (most of whom are brought up having this religion drilled into them from extremely young ages) would likely have grown up and not even contemplated killing innocent people had certain religious preachers not convinced them that this what their ‘God’ had chosen them to do.

    I also understand that there is good that has come from religion too. I’m not actually denying that. I said religion is a source of evil, not evil itself. It is simply another thing that can cause evil to amass unnecessarily.

    And I certainly do not believe that it’s thanks to religion that we have learned love, kindness, acceptance and charity.
    I am in love, I treat people with the utmost kindness, I accept people from all different walks of life and I give to charity every single month, even when I don’t really have the money for it. And yet, I do not believe in any ‘God’ and never have. I also know for one thing that a large majority of homeless, weak and downtrodden people throughout the world are helped out by charities and not just churches, so yes; in a way, I am helping to take care of those people.

    Yes, I think there may be less evil in the world were it not for religion. There isn’t a quota for evil – if there is less evil due to one thing it does not mean to say that there will be an increase in it due to other things. Religion is not the reason people are good people; it is hopefully the people themselves. I hope your implication is not that people are only good because of religion, because if that is the case then that implies millions of people are evil, but masquerade as good people to fit in with the views of the church. If that is the case, then we live in a an unbelievable sorry world.

    I think I get my sense of right and wrong from human nature and nurture. I know how it feels if someone hurts me, and therefore I would do my utmost to prevent others from suffering that pain as well, because of the love in my heart. I believe that not every animal has evolved in the same way as humans due to the fact that our brains are much larger, and have a completely different capacity to that of other animals. I’m not a scientist, so I can’t really argue this point very well, but despite this I know that that was a pretty silly argument to support God’s existence.

    If I could have written this in a personal message to you then I would have because I’m sure as anything that 99% of people who have seen this don’t want to read it. Unfortunately due the nature of Lamebook I’m not able to!

  77. Shut up hmmm

  78. Tron-ahniallation

    Tron you’re a retard, don’t get mad because he brings up a good point

  79. @hmmm: So many points I would love to hit, but, I agree with you, this is not the forum. I can’t outline for here my entire reasoning for believing in God and the proof I have for that (again, not the place) so my question to you regarding the basis of right and wrong is NOT my only argument to support God’s existence. And it is not a silly argument because you said human nature, but where does that nature come from? It has to come from somewhere, right? Where did the first human every to walk this earth decide that their nature was to not hurt things because it makes them feel bad? Who nurtured the first humans? You know my answer.

    But, I digress, I am happy that you love and contribute money to the poor, please continue to do so. I agree with you though, religion did not create good, God did. Religion is not the important thing, relationship is, with God, with each other, and too many people have lost sight of that. I don’t believe in religion, I believe in God, and thankfully, though I am sinful and can never be perfect, God loves me and forgives me, thanks to Christ’s redemption for my soul, and I can try to be a better person for love, not for religion.

  80. It isn’t even that she was offended… it’s that she told off someone she admitted she doesn’t know, on a page that isn’t hers. She needs to shove her antediluvian beliefs up her ass and either ignore him, or put up with it.

  81. That is some serious fairytale shit right there, goddamn.

  82. God doesn’t exist, when you die it’s forever, there is no afterlife, thank you and goodnight.

  83. If there’s no god, how come heavy fish, like whales, don’t drop to the bottom of the sea?

  84. Boz makes a good point. Also, have you ever noticed that Ostriches are far too heavy to fly? That’s why, when they migrate south for the winter, they each have to be supported by four miniature angels.

  85. I agree with Boz

  86. If there’s no God, then why do we eat animals? They taste bad and are bad FOR you. I only eat them to serve our Lord.

    Thank you and goodnight.

  87. Also, if there’s no god, why are trees so tall?

  88. Why is Hmmmm writing essays for their religious studies classes on

    Also, why does Hmmmm think anyone gives a shit what they think about religion?

  89. @hmmm
    stfu! I exist and I am omnibenevolent, which is why I am kind enough to send you to hell! Suck that mortal! Mwuhahaha.

    Btw, if anyone else doesn’t believe in me, I’m sending them to hell as well because I love them!

    I love you all so much that I send so many people to hell! I love gays, but they go to hell, the fags!

    I’m not hypocritical either! You immigrants!

  90. averill is the lamer here, first for having a dumbass name like averill…2nd for being a god fucker, the other one is funny for calling her daughter stupid

  91. Menace to Society

    Mum chastises her daughter “You don’t have to post everything I say” and then goes on to say a whole lot more.

  92. I find it funny that Averill essentially tells him to message “God damn you” to her nephew. What is the hidden message there… ?

  93. @fake god fag
    If you turn your back on him and live a life of sin you deserve to go to hell. God’s forgiving but you have to ask for forgiveness which people who don’t believe in him don’t. Therefore for your entire life of sin you go to hell. Do parents not love their kids when they punish them? I suppose they’re hypocrites too then right?

    I think religion works the same way as jail does. The fear of punishment keeps people from sinning. After millennium of religion human morals naturally changed to more resemble those in religion. If people think they can get away with things they’ll try to do it. Religon basically says “you won’t.”

  94. in my religion, which i made up, comments like averill’s are highly offensive and i wish to not see them. it goes against my 3rd commandment: thou shalt not refer to imaginary beings (God) as though they are real

  95. *Waiting for proof God isn’t real*

  96. *Waiting for proof God IS real*

    f*cking creationists….


  98. @Kate

    I’ll repeat:

    “If I could have written this in a personal message to you then I would have because I’m sure as anything that 99% of people who have seen this don’t want to read it. Unfortunately due the nature of Lamebook I’m not able to!”

    Moron. At least I have a high enough IQ to make valid points.

  99. There are millions of witnesses that testify. Either these people are extremely lucky and there debilitating injuries heal themselves at the moment they get prayed for or God heals them.

  100. i’m this guy and i’m gonna write a horribly boring and longwinded post about how everyone is entitled to their opinions and how great religion is even though it’s obviously make believe and horrible. I have no personality and therefore must substitue that with tons of religious fanatical “information” wich comes out in steaming piles all over people who are also doing what you are advocating in such a dickhead way. The intronets banishes you to dial-up…
    thank you thank you

  101. and i’m sure that a few of you are gonna make fun of my typos and tell me off…so have at it cause i’m done with this picture and this comment section now…so i won’t fight back…just like jesus said

  102. @Vincent
    “Therefore for your entire life of sin you go to hell. Do parents not love their kids when they punish them? I suppose they’re hypocrites too then right?

    The fear of punishment keeps people from sinning. Religon basically says “you won’t.””

    Are you implying that God’s supposed punishment (sending a sinner to Hell) is some sort of act of kindness? Is God teaching us a lesson to not love who we want to love or not do what we want to do or not say what we want to say? If we are the creation of God and he loves us so much, why would he send us to Hell for what we are or what we have become? Why do we have to live in fear that our deepest desires may send us to Hell? If you choose to make an analogy to our parents as to why God punishes us, then you’re analogy is false. Our parents punish us to teach us things that are “morally correct” and that those “morals” should be followed, the difference is, our parents have the ability to take away our phone or our cars, etc, without putting us into a permanent state of “punishment”. Every parent loves their child, just as if God loves all of his creations. Our parents would never choose to send us to Hell, no matter how disappointed they were in us- because they LOVE us and they CARE for us and would never want to see us suffer no matter what the reason is for.

    for anyone who cares:

    “The existence of a world without God seems to me less absurd than the presence of a God, existing in all his perfection, creating an imperfect man in order to make him run the risk of Hell.”

  103. @Vincent

    Hi Vincent, I am the real god! You idiot! You failed at life!

    I told you to love your neighbour! But you obviously don’t love that silly fake god person! You’re going to hell!

    If you really loved him, you wouldn’t call him “fake god fag”!! This is rude to him AND insults gays.

    However, you can do whatever you want. Kill him if you want to, because you can do ANYTHING you want, and I will always forgive you.


  104. @Vincent

    “The fear of punishment keeps people from sinning” and “If people think they can get away with things they’ll try to do it”.

    What you’re saying is that without religion and fear of Hell, people would be evil, and sinning without a second thought?! Why on earth would God even WANT to let those people into Heaven when, if it hadn’t been for a fear of extreme punishment, they would’ve apparently happily been sinning?
    This is a shit example of how dumb that is, but it springs to mind and I can’t be bothered to think of another context to put it in; It’s like saying a woman would happily be with a man who really WANTS to murder and rape people, but he doesn’t because he knows he might go to jail if he does. Just because he doesn’t do it doesn’t take away from the fact that he wants to do it, but because he’s too scared to carry it out fuck it – he MUST be a good person for not doing something due to fear of punishment!

    Oh and by the way; Dear God, I raped a few kids, I’m so sorry, I know it was wrong, but I recognise that now. Am I still allowed into Heaven because even though I scarred those kids for life, I realise it was a bit harsh? What’s that? I am? Oh geeee thanx Godz I lovez ya!

    God sounds like a really stupid fuckhead to me.

  105. @Vincent le grand

    Hii Vince! Wassup?
    Hmmmmmmm. I see what you mean! Jail is exactly like hell! (except for the fact that people usually come out of jail after a while, unlike hell. And that in jail people get fed, and people arnt eternally damned, and you only usually go to jail for REAL IMPORTANT CRIMES LIKE RAPE whereas you can go to hell for not believing in someone who says he is gonna send you to hell for not believing in him.) apart from that…. Spot on! I stopped getting guided by my parents a lonnnnng time ago. I make my own choices now.

    Thank you Vince. You have converted me.


  106. Regardless of if your parents want you to suffer you still suffer. God is a judge. He can’t play favorites. He judged Satan so why should you escape it? God wouldn’t be perfect if he just let it slide and let you in heaven. Don’t act like your only sin is just not believing either. People are born with sin for one.

    Not exactly. Everyone has moments of weakness. Without religion at those momenta they’d hit a ‘why not.’ You don’t know how God judges. Why would anyone think acceptable behavior includes rape? Either they did it while knowing it was a sin therefore they’re not really sorry and still go to hell, or got saved afterwards and just like on earth would be given a chance to redeem themselves.

    People go to jail for more than important crimes, people don’t need food or water after they die therefore making them luxuries, and lots of prisoners are in jail for life.

  107. I’m sorry, WTF.

    You don’t need to be religious to have a moral code.

    People still know right from wrong without GOD.


    That’s this thing I don’t like about the U.S. Here in Australia you are allowed to believe what you want, or just be athiest, and yet our crime rate is way below the U.S., we have hardly any gun crime, AND I’d say (in general, I can’t speak for all americans, I in fact know lots of great friends form america) BUT it just seems that the rest of the world points and laughs at america for their small mindedness.

    BTW this was in relation to the post above it just got me angry.
    I come from a religious family and THEY even let me make my own decisions instead of shoving their opinions down my throat

    - HAHAHAH!

  108. Shoving it down your throat? I was just annoyed by people being knowingly offensive. I never even intended to convert anyone. They hadn’t brought it up and I wouldn’t have. You intentionally act offensive and then scream to let you believe what you will. It’s like someone yelling racist crap then saying they can believe what they want so leave them alone. The point wasn’t that people couldn’t have morals without religion either. It’s more like religion(not just mine) permanently changed human morals. For example in the Medusa story Medusa was raped in a temple and was punished for it because the man(neptune) is expected to do such things. Human morals then changed(with religion) so that the woman isn’t the one in the wrong.

  109. Maybe lets all just calm…. Down……

    Im sorry. Debates don’t work on the Internet because everyone including myself gets rude.

    I don’t need religion for morals. Some people obviously do (like in the Medusa example).

    Do you? Can’t you make your own choices about your morals? You seem like an intelligent sorta person. Maybe you should give it a go.

    Btw, I’m not trying to “unconvert” you or something stupid, I’m just making a point.



  111. Sigh…

  112. I love how the mother used the word ‘then’ instead of ‘than’ and accused the daughter of being dumb.



    You’re all right though. God is definitely NOT REAL. He’s like Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. I was just screwing around with y’all!! Haha I’m not THAT stupid to believe in a fairytale

  114. I HAVE ROID RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  115. That’s obviously not me.



    God, ol’ buddy ol’ pal….I’m sorry for raping those three 5-year-old boys!! It was simply three moments of weakness! But I’ve been saved afterwards so it’s fine! It won’t happen again!! See you in Heaven then!

  118. Is impersonating me necessary? If you think then why don’t people just give them all the death sentence?

  119. If you think that then why don’t people give them a death sentence.

  120. lol, stop faking to be Vincent!!! its just dumb! at least respect him a little bit! geez….

    If god is real, then I have a few things to say to him!


  122. @Vincent

    By using the death sentence we are just as bad as criminals. Who are we to end a life for the evil things that others have done? It’s not our business to be doing that. By all means, lock them up to prevent them committing further crime and endangering others, but you’re saying they should be killed to prevent them being saved and going to your so called Heaven now? Now that is pretty god damned lame.

  123. Oh, FFS Hmmm, don’t start a debate over the fucking death penalty. I’ll be up typing with self-righteous indignation all fucking night if this thing gets started. (I’m on your side, and I’m in GMT +8).

  124. @shredded: I hate to tell you this, but Christianity did not come from America nor is it based in America and is not the “required” religion for our country. Our country was founded by people wanting to escape intolerance of religion. Christianity is all over the world and has been for a very long time, originating with Christ’s resurrection.

    And here’s another little tidbit: We are allowed in America to follow whatever religion we choose as well. Believe me, there are plenty of Atheists, Agnostics, Muslims, Buddhist, etc all over our fair country practicing their religion in complete freedom while those of us that are Christian are not allowed to pray in public because we would offend the people that are just like you (what great tolerance~warm fuzzies~). Perhaps people should point and laugh at you for your obvious ignorance and your general over sweeping statements of a country you know nothing about.

    For the rest of you, I’m so sorry you have been offended by my religion and my right to express my belief in God. I will be quiet now and allow you to continue to make your offensive comments regarding my God because you are all so filled with hate and anger toward my religion. YAY tolerance!

  125. ^ Yeh, your pathos is totally bringing a fucking tear to my eye.

    Maybe people are filled with hate and anger towards your religion (and others) because of all the angry and hateful things that are regularly done in its name.

  126. Can someone explain to me why you would have your parents as Facebook friends when you still live with them?

  127. The way i see it, just about all religions have blood on their hands and demons…non believers and ppl that block out any ideas that they are inferior to a larger being are really idiots aswell . Think of this, how can God send us to for ever damnation if we have been deceive by leaders and re-written Bibles. The str8 and narrow path is not lead by one and only righteous religion, its your heart that is the navigator and following a religion is you way of staying on the path for a clean life, go for it. and for the non believers ,,, even scientist are coming to a conclusion that there is some type of God out there….read up on the string theory and M theory…our Universe is truly a fantastic place and to think we are the best and fluffs in the wind is really narrow minded and have no right to attack other ppls beliefs. We arent no accident and would love to find out What God has install for us with this amazing Universe

  128. Go easy on the drugs there daz.

  129. A theist:
    What about the people all across the world that beat, kill, rape, mutilate and imprison Christians simply because they wish to follow Christ? Are they justified because of the actions of some Christians? That is happening right now in our modern world all across the globe (,, etc or just google it)

    How about when the Roman empire made it a game to feed Christians to the lions or crucify them? Would you like to have seen that because it was justified somehow?

    My “pathos”is minor compared to the suffering of others for my faith, I am so blessed to live where my posts will not cause me to be thrown in jail, or worse. But I guess, according to your reasoning above, it would be justified because of the people that have hurt and killed others in the name of my religion, even though it goes against everything that my religion teaches.

  130. @hmmmm
    That’s not what I was saying at all. I was asking that if he thought that people shouldn’t get second chances then does he think we should kill them all.

  131. Drrr’s right too. There’s not many horrible things that can legitimately be done in the name of Jesus. Even the people who wanted to kill Jesus couldn’t prove him of ever sinning.

  132. OMG a fictional characters name was taken in vain lol Does she really believe that there’s a guy in the sky who watches, judges & lords it over everyone??? F*ck god – have the guts to take responsibility for your own life.. And if you need a man above threatening you so that you remain “good’, what does that say about you???

  133. definitely know the girl in the second one.

    she deserves it.

  134. @Bec

    Learn some tolerance why don’t you. I’ll bet you’re one of those skinhead neo nazis. If not you have about as much respect as one.

  135. @ dickheads

    Read my last post again. You missed a critical part of it. I’ll give you a clue, it’s in brackets. No one is justified in violence against Christians or any other religion (except those that involve knocking on your door in the early morning on the weekend) but hatred quite naturally breeds hatred.

    Romans persecuting Christians were not atheists or agnostics, they were killing in the name of other religion. Not much bad done in the name of Jesus? Well I disgree. I’ll give you the Crusades and The Inquisition for free, but if you can’t think of any others, you really aren’t trying.

    I checked out, maybe you should too. It’s one of those crappy content free “related search” place holder websites. I checked out All I saw was horrible acts performed by some religions against others, which pretty much supports my points.

    PS, for deeper insight into my comments so far, have another read of the name I am posting under. I think you missed something. ID10Ts.



  137. @ a thesis

    The crusades were not LEGITIMATELY done in the name of Jesus because they involved murdering people who were uninvolved. The inquisition wasn’t either because Jesus would never imprison someone for just not believing. For something to legitimately ve done in the name of Jesus it has to be something he would condone. It’s like that guy who keeps impersonating me. He has my name but what he says in my name isn’t what I think and you can’t claim that what he says is legitimately in my name. You look through the bible and see what kind of person he was and then give an example of some evil legitimately done in his name.

  138. @ 137

    Of course not, he was fucking dead. You can’t involve someone if they had no part in the decision making process, which he couldn’t, because he was, and continues to be, dead.

  139. Averill needs to take a chill pill or some shit.

  140. Just want to say a couple of those posts up there under my name are not mine.. they should be obvious.

    (And sorry, it was Danish. I totally slipped on that one. I read the story back when it came out and do know it was Danish but when I had posted my previous post a while back, I wrote Dutch.. my bad!)

  141. @ Morgan

    I’m obviously talking about based on his character. Jesus didn’t go around smiting whoever didn’t listen to or believe him. Any people that do so in his name need to take another look at the gospels.

    Yes, the guarded tomb just phased Jesus’ body elsewhere right?

  142. Fuck me Vincent… learn to read.

    1. “A theist” – I din’t write a fucking thesis
    2. My comments are directed at what is done in the name religion, not what is done in the name of Jesus. Your sky fairy has no more claim to supremacy, or to my consideration, than any one else’s.
    3. When something is commanded by the pope, it is ipso facto legitimately done in the name of god, and his bastard offspring. At least according to Papal doctrine it is. Fucking circular logic. And people wonder why I don’t like the church.

  143. ^ I should point out that I usually post as “Yank”. Oops.

  144. perfidious_albion

    Oh dear. People leaning over the wall in each others faces shouting, in a dialogue of the deaf

    @atheists: don’t waste your energy on this. The god botherers are never going to change, you’re wasting your time.

    They’re always gonna win cos their sky fairy gives them everlasting life. So they don’t _really_ care what happens here, because no matter how shit it gets on earth, they always have an afterlife to look forward to, so long as they obey god’s precepts.

    We are the ones always at a disadvantage, cos we know this is the only life there is, but we’re never gonna get these idiots to believe in that strongly enough to really want to change things on earth. And they seem to always be in the majority.

    So…. Stop worrying and enjoy your life…. And stop trying to convert the believers.

  145. The mom in the second part misspelled THAN for THEN. Shows you what kind of education these kids get.

  146. @ a Yank

    The religion itself(as I’m sure you can tell) seems to be named after Jesus. So anything done in its name is in Jesus’ name too. I think that the first generations of popes(who knew Jesus or Peter personally) had some authority but after 20 or so they weren’t anything special. God does not appoint popes. Men do. They can’t just claim to speak the will of God to justify whatever comes to mind. I’m not catholic(as I’m sure you can now tell). I follow what the bible says over what men say. There’s that offensive lack of tolerance again.

  147. @Vincent

    sorry to burst your bubble but the bible IS what men say, not what God says.

  148. I kinda walked into that, but the bible makes distinctions between what God and man are saying in it.


  150. If the mom wasn’t so bent on embarrassing her child on the internet she would’ve realized that the abbreviation for pounds is lbs, not pds.

  151. @Chris 150 – Check before pedantry. The abbreviation for pounds is neither pds nor lbs, but lb.

  152. For a while there I thought the majority of people were on Averill’s side. Is it just me or does Averill sound like a type of medication?
    Overly pushy religious people shit me off, but so do overly pushy athiests.
    They go around preaching twice as bad, and shout it out like they’re the guy in the movie theater who figured out the twist in the plot.

  153. Atheists have nothing to preach… Not sure where you’re from but I’ve never heard an atheist ever say anything about being one unless asked. Umm, and also, how exactly does it “shit you off”?

  154. hahaha really don’t wanna get in the debate about that, but the dude above me is totally wrong. Or maybe it’s just a matter of perspective. I’ve met plenty of arrogant believers but every atheist i met was arrogant. Again, may be just perspective, or bias. but I am admitting it. Maybe it’s just the cynicism or bitterness that tends to go with “anti” comments in general while for the most part “pro”comments are happy and optimistic (on any issue). This is why pro-choice groups label pro-life groups as “anti-choice”. It makes them sound meaner.

    anywho, that’s funny some kid getting a lecture from his friend’s aunt. Sooo not into the whole relatives seeing my page thing…I love them enough to limit what they can see on my page lol.

  155. “Ahem” is an idiot.

  156. I f***ing hate SkiFree.

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