Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DysPhunctional Photos



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  1. I’m Gay!

  2. Samantha is a bitch.

  3. At the first picture… wow. Even I’m not cruel enough to do something like that to even the douchebaggiest of exes. It’s just not right.

    Then again, I’m a nerdy girl, so…

  4. What.. a bitch.

  5. The first picture depresses me… =(

  6. How can Lamebook possibly put a light-hearted picture of two alcoholic parents after such a DEVASTATING SIGHT? Have you no shame, Lamebook?

  7. I’d like to assume that the people who had consumed all the alcohol were not the only people looking after the kids.

    If Samantha was the ex-girlfriend… yes, she is a bitch. I think we could possibly label that as criminal damage too.

  8. That’s one mean ex, and one wicked family!



  9. That first picture is not on… It should read ‘DEAD ex-girlfriend’

  10. Actually, that second one is pretty typical for Iowa fans. Alcohol is god in iowa city.

  11. Playstation 3′s are expensive as fuck. I would contemplate murdering that bitch.

  12. i can only think of one of my xs i would do that to…. mind you he did that to my CAR!!!!

  13. Emma a car is a car, a PS3 is a PS3, no comparison. If you did that to your ex i’d come down n slap you myself. You probably drove some scumbag car anyways you 2 dollar slut…


  15. I’m a girl and even I want to slap the crap out of the ex for destroying his PS3. I HATE females that do dumb shit like that and then think that nothing will happen to them!

  16. I second that FOZ. If any stupid bitch smashed my PS3, i would smash her face. Key my car, break my windows, i dont care. Bang my friends, dont touch the PS3. Emma you cant even fathom what would happen to you.

  17. Yea I would totally kill that bitch, with a knife, after smashing her face in. In fact, I am going to kill my girlfriend now just in case.

  18. That first one makes me sick to my stomach. If anybody did that to my PS3, I would have the chainsaw and hockey mask out so quick. I’d rather walk in on my girl with somebody else’s dick in her mouth.

  19. I third Foz’s comment. Death would come on swift relentless wings. =)

  20. was she the ex before or after she broke it?

  21. If she wasn’t she most certainly is now

  22. the second picture makes me sad but also proud to go to Iowa.

  23. foz… lol it was a brand new merc. one year old… devalued to 2grand by him… come on…

  24. Wow, alot of internet tough guys in this one. Not a single one of you would actually do anything like you described. Seriously.

  25. Lite beer? Pussies.

  26. Why bother attacking the loser, you have a time stamped piece of evidence right here.

    Get her where it hurts, the wallet.

    Just because you’re an ex doesn’t mean you’re immune to small claims court!

  27. Hear hear!

    Look, someone obviously sent this in and someone obviously is going to check back and read the comments. So…

    Whoever sent this in- find out the rest of the story for us. Did she pay for it? Did he sue her? Did he choke her out with the Anaconda Vice?

  28. well thats what i did… i didnt smash his ps3 or whatever i took him to court :)

  29. Emma, I’d still prefer the PS3, A mercedes is a mercedes, but a PS3…

  30. The first picture made me cry.

  31. lol you go girl fuck him up

  32. seriously people? the first one made me laugh so hard.
    the second, meh. not lame.

  33. Agree with Remo.. wtf is the last pic lame, or even shocking? Most people drink at family things -”Oh no, kids, it’s beer cans!”

  34. What are those cans from? Beer? Pre-mixes?

    I thought it was soft drink initially, I’ve never seen those Lite cans in Australia.

  35. OMG! It….hurts….

  36. My last post as I'm about to be killed

    Gawd, I’d prefer 1 Mercedes to a thousand PS3′s … and Emma above you all. Sacrebleu, hey!

  37. The first one, I thought was fine to take a picture of. Then I realized it was taken by “Samantha” and have to assume she is the “ex-girlfriend” and that is pretty fucked up to not only break her ex-boyfriend’s playstation 3, but to take a picture and put it on facebook.

  38. Emma you are a fucking cunt.

  39. @ ratcoon – unless of course it was a lesbian couple and it was samantha’s ps3 that her ex-girlfriend smashed up?? probably not though…

  40. @ratcoon – that’s exactly what my thought process was!

  41. Far be it from me to not join the “man… what a bitch” brigade, but one has to wonder what behaviour warranted the smashage. The owner of the Playstation might not be the most innocent party in this.

  42. Despite my alliance with the 360 even I would not stoop so low as to destroy a PS3. Then again I quite fancy the small PS3 that was released just a while back.

  43. Why is dad’s boyfriend trying to take the kid’s clothes off.
    And comeon, those kids need to pick up the slack. Only 40 something beers?
    Weak. My 8 year old can drink 50 easy, and that’s watching REAL football.

  44. Too far Samantha… Too far

  45. @Spike Nesmith – I’m all for revenge and such, but busting valuables and then posting pictures of your conquests is not a wise route. I don’t care if the girl is a crafty, wicked bitch–Hell, I’d even applaud that. But a dumb, evil bitch? No, no, no.

  46. i sent in the first photo and she did it because he was a cheating bastard. he was given a clear warning though that this would happen, yet he obviously didn’t do anything to stop it.

  47. maybe he was cheating on his girlfriend because she kept breaking all of his shit…

  48. There is no logical reason to break his ps3 for cheating…unless he was having virtual sex through it.

  49. I would have bitch slapped Samantha silly….

  50. @ratcoon — true, but i wouldn’t be thinking logically if i just found out someone had been cheating on me either

  51. Come on. It’s Iowa. WTF else would they be doing?

  52. Doesn’t matter LJ. You don’t do that, no one does. Break up with someone, slap them, throw them out, embarrass them, catch them red handed; but I would slap any bitch real hard if they did anything to my property like that; especially my PS3.

    I’ve never cheated before, and it’s a terrible thing to do, but that bitch needs to be literally THROWN out of his house naked in broad daylight to her car being smashed by a grand piano and her entire family coming over for a surprise reunion.

  53. She’s probably fat and insane.

  54. i’m not condoning what she did whatsoever. i could never do it, but i’m just saying that i can kind of see where she’s coming from.

  55. @LJ Why did you submit this to LAMEbook if you think that’s it’s logical?

  56. First things first, I do not condone the smashing of a ps3 or anything for that matter. But you people are VERY VERY attached to your ps3′s (or imaginary ps3). You are pretending like she murdered your father. Again, I don’t condone it, but I would be equally upset if she smashed my tv or laptop and even more if she smashed my car.

  57. First: NOT THE PS3!!!! If my boyfriend did something bad and broke up with me, I’d steal the bastard’s PS3 for myself :D

    Second: Family Vacation ’09? Local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting!

  58. Just picturing all of these video gaming nerds actually trying to back up their tough talking(I’d beat her! Have a piano dropped on her!) IRL. Guys, once she breaks the machine, the controllers stop working . . .

    For the other pic, I’m just impressed to see that they have Mikes in cans now!

  59. @Lio
    I’d rather she killed my father than broke my PS3 but that might be because I’m dirt poor and don’t like my dad. Still, a PS3 is a PS3… Samantha was way out of line, now he’ll never even look at her again

  60. 48. wecame November 17th, 2009 at 7:12 pm
    maybe he was cheating on his girlfriend because she kept breaking all of his shit…

    That made me laugh HARD…

  61. omg im gonna have nightmares about the first one, that girl deserves to die!!!

  62. Youre all wrong, it was Samantha Ronson, lindsay lohan is definitely strung out enough to smash a ps3 w/o remorse.

  63. lol@54

    also 2nd picture is not really lame. that was like… my whole childhood. family reunions + beer isn’t really that unusual, especially in the south.

  64. @My last post as I’m about to be killed

    With you there. It’s just a playstation, FFS.

    Now excuse me as I run away from the volumes of wrath about to be heaped upon me.

  65. @jelly – ps3 = 300 bucks…. worth more than that samantha bitch


  67. As an avid Sony lover, I must say that I vomited in disgust and writhed around on the floor for a good 15 minutes after seeing that first picture.

    Girls just don’t understand the beauty of a piece of hardware of the quality of a P3.

    I… I need to go hug a P3.

  68. Wow, I can’t say how disgusted I am. I think everyone needs to step back and think about what they are saying; would you really raise a hand to a woman because she broke your fucking ps3? What the fuck is this? You people are putting way too much emotional investment to something that is essentially a toy. And to top it all off, he cheated on her, and had been forewarned the consequences of cheating!

    I would love to see each and every commenter who said they would beat their girlfriends in a court of law, actually trying to defend such a thing in a domestic abuse case. It would be laughable.

  69. What is yet with yanks drinking this lite beer bullshit. Man up and drink real beer pussies.

  70. BlickNation, quit being such a mom.

  71. Samantha = bitch.

    This is the reason why I can never be a lesbian. Too many women are crazy and do sh!t like this. Do you ever hear of a man burning his ex-girlfriend’s Victoria’s Secret stuff if she cheats or something?

    In the end, the guy can save money, buy a new PS3, and replay his games. Samantha, however, is still bitter and still a bitch. The more awesome choice would have been to steal it and sell it.

  72. @ BlickNation
    I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said.

  73. If the judge is male, he’ll totally see the justification of beating her over the broken PS3.

    Now, if the judge is female…she’ll explain to Samantha that you don’t touch a man’s gaming shit. Then she’ll go on and explain how back in the day she got beat by her boyfriend over the smashed Atari.

    Now imagine if a man ripped up his girlfriend’s Prada or Gucci purse. I could see all the females say how they would castrate him and stab him etc. Stop being hypocrites and take a joke.



  75. Post 74 is some of the stupidest shit I ever read.

    LOL that’s the worst reasoning I’ve ever heard. But yeah, this is fucked up.

  76. This was undoubtedly over modern Warfare 2. He should have had his girlfriend watch this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7sv9CmTeFE&feature=PlayList&p=422E19149818BAC4&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=35

  77. At least PS3 is only $299 now. I threw up in my mouth a little the first time I saw the commercial advertising it at less than half the price I paid less than a year ago. Total kick to the cubes.

  78. Hey llamaguy. It was a joke. I think your post might just be even more “stupider”. Seriously, become sterile. You’ll do the world a favor.

  79. I agree with 74, although I would phrase it a little differently. I’m a female and I would cry if anyone did that to any of my shit. Well, then go after the person with a chopper.

    Females would weep if someone destroyed all their Gucci and LV bags. Same goes for a guy and their PS3. What’s the big deal? You get pissed off if someone destroys your crap.

  80. LoL “She warned him it would happen”. This makes it fine to break his stuff? She was obviously a controlling inconsiderate bitch from the beginning. She needs to be put in her place. And I can just see you two sitting around laughing about it. Therefore, you need the fuck knocked out of you too.

    FOZ, If you would rather have your ps3 than a car, you are a loser. Get a life.

  81. i would solve the ps3 problem by shoving all the broken pieces inside of her…

  82. BlickNation, i would rather the chick cheated on me with my father and best friend, than break my PS3… Hmmmm Im gonna go hug my PS3 and remind myself how lucky i am to have her in my life.

  83. I hope all your ps3s break, maybe then you can turn the t.v off and tune in to the real things that are important in life. Staring at a glowing rectangle all day will waste your life away.

  84. capt. buzzkill's buzzkill

    Didn’t you just stare at a glowing rectangle to write your comment? capt. buzzkill = failure

  85. For whatever reason you all still say that you would slap her, I would like to point out as someone above said that these are $299. That’s not that much money. You guys are acting like this thing is a brand new car or something. Did you take out a loan for your PS3? Someone breaks your shit, either take ‘em to small claims court or man the fuck up and work for another one.

  86. LOL @ the friggin NERDS posting about the PS3

  87. Lucky for him it was a PS3 and not a 360! PS3 sucks ballz!

  88. for fuck sake!!! is JUST a PS3!!! can always buy a new one. dumb shits. the person probably got what was coming to them. i would do the same thing to one of my ex’s. some people deserve a little revenge for the fucked up shit they do to their partners.

  89. @ Dribbler No.70
    I fully agree, why do Americans have such a love for crappy weak beer? Drink either spirits or Tui

  90. Oh and by the way, Blik, you’re mental, she’s a woman, she should know her place, leave his shit alone and either get in the kitchen or get out

  91. @ SukMyBoomStik
    November 17th, 2009 at 4:53 pm
    That first one makes me sick to my stomach. If anybody did that to my PS3, I would have the chainsaw and hockey mask out so quick. I’d rather walk in on my girl with somebody else’s dick in her mouth.”

    I can arrange that…

  92. oh no she did’nt. Cheat on me with my best friend , burn down my new car but stay the hell away form my ps3.

    Anyone know where i can find her ?

  93. oh and calling bud lite beer is just an insult to the real beers of this world

  94. @ Finn

    ha ha ha ha, what a DICK! Tui is possum piss for inbred middle north island trailer trash……. Get a Speights in ya you girl.

    New Zealand rejects drink Tui.

    and chicks who psych out like this need to be curb kicked……. Fucken honestly, this is like child abuse……. just wrong.

  95. I felt extreme pain seeing the totally innocent PS3 get murdered. If that were my ex-girlfriend, she will GET IT. No ifs and buts about it.

    I hugged my own PS3 just now.

  96. @ Wiser than you

    Tui is cheap and gets you smashed.

    We do, however, agree on the curb stomping nutty chicks

  97. Smashing his PS3 shows you’re emotional.
    Taking enough pleasure out of it to post it on FB shows you’re a bitch.
    Planning it beforehand… that’s a personality disorder.

    I hope she keeps that pic on her profile so future bfs know she’s a “dump on sight.”

  98. eh…
    PS3s are shit anyway…

  99. @Tristan
    I am laughing SO hard right now at comment #92

  100. @ nor’n monkey

    Haven’t heard from him yet… :(

  101. Mmmmm. Tui.
    Mmmmm. Speights.
    They’re both good in my books.

  102. Samantha has some personal issues.

    However, im an XBOX guy so SAMANTHA FTW!!!!!!!!!!:)

  103. Hey all ye game addict nerds

    Being a master at “world of warcraft” (or whatever it’s called) does not make you tough in real life. It really doesn’t.

    I’d love to put you all in a room with the real Samantha, just to see you cower in a corner, clutching your PS3′s, wetting your pants … only one thing could be better than that. Real beer in the real world.

    And just to cut you off at the pass – I know this comment doesn’t make me tough either. Why is why I don’t post any CAPS LOCK threats here. Knowing that Samantha can handle all of you square-eyes by herself, is enough for me.

  104. I don’t get why the title. Anyone?

    Also, it’s only a little toy, get over it.

  105. nice stereotyping m8 … only nerds love PS3 … i know lots of non nerds that would go mental if someone was to smash up their ps3 like that

    But hey if thinking about guys wetting their pants makes you happy , who am i to judge …

  106. You all got it wrong. That broken POS was my boyfriend. Everything was fine until one day he told me I don’t turn him on anymore. I tried too – for like 3 hours – he just sat there and wouldn’t even move. So I took my stuff and him – but first I made sure if I couldn’t have him then nobody could. I’m ok though now. I’ve bought myself a new boyfriend.

  107. Looks like the ex-boyfriend won’t be getting access to Samantha’s pooter again. Does this make Samantha an eX-box?

  108. Dr. Funke - Analyrapist

    The PS3 is shit anyway – oh zing!

  109. Oh Sh*t, that’s a PS3?

  110. Surely the second comment should be DysFUNctional?

  111. Mercure (#108) wins – definitely.

  112. The guys are probably the brothers of some white trash parents who went to the boon docks for the weekend and left their children with the people they trust the must; the ones who actually fathered each of the children. And people wonder why kids grow doing fucked up shit like drugs and not going to college.

  113. *most* *grow up* – sorry when I get on a rampage I tend to think faster than I type.

  114. Ok, everyone who is so disgusted at the destruction of the PS3; I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you’re all under the age of 21. If you’re not, you have some serious issues.

    I’ll admit, it’s a tragic sight; I bought my PS3 for 800 bucks the day they came out.. the thought of anyone doing that is horrifying… but it’s just a thing. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not important. You all sound like children! It’s beyond messed up that you would even DISCUSS hurting someone, let alone a girl, because they browke you twoy. boo-fucking-hoo. Yes, she’s insane for doing that, and in no way should destruction of property ever be condoned, but he can take her to court to deal with it, not take it out on her physically.

    Also, could we please PLEASE stop with all the ‘girls would be pissed if we broke their gucci/prada/lame ass material crap’ You obviously don’t know any real fully formed people. It pains me that anyone could assume ‘girls’ pride a bag over a person. Do you seriously believe girls don’t own/love PS3s/cars/other ‘manly’ crap? How backwater 1950s are you? It’s so disheartening that people still believe in the gendered crap. People are people, get over it already.

  115. The “Family” pic is an actual clip from FARMVILLE

  116. I would get revenge on Samantha by sawing 1 shoe of every pair in half, then take a utility knife to her side of the closet…now we’re even bitch!

  117. That second picture is no surprise…Iowa fans are a bunch of lush losers! I hate Iowa with a passion, mostly because their fans are arrogant assholes!

  118. GO HAWKEYES. :)

  119. You must be proud to be a drunk? Your parents would be so pleased.

  120. Fuck Iowa.

  121. I just want to mention that if someone smashed my PS3, I would murder every single citizen of Colombia with a trowel. That is the extent of my irrational rage and violent temper. I assure you that I am very, very tough, strong, and attractive, and that I can chew my way through a concrete wall and lift a small herd of bison over my head.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  122. Saved – You’re such a slave – I don’t expect a
    Name – You don’t care – I wasn’t witness –
    I can’t be a part of a system such as this
    Hard eyes – Glow right – In my – Darkness – Again
    With the sickness, rengade sisters, blisters,
    Salivate, litigate, liberate, madness, sadness
    Fuck this – How long have I had this?
    I don’t need this – Outta my business
    Insert, engage, betray, MY GOD

    Liberate – My madness
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    I just want to…
    Liberate – My madness
    Liberate – My madness

  123. Samantha, Samantha. Don’t break things! TAKE things! I’m sure your new boyfriend would LOVE playing that PS3, since you obviously have no value for it.

  124. #81 – lol. what? i barely even know her. we’re just fb friends.

  125. wow, people drinking beer, what the hell is wrong with the world? sXe forever!

  126. you.. are mostly idiots… a new PS3 costs round about 300… so, for the guy who kept saying things like… i would rather she messed up my car, cheated on me with my dad ect stupid stuff… your comparing that to 300$ where you could get a new one. in addition… you should have the warranty if it means that much to you…

  127. KasBir, I’m sure the warranty doesn’t cover psyco ex-girlfriends beating the shit out of your PS3, although if you told the store your sob story they might give you a new one out of sympathy. Where I’m from they are still $595 anyway.
    Also I hate you for your over… use of… the dot… dot… dot. I keep thinking you’re that kid from Malcom in the Middle. Please, die in a fire. Thank you :)

  128. seriously?… I am over 21, and i am not a nerd, i actually get paid to play semi-professional football (soccer), go out quite a lot, have plenty of GF’s etc…, im not boasting, But i wil carry on like this bout the PS3, i would give up everything before my PS3 full stop. People need to stop stereotyping, ive never played World of Warcraft before, the average age of gamers is about 30, so get some facts straight yeah? All you saying were overreacting well you’re all tools. I would kill / slap/ bring the beat down on her if she tried that shit to me… If anyone points out about the poor spelling / grammar in this post i will come to your house and cut you, i don’t care…

  129. This is exactly what makes me lose faith in humanity. This douche ^^ and the other guys on here that’re so obsessed with their video game systems that say they would break a girl’s face if she tried to touch their PS3. Shows how much of a fucking life you have.

    Fucking peasants.

  130. Shouldn’t it read:

    “Seriously? I am over 21 and i am not a nerd. I actually get paid to play semi-professional football (soccer), go out quite a lot, and have plenty of girlfriends. I’m not boasting, but I will carry on like this about the PS3. I would give up everything before my PS3 full stop. People need to stop stereotyping. I’ve never played World of Warcraft before and the average age of gamers is about 30 so get some facts straight, yeah? All of what you were saying were overreacting. Well you’re all tools. I would kill / slap / bring the beat down on her if she tried that shit to me. If anyone points out about the poor spelling / grammar in this post, then I will come to your house and cut you. I don’t care…”

    Now that took a lot of editing.

  131. How do people of this world continually miss such blatant and obvious use of satire??? By the cunting fuck some people are retarded.

  132. insert clever name here

    @Emma anyone who calls a Mercedes a Merc is a douche on principle.

  133. God, this thread was so funny until people started taking it seriously. Now it’s just fail.

    I’m a girl, and a gamer, and I would probably pawn a PS3 (most likely take it for my own use) if I was really angry, but I could never break it.

    And @103 Don’t be stupid, World of Warcraft isn’t made for the PS3 dumbshit. Just shut up.

  134. Girls that claim to be gamers are disgusting, A. because they are ugly as hell, B. Because they think they are better than other girls for doing something that shouldn’t make you cool in the first place, and c. because they are Jewish. KILL ZE JEWS

  135. @114

    Don’t be a retard…thank you.

  136. who the fuck drinks light beer?

  137. eeeeew iowa.. GO BUCKEYES

    Rose Bowl babayyy:)

  138. …and this is why i loathe iowa fans. drunken douchebags.

  139. Fuck yeah “Iowa Evangelical Recycling League” (I-eRl). educate those children.

  140. I hope someone punched Samantha in the face cos that’s that what i’d do to anyone who touched my PS3. What a bitch!

  141. I feel sorry for the Ps3 :(

  142. seriously ps3 > those two kids lives, you know theyre doomed from the start with spectacles like that. PS3 is far more important to save than those two future wife/husband (on the down low) beaters

  143. I find it funny the guys drinking the beer are Iowa fans yet they’re drinking Special Edition Mizzou Bud light lol

  144. It’s probably not Mizzou cans considering they have the exact same colors and Missouri’s can is gold not bright yellow. Just a thought

  145. @Aaron and Randy, The IOWA shirts might give something away here

  146. Well she might have very good reason too
    he could have been a complete twat to her!!!!!

  147. lite beer???? fucking pussys! lol and fuck that bitch for doing that to his ps3 but owell now he can go get a 360

  148. Hawkeye nation whatup

  149. im getin a blow job as i pst dis

    OMG!!! i can hear my heart tearing up inside me!!
    there are some things in this world that u can’t unsee!!
    oh shit!!! i jst came!!
    fuck u samantha!!

  150. Are you fucking serious? I’ve seen a Youtube video where this bitch destroyed her boyfriend’s XBox 360 ’cause he apparently didn’t pay enough attention to her. My boyfriend and I like to play games TOGETHER. Why? Because it’s enjoyable for both of us, and he can do what he really likes (which is something I like too). Have these girls ever thought of that? You know, JOINING in with their boyfriends and doing stuff together?

    Screw the bitches who destroy amazing equipment like that in a heartbeat just because they’re not interesting enough to get their boyfriends to pay attention. Seriously. Same goes to the jilted exes. Learn to move on without being so stupidly spiteful. Or find better revenge than destroying shit.

  151. @tsundere I have seen that video.. it is scripted you idiot.

  152. @Randy: Budweiser made special edition Hawkeye & Cyclone beer cans in 2009. The ones pictured are the Hawkeye ones. I’m not even sure if they bothered to make Panthers ones (University of Northern Iowa). At least, I never saw any & I’m a bartender.

    If you take kids to any sporting event, there’s going to be at least that one person out in the parking lot with a cooler full of beer. There are more and more people like that the more you go from high school to professional sporting events. It’s not a big deal.

    As for the destroyed game console, obviously either Samantha or Samantha’s girlfriend, depending on how you want to look at it, got pissed over something. It doesn’t actually say what that something was. Maybe she got an std from her cheating partner? Maybe she was just really childish when she got dumped.

    What’s lame for both of these pictures is that they’re even posted here.

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