Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dude, Buy a Camera


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  1. lostintranslation

    Worst facial hair ever. Idiot! I do love the colourful fish shower-curtian though :)

  2. lostintranslation

    curtain* oops!

  3. Leave him alone, the poor guy clearly has Cerebral Palsy…

  4. bathroom gang signs… hes so badass

  5. That is funny.

  6. Why is he making the shadow puppet duck symbol? It’s obviously not dark enough to make a shadow puppet, so it would be really hard to know if he’s doing it right.

  7. Now that is gansta!!

  8. White gangsta dude in a pastel-yellow bathroom with little fishies swimming on shower curtains and on the walls … awe and respect, man. (Not.)

  9. LOL! Shadow puppets! I tried once to amuse my son with them. I failed miserably when I got a hand cramp. Mommy’s wonky fingers did get a few laughs though

  10. NO! Don’t buy him a camera! Just think what we DON’T have to see becuz of the laptop hehe ;)

  11. welcome to america

  12. seriously, even if you don’t have a camera and you only have the camera on your laptop doesn’t mean you have to take a photo in the mirror. Jees, the amount of people I see taking photo’s with their mobile phones in a mirror is ridiculous! Why are people so freaking retarded???
    It really shits me when I see profile pic’s of people taking a photo of themselves in the mirror, turn the fucking thing around and take a damn photo, it’s not rocket science for fucks sake!

  13. maybe he was looking for photographic evidence of infinity. no, I doubt it.

  14. Wow,he looks like he’s having a bad rheumatoid arthritis flare-why else would someone arrange their fingers in such a manner?

  15. Naff hat indoors, Mum’s bathroom, not ripped AND what’s that in the bottom right hand corner??

    His boyfriend’s hairy arm bracing himself against the wall, giving Dominic the blowjob we (thankfully) cannot see??

  16. I like turtles.

  17. This dude clearly fancies himself, he’s holding the laptop to cover up the boner he gets when he sees his own reflection. As for the hat I can only assume it’s some kind of weird fetish or a misunderstanding of the term “shower cap”…

  18. what i dont get is why didnt he just take the picture with the laptop straight on instead of doing it in the mirror.. its kind of redundant.. fucking REEEETArd

  19. @15.bleeding_heart: it’s a mirror.

  20. His facial hair is so fucked up…. It kinda looks like a strap for a helmet… Maybe it’s a protection from running into a wall, retard helmet.

  21. “And this is my TWO WEEK update on my Narcissism….”

  22. Dominic is a Camera Uninitiated Narsistic Teenager or C.U.N.T for short.

  23. The fact he’s using the webcam on his laptop isn’t silly, it’s just the fact he looks like a complete twat with the pose and all.

  24. i like the fishies on the shower curtian

  25. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    That facial hair *under the chin looks a little Amish. And always a sensible move, taking a laptop into the bathroom.

    Is that his boyfriend’s hairy leg in the corner, bracing himself against the wall whilst he wanks over his gangsta boyfriend like a monkey up a mango tree?

  26. Oh hardcore shit!

  27. Hit me , i did not see the hairy leg at first

    But thanks to you i realise that this is just soft core gay porn

    Or his girlfriend needs a wax treatment very urgently…

  28. He needs therapy. And if he’s too poor to get a camera, he can always resort to offering ‘escort’ services.

  29. Are you peole stupid or just looking for laughs? The hairy thing in the corner is his arm. Seeing as a mirror is reflective && we’re looking at the photo he took.
    But either way, it’s still lame. (:

  30. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ Jasey – I see that you have a very observant and logical eye.

    But I will amuse myself more if I continue to believe this is some soapy softcore action. You’re absolutely right – just looking for laughs…

  31. I can almost hear Dominic’s mother banging on the bathroom door shouting, “Dommy darling, Mummy needs to go plop-plop. Will you be much longer? And have you seen my laptop?”

  32. Photo taken in New Jersey.

  33. That seems like an unnecessarily large number of light switches for one bathroom.

    Also, this would be a nice picture if it wasn’t for the giant douchebag blocking the center of the shot.

  34. Zombie Kid :)

  35. Woah. Now on ‘m gonna take my lappie around for taking photos.

  36. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH. At least crop that shit out. OMFG, the morons that exist in this world.

  37. hey now. Let’s not blame jersey for these photos. you can find these myspace mirror whores in every state. also, just want to point out that only 1 of those characters on that stupid MTV show is actually from nj.

  38. What’s that hand sign supposed to be? Rubber ducky dinobot?

  39. Nothing says “gangsta” like a Finding Nemo shower curtain…but it probably goes well with his “My Little Pony” panties.

  40. looks like this dude still lives w his mama

  41. I’m not sure that’s even a shower curtain, I think it’s an actual curtain. It’s on the kind of rail that you put over windows, and the wall above it seems way too close for there to be a shower back there.

  42. I think Bookworm is correct. That’s probably his own room in the house where momma feeds him and sews the buttons back onto his trousers. She doesn’t even ask for her laptop to be returned anymore, because Domsy is always busy with it. Yet only a hard rebel can look like that, no?

  43. what a douch! Has the boy no shame / not heard of the cropping tool!?
    It cld be a bathroom as if ya look at the switches so kindly kept in the picture by the tit in question there appears to be one socket for a shaving appliance (perhaps how he got that excuse for ‘facial hair’)
    Also see bottom right hand corner, he’s a wolf man how hairy is that arm!?

  44. does anyone else notice something resembling a hairy leg in the bottom right corner?

  45. @ dinduu, judging by the way he’s holding his laptop I’d say thats his arm.

    As for this picture: golden. Ranks up there with the duckface, shirtless teen mom in the MacDonald’s bathroom..

  46. @ Jasey, anything you say is automatically ignored when you use &&.

    @ Kaoss, it’s even worse when people do it with actual cameras. They haven’t figured out there’s a self-timer button, or don’t know how to use it.

  47. someone get this guy a bullet, or teach him how to use photoshop!

  48. The shower curtain with the fishies on it adds to the machismo.

  49. Seriously with the hairy leg (I assume) in the bottom right corner of the photo, with his BJ lips I’d say he’s gay!

  50. @Insane; probably his own arm.. ;)

  51. @Lieke: How is that possible? You can see both of his arms on the laptop in the picture.

  52. *or near the laptop. Point being you can clearly see both if his arms in the picture.
    I wonder if Bishnu (not sure on spelling) was reincarnated as a gimp?

  53. fucking hilarious.

  54. I’m getting so hot right now, I can just feel my toes curling… into the crips sign.

  55. Nice chinstrap, douche.

  56. His body looks like a homonculous.

  57. homonculous lol
    bbt ftw

  58. Given this guy’s ape-like arms, it’s obvious he shaves, actually more likely waxes, his chest. It amazes me how much trouble people will go through to pull off the douchebag look.

  59. Why wax his horrible upperbody, and not his arms? And the gangsta sign? And the fishy curtain? And the cute nemo against the wall? And the lack of any photoshopping capabilities whatsoever? Another thing. If it isn’t picture perfect, why show it on fb? Please people, be so kind as to keep ugly things to yourself!

    I must admit, it does have a douchey tang to it. :|

  60. he as a nice bod, wats wiv da laptop do

  61. I think we’ve found shims girlfriend…

  62. @Insane; because the camera can see his arm or something, and then you see it in the mirror again.. try it, you’ll see ;)

  63. jesus h christ. he should have at the very least cropped it.

  64. First I wondered why he wouldn’t just face the laptop towards himself. Then I figured it was because he needed the mirror to correct his picture-perfect pose. Then I wondered why he couldn’t point the laptop at himself with the mirror behind it. Then I thought it was perhaps because he would be looking at the mirror behind the laptop not at the lense. Then I wondered why he had the only webcam in the world which doesn’t show you the picture as it’s taking it. Then I noticed the picture clearly shows that the laptop does display what the webcam is capturing.
    Then I realised I spent about 74 seconds contemplating why a douche did a douchey thing. Which made me a little sad.

  65. @64 – stickynicky FTW!

  66. HAHAHA @ Sticknicky!

  67. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    if he can take a pic of his reflection, then why didn’t he just take a pic of himself looking at the laptop in the first place?

  68. I wonder how long it took him to figure out he could take a reflection pic of himself with a laptop cam??? He probably felt incredible smart and thinking of putting a pattern on the idea… oh no wait! that’s my idea….

    *off to register the idea before he thinks of that*

  69. @68 Try looking up the word ‘patent’. Unless you meant you wanted to put a tattoo on him, in which case yes, that would be a pattern.

  70. @Lieke: I am sorry! I totally had a blonde moment. If it is any consolation I do see the mirror now! My reason for not looking at the picture for too long must have something to do with Tomm Cruise doing a chase scene in a movie. “You will never catch me gay thoughts!”.

  71. bizarre… very bizarre.

  72. For those who commented that his facial hair looks like a strap, that is actually what he’s going for. It’s actually called the ‘chin strap.’ I’m sadly quite familiar with them; they’re very common in the Midwest by wannabe gangstas such as this fellow.

    Also, hello everyone. I’ve followed the site for awhile, but I just recently started reading the comments and quickly realized that the comments were funnier than the pictures themselves, so I thought I would join in.

  73. Great friggin job, Nyax. You have been following the site and realized that the comments were funnier than the posts so… what? You decide to come in and just crush that one?? Kudos to you, man. Kudos to you.

  74. Hahah, Nyax, you suck.

  75. ApplesauceBitch

    its a dog!!

  76. Doesn’t he know his screen is already a mirror?

  77. arggggggggggghhhhhhhh finger puppets r scary even more so when they being done by some wannabe gangster but i guess his mommy says he is cool lolllllllllll love the shower curtain it just sets the tough mirror image off hehehehe


  79. it is the hairy arm that does it!

  80. Too much wrong with this picture to comment on it all.

  81. we need to find this gay extremist and find out the full story of this pictoral.

  82. I would totally hit that.

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