Friday, October 2, 2009

Drop Dead


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  1. Bill is my hero.

  2. YEAH Amanda, hope you feel good about yourself.

  3. What a cunt.

  4. I don’t care that Bill sent this in, he still wins.

  5. You’d think they could show a little more imagination. It’s always a dead grandmother. Never “my monkey has AIDS” or “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, and of course I’m expected to sort it out”.

  6. Makes you wonder just how many grandmothers Amanda has, and how many she’s killed just for whiny Facebook excuses.

    Good for Bill to call her shit out publicly.

  7. It’s probably a good thing Bill sent it in cuz Amanda probably deleted it as soon as she saw it.

  8. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    Team Amanda. Bill is obviously a clingy douche. Go fuck your mother, Bill. It’s probably the only bitch you can get because, well…you ARE a bitch. Bill the Bitch.

  9. Crystal Lake? Has this bitch never seen Friday the 13th?

  10. Geez, how was Bill supposed to know Amanda had a death in her family? Also, who plans a vacation during the first week of school?

  11. I hope Amanda got stuck in shitty classes!

  12. That was awesome. Go Bill!

  13. There are far too many grandparents dying on Facebook.

  14. i love you Bill!

  15. I think this calls for an OH SNAP.

  16. Alex #10 above is slow on the uptake.

  17. YES BILL!!!! FTW! So classy

  18. #8, oooh, you’re clever.

  19. My senior year in high school I was in classes with a girl who said her grandfather had died THREE times that year. She wasn’t even trying. She also talked about wearing his socks (one of the three at least).

  20. Aaron Poehler – I think Alex may just show up in a post one day!

  21. I have to provide a death certificate if I need to miss anything important at school because too many students have had a dozen grandmas die in a semester.

  22. Bill scores!

  23. I love Bill, and when I grow up I want to marry him.

  24. if your going to lie about your grandma dying then don’t have status thet contredict your lies bitch. i hope your grandma has facebook.

  25. Bill had a nice recovery, but he still started with a lol. Unforgivable.

  26. Sander, read the post…he had every right to “lol” because her Grandma didn’t actually die.

  27. I hope Amanda gets eaten by a big great white shark up at Crystal Lake like in that one movie Friday The Shark Ate Me. Also, someone should pay her Bill, it’s long overdue. <3

  28. Ha!

  29. @26 Using ‘lol’ is retarded, is what sander was trying to say, I think.

  30. Bill, you should still feel like a douche.

  31. I can’t believe anyone’s taking up Amanda’s side on this.

    On second thought, I’m sure she’s not the only lying, irresponsible, dipshit loser on FB that would use death as a desperate attempt to gain sympathy over something as pathetically simplistic & marginally important as add/drop.

    add drop < death of grandparent.

  32. Owned.

  33. I just thought it was sweet of her grandma to plan her death at the same time as the family vacation, presumably by drowning in Crystal Lake. Two birds one stone, that’s real thoughtful.

  34. Win

  35. It’s my mother-in-law’s funeral on Monday so..yeah………….it CAN happen..

  36. Boz FTW.

    That is all.

  37. @27 fuck yeah

  38. HA! Bill is amazing. I hope Amanda fails her papers.

  39. @Captain_Dingbat its all lies! nobody ever dies. shes probably sending you all to the funeral and your mother-in-law will be laughing at you from crystal lake

  40. ur all a bunch of loser LOL ..

  41. LOL! This is so funny that I’m going to ignore Bill’s trawl through Amanda’s homepage to check her status updates.
    What I wouldn’t give to have these two on my friends list and experience the pwnage first hand…

  42. Jelly’s got a point…Bill was feeling so nasty that he felt the need to go back through Amanda’s shit to try to find something to prove her wrong…that IS sorta weird. What kind of friends does this chick have, that the first thing they do is jump on the defensive and then go back to try to prove she’s a douche? (and she IS a douche, don’t get me wrong, but…why does she feel the need to lie to her friends, anyway? or is she one of those people whose “friends” are a bunch of random people she doesn’t actually know that she added to make herself look popular?)

  43. “or is she one of those people whose “friends” are a bunch of random people she doesn’t actually know that she added to make herself look popular?”

    I think it’s one of those

  44. Shame on you, Amanda!

  45. @Katia: He said he was looking back to see if she mentioned her grandma’s death, to know why he missed it, because he was feeling like a prick.

    If someone calls me out on something like this, I would definitley look back at their statuses to see if I missed something that I shouldn’t have (like Amanda is going to her Grandma’s funeral. She’s going to miss that sweet woman, while drinking Mohito’s and getting laid at Crystal Lake!!!!)

  46. Darn, missed the bronco bash at school… now there goes my whole vacation/missing first week of class/ grandma’s funeral.

  47. Bill FTW!

  48. Bill FTW.

    I’d love to know if/how Amanda responded. Admin? Can you provide? :)

    Also, how does one know who submitted the lame? AG seems to think Bill did. . .

  49. WTF? To the people claiming Bill is a creep for going back through her statuses. He specifically explains he did it to make sure he he wasn’t being a prick. It’s obvious he had read her status update about vacation previously and remembered it when she complained about school. She’s blabbered every little thought and detail about it.

    There are too many over the top Attention Whores like this girl. They brag away every single detail about shit. Then, the minute someone calls them on something that in their eyes makes them look bad the Drama Machine kicks on and they end up lying like a rug and we get Gems like this.

  50. As a college professor, dudes like Bill do me proud. I can promise you five weeks into the class she’ll be saying crap like, “Well, you can’t count this off because I didn’t get it the first week when my Grandma died” and then flame out on evals about how the world doesn’t revolve around the prof’s classes.

    Clearly it revolves around Crystal Lake.

  51. I know this guy Jason who vacations at Crystal Lake every summer. And spring, and fall, and winter. He’s up there pretty much all the time, in fact, and seems to know the terrain really well. I wonder if Grandma met him?

  52. Crystal Lake is in Michigan, which means she’s referring to Bronco Bash as the beginning of the school festival for Western Michigan University.

    As a Central Michigan University alumni, my view is already that she is a cunt.

  53. This makes me so damn happy :D

  54. I think #49-Mandy got it right.

  55. Fail

  56. i’m kind of embarrassed that i go to the same school as this bitch. i promise not all broncos are this obnoxious.

  57. LMAO owned

  58. Ah the consequences of being addicted to making sure everybody knows what you’re doing via a facebook status = your very own lamebook entry

  59. This is hilarious! Good researching, Bill!

  60. Lol Western Michigan Go Go Go

  61. I laughed my ass off. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  62. She’s a heartless bitch, Bill FTW!

  63. Well she might have planned her vacation and then her Grandmother ended up dying; it’s not impossible. Bill should ask her mother, or the like.

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