Thursday, November 26, 2009

Double the Fun


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  1. If you look closely you can almost see the bottle of Jack Daniels, 4 pack of Smirnoff Ice and the large bag of Doritos she has stuffed down there too…

  2. …Well, at least she drinks diet coke…

  3. hahaha I was going to write the same :D

  4. I like turtles.

  5. My mind suddenly went to all the other places she can fit 2 cans

  6. isn’t that the chick from 16 and pregnant?

  7. Those are some crazy mad skizzils! I hope she puts that down on her resume in years to come. It’d be a shame not to share such talent with everyone.

  8. I used to know a chick who could open beer bottles with her cleavage…this isn’t her btw

  9. ewww coors light….*motorboats but then feels dirty afterwards*

  10. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    I always feel the need to side with the larger ladies, as I think curvy girls rule. But there is, within me, a greater need to say…

    ‘Coors *light*? Really?’

  11. *has the urge to make rude comments but isn’t brought up that way*

    devil and angel inside me are fighting might be back soon …

  12. @ Sarah W.: She does bear an uncanny resemblance to the girl from 16 and Pregnant, who, coincidentally, lives in the town over from me. I’m pretty sure the girl’s name was Amber too…

  13. This bitch is from the park hotel.

  14. #10 i dont know what grossed me out more, the pictureor your comment implying youhave an inner need to dipit into fat girls

  15. Her tongue ring is what gets all the guys…damn that is one big bitch

  16. Damn, thats a light tasting Beer….

  17. OH WOW. that’s super cool.

  18. Imagine her tongue on your penis.

  19. Toungering? Ithoughtthat it was a pill of some sort.

    A friend of mine once slept witha realy big chick to see what it waslike. He doesnt recommend it.

  20. @18
    I did

    maybe a pill. I liked the idea of a tongue ring better
    and I have and I do recommend it.
    But it’s kind of like riding a moped if you know what I mean

  21. No just… no

  22. I’m pretty sure I just vomited up my morning breakfast.

  23. I used to work at a pizza restaurant and this reminds me of the people that would come in alone and order a “jumbo” double pepperoni pizza and a small Diet Sierra Mist Free.

  24. advice: don’t draw attention to yr cleavage if the rest of you is equally ample.

  25. If only Lamebook had also shown the next picture in the photo album, where the cans of Coors Light run away, horrified, crying and vomiting over the malevolence they had endured throughout the night.

  26. OMG a fat girl who isn’t hiding in shame in her bedroom!

    Grow up you lot.

  27. Incidentally, there are more than a few pictures of me drinking a pint of beer from my cleavage. These things happen when booze and tits are involved.

  28. i think you have awesome cleavage…

  29. @26
    ACTUALLY the next pictures were higher stacks of beer…
    Poor things


  31. Seriously, that looks exactly like the girl from 16 and Pregnant…she has the same nose and everything. Don’t get me wrong, this picture doesn’t make her a BAD person, it’s just not flattering.

  32. Ugh how did I know there would be a bunch of comments about this picture being gross because of her size? Yeah, she’s not particularly skinny, who cares? It’s not the classiest thing to do but it’s pretty funny.

  33. Ok so she’s drinking beer from her tits, happens to the best of us but why does she seem to be wearing her bar over her top, too many coors light me thinks.

  34. *Bra *duh*

  35. ha, I didn’t realise the bra was on the outside. I don’t think it’s a very good bra, looks like one of her nips is showing under that lacy thing. *shudders* just what I wanted to see forst thing in the morning :(

  36. first* I meant

  37. Chicks that are as big as Jabba the Hut are not worth the hassle. The electroconculsive therapy is still in full effect 3 years later. However in saying that, larger chicks (not too big) with great big tits are awesome!!! Watching the boobs bounce up and down (or two and fro) with every pound is very hypnotic. Like a lava lamp!

  38. I’m not sure how that would be comfortable.

  39. Notice how the mountains are no longer “Cold Certified.”

  40. I can imagine her tits grasping the can of beer, lifting the can to her mouth and tilting the can so that she can drink the beer. Then watching her tits crush the can before turfing the crushed can into a bin.

  41. That looks exactly like the girl from 16 and pregnant.

  42. Double the fun, double the chins.

  43. It is the girl from 16 and pregnant.


  45. It is your 16 year old up the duff chick. Apparently she didnt learn her lesson the first time around, trying to give head to cans of beer from between her breasts and all.

  46. Good observation.
    At the same time, they seem to share a lot of the same features.
    Bang length and cut, thinness of hair, length of hair, nose, and cheeks.

    Also, at whoever said her bra was outside of her shirt isn’t entirely correct.
    Some tank tops have a built in bra which she has pulled out of the tank top and is using to hold the beers in place.

  47. I must admit I find this girl really hot… But then again, I love big girls.

  48. has nobody else noticed the fork in her tongue

  49. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ ijustsawfly – I’m not dipping anything anywhere. I *am a girl!

  50. I have a penchant for bbw girls with pierced tongues and cans of beer between their titties. With that being said, I’d hit it.

  51. Nice cans.

  52. oh my. i agree with the earlier comments…. i think i feel everything i’ve eaten coming back up…. methinks this poor gal needs to go on a diet of oxygen and oxygen for a while. a long while.

  53. I did not need to see this shit. *vomits*

  54. Agreed #56! if ever there was a reason to go on a diet….

  55. look out John Elway, Coors has a new spokesman.

  56. “Thanks to the Diet Coke, I can eat everything.”

  57. If I’m lost I’m sorry but where are the diet coke comments coming from? Maybe it’s because the mountains are no longer blue and “Cold Certified” it now looks like a diet coke?

  58. Hey, pnkntndr, maybe it has something to do with her weight? Ya think?! Still lost? Need a GPS? Need to know what a GPS is?

  59. I’m always amazed that so many ppl get all jacked up at other ppl’s comments, isn’t that the point of lamebook aren’t we suposed to make fun of the stupid shit ppl post on facebook for all the world to see…”the sheer stupidity of people never ceases to amaze or amuse me…” Lamebook rocks…

  60. Im amazed that im the only one that has jacked off to this picture!!!

  61. Umm… that’s definitely the girl from 16 and pregnant…. looks like her therapy is going well…

  62. 100% that is her. she must be making leah proud! and she was worried about getting her GED, awwww…

  63. Damn 2 cans? And yes, 16 and pregnant and maybe now 17 and pregnant?

  64. can anyone unscramble her last name? or at least know where she lives? lol

  65. she is the girl from teen mom :P


    ..Coors Light? :( Ehhh…


  68. Is this that amber girl on the MTV show Teen Mom? The hair and skin looks like it could be!

  69. [...] then today Keyalus gave me the link to check out Amber from Teen Mom on Lamebook…and same damn thing today! I’ve spent the whole day in the archives [...]

  70. Is the girl from 16 and Pregnant? A few may have already said this but she really does look similar.. Wonder how her kid’s doing..


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