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Lamester Review:

After a month hiatus Lamesters are back! …and who better to restart things off than these assholes. Didn’t Michael Phelps teach you kids anything? Keep it off Facebook and just say NO!

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  1. Facebook should have “you are a douche bag” button .

  2. What the…

  3. omg. canada! that’s right, free ketamine and meth. i’m on a muthafuckin plane over with alla et al.

  4. I would KICK my son’s ASS if he posted pics of himself rolling with his friends!

  5. FAIL. i meant anton, obviously. and bobby. and jessy. and the 3 unwise ‘like’ peeps. though alla would come along as well i’m sure, just to keep her parental peepers on the stupid little shit.

  6. Holy crap, drugs are LEGAL here!?!??! I’ve lived here all my life and I never knew that! Thanks Alexandria! *off to do lots of drugs*

  7. just another reason why you shouldn’t be friends with your parents on facebook.

  8. Your mom won’t stop looking at your pictures douche unless you get her the fuck out of your facebook !!! Bunch of emos!

  9. I hate people like Alexandria.

  10. Yes, meth and heroine and ectasy all come from trees Alexandria. Meth trees grow freely on the sides of highways in Canada!

  11. wtf does he expect? you upload new pictures they get posted on your friends homepage, they don’t have to go through your albums retard. Jesus kids are stupid these days….

  12. Alexandria, your grammar is the least of your problems.


  14. partial credit to alexandria for fixing her spelling

  15. WHY do people add their parents on Facebook? WHY!?

  16. @kiwi FTW

    It’s okay to add your parents, just set it so they can’t see things like photos and statuses.

  17. spooning leads to forking

    @lawlz: I think all the heroine and ectasy you’ve been taking from the trees has affected your spelling.

  18. Congratulations Alexandria on your corrected punctuation
    Commiserations however on the fact that you apparently can’t enjoy life without being high.

  19. I love when people feel so strongly about something, and yet don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. If Meth grow naturally, that would explain how the pyramids were built!

    And Alexandria, unless you’re a cancer patient, you’re not getting our free drugs anyways. If I gotta pay for them on the street, so do you!!

    @ nor’n monkey & FlowersInHisHair: Or, add your parents and don’t deem it necessary to show pictures of you doing drugs…I guarantee the only people on Anton’s Facebook that would care in the first place is (are? feel free to correct =P) his parents, lmao!

  20. Am I missing something? What is happening in the second picture?

  21. @Anon, it looks like e on their tongues

  22. @21:, improve on your drug-recognition skills and conclude for yourself that it is clearly acid because I don’t want to be the one to do it for you.

  23. It doesn’t “clearly” look like acid to me.. I’m seeing a pill, not a blotter.

  24. ok a small spelling mistake has stopped being lame imo… she corrected it herself ffs it happens to everyone…

  25. it’s not the spelling BLIM BLIM, it’s her misguided notions of drug use/growth/availability…

  26. I agree with alexandria that drugs shouldnt be illegal. but her reasoning is retarded.

    Drugs should be legalised (or at least, decriminalised) for many good reasons. Cleaner drugs from the government as opposed to dodgy dealers mean less deaths from overdose, you take out the criminal element where otherwise normal everyday people must converse with sometimes dangerous people. We also save taxpayer money on locking up non-violent drug users who are only hurting themselves. Drug abuse isnt a criminal act, its a HEALTH issue and people should be treated as such. Just like an alcoholic.

  27. that does look like a pill, not blotter. then again, i’d need a bigger pic to be sure. either way, not something you should be posting on your facebook…

  28. it’s obviously a pill. also, usually when you drop acid it’s not a “roflin” night, if you know what i mean. but a roll? FASHO!

  29. I would like to say that these 4 guys are retards. Showing pills in their mouths, you know colleges checks facebook, if your applying for a job, most businesses will check your facebook. Are you trying to fuck yourself indefinitely!!?

  30. So I live in Canada.
    Since when have drugs been legal here?

  31. @ lawlz. You do realise that methamphetamine does naturally occur in some acacia trees.

  32. Geonardo DiMetrio

    All Alexandria said is that “half the drugs grow naturally”. She didn’t say they ALL do, and she didn’t say anything about a freaking methamphetamine tree.

    Pot is a leaf. Opium comes from poppies. Cocaine comes from coca leaves. ‘Shrooms are, well, mushrooms. Isn’t peyote some kind of plant as well?

    She’s kinda stupid to think that anything “natural” is totally safe and should therefore be legal (you know what else grows naturally? ARSENIC) but the statement that a lot of drugs grow naturally is not particularly dumb.

  33. Mary-J is not a drug

  34. @remo
    From my experience, on 4/20 day pot appears to be ‘legal’, but that’s about it!

    you mean pot right? errr, last time i looked, that was definitely a drug.

  35. @spooning – no that would be the pregnancy.

    @Mike I am sure the kind she takes grows on trees. :)

  36. bry: lol

    that is all

  37. Looks like acid, I think. I mean what I would imagine acid would look like if I’d ever seen it, which I haven’t. Of course I’ve never seen X either, so I guess you can disregard this.


  38. Oh ho ho!! That thurr shuuurrr be some acid on them tongues!! And judging by his facebook status… that’s some LEGIT LSD-25 my friends =)

  39. Triple fail. Taking drugs. Putting those pictures on facebook, where some asshole could send them to the police. Having parents as friends.

  40. First, it’s E. ROFLing and pills = X. Second, Weed is a drug. Anyone who went to high school knows that a drug is anything that enters the body and changes its chemistry. Anything you ingest is a drug, and will alter your state of consciousness. The question is to what degree, and what are the side effects? Alex, taking drugs is a fail? Are you against alcohol and caffeine as well? Caffeine is far more dangerous and addictive than marijuana. And moderate doses of MDMA are about as dangerous as a night of heavy drinking (unless you mix the two, which could be fatal). The main concern with both is dehydration, frequency of use, and issues of depression when used too often. Granted, alcoholism is a terrible scourge on most societies in the world, and ecstasy abuse is very dangerous, but people have always used drugs, and probably always will. Still, posting it on facebook? Retarded.

    Peyote is from cacti.

  41. 29 Kev -
    Companies and colleges can’t get in your albums on facebook. They can see your profile picture and your bio and that’s about it.

  42. The photo is also his profile picture. His mum doesn’t HAVE to go through his albums and ‘look at his photos’, the picture in question is going to be there every time he has some FB communication with her. Idiot fuck mook.

  43. ehhhh

  44. uhhhhh duurdurrdurrrrr?????? mook buck brab gaawaaa?????!!!!

  45. mudder????????

  46. @ Mike. Meth occurs naturally in acacia trees? I’ve got some on my FV. My avatar’s going to get so wasted tonight…

  47. perfidious_albion

    Dabbling in drugs is always a mug’s game

  48. @fleakflagfry
    I feel enlightened.

    @Chesty LaRue and @hitmewithyourrhythmvic
    BOTH – WIN!
    CLR for “Idiot fuck mook”, hmwyrv for comment #46

  49. @Flesh Tea — you’re in for a treat if you seriously believe that to be true. Facebook is free… anything you put on there is public information. Some companies find ways to creep on people’s Facebooks… and there are ways.

  50. @hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Read in the Guardian a couple days ago, “Actual Farmers spend much less time on their crops.” It was about farmville.

    You rock.

  51. Stop being so harsh guys, they were clearly just playing make believe, pretending to be Pacman!

    He’s embarassed about his mom seeing it as he realises it looks like they’re taking drugs, and he would have a hard time explaining the truth, that they were just pretending to be their favourite 80′s video game character! I regularly dress in my sisters tights and green skirt, pretending to be Link

  52. “mom stop lookin at my photos” – classic. He’s posting evidence of himself breaking the law for everyone in the whole world to see, but his mom should mind her own business.

  53. lol its paper, LSD, not a pill. ROFLn night, idk bout u but hysteria comes with the territory.

  54. I Heart Crossdressers

    ToneyMaloney: pics or it didn’t happen. :D

  55. @ I Heart Crossdressers:

    Why don’t you just come round my place and watch the live action version of “Ocarina Of Time” I am staging next week?

    Might be able to bag you a VIP backstage pass if you’re really lucky!

  56. That’s so 90′s.

  57. What happens when you

  58. i always mix mdma coke and heavy drinking and ive never had a problem

  59. It makes the bumhole more relaxed doesn’t it darling

  60. On behalf of Canada, Alexandria stay the fuck home.

  61. Lamebook – get rid of the comments showing on each picture. Most are incredible stupid and ruin the fun of your page.

  62. @Juniper

    for some pics the comments are the funny parts actually

  63. @Freakflagfry, it’s flat, made of paper and conclusively acid. Not pills. And not acknowledging the hilarious effects of acid makes it obvious you have never ever ever ever tried it. Second, changing the chemistry of the body? After a hit of acid your being will clearly consist of lysergic acid, that’s a fail-proof deduction.

  64. LMAO

  65. Okay I’m just confused about the “didn’t Michael Phelps teach you guys anything?” I mean… he taught me that you can smoke weed and still be incredibly successful..? Is that what that means?

    Also, why post incriminating stuff like this, guys? ESPECIALLY when you’re friends with your relatives. Don’t you think the first thing your Mother is GOING to do is look at the pictures you posted? Dumbass..

  66. @ Madison Ave and nor’n monkey – thank you very much *takes a bow* – I do rock a l’il bit.

  67. Oh my god, his poor mum! haha

  68. @Freakflagfry, yeah dude, definitely acid and not e at all and you certainly have no clue what you’re talking about and sound like one of those straight-edge snobs who believes all the bullshit they learn about drugs in health class.

  69. Alexandria,your one of the reasons Drugs are illegal

  70. drugs are illegal so dumb fucks like you dont die? cunt.

  71. yourmothersayshi

    i assure you, despite drugs being illegal, plenty of people die. whether they’re illegal or not has nothing to do with whether people are going to do them or not, and especially whether they’re going to be responsible or not.

  72. I don’t think her post is funny because of her views. It’s funny because the whole thing is a grammatical black hole, but for some reason, she felt the need to correct one misuse of “their.”

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