Thursday, November 12, 2009

Don’t Stop, Beleeding!


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  1. Oh, Jessica. Thank you for the Works Cited, “I saw it on Lifetime.” Ryann and Ratti? Hmm.

  2. Why do they ALL type with the first letter capitalized in each word?

  3. It’s Really Hard To Read Shit That Capitalizes The First Letter Of Every Word. Your Facebook Status Isn’t A Fucking Title.

  4. holy FUCK the capitalization dysfunction they all have is so irritating.

  5. It’s an annoying habit that some people have, it must make typing so much harder. Strangley enough I find it more annoying than the people who type some nonsensical gibberish that only vaguely remsembles the English language.

  6. You can tell Jessica is young. She still believes people proofread.

  7. Jessica is awesome

  8. some mobile phones (such as mine) automatically capitalize the first letter of each word when you use the keypad to type- and she seems to have posted this status from her cell phone. it’s an annoying feature, however, it can usually be disabled if you take a minute or two to scroll through your text settings.

  9. Ok so now people are posting about their periods?! I will just go and kill myself now.

  10. @jellybeans
    I’ve never understood why people don’t bother doing that. One of my friends types from their phone in capitals because they can’t be bothered to press one button. Almost as annoying as not turning keypad tones off.

  11. keep that crap off lamebook, zombie kid.

  12. Jessica gets credit for …

    - believing in the virtues of proofreading,
    - having a stance on what is too inappropriate for fb status updates,
    - only occasionally doing that capitalisation thing (half a credit),
    - having a normal name (double credit).

  13. Jester gets 1/4 credit for…almost spelling capitalization right.

  14. Jester also isn’t American, and therefore doesn’t spell words the American way.

  15. Capitalisation is correct if you’re British.

  16. ‘Capitalisation’ is correct if you’re British.

  17. I die a little whenever someone criticizes others for spelling mistakes when it’s just an alternate, equally valid, spelling.

    But worse is when people insist that their faulty version – though often common because Idiot is the dominant race of our species – is an acceptable alternate spelling, like that “retart” lady a few weeks back.

  18. women are idiots

  19. @Dino

    shut up

  20. thats hilarious. dumb bitch

  21. To make a comment about Ryann’s very public broadcast of her pregnancy scare?
    Or to make one about her slighty strange name and her friend’s even more ridiculous moniker?
    Such a choice!

  22. 18>
    Dude do you not realize that retart is someone’s user name and also a long-running spelling error that features on lamebook quite often?
    This is reminiscent of when someone was telling ratcoon he spelt it wrong.
    If you are referring to something else then please disregard the above. I would hate to be jumping on the ‘pointing-out-stupidity-in-others-to-forget-my-own’ bandwagon as quickly as some of y’all love to
    do here.

  23. Okay, I have to admit, I’ve been relieved to have my monthly friend show up late a couple of times, myself.

    But I don’t go around posting it on the internet.


  24. @Moosegeek
    LMAO, at least this is fairly anonymous!

  25. Why do some people feel the need to capitalize EVERY SINGLE WORD in their posts. It drives me NUTS!

  26. @Sushi
    Or, if your example is what you meant, just some words, for emphasis.

  27. @ name required: I think kid was referring to an actual post rather than the comments section, where someone was arguing with their ‘friend’ that retart was an acceptable spelling. I could try and find the entry, but I’m too lazy.

  28. ^

    Okay, I am officially lame. And evidently have WAY too much time on my hands.

  29. I feel sorry for Ratti because her name is Ratti. Still, Ratti is right.

  30. @Agent Cooper
    Me too. I know someone that that happened to. I have lived in fear since that day.

  31. Why did they capitalize the first letter of every word? Is this a new trend I don’t know about?

  32. @Lauren
    It’s a mobile phone thing

  33. i have come to notice that only people wifh ridiculous names end up on lamebook snarf snarf

  34. It took me more than one read to understand what’s going on.. I feel lame now!

  35. I would like to inform you, that Ryann’s friend’s last name (or middle name?) appears to be Ratti. Lamebook blurred out the first name because Ryann called him/her by their surnamemiddle name in her post.
    Therefore, if lamebook had blurred the last name, and left his/her first name you would all be complaining that it did not make sense.
    So you all can stop making fun of Ratti now.

  36. *surname/middle name

  37. @hardyhar – ONLY Americans spell things that way. Capitalisation, realise, personalise – all s, no z.
    And before you start thinking I’m saying “all ess, no zee” – I most certainly am not. Because it’s ZED.
    Bbut really, this post is too funny – Ryann and Ratti?? WTF!

  38. Im claiming shennanigans on this post, they all write the same way.

  39. I Really Like To Press Shift. It Draws Out The Satisfaction Of Letting My Entire Social Network Know That I have Blood Coming Out of My Vagina, After Previously Having Unprotected Sex That May Or May Not Have Led To A Pregnancy Throughout Which I Might Just Bleed Continuosly.

  40. Okay, read the comments. Noticed the mobile update. *derp*
    And to think I just spent five minutes typing in that annoying ‘capitalise-every-word’ style. D’oh!
    To be fair though, I have ‘friends’ on FB who do that without a mobile.

  41. @ Leverhundar – still a relevant comment at #40!

  42. And oh, though you may have fb-friends who capitalise their words using a normal keyboard, I’m pretty sure they won’t broadcast their “girl time” and sexual history in that way!

  43. The real question is why is RYAN having a girl time of the month?

  44. Is it not RYANN? Pronounced RE-ANN

  45. It’s Ryann, not Ryan. Obviously a girl.

  46. @28,29
    thank you- I’m glad it was related to an actual submission which is supposed to be idiotic.

  47. @Jester – Thankfully, no. *shudders at the thought* Though I do have a friend that I use as my own personal lamebook. He is a 39yo drama-whore. I should really get around to screencapping for the lulz. Though if it gets put up, and he reads this site and the comments, he’ll work out it’s me cos I use Leverhundar on msn too… Hmm, I’ll do it anyway, ha!

  48. If I were you I’d be careful about calling someone a drama-whore, then posting them on lamebook (not saying its me) they might know where you live

  49. It’s not me by the way

  50. @Jester
    Doest thou protest too much?

  51. Jester (the one from comment 43 and before)

    To the celestial jerk who hijacked my moniker in this thread (#49,50) – you may have had your kicks today in disrupting a conversation between grownups, but you’ll wakeup tomorrow the same despicable, immature douchebag you are today, and for that, I truly do pity you.

    To Leverhundar, nor’n monkey and everyone else, please disregard comments 49 & 50, those came from an imposter. Also disregard further commments from a “Jester”, as those will be from this child who can’t stay away from lamebook.

  52. I take myself and lamebook very seriously.

  53. Jester (the one from comment 53)

    I am pedantic, dictionary-swallowing dimwit.

  54. Jester (the one from comment 53)

    I simply cannot abide foreign people. You know the kind ; )

  55. To the asamatous douche who seized my sobriquet in this thread (#52) – you may have had your buzz today in discombobulating a discussion between adults, but you’ll wake up tomorrow with the same juicy, dripping cock as you did this morning, just like I did! :)

    To Leverhundar, nor’n monkey and everyone else, please re regard comments 49 & 50, those came from a poster, while 52 was the imposter. Also, re regard further comments from a “Jester”. Thank you for your cooperation.

  56. what do you mean by re regard? Do you mean to read them again?

  57. Ummm I don’t know to be honest. I’m not retarted though i do noes what i’m talking about

  58. Everything on lamebook is fake.

  59. I love how y’all gets all pissy over grammers and spelling. Your just like whiny little girls.


  60. Ciao lamebook. Used to be fun. Now threads just suck.

  61. Me too!

  62. You heard it hear first folks: If you see it on Lifetime, it must be true!

    Lifetime: Television for Idio…I mean Women.

  63. Gnarly!

  64. Why do all the people in this capitalize the first letter of every word?

  65. @67. Maybe because they are all the same person?

  66. Yeah that’s what I thought. This is FAKE. btw @68 it hurts when I pee too and my pee is a kind of grey colour and smells different that usual, do you know why? Should I go to the doctor? Or will it clear up on its own?

  67. @69. Whoah… a grey colour? thats not good. I’d take a trip to the cock doc if I where you. I’m pissing razors atm cause I’ve got chlymidia, or however the fuck you spell it. No grey piss though. Thank God.

  68. @70

    Disregard that post, it was made by a clone

  69. @71: Stop capitalizing on my good name!

  70. I’ve just skimmed, so maybe it has been mentioned – BUT SOMEONE ACKNOWLEDGE THE EFFING AWESOME TITLE LAMEBOOK USED!!!

    Don’t stop bel-eeding, hold on to that feeling!!
    Journey…Don’t Stop Believing…anyone catch it? Yes? So clever! =D

  71. Why Is Everyone Making Fun Of The Way I Talk?

  72. Get back to work, Dorfl

  73. I Just Love Retards Who Capitalize The First Letter Of Each Word.

  74. I love retards who miss the joke.

  75. As much as the trolls can be annoying, they’re being inventive on this thread…

  76. Gross

  77. Is there a ‘Man time of the month’? Ryann seems to imply it

  78. Who needs teen-helplines with facebook friends like these?

  79. Heather Ratti
    Jessica Magourick

    cool chicks.

  80. @Ratti’s friend

    Not a particularly good friend, clearly..

  81. @ Ratti’s Friend: You must be Ryann…

  82. You should see the rest of Ryanns posts on her FB. Pretty much just as equally funny as this. Thanks for posting your friends name since it led to more entertainment. =)

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