Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Don’t Be a Dick


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  1. FIRST!

  2. FIRST

  3. dang!

  4. Seventh????

  5. Geez people, the First! shit is so lame. Knock it off. I was going to comment about the post, but the comments totally out lamed it.

    Good job. You have no right being on here making fun of people.

  6. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! I love these!! :-)

  7. Dave
    November 10th, 2009 at 8:02 am



  8. Shella’s a bitch.

  9. Giselle’s friend list in awesome hahahaha

  10. Drue – FTW!

  11. LOL nice little freudian slip by Giselle.

  12. No, Drue’s would have been more effective if he had not made the your/you’re mistake. As it is, I couldn’t get over it enough to appreciate the humor.
    The crotches remarks, though…I love how her friends were just instantly on that within the next minute.

  13. Can anybody explain me the “crotches” joke? I understand the word crotches, but what should it have been. Sorry if it seems silly, but I am not a native English speaker.

  14. giselle.. that’s what she said

  15. i eat pieces of shit like drue for dinner

  16. you eat pieces of shit for dinner?

  17. Raf, she should have said “crutches,” which help you walk, balance, stand up, etc.

  18. Another dumn foreigner needs info about what’s the joke here, please.

  19. @ foreinger: The irony of your horrific spelling of “dumb” and “foreigner” would lead to me hope you’re merely joking.

  20. Geonardo DiMetrio

    ^ Yeah, those wooden pole things with padding on the top. You put the padded ends under your armpits and the other ends “stand” on the floor.

    Wow, I’ve never tried to describe crutches before. That took a while…good thing they have a name!

  21. Geonardo DiMetrio

    Wow, a LOT of people are commenting now. My last reply was meant to continue what silentangst was saying.

  22. I think Dave, Ayse and anyone else who says ‘first’ on Lamebook have little penises too.

  23. @ foreigner

    At least the dumb foreign guy knows how to spell in English.

    “De pot verwijt de ketel dat hij zwart ziet.”

    @silentangst & Julie: Thanks!

  24. @Geonardo DiMetrio

    Crutches aren’t wooden.

  25. I think raf knows what crutches are but doesn’t know what “crotch” means… believe it or not America is not the only country that has crutches. Its slang for penis Raf.

  26. Some crutches are wooden.

  27. yeah, i definitely used to play on wooden crutches as a kid.

  28. @ Raf: Krukken dus, jij domme ketel ;p

    @ Foreinger: You can call us dumb the minute you speak as many languages as we do AND start with correctly spelling your native language….

    Next time I hurt my foot, I’m going to an American doctor! Love their way of fixing things!

    Oh and: LAST! (for now :) )

  29. @procrastinator

    It might be surprising that I knew the word “crotch”, but not the word “crutch”. I blame this inconsistency in my english vocabulary on American TV series, where the word “crotch” is far more often used than the word “crutch”.

    BTW: Is it only slang for penis? I thought it counted for both sexes?

  30. @Raf, it can count for both sexes. But in this instance all of her friends mean male crotches because she’s female

  31. @foreinger: You just got pwned by Julie and Raf and also managed to show what an ignorant asshole you are. WTG.

    Raf, you’re obviously much smarter than this other douche trying to correct you.

    As for these entries, LOL to both of these. Even with Drue’s incorrect grammar, it’s still funny!

  32. That is because American English is so lousy, that “crotch” and “crutch” are pronounced exactly the same

  33. God bless us, every one.

  34. @EnglishLady:
    That’s not true; they’re pronounced differently.

  35. @Englishlady

    If you don’t know what you’re talking about, shut it. They’re pronounced differently in “American English”. Crotch uses the ‘aw’ sound and crutch uses the ‘uh’ sound.


  36. @Englishlady


  37. The extent to which these posts and their comments are scrutinized now is amazing. Seriously, it’s starting to take the steam (and hilarity) out of Lamebook.

  38. @Andy

    I pronounce Crotch using an “ah” sound. Definitely different than crutch, nonetheless, even if accents are slightly different throughout the USA. EnglishLady is just jealous because her country isn’t a super power anymore.

  39. AmericanGentlewoman

    Ummm, no. In most dialects of American English “crotch” and “crutch” are not pronounced exactly the same. In the most common dialects, the vowel sound in “crotch” is the same as in “ought” (ɑ)and the vowel sound in “crutch” is the same as in “hut.” (ʌ) And ugh, the word “lousy” is sooo 20th century…

    Also, a crotch isn’t a penis. It’s the area of the lower body where the top of your legs meet your torso. So yeah, definitely penile area, but not quite exactly the same.

    But forget that! Chris’ ballsy response FTW! (no pun intended)

  40. AmericanGentlewoman

    ^^^ (@ English Lady, btw)

  41. @AmericanGentlewoman

    Can you type “penile area” again for me?


  42. @joho: “Crutches aren’t wooden.”

    Oh. Maybe not anymore. When I was a kid (the ’70s) I knew one or two kids who sprained their ankle and they had wooden crutches. Guess they’ve switched to metal now.

  43. @Geonardo

    A friend of mine broke his leg 3 years ago and he was given wooden crutches. He’s a sloppy drunk, though and smashed one over some guy outside a bar.

    He was given metal ones, after that.

  44. anyone who says first is as straight as a roundabout

  45. @Raf
    I’m dying to know,are you scandinavian or from Holland?
    Or what was that?
    Now I want to know

  46. @ni hao.. dutch

  47. Ni hao, from the amount of z’s in the sentence I would’ve guessed more eastern europe. Spent some time in Sweden and that’s not Scandinavian (from my limited knowledge of the language)
    And seriously, no-one in England is jealous of America. You can call yourself a “super power” all you like but to the rest of the world you’re likea five year old child juggling nuclear war heads. We fear you only because of the stupidity (most) of you show and the weaponary you own.
    I am prepared to get slated but seriously, you voted George Bush in charge, how do you think you’re gonna look to the rest of the world? There are nice smart Americans I’m sure, but I’ve only met two

  48. @lame&nihao

    Not dutch or scandinavian. I ‘ll give you a hint. I speak french to…

  49. 1. Everyone on here is so desperate to make fun of someone else, people keep jumping on each other for stuff that doesn’t even make sense. If you’re going to call some stupid because of something they’ve done, make sure you’re right. It’s so annoying to see everyone insulting each other, and 30 % of the time, there’s nothing to even insult about.

    2. Why the country bashing? As an American, I admit that our country isn’t up to par right now, some of our ideologies are misguided, and we’ve done some silly stuff. But one American says England is jealous, and you go off insulting? You have to know there are more than two intelligent Americans. If you don’t know that, you’re not very smart yourself. Why do people feel the need to insult each other’s country?

    Let’s stick to spelling/grammar mistakes. Not whether crutches are wooden.

  50. Hee Raf de Krukkenmans!
    What’s Belgium like today?

  51. Mocking the American’s was so much fun, and so easy when Bush was around, but with Obama we can’t do it anymore (well not with as much conviction anyway). I’m glad to see that Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi has stepped up to take the crown as the World’s Idiot and in the process taint every other Italian. Bravo Silvio.

  52. worldofwarcraftisgay

    lamebook is very slowly becoming lame itself

  53. Thesaurapist 13(F)


    “very slowly”?

  54. Procrastinator is wrong. Crotch is not slang for penis. Raf is right, it applies to both sexes. Crotch merely refers to the area containing the genitals.

  55. This site is indeed becoming lame. People should really skim the comment section before they post… about 5 people have now explained the difference in pronunciation between “crutch” and “crotch,” and several more have explained what a crotch is. We get it. Now I also feel lame for scrutinizing a Lamebook comment thread. Dammit.

  56. Well said, mittens. Sigh.

  57. i like turtles

  58. Baby, you’d love my turtle.

  59. worldofwarcraftisgay

    @Thesaurapist 13(F).. people writing ‘first’ at the start.. it’s making lamebook live upto it’s name

    @mittens.. very true

  60. @worldofwarcraftisgay

    I agree, lamebook is living up to its name more and more. I can’t believe how booklike it has become.

    I was one of the first to explain the difference between crutch and crotch.

    One smells bad and is often pressed up against armpits. It gets dirty and used and sometimes broken. And the other is a crutch.

  61. @mccowles- I approve of this definition. However, I’m having a hard time imagining why somebody would want a crotch pressed against his/her armpit. Meh, to each his own I suppose.

  62. @mittens

    You’ve never had a Pit-Grind? Or a Dirty French Woman? You hvaen’t lived until a crotch is mounted under your arm and the legs are wrapped around your shoulders for support. At least that’s what I’m assuming.

  63. Sidenote: How can someone be a foreigner on the world wide web? Wouldn’t that make you an alien from outer space?

  64. I love Giselle’s friends. Fact. I am having a complete laughing spaz right now.

  65. @mcowles-

    You’re right, I haven’t lived, you have opened my eyes! I’m definitely going to suggest the Dirty French Woman to my boyfriend. Thanks for that visual, it made me giggle.

  66. @mittens. and @mcowles
    *snorts with laughter*

  67. Poor Chris set himself up for that one!

    On the repetition of comments issue; Yeah it is annoying when virtually the same question/explanation is written again and again and again. But then again, anyone who doesn’t have a whole hour of their time to spend reading every single comment under every single post has to cut the process down a little. If I come upon a post rather late in the game and it already has over 50 comments I usually get bored halfway through and skip down to what I’m about to say.

    So, in saying that.. Who wants my definition of crutches?!


  68. Bah, you people are idiots. foreinger (sic) wasn’t calling Raf a dumb foreigner, he was calling himself a dumb foreigner and asking to be let in on the joke. Learn to read.

  69. @Raf

  70. Dutch

  71. I know we don’t all have time to read all the comment threads in their entirety, but if you pay enough attention to notice that some idiot said crutch and crotch are pronounced the same way, wouldn’t you also notice that 3 people had already told that person off directly below the original comment? Oh well, it really doesn’t matter.

    So jelly, what’s a crutch?! Is that like a penis?!?!? I don’t get it!!

  72. “De pot verwijt de ketel dat hij zwart ziet.”
    The pot calling the kettle black. Or accusing the kettle of being black.

    Sorry if someone else already said it. It’s six am and I’m in a hurry so could nly skim the comments

  73. It’s 6am, you’re in a hurry, but you can’t leave the house until you leave a comment on Lamebook. That’s soooooo lame dude. Get a life man

  74. Laughed until I cried at this one.

    That made me giggle.

  75. FIRST

  76. dang! just missed it

  77. @mccowles – tee hee! you funny!

    Drue – funny, but he spells his name ‘Drue’. Lame parents.


  79. its crotches, NOT crutches. facebook said so.

  80. dont ya just hate the iphone.

  81. HAHA goed gesê!

  82. SomeRandomChick

    I love America!

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