Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Doggone It

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  1. The last one was quite adorable, until they turned the caps lock on; WTF was all that about?!

  2. i was thinking the same thing.

  3. Pam wasn’t hatin’ on Pokey.

  4. The last one was Kind of creepy untill they turned on the caps lock and changed direction to LOLsville




    My owner has now gotten bored of telling me what to write, so I’m going to end it with this.


    that goes at the end.
    it wasn’t finished.

  6. damn pam… $20? I’m going to guess meth… anyone else got guesses to the drug she is so addicted to that fucking a dog for $20 seemed like a good idea

    I mean i’m a dawg and I would fuck a chic at a party… although i wouldnt pay $20, so i guess thats a good choice pam

  7. *chick

  8. slim, I am thinking meth as well. yeesh.

  9. meth and a massive amount of alcohol.

  10. @ slimjayz: i’m guessing it’s not meth just because you can’t get much meth for $20.

  11. Nic and Brad are losers. That is all.

  12. thanks buds… i have avoided meth so I have no clue as to its cost… maybe she is a crack whore and that $20 buys her way out of anal

  13. who would pay someone to do that? (a dog)……I’m sad for humanity sometimes…

  14. 1. Sick sick sick!

    2. That poor cat!

    3. WTF?!


  15. I was kinda grossed out, until Shane made it all better. I know if I fucked a dog (which I haven’t) I’d want it to be a purebred as well, but I’d ask for way more than $20.

  16. I was thinking the same thing slim… I can think of a person or two who might do the same thing but because they’re cokeheads and junkies. For a normal, sober person to fuck a dog for $20? They’d have to have Wanted to fuck a dog all along but then figure, “well they think I’ll just do it for the money, not cuz I really really want to.” o.O I’m sorry but if you’re gonna pay me to fuck an animal, at least help me pay my rent or something (or at least enough to score some REALLY GOOD drugs not just a watered down sniff haha), not just enough to go to McDonald’s with.. LOL

    Sorry some of that sounds fucked up I know but.. that Joe & Pam thing screwed up my brain permanently I think.


  18. I think it would be fun to fuck a chic at a party in front of everyone… and thats chic, not chick

  19. Pic 2

    I see nothing out of the ordinary here at all.
    He likes doing pussy doggy style, what male doesn’t?

  20. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    At least Pam gets paid, albeit in mockery and at a pittance.

    However, Nick and Brad agree to “owning” poor Pokey. And that name needs no hint as to it’s sinister suggestiveness.

  21. You’re right word, that’s my man’s favorite position.

  22. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    and wordpervert, you took the words right out of my mouth…

  23. not my favorite position, but definately a top 3

  24. slim, I’d do you in any position.

  25. I just kept thinking, “That poor cat.”

    Pokey’s profile doesn’t surprise me because I made a Facebook for my cat as a joke. Then she died.

  26. My uncle used to have a dog, named Elvis, who would hump the family cat on command. Every time you said, “Kill!”, Elvis would chase down the cat and hump it. I think the cat actually enjoyed it! It was quite amusing. R.I.P. Elvis!

  27. I’m now a fan of Pokey.

  28. I don’t think there’s anything to say on that last one except… what the FUCK?

  29. I knew this girl once, she had her dog eat her out at a party in front of everyone, and she was neither asked nor paid to do so. People are sick.

  30. Oh sure, everyone says they’re an animal lover, but go the extra mile with a mastiff and people get creeped out. Hypocrites.

  31. I don’t think there’s anything to say on that first one except… what the FUCK?

  32. aww word… thats so sweet… you know i would do you anytime and anywhere

  33. @hobo

    To anwser your question… a dog

  34. lol

  35. I’m thinking that Pokey’s owners didn’t make sure the settings were set to allow people to “pet,” “feed,” etc. Pokey but *NOT* be admins. My guess is that a friend went in and added that last bit.

    Either that or Pokey had finally had enough and decided to let it all out. If that’s the case, you can’t blame him for using the caps lock- I mean, ffs, he taught himself to type- what more do you people want from him?

  36. about #1, I have to say it’s not just the why that bothers me, but the how…

  37. @dinosaurus I don’t know how you can be on the Internet for more than 5 minutes without gaining a detailed and graphic understanding of how such an act might be performed.

  38. @Sensible Madness. Up until this point I thought I’d done a pretty good job of avoiding those dark corners of the internet. Now I’m just going to plug my ears and sing “la la la” til this disappears.

  39. i suppose i just hoped that the dog might have more self respect.

  40. I knew a girl who masturbated with a remote control at a party for 100 dollars, I’m thinking Pam got fucking gypped.

  41. I know a guy who emerged naked from his room at a party and teabagged his girlfriend in the face…awesomeness :)

  42. tl;dr

  43. ApplesauceBitch

    Bitches don’t know bout Pokey.

    Is it wrong I’m curious as to the size of the dog she fucked? O__o hope she didn’t hurt it…other then it’s soul.

  44. Sensible Madness: You may say that as a joke, but before I came to Lamebook I was a sweet, naive little boy. And then I met you guys… and I know things I could probably be arrested just for thinking about.

    Oh, and I saw a guy masturbate on ChatRoulette, that didn’t help.

  45. i dont know what chatroulette is… but it seems to be for the best

  46. dear nic and brad.
    your dog could benefit from training from a licensed animal behavior trainer. this is what many people do when faced with ‘inappropriate’ behavior from their pets.
    maybe then you could take out your tampon and stop bitching about how misbehaved your dog is.
    your friend,

  47. @Pokey’s dad. STFU, no one is buying that a dog typed that and it’s not cute or funny, ritart. P.S. TLDR

  48. Just for the record, I would totally do Slim too…

    On that note, I can’t believe you don’t know what ChatRoulette is… Go to FunnyJunk.com and do a search for it, you will undoubtedly laugh your ass off. Good stuff most of the time.

  49. The first one is not even funny. Raped a dog would be a better way to put it. Beastiality is animal abuse. It’s sick and illegal.

  50. I have to say though that while having sex with a dog is fucking nasty, it is not necessarily animal abuse as some people on here been saying. If we really want to talk about animal abuse, we should talk about feedlot, slaughterhouses, where animals are cramped in tight spaces and killed inhumanely for their meat, fur, etc. And I know it may comes off sounding all hippie and ish, but that’s the truth. If I was a dog/cow/chicken and I have to choose between being in a feedlot and having sex with human…the choice is pretty obvious.

  51. madison010101: while i agree that feedlots, slaughterhouses, etc are horrible, beastiality is still abuse. That’s like saying rape isn’t horrible because, hey, at least they weren’t killed.

  52. Good one MyJob. I agree.

  53. Not really. People who’ve studied zoology have shown that animals are sexual creatures who sometimes initiate sex with humans and other animals. So animals sometimes do have consent when it comes to sex with humans. Not wanting to go in more details since it is Lamebook and all but I’m just saying that I wouldn’t stretch it and said bestiality=animal abuse when we’re still living in a society where inhumane treatment of animals in feedlots are still acceptable. peace.

  54. @46

  55. @53

  56. I’m pretty sure nobody held the dog on top of her. I can see how a man fucking an animal is abuse, but if a dog is sticking his wang in a human female, he’s doing it with consent. Just saying…

  57. the cat doesn’t seem all that arsed. Infact, it has a very content look on its face.

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