Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dirty D

Dirty D

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  1. She obviously wants her family to read this shit, otherwise she would’ve deleted the comments.

  2. Diego sounds like he’s going to be joining his brother soon after he gets busted for statutory.

  3. Wow. Now this was a delightful exchange to read! Young puppy love, ass rapper spelling and grammar, sexual innuendos for family to read, life in prison… all the makings of a healthy relationship that any 14-year-old girl would need to get a head start in life.

  4. Some people are too dumb to figure out how to do things on fb like delete comments left by others. I wonder if this comment thread following her pictures will come up in court when her family files statutory charges against this douche.

  5. Actually, the family doesnt file stat rape, the police do. You cant file them, they are automatic when the police find out and gain enough evidence.

  6. Figures!

  7. I bet her parents send her to a different high school.

  8. Robert knows!

  9. oh dear.

  10. Go Diego Go!

  11. So lame it’s not even funny.

  12. this is the greatest web site ever!

  13. @ Kendra — I was thinking the same exact thing. Poor girl.

  14. Don’t these people know there is a thing called “Inbox” on Facebook. Where you can “compose message” without others seeing it.

  15. Is uncle Jeremy’s picture Tux the penguin???

  16. I hope she gets her phone taken away. It’s obvious that this 18 year old Diego guy talks about having sex with her, whenever they talk on the phone (which looks like it’s pretty often).

  17. What will Ricardo think about this exchange and her eagerness to chat on IM with Diego?

    Is it legal to work at 14 in the US?

  18. This is the most romantic thing I have ever read.
    Taking aim at lousy advertising

  19. Looks like Diego may be going down the same path as his brother.

  20. am i the only one who’s really confused by the chronology of these posts?

  21. I feel like this is every 14 year old’s life (especially today) though. Not so much the jail part, but the “sex is on my mind all the time” part. It’s just, life pre-facebook allowed us to be more discreet about such things. lol.

    poor parents. they must be so shocked.

  22. @ 20 Josh – yeah, now that you mention it, it looks odd. But someone will come along soon and explain it to us.

  23. uhm, delete button.

  24. And what’s with the photos? She looks like she’s posing for mugshots.

  25. This is like a Lamebook’s Greatest Hits entry: a bit of everything that Lamebook stands for (parental intrusion, family members in prison, shit typing) but nothing in enough detail to properly enjoy.

    Still, good effort.

  26. Ah, I remembered when I was offered a position as a sexetary.

    The sad thing is I’m serious….

  27. Diego would be fantastic boyfriend material, if he’s anything like his brother, Bronco. I’m really looking forward to Bron being released. We’re going to get married, and live in his Uncle’s friend’s basement. Our baby, Ocatavio, will be 23 by the time Bron is released. I’ll wait for Bron, because he loves me. The very first time met he offered to cum on MY tits!

    Although, my baby daddy might actually be Diego. But don’t tell Marissa that. It might put her off him.

    Dora, aged 13

  28. I’m pretty open-minded when it comes to ejaculating on the breasts of a young lady, but I draw the line at 14.

  29. Hahaha this feed had everything and more. Nicely done lamebook.

  30. “aww you said sorry good boy LOL”
    “yeah shut up”

  31. Marissa, back away slowly, no sudden movements, but get the f outta there

  32. Those are two screenshots taken a few days apart. The first comment was eventually removed.

  33. I bet he’s really 23, which makes this exchange super cute.

  34. It’s like Marissa can almost be redeemed as she’s trying to take school seriously but calling Diego a good boy for saying sorry after publicly stating that he wants to jac all over a 14-year old girl’s breasts ruins all her decency cred. I didn’t know about that at 14.

    And they aren’t even hoochie shots so Diego is just a disgusting perv (although we all knew that).

  35. The last comment made me chuckle. Run Marissa, run! If the Uncle has any sense he should tell her parents about this – if she’s willing to talk like that with someone who she’s not going out with, what the fuck is she doing with Ricardo, who she is going out with?

    I am getting old.

  36. What can you expect? Their mexicans. They start that mass breeding early.

  37. Their = They’re

  38. hi my name is marissa and i paint my eyebrows on with a sharpie.

  39. @ Boz – LOL!!!!

    @ Spanky – shame, shame, shame :(

    I was just as dirty when I was in high school. I sure do hope that young man isn’t barking up the statutory tree.

  40. Im thinking she is pregnant with those poses

  41. @Boz. Nah yo, the line is drawn at 16 cause that’s when these biddies get their permit in most states

  42. @Jules exactly what i was thinking

  43. I LOL’d at “I see ya tits, let me cum on em.”

    Way too forward to not be hilarious.

  44. I really like how his grammar becomes nearly perfect when addressing her uncle, and then goes back to wanna be street thug.

  45. I know I’m just beeing a moron about grammar, but I can’t help but notice that Marissa has ‘a whole lot to get caught up on’. Surely I’m not the only one who thinks that sounds wrong..

  46. I once thought my brother got life in prison. Turned out he was just working late

  47. lol @ Bradster. hahaahaah.

  48. It’s lame calling someone ‘ma’ like if that’s gonna make me feel good or comfortable or whatever the young generation think it means. It’s lame.

  49. I’m pretty sure he only called her Ma because her name is Marissa…

  50. WikidJuggaloPanda

    @50 Jenny: Ma is slang for a female. i.e. What you doin later ,ma, wanna go out sometime? Personally I find it fucked up to call a girl I’m trying to have sex with “ma”, and vice versa, don’t like to be called “daddy”. It’s just creepy, yo’.

  51. dumb fuck… her name is marissa… hence calling her ma.
    ma is for MArissa..

  52. Voltage you tool, if he’s saying “ma” and “mama” that much it isn’t as obvious as all that.

  53. John Players Standard

    You guys are all a bunch of fucking tools. Thank you have a nice day.

  54. I gave up trying to decipher Diego’s words after the third comment. Can anyone sum it up for me?

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