Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Deerly Beloved


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  1. Classy!

  2. I believe Imran Zakhaev was the Best Man.

  3. stop kissing your sister!

  4. CumDog Millionaire

    That’s every little girls dream. Very classy. Hope they had enough jerky for the reception.

  5. 3 pictures for a wedding album?

  6. This happened in West Virginia

  7. What is it?? Is it some sort of strange redneck cammo gear?

  8. Cupid was up in his treestand and shot her with the wrong kind of arrow.
    Mossy oak wedding attire, that’s some backwoods shit.

  9. Has anybody else noticed that his pants are a different type of camo than his jacket?

  10. I can’t see them.

  11. Ehhh…not a fan but whatever makes them happy.

  12. Oh, there they are! How sweet. They look like proud members of the anti-gun lobby. I also wonder if it isn’t 2 girls, there.

  13. WTF who cares if thats what they want, I personally think its lame, but at least she wasnt a hypocrite like 99% of the other brides wearing white eh?!

  14. Well afterthe dead boy in the tub and the baby sucking a gun this is a rather nice picture. I wouldn’t wear this as my wedding gown, but she most likely would snub my choice of a gown. Its their wedding day, so cheers!

  15. I wonder if they wore this for their honeymoon hunting trip.

  16. lamebookislamemyspacebardoesntworktonight

  17. They did wear this for the honeymoon hunting trip. They then coupled for the first time on the skin of whatever animal they managed to shoot.

  18. not my kind of thing and pretty lame but meh, their wedding I suppose

  19. lol @ 16

  20. why does she have a white veil?? it should have been brown or cammo :S

  21. Weddings are stupid. All weddings are stupid. This one is just being honest about it.

  22. I wonder if her veil was made of mosquito netting…

  23. Are they on a mini golf course?!

  24. They blend in so well.

  25. Sorry Cory. We can still see all 250 lbs of you.

  26. Seeing as the state your staus thing is a bunch of bollocks I’ll post mine here instead.

    Coworkers leave me alone lest my faeces end up on you or in you!

  27. @ Burgers
    I was going to ask the same Question.
    That is the second ugliest wedding dress I’ve seen this week wtf is wrong with these people.

  28. what a horror.

  29. I like turtles.

  30. this is a bit half arsed,why didnt they do it properly and just wear full ghillie suits.

  31. vanemo – agreed, she definetly committed a faux pas going with the white veil.

    The sad thing is; this isn’t the first time I’ve seen camo wedding pictures.

  32. But….If they get divorced, will they still be brother and sister?????

  33. I love it how his arms are just kinda… hanging there… what about a hug? or at least holding her hands? No? kthx

  34. I m guessing this must be the standard wedding gown in rural areas
    Tennessee,Arkansas,the Carolinas,… ?


    WTF is she holding? I see the flowers. And then?

  36. @6: Oh yes, it ABSOLUTELY must have…

    And I think he’s holding her right hand? And you cant see her hand….? That’s just me though.

  37. CumDog Millionaire

    Thinking the comments are more lame than the posts now.

  38. Do you lot really have such pathetic lives that you have to comment on other peoples misfortunes to make yourselves feel better. Some things are clearly funny on this site, but these comments are lamer than anything else. Get a life you bunch of losers

  39. I hope her honeymoon lingerie is camo too, wouldn’t mind seeing a picture of that

  40. haha losers , man you must be really thick if you do not see the irony in putting the effort of commenting on the commentors

    You just made me laugh, telling other people to get a life because they are sitting behind their screen commenting on other people well i guess you catch my drift …

  41. for the record i was married in north carolina and i didn’t wear camo….i lied and wore white….even though i was 3 months pregnant lol…but whatever their wedding their choice *giggle* camo wedding dress…..

  42. does anyone else notice how little enthusiasm the dude is putting into that kiss?

  43. @39
    I agree with father sha on this one…but at the same time I think you called this wedding a misfortune? If so I completely agree :)

  44. Oh the irony!!

  45. What I love about posters like “Losers” (#39), is that they probably honestly feel that their finger-wagging rants are going to be taken seriously, so that we’ll immediately cease commenting on other’s “misfortunes”, then perhaps erase Lamebook from our browser-favorites/bookmarks, and then get a life. Because none of this is a part of life, you understand.

    You just have to love ‘em.

  46. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you all enjoy the holiday!

    Don’t eat too much :)

  47. insert clever name here

    @ Aniskai – I think she’s holding a large sock with doe juice in it. After the kiss she is supposed to slap him in the face with it to attract an elk to kill. How else do you think they going to feed the wedding party? The groom shouldn’t mind though, he seems to have collapsed on her face.

  48. Your taking my comment the wrong way, i think the majority of whats on this site is hilarious and some of the comments on facebook deserve to be slagged off majorly!

    I just don’t think its right to cane people for their misfortune where its quite clear here this couple have no money and have very limited options for weddings. I’m sure they would much prefer a white wedding in a church as most peopl would.

    I thoroughly enjoy lamebook but just disagree with some of the posts, i didn’t expect my comment to be taken seriously by a bunch of people who comment on peoples comments for a living!

  49. She seems to have a pretty nice body and a tattoo to boot. In contrast the guy seems to pretty fugly. One must wonder if she was sober, or at least near sober.

  50. the agnostic anarch

    Insane, you are a tard. She may be thin but she probably has a horse face and you can’t tell anything about him.

  51. @51: SEEMS is an indicator word that calls for a POSSIBILITY. If you cant laugh in this day and age then you’re going to have a short life.

  52. @ Losers again (#49)

    And what you’ve been doing is … commenting on people’s comments, not?

  53. posty mcposterson

    @ Losers- You are an idiot. Period.

  54. The more I study this picture….I don’t think this is a wedding pic. I think the ‘groom’ is dead. And she’s holding him up. Possibly this is a scene from a Hunting Snuff Film. I’m not sure. However, if this is a real wedding pic, Jeff Foxworthy is somewhere having a field day….

  55. Fucken hillbillies!!!! This is to creepy! Are these 2 hippi’s related?

  56. Somebody actually had to make that dress, hahahahahahahahahaha, stupid ppl make my day, without them life would just be boring. “The sheer stupidity of people never ceases to amaze or amuse me…” love it…hahahahahahahahaha

  57. This is kind of awesome. I was born in central PA, haven’t lived there since i was a little kid…. maybe its in my blood…but i definitely have a place in my heart for some good old real tree…and fuck it, if they are proud to be redneck, then power to em.

  58. I wonder if Osama Bin Laden was a guest to that wedding.

  59. This photo was taken at a place in Putnam County, Tn called Hidden Hollow.Google it. They used to do ceremonies out ther all the time and have the wedding albums to prove it.Neat little place.Weird,but neat.

  60. Mossy Oak preferred!!

  61. LOL is this a at a mini golf course?!?!?!?!?! Look at that little strip of fake green grass next to the guy and tell me it doesn’t look like mini golf lol.

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