Friday, January 29, 2010

Deep Dishin’

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  1. Ben.

  2. And Christopher owns. But Christopher’s just a loser.

  3. who the hell is he talking to?

  4. oh wait-some girl just keeps fucking guys with the same name-guys who like stuffed crust better than stuffing her-lame?

  5. Where is the “Love” button?

  6. In what world does poontang=pizza?

  7. They are two different Chris’.

  8. More importantly, why did Chris pick up that pizza anyway? Don’t you think if a Pizza has your name on it and just suddenly appeared, perhaps your ex-girlfriend might have planted it to get revenge for all those stuffings?

  9. @ post 7 (Ricola): thank you captain obvious

  10. I like the fact that despite Christopher screwed other Christopher’s ex, they’re still fine to live/work together, and are on good terms, even Facebook friends. But a pizza manages to cause them to argue more than the ex-girlfriend.

    Why are pizzas so often the cause of such problems in Lamebook? I’m reminded of that absurdly long post with the guy who kept bringing pizza to somebody else’s house, and it getting eaten.

  11. Beanstalker IS TRYING to be funny… smart…

  12. Are you saying Pizzas are usually more of a discussable matter among guys than girls are? FACT

    Also I hope the fashion industry doesn’t get to know that fact. We all know what might happen…

  13. This reminds me of the Dave incident from passive-aggressive notes:

  14. worst_episode_ever

    me likes

  15. Christopher M has failed miserably here. Realising Christopher C had stolen his pizza he should have bought another, labelled it in a similar manner, and shot a portion of his extra special ‘sauce’ over it before leaving it in the break room fridge. Revenge is a dish best served cold…..

  16. cpt brown sauce sandwich

    go alexis! he LOVES home alone…the christophers just love stuffing crust, but alexis has much more sophistication

  17. The sad thing is, they really were quoting home alone the whole time.

  18. Even with the ‘I don’t owe you shit. Don’t forget you screwed my ex-girlfriend’ line?

  19. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    It’s Home Alone: Unrated

  20. I can picture a little Macauly Culkin saying that line.

  21. why is he so mad? its his EX right? its not like theyre still together

  22. lol he stuffed the other chris’ ex gf crust with his cheese stick!!! :D

  23. @ The Doctor, hahaha… Christopher M will probably think someone added mushroom sauce on his pizza. Yum yum….

  24. “Ahhhhh” (Home Alone What!!) Ha ha, Christopher stuffed her crust! Now that’s funny!

  25. Is it kinda bad that I miss Ben? It’s been what? A day without him… I feel empty.

  26. So blatantly fake.

  27. Who cares that he had sex with your ex. Unless she wasn’t your ex when they had sex.

  28. I can see it now, in bars and clubs all over the country, “Hey baby, what’s your favourite kinda pizza? Mine’s stuffed crust. Speaking of stuffed crust…”

  29. something tells me chris will be getting another free pizza soon, but with some extra ingredients.

  30. Who leaves pizza lying around and really expects it to still be there when it comes anyway? I sure wouldn’t, I would volunteer the same way chris did though :p

  31. Lying around in a fridge? Are you serious?

  32. So Christopher put his name on a pizza, letting everyone know it’s his… including the person who has the same name as him.

    The Chris who ate the pizza won that round!

  33. teehee, my favourite lamebook post for ages

  34. The ex-girlfriend just wanted some ex-sex but she got confused and ended up fucking some other guy because he had the same name…

  35. Who goes out and buys a whole pizza, stuffed crust and all, (or has it delivered) and then puts it in a common fridge untouched? He deserved to get his pizza eaten.

  36. The best part of this is where Chris M. points out that the pizza was stuffed crust supreme, and therefore Chris C. still owes him, implying that the stuffed crust supreme is worth more than the screwing of the ex.

  37. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    In my opinion, no one cares that you just ate a pizza and therefore that status is totally lame as well. But, so are 90% of statuses out there…

  38. this one is totally set up. fake

  39. Sounds like a really professional environment.

  40. that must have been awkward

  41. Wow, this is why you write your last name on the pizza… or at least a last initial.

  42. Like

  43. They can eat some double-stuffed oreo cookies for dessert!

  44. I would be mad too if someone ate my stuffed crust pizza!
    snarf snarf

  45. @smalltownoaf

    Agreed.. I could fake an orgasm better than this so called status..

    Chris screwed Chris’s Ex-Girlfriend then jokes about Chris screwing Chris’s Ex-Stuffed crust.. On Facebook.. This is why 12 year olds shouldn’t be allowed to use Facebook..

    I’d like to quote Family Guy now.. “You’re a big fat phony”

  46. @Crackadackalash

    That was a nice Family Guy episode. It feels like it was ages ago. Or was it?

  47. Lamebook is dead

  48. Yeah, it’s not been updated for a whole DAY!


  50. I submited, hope they post it (if they don’t have anything better)
    Btw the dude may be sick or fapping all day

  51. I found an amazing status that so belongs on Lamebook, but sadly it’s about two hundred comments long, and I doubt they’d ever put that up.

  52. Haha @ Stuffed Crust!

  53. How much can you really care about someone fucking your ex? Especially when she can be hinted at in the conversation by evoking such wildly erotic imagery as “stuffed crust”… It makes her sound like an octogenarian with a flaky skin disease and a colostomy bag…

    Stolen pizza on the other hand… Stuffed crust no less!

    I just don’t know if I can ever eat stuffed crust again now that Chris has planted that seed…

  54. No one sees a pizza with their name on it and thinks “oh, someone left this for me”. This is either fake or he knew he was stealing someone else’s pizza.

  55. lostintranslation

    Perhaps he stole the pizza because the other Christopher slept with his ex? It seems like a fair payment…

  56. The dowry system in America sure is different

  57. i think an eye for an eye applies here… you’re even. I just hope they were both tasty…

  58. Maybe that’s just me but a stuffed crust pizza sounds much more delectable than a sloppy seconds stuffed crust ex…Or that bitch better be some super fuck your brains out rockstar porn queen or something.I’m just saying…

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