Monday, April 5, 2010

Deadly Updates

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  1. wtf is that last picture. i have no words. i mean, really???

  2. oh… oh my god.

  3. wow… has to be more to the story for sheri to post that comment

  4. That last photo is the Worst Thing in the Whole World.

  5. What the eff is going on, in the last picture??

  6. Maybe Tyler’s mother regularly sits on household pets.

  7. WTF are they really stringing up a deer and about to gut it, while the child sits in the swing?


  8. Holy crap, I would have to cut a bitch for talking about my dog, or my mom, like Sheri did.

    The last pic, if I’m not mistaken, is a deer hung up for dressing (venison, yum!). I don’t see a rack though, so it makes me a little suspicious…

    Either way, nobody is fucking with this guy’s yard with that in his garden.

  9. i didn’t notice anything wrong with the last one for a minute… but when i realized what it was— gross!!

  10. Lol, I had the Hugh Jackman ad (for ‘hilarious pics’ (where he’s doing a hair flick thing in the water)) underneath that last photo…. they look eerily similar.

  11. worst thing in the world? food hanging before getting prepared and a child swinging… i can think of a few things worse

  12. So someone pissed in Sheri’s coffee this morning
    and the last one EPIC FAIL !

  13. Dana and Emily sound like a Monty Python routine.

  14. Why post Heather’s? I feel bad for her; I mean that’s pretty horrible. Not really lamebook worthy…

  15. whoa, what did tylers mom do to piss off sheri ? geeeez.
    and the last picture, that poor poor child..

  16. I thought for a while that the last one was just a horrible piece of art but its a real baby in a swing.

  17. i find it hilarious that these people thought “hmm.. this seems like a really good time to take a picture of our kid. while swinging next to a very large hanging dead deer”

  18. Agreed, slimjayz; everyone has to eat. Maybe this family just doesn’t see the need to hide where food comes from.

    Hint – it doesn’t spring forth, fully plastic-wrapped, from the brow of Zeus. My only objection would be if it were out of season or a doe.

  19. Hmmm, seems sexist to only want to eat male deer meat.

    BTW, I think it is a doe.

  20. @howdy…not lamebook worthy???? she’s leaving posts about her brother in law who has just been murdered or committed suicide, either way he has abruptly died and then a little while later she’s asking for Farmville Eggs….kind of weird.

    My cat died a couple months ago and I didn’t play farmville for like 2 weeks after that out of grief. Its just a bit weird. “My brother in law died…can I have some Eggs?”

  21. My favorite part of the last photo is the woman on the side making sure she gets a picture from another angle.

  22. crap…I just outed myself as a Farmville player…..

  23. I created an account JUST so I could comment on the hanging deer picture.

    Really? What’s so bad about the picture? When we were kids, my dad would come home from hunting, and we’d all take a picture with the head of the deer that he killed. Ususally, he would have it hanging under the carport while he was getting ready to cut the meat. I see nothing wrong with this picture.

    And you can get a tag for a doe in many states.

  24. @else9874: Oh she meant farmville eggs? Wow. I just thought she wanted real eggs, which is still weird but I didn’t think as much of it. Yeah i guess its lamebook worthy, just seemed kind of harsh at first.

  25. @els9874, I assumed she was talking about REAL eggs, she mentioned not knowing what they were going to do for Easter. Saturday night, probably the night before Easter, and now it’s late and she needs Eggs for the kids to find? That’s what I got from it anyway.

  26. Yeah I agree with youDONTsay. Everyone’s saying ‘oh that poor kid’…why? Because he is near a dead animal? Oh boy….It really isn’t a big deal and I think the parents just thought it was a funny sight to see their kid swinging next to it, which is why they took a picture..

  27. Hey, who’s to say Heather’s not taking her mind off it all by trying to up her Farmville stuff? I figured she meant Easter eggs too, but either way, it doesn’t hit my radar as being weird or lame.

  28. I thought the hanging deer was a tree sculpture at first- LOL.

  29. wow. just wow.

  30. i think the last one is weird because who puts that on facebook? do their friends enjoy seeing pictures of dead hanging deer? i’m not a fan of sport hunting but if you’re gonna eat what you kill, then i’m ok with that but i don’t need to see the pictures. i prefer thinking that the meat at the grocery store just magically appears.

  31. When I was a kid, my best friend’s dad often had a deer hanging from the swing set – no big deal. Kinda cool, actually. And yes, meat comes from animals.

  32. Wow, people really need to lighten up about the deer thing. It’s not like the baby is gonna die because daddy hangs the deer in the back yard. I like venison, it’s yummy.

  33. Uh sorry weirdos, there’s nothing cool about an animal carcass hanging from your child’s swing set. Not classy.

    People who take pictures of their kids with deer heads are CREEPS. If you want to hunt animals, whatever, do your thing. It’s probably a lot better for you even though people are polluting our rivers and streams that the deer are drinking out of by dumping oil in storm drains but nonetheless…if my dad had a dead bleeding animal hanging from my swing set I would have nightmares for weeks.

    It’s not cute. Might as well set your daughter up on the side of the road next to a dead possum with it’s eyes bulging out, snap a picture and post it on Facebook. I wonder if this family tagged Bambi in the photo. Nobody thinks children should be given a chance to be children for at least the first 5 years?

    I’ll never understand the red neck culture.

  34. Ah, you guys are right about the doe tag – I forgot you can do that in some areas. My bad.

    I kind of want to know who these people are so I can get invited over for dinner. I’m good for booze and a side dish!

  35. The last picture made WTF! Then LMAO, then I AFK’ed to go get some meat before coming back and lol’ing again.

    On another note, that picture reminds me of one within the last few weeks where the guy was humping the dead deer with his pants down, lol. That kid will grow up to be the same. Related maybe? Lol

  36. @ 33: so you’re totally cool with people doing they’re own thing, unless it offends you…

    Just because you think that only ‘classy’ people are cool doesn’t mean that these people are weird. It’s a dead animal, get over it. If you have nightmares because of it, then I suggest you get help.

  37. Seriously, “littlelolita,” people who use the word “classy” rarely are.

    Also, there’s nothing wrong with a child being around dead animals. Guess what?! When cavemen killed animals, their children saw the carcasses. You’re a gigantic fucking dumb ass if a deer being hung in the backyard to be cleaned gives you nightmares. Like someone else mentioned earlier, meat doesn’t just pop into existence. Someone actually has to kill the animal, clean it, process it, and package it. Get over yourself and grow a set.

  38. CommentsAtLarge

    That last picture… why are we posing the child with the carcass? Take a picture of your kid on the swing? Sure. Photograph the kill for posterity’s sake. Cool. String it up on the swingset since it seems to be a good height? Right on (if you’re gonna get to the cleaning there though, do be careful – probably don’t want the kids splashing around in blood puddles). They lose me at the combining the child and the deer. Plus, kid kind of looks like they don’t want to be there.

  39. Last one=disgusting.

    Emily’s not-death=hilarious.

  40. I have no problem with kids knowing where meat comes from, or seeing dead animals if someone in the family does hunt. That’s life. But my two year old? No. He still thinks that eggs come from eggboxes, he is not old enough to understand life and death so I’m not going to let him anywhere near a dripping carcass that will terrify him for weeks!

    But that’s just MY opinion ;)

  41. I feel like shit now, for laughing hard at the first two.

    Okay, it’s VERY sad that Tyler’s dog/Heather’s brother in law died, it’s just the abruptness of the other comments that made me laugh. I guess it’s only funny because I don’t know them. Sheri’s an absolute bitch, and I’d probably attack her even worse if I knew those guys.


    Last pic is fucked up. I’m pretty sure I’ve been in that garden and all.
    Also @Janie, cavemen did a lot of shit we don’t do anymore. Lived in caves is one thing that springs to mind.

  42. I’m not sure where I stand on the whole children seeing dead animals issue, because I don’t have kids. However, I do think it’s pretty sad when a 16 year old girl doesn’t know that chicken the food comes from chicken the animal.

    Still, I just don’t understand people who think it’s appropriate to put pictures of dead animals on facebook. An acquaintance of mine had a profile picture for a while showing him pointing and laughing at a kangaroo that was killed by a car. Is that supposed to be funny? Another acquaintance has the head of a dead rabbit as her profile picture. WTF?

  43. Children like the one in the last photo grow up to be something like me. We all know we dont need anymore of that.

  44. Sheri was trying to be funny, and failed miserably. Bitch.
    What the frak is Heather on? Randomly she starts asking for eggs? Meth fantasy maybe?

  45. I lol’d at Heather.

    And that last photo was considerably more horrifying on first glance, when it looked like a greyhound. But still, good lord… it looks like they’re lynching the bugger…

  46. @BritishHobo, I laughed too. Kind of figured Sherri is his ex, and still has issues with her ex-mother-in-law. Don’t know why that should seem so humorous to me, actually… British humour? *shrugs*

  47. *Sheri. oops

  48. Sherry is an asshole…the pic with the kid….well. I have mixed feelings. I don’t see anything wrong with hunting, hunting pics etc. I would find the pic a lot worse if they were making some king of disgusting gesture toward the dead animal. Looks like these people were just bleeding it and getting it taken care of, no obscenities. That the kid was there….who cares? Kid doesn’t know what he’s looking at anyway and will never remember at that age.

  49. “When cavemen killed animals, their children saw the carcasses.”

    Lol at the tired old rhetoric: “It’s natural!” They also were lucky to hit 20 years of age. Why don’t you ook-ook back to your cave and work on a fire for tonight’s dinner. Oh, right, you aren’t a caveman, and neither are any of the other countless others who conveniently uses our evolutionary ancestry to justify things that are completely out of context.

    I have to agree with #48; I don’t see anything disrespectful toward the animal. Distasteful? Absolutely, from my perspective. Especially putting it on Facebook. But eh, based on just the photo, I don’t see any harm done. Just a culture that is foreign to me.

  50. Y’all are getting into some pretty philosophical and insulting discussions over this, and that’s cool. The family probably doesn’t have anywhere else to hang the thing.

    But am I the only one that notices, regardless of the child, that the deer isn’t hanging right for cleaning?

  51. I think Heather is a God damn attention whore! Bitch don’t need a mouse in her hand, she needs a cock! Now get on the floor motherfucker!!

  52. Last pic FTW! Way to step it up lamebook.

  53. Seriously Janie,

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with dead carcasses. As a meat lover and one that only eats organic meat, a dead animal is quite natural to me. But guess what, you’re a gigantic fucking dumb ass when you use “the cavemen used to” as an argument! Children under 5 rarely have a concept of death so it is a fucking big deal to hang a lifeless Bambi from your child’s swing set and sharing it with the world on Facebook. Get over yourself and open a book once in a while…
    The idiocy of some people…

  54. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Heather has ADD.

  55. Doesn’t everyone have a dead deer next to kiddy swing?

  56. damn people…there is nothing wrong with a kid being around a dead deer. Alot of hunters love to have their kids out when they are skinnin a deer. I learned at a very young age how to both field dress(cut out all guts) and skin(remove the skin and cut into different cuts of meat). Seriously, if that grosses you out than thing where that steak that is sitting on your plate comes from…or even that delightful hotdog you might be eating. Getting the food we love might not be the prettiest sight you have seen, but it is quite rewarding to bag your first kill.

  57. I love a good gutting and skinning story in the evening, particularly after a drunken, sleep deprived weekend of debauchery.

    Thanks hazydream, I’m off to bed now to have a hazynightmare.

  58. Wow. It’s not ok to hang dead animals near little kids you retards.

    And also, lol.

  59. logicalphallicy

    @KarlaEU: Your argument is really just as bad as Janie’s. It does not follow that “it is a big deal” just because children under five rarely have any concept of death. I believe it’s good parenting to help your children understand death. They are most likely going to become aware of it on their own anyways.

  60. logicalphallicy


  61. Meh, the deer is morbid, but doesn’t really worry me, other than the fact that it should have been gutted as soon as it was killed.

  62. @littlelolita – they arn’t rednecks….unless they are Hispanic rednecks…

  63. @lcatfish – I noticed that. It’s supposed to be hung upside down. I always remember that pool of blood under their mouths. Sorry for the visual. That kid has seen deer like that a few times by now, I imagine. And BTW, I’m not at all a redneck – just happen to have friends who hunt. I agree that the pic isn’t very interesting, or lame.

  64. “Mummy what happened to Bambi?”

    “Its OK sweetie, look this way I’m taking a picture for grandma”

  65. @36 and @37…If I were a child, yes that would give me nightmares. You two obviously don’t have children. I have a 2 year old, I know for a fact that seeing a dead Bambi would terrify her. I don’t think it’s healthy parenting to expose a child that young to death. People can do what they do, it offends me when children are involved and I don’t agree with what their doing. Yah. And trust me, I’m a lot classier then hanging dead animals on my daughters swing-set while she plays on it.

    @62 – I don’t care if they’re African American, it’s still redneck culture to take pictures of your babies with dead animals.

    Defend it all you want, a child that young doesn’t need to be watching SAW IV or witnessing Bambi hanging from their swing set being sliced open and drained of all it’s blood. It’s bad parenting. Considering our children act on what they see, and aren’t rational at this age what’s to stop little Jr. from stabbing the dog because he saw daddy doing it. You can’t explain the circle of life to a two year old.

  66. @littlelolita, The child in the picture doesn’t seem too bothered by it. And not every kid sees a deer as “Bambi”. And they aren’t “exposing a child to death” quite like you put it. It’s not like they have the family dog hanging from the tree. Dogs/cats/horses things of that nature are pets. Deer, elk, moose, and such are MEAT, FOOD. There is a difference, and if the child grows up exposed to that way of life, then they will not have nightmares and not think “Oh I’m gonna kill the dog”.

    I guess everyone comes from all different walks of life. But, when a world disaster happens and you can’t just go and get meat from the grocery store anymore, I guess me and my family will have the skills to not go hungry. And we wont be having nightmares about our food, either. lol.

    This has become a fun topic!

  67. @youDONTsay – the child’s eyes are blurred out and she’s definitely not smiling, so really you can’t tell if the child is bothered or not. She doesn’t look happy to me.

    My point is, you can’t explain the difference of what’s food carcass and what’s not to a two year old. I HAVE a very bright two year old. She wouldn’t know what I was talking about.

    It’s not a world disaster, we’re not cavemen, there’s plenty of food to go around. Babies don’t need to watch mammals get cut open and gutted, and bled out and ripped apart.

    Now lets talk politics.

  68. @littlelolita – are you a vegetarian?

    Being a “townie” now living on a farm, I know where you’re coming from – my mother hates the thought of us eating our own sheep, yet she eats meat (and roasts we take up to her when we visit)

    However, I also HAVE two bright boys, who both saw deer, sheep, and cows, hung, gutted, and cut up. As soon as they were old enough to toddle, they were nosy enough to go out to the old mac tree and have a look at what dad was doing (he’s a butcher by trade).

    I encouraged it because they need to know where their food comes from. I always sat with them and explained what was happening – even though the first time I saw it, I could hardly watch.

    Also, side benefit – one of them might be brainy enough to be a surgeon. Think of it as an apprenticeship. BTW: the four-year-old now asks what we are eating – cow or sheep or deer or pig. And yes, concept of death doesn’t sink in, but the concept of food has.

    Yeah, the juxtaposition of the swing and the deer is not that cool, but maybe that’s what was lamebook about it. Our meat hooks hang from the same branch as the kid’s swings, but different ends. Never taken a photo though, guess I wasn’t original enough?

  69. are you fagatron’s really arguing over lamebook? very nice.

  70. Jesus! I thought that was a sculpture untill I looked closer! :|

  71. Did malteaser just…speak?

    Holy shiz, the universe has just imploded. Oh well. We had a good run.

  72. Geez… you’re right… Malteaser DID just speak… omg… *eyebrows raised*

  73. whaaaaaaaaaaaats with the last one?
    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  74. whaaaaaaaaaaaats with your comment spamming and annoying signature, elixabeth?

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