Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dead Serious(ly?)

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  1. now lets not let this one turn into a spelling/grammar argument again guys

  2. Chinchillazilla

    Dear friends and family: If you bury me in a scarf, I will haunt the shit out of you.

    Also, no pictures of my corpse on Facebook.

  3. SomeRandomChick

    I seriously have no understanding of people who drop the “grandma/uncle lou/the hooker next door died” bombs on facebook. Really? For something like this you couldn’t pick up a phone?

  4. wow. for once i am….

  5. SomeRandomChick

    @ Chinch, I completely agree…..

  6. Yeah, I’ll just randomly put up pictures of my dead family members from eleven years previous, and then wait for you to make an ass out of yourself for my amusement.

    Should have been you, Gavin. Should have been you.

  7. As social networking sites make internet communication more accessible to the people who weren’t online a few years ago, those of us who’ve been around for a few years are made more and more uncomfortable by their sincere use of the technology. It’s bizarre to watch people mourn online.

  8. Speaking of death, I wonder if I’m going to hell for laughing so hard at that last photo and its caption?

  9. Trey most definitely was not gangsta

  10. @SomeRandomChick; I know, I saw one a few weeks ago where this boy had written on a girls profile picture ‘looking hot my cousin! btw tell your mum uncle [someone] died last night.’

    Really? At least private message it! Didn’t make it on, but it made me lol to spot one on facebook for real, rather than just on Lamebook!

  11. Preppy gansta?
    What’s up with the album name? Random O.o

  12. A scarf? Is he cold? Weird.

  13. What is wrong with people taking pictures of corpses in coffins? Is that going to make it in the scrap book? Fucking creepy as hell, if you ask me. What a way to remember someone. My brother passed away years ago & seeing him in that coffin will stay with me forever. I don’t need a fucking picture as documentation. Fucking weirdos man.

  14. Loved the caption of the last one.

  15. whoever said Trey was gangsta?? looks more Carlton Banks to me.

  16. I don’t agree with photo’s at funerals period. Especially not of an open casket. My mother passed recently and I called every one I could. Only after that was it mentioned at all on facebook.

  17. Carlton Banks was a BADASS. You know you wanted to dance like him.

  18. If Trey was gangsta his mama turned him back

  19. He’s just missing some Urkel glasses

  20. Eh, I don’t like the funeral pics or open caskets, but it’s just not that uncommon or weird. Or even new.

    In the US people used to pose their dead loved ones for a final picture that would go in the family death album. Death was just another part of life, and it was a way to remember the loved one in the final stage.

    Pictures of young corpses make me really sad though.

  21. Wonder how he died… Would be ironic if it was tongue/throat cancer

  22. I’m with you, Miss Shegas.

  23. The last one would be so much better if that was a Harry Potter scarf.

  24. Poor Anna. I was waiting for Meg to pop into the conversation after having the news broken to her over Facebook, but no :(


  26. lamebook_kills_my_boredom

    Seriously Facebook users – displaying a corpse on F’book and the fact that it’s legitimate and not someone playing a prank is really creepy!

    Have some respect, I don’t think poor Trey would’ve wanted this!

    And also, punct-u-f*cking-ation people! Damn!

  27. @pooshashoo

    Get out of my head – I was just thinking that dude looked like he had just been sorted.

    But then, I’m probably Frodo.

  28. My whole family just died, have a nice day. :)

  29. Corpse pictures on facebook are just creepy.

    Though I am wondering…. slit throat?

  30. Either Daniel is an ass for not remembering about his friend’s visitation, or John is a bigger ass for not telling Daniel sooner.

  31. Amen, goatunit. You said exactly what I was thinking.

  32. The first one looks suspiciously similar to a post I recently read on Hmmm…

  33. @ eenerbl – of course he’s cold, he’s dead

  34. I think it’s pretty bad taste for Lamebook to post open casket photos.

    On the same note – where are Trey’s arms? And is that a pillow down the left side (the striped thing).

  35. Dear lamebook – enough of the photos of dead people! and also maybe tone down the spelling mistake tattoo ones, the arguments are getting repetitive. ta.

  36. Maybe he was buried in his school uniform.

  37. really lame pix of a gangster buried in his school uniform and his fav scarf lol!

  38. Dear Milo ,

    Maybe you should think of staring your own site where you can choose only those extremely funny pictures that you collect on your own time and resources.

    The argument that lamebook should pick other material is indeed becoming repetitive but i am guessing that is not what you ment.

    ps i am just being a prick about it because i actually agree with your post.

  39. @ Ben No, those are his arms, it’s on the other side too. I think I’d rather be cremated, so I don’t get casket pictures put up on Facebook, cause that’s kind of creepy.

  40. Jawsh , someone is bound to put a picture of your ashes on line …

  41. Father Sha, if YOU put my ashes online, I’m going to haunt you.

  42. Why do people do that? @Daniel´s status…

    Also I registered for the “Post on FaceBook if I die” :D

  43. The scarf may be to hide an injury. My mother’s cousin hung herself and so they dressed her in a turtleneck.

  44. I don’t see any explanation in the world that could justify posting a picture of a corpse on the net. It’s just … icky…

  45. @ Jawsh, you still get to be in a coffin first before they burn you. So you get fb pics whether you’re buried or cremated.

  46. Corpses on facebook… stay classy people!

  47. lol

  48. Why do so many people put pictures up from funerals on facebook? I’ve never been to one, but I’d always presumed there were some unwritten funeral etiquette rules, and that not running around taking pictures to then put on the internet would be one of the main ones? Clearly I have been naive.

    Also, norman is an amazing name for a guinea pig.

  49. Tizzy is messed up…

  50. Completely agree with Ben and Milo. Lamebook is for making fun of illiterate teenagers. Corpses are rarely funny… “Weekend at Bernie’s” would be the exception.

  51. I also don’t see any arms on that last one…a pillow…but no arms…is it just my bad eyesight? I can’t believe I stared at that pic so long….

  52. Actually, I feel bad for the girl whose grandma died on Thanksgiving. I had the same thing happen a few years back when I was away at college. I was planning on going home and spending Thanksgiving with my friends, and when my mom picked me up, she said, “We’re not going home, your grandpa died and we’re going to his funeral.” Surprise!

  53. dietpillpyramidscheme

    So, just because he’s black, he must be gangster?
    That: my anonymous friends is called racial profiling.

    Also, am I the only one that has no problem with the corpse pic? Maybe it’s my lack of religion talking, but; corpses aren’t sacred..

    It’s a twisted irony that bodies are often shown more respect in death than in life. That photo is a hell if a lot classier than a lot of live photos.

  54. I don’t have a problem with the corpse pic. But then I’m an atheist, and all I see is a mound of rotting flesh because it stopped being the person it was when it died. I don’t believe that corpses are sacred and think cemeteries are nothing but a waste of perfectly good land. Cremate us all, I say!

    I actually dated a guy once whose father would take pictures at funerals and then send the pictures to the family. They were actually always grateful for them, to have a record of the moment and of who was there. Strange, but true. I think he only took pictures of the casket if it was closed, though. It would certainly be creepy to just get pictures of your dead relative in the mail one day.

  55. I’m an atheist too, Whisperia, but the idea that the body ceases to be the person at death actually implies a soul.

  56. @goatunit – Might want to rethink that one for a moment. The fact my computer stops working when the motherboard conks out doesn’t mean that the operating system continues to function on some alternative plane of existence. Death is a critical hardware failure; there’s no reason (absence evidence of the contrary) to imagine the software is working ‘somewhere else’ when the hardware is kaput.

  57. Worse than using Facebook as the forum to tell people someone you know has died is when your friends and family use Facebook to “console” you. When my grandpa died, I had more people post to my wall saying sorry than called me. Thanks, guys.

  58. Duncan, I cannot believe you just compared humans to you computer…. computers are way smarter.

  59. I finally had to join so I could comment… that last one reminds me of Harry Potter. ONLY because of the scarf, and I actually do post pics of people mostly as memorial, so yeah I’m weird like the pictures above except I don’t think I added the pic of my grandpa in the casket… only my grandma cleaning the stain on the cloth with a cleaner pen teehee

  60. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    March 4th, 2010 at 7:20 pm
    The last one would be so much better if that was a Harry Potter scarf.

    Or the ridiculously long Doctor Who/Tom Baker scarf.

    Bonus points if he’d regenerated during the funeral.

    *geeks out a little*

    (I wonder if they’ll ever have a black Doctor…)

  61. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    March 5th, 2010 at 5:28 am
    @ Ben No, those are his arms, it’s on the other side too.
    March 5th, 2010 at 11:37 am
    I also don’t see any arms on that last one…a pillow…but no arms…is it just my bad eyesight? I can’t believe I stared at that pic so long….

    Okay. The guy’s wearing a light blue dress shirt, a sweater vest, and a scarf. For whatever reason, the shirt sleeve on the left side (facing the screen) is just poofier than the one on the right. Then, the last dark stripe on the scarf lines up with the bottom of the sweater vest, and the next red stripe is contrasting with the khaki slacks he’s wearing.

    I’m at work, so I just paid to sit here and stare at the picture long enough to figure out his wardrobe. How sad is that?

  62. @sraosa, the dr is a timelord, unlike earth, Gallifrey knew only one skin colour as it only had one race, timelords… sad but true…. thus the answer being no….

  63. The second one. Couldn’t you just have send him a private message? Noooo, had to pick a happy status to say that someone’s dead and their memorial is next weekend. When you’re planning to have fun.

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