Friday, August 28, 2009

Darrin the Cuntsoler


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  1. Personally, I’d get some sort of eco-friendly, cheap to run, town run a-round. Then I could spend all that cash I saved on my massive cunt of a girlfriend.
    But then this isn’t my problem.

  2. Hehehehe

  3. Is it because she totalled the car?

  4. Relationship – totaled 3 months after I finished praying for it.

  5. Darrin’s doing her in the back seat of the car that’s just about to be….OOOOhhhhh Waaaatch iiiit………TOTALED!!

  6. Dear Darrin, the C word isn’t very nice. Also, don’t tell your friend that his gf is a C*** in that way. It’s not very nice either.
    But it is funny.

  7. Maybe Darrin’s just taken a Biology class and meant ‘your girlfriend HAS a cunt’. It’s nice he wants to share his new found knowledge.

  8. So Meg’s the girlfriend whose cunt has just been discovered by Darrin. But the question that remains, Who totaled the Car? Where’s Horatio Cane when you need him to solve one.

  9. I will only assume that the women totaled the car.

    Women and driving, never a good idea.

  10. Jonas, google that idea and see how the statistics turn out for you.

  11. I seem to have offended someone. Pity me.

  12. I think Darrin just has a small dick and hasn’t gotten laid in a loooooooonnnggggggg time. Jealous and bitter piece of shit.

  13. I agree with Darrin. But there is one thing he forgot mention. She is very pretty.

  14. Jonas, you suck.

  15. Agree, you’re a hot mess.

  16. Actually, “hot” is spelled like this…”hawt”. Get it right, swirl reject! And Jonas, are you Darrin?

  17. “…Your girlfriends a cunt… shes a c-cunt… a cunt… a c-continuing source of inspiration to me.”

  18. by the way…

  19. Buddy Christ, what are you talking about?

  20. Its an appropriation of a quote from Jimmy the disabled kid from South Park.

  21. Goddammit, Jonas, what a dumb comment. What’s next, a joke about how bags of airline peanuts are hard to open or Chinese people are good at math? I’ve seen you being way funnier on here.

  22. Yeah, Jonas, what wrong with you today?

  23. Yeah Jonas, yeah!

  24. I AGREE with swirlreject.

  25. hahah!

    but on a serious note bitches cant drive, well okay some can drive, but then they cant park.

  26. I’m not gonna lie… I’m a really crap driver and I’m female. But I hope I can still be a cunt… Ccunt… Continuing source of inspiration to my boyfriend’s friends.

    Buddy you’re ok!


  28. I have a personal attachment to this story, is all.

    Well, not directly, but yeah.

  29. @Jonas

    Why do men still use that stereotype? It’s not even based on facts. In actual fact young men are more dangerous drivers and more likely to die in a crash, ask the insurance companies.

  30. The reason women can’t parallel park is simple; we’ve been lied to for years and told that [_______________] is 6 inches…

  31. STC FTW!

  32. i like green apples and i eat small children.

  33. i like green apples and i eat small children……maybe cardboard too!

  34. @ Trillian

    Why do girls bring that up? Girls get in more crashes, guys get in worse ones. So even if a guy is more likely to total his car one night, a girl is more likely to back into the same light pole 4 days a week.

  35. I would’ve also said “STC FTW!” if I hadn’t realised she just made the whole of womankind look too stupid to use a ruler.

  36. why is every1 assuming that the girlfriend even has anything to do with the car? isn’t that what makes this post funny in the first place? how completely random the second part of his comment is? maybe this darrin kid is just an asshole that is really bad at making his friend feel better…hence the title “darrin the cuntsoler”…just a thought

  37. so STC is a woman??!!! What do you know…… Next I will be finding out that Boz is a Ratcoon and Ratcoon is a Cunt! Only in lamebook!

  38. @Trillian Insurance companies will only tell you that guys file more claims. All that means is that more of them are able to fill in a form.

    “His girlfriend might be a cunt…”
    *puts on sunglasses*
    “…but this time it’s his car that got screwed.”

  39. I’m with Greg. I read it as being random. She’s just a cunt, no relation to the car.

  40. i agree. I like Darrin’s directness.

  41. @matt

    1. Where’s the research to back that up?
    2. I’d rather reverse into a light pole than total my car and kill myself, my mates who are in the car with me and whoever else I hit because I’m speeding and running red lights while intoxicated and driving like a fucking lunatic

  42. Girls may not get INTO as many accidents, but they sure as hell CAUSE more accidents.

    There’s only so long I’m gonna sit behind you while you’re doing 20 below in the far left lane before I pull a semi-dangerous lane change to get around your slow-moving ass…

  43. ‘fterklang – don’t they have sarcasm on your planet?

  44. im having your baby

    speeding, distraction and aggression are the cause of all accidents. Tom got into a car accident speeding distracted and horney changing his lil wayne cd on a way to a party because he had a promising chance to get laid if he got there early enough to bang sally. Sally got into a car accident on the way home from the party crying changing her avril lavigne cd because she had learned that Tom didn’t really care about her, he just wanted to bang her.
    who’s more at fault?

  45. btw his girlfriend is asian

  46. @STC Yeah, cos between you and ‘fterklang, *he’s* the one with no sense of humour.

  47. @ Trillian

    Google it dumbass.

  48. Googling something doesn’t count as research, jackass.

  49. women do not need a driver’s license, because women do not need to drive from the kitchen to the bedroom

  50. His girlfriend is Mexican.

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