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  1. Third.

  2. 1st one was totally on or vice versa. LAME

  3. Deeestroyed.

  4. Farmville = Cunts

  5. what is farmville?

  6. Farmville…who knew online farming would be so popular?

  7. Everytime someone posts something about Farmvile ,something inside me dies.

  8. I can sell you a genuine imitation mounting stool if you really wanna get busy with that cow.

  9. All those people who farm on facebook (wtf?) need a swift kick to the balls/vag accordingly.

  10. whatever guys. farmville is kinda fun. its like a free version of the sims. except plants and animals… that’s hilarious he spent that much.

  11. Cyber farming is for pussies.

  12. So let me get this straight….people actually make fun of irl farmers and say they’re uneducated hicks, etc…. but somehow online farming is now the cool thing to do?? Why doesn’t anyone make fun of the- oh, wait. Nevermind.

  13. toooo funny – I think i would cry if I saw that I spent that much on something that has zero return…

  14. That guy stole a text from last night as his status.

  15. How is it lame? Frankly if I saw that as a status I would probably laugh, so did a couple of his friends I guess. It is called a joke.

    Probably not worth appearing on Lamebook though

  16. It’s only lame because he took it from somewhere else and tried to make it his.
    He obviously has no humor of his own.

  17. Its really Sam's Choice.

    I can’t believe people are actually getting in to this “farmville” shit.

    why? WHY?!??!

  18. adam is totally lame..he stole that off of….hes so lame that he probably sent that in himself too

  19. Adam probably wears Affliction and/or Ed Hardy too.

  20. I don’t get the Farmville thing either. And there always seems to be a lonely cow involved.

  21. This is bullshit. Lamebook and are crossing over:

  22. “Darnville” doesn’t really capture my feelings towards this game. I mean, it’s not like every time I see my Facebook news feed my response is something like “oh, darn, look at those silly people and their Farmville awards!”

    I propose that we rename this Lamebook thread Whatthefuckville.

  23. this is so stupid I am tired of TFLN and lamebook saying the same thing

  24. “Urrrg…man, what a night…I must’ve had 10 shots of vodka last night…passed out…anyway, lemme check Facebook. Hey, what’s this? The ultra-rare platinum cow? Wait a minute, that’s not an item drop. You can only get the platinum cow if you pay…OH SHIT, WHERE’S MY CREDIT CARD STATEMENT?!”

  25. Its probably the same douche posting their own status/texts to both sites.

  26. The world is starving and people farm on facebook. Yes, the United States has more food than they need, and so does half of the rest of the world.

    But what about the other half? They’re starving and dying of malnutrition and you sonsabitches just sit on facebook and farm all day? That’s like seeing the house next door catch fire and hopping online to play some firefighter simulation game instead of helping!

    You want to farm? You think it’s fun? Start a garden in your backyard! Grow some tomatoes and eat them on a pizza with pesto and mozarella!

    My friend Oscar just started planting things last year and now Oscar has a heap of apples, some carrots too.

  27. An apple tree takes more than a year to start producing apples. It needs to actually grow first =/

  28. yep. just saw this on textsfromlastnight.

  29. @Erin

    He had a couple of apple trees already, they just weren’t well taken care of. The carrots were new. As is his bicycle.

  30. mccowles-I mean no insult, but are seriously judging people for ‘farming on facebook’ when you are on a site making fun of people?

    I enjoy this site immensely and I also enjoy FarmTown on Facebook. I don’t think it makes me a bad person. I also don’t like bugs and whatnot which you would get on a ‘real farm or garden’. It’s just a harmless piece of fun..much like what this site is.

    I certainly don’t think you can make any comparisons with your fire next door slash fire fighting simulation. That is a bit far fetched.

  31. @Megan

    Yeah, I was just kidding. I don’t know anyone named Oscar and I’d rather not get my hands dirty.

    Sorry, I was getting bored at work and decided to pretend to be offended by farmville. I assumed someone would reply with something mean spirited, but you were nothing but nice and now I feel bad, haha.

    I think I’ll take a nap when I get home and then watch last week’s episode of House.

  32. Mcowles–my apologies, I will try to be mean next time. Perhaps I will ‘steal’ your name and post derogatory comments under it?

    Believe me, I’m not usually nice..

  33. @Megan

    It wouldn’t be the first time. And being nice 24/7 is boring, so I’m glad to hear that’s not the case, haha.

  34. Oh. My. God. Matthew FTW.
    That last comment actually had me almost falling off my chair laughing.
    What a GREAT start to a Friday morning :)

  35. 1st one didn’t even credit tfln. ugh.
    What concerns me about the 2nd one is the use of the 8D smiley…

  36. unless he was the guy whose text message featured on “Texts from last night”

  37. Farmville is retarded and the people who spend so much time playing it are retarded too.

  38. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    That’s what Matthew gets for using the expression “u da mayne”.
    Fucking peasant.

  39. ^ agreed – and w.t.f is y’oink and eggsactly? Mike deserves a beating just for that alone

  40. @UsnoozeUlose, NICE CALL. haha.

  41. There’s a such thing as hiding Farmville for all you butthurt people who “ARENT GOOD WITH THE COMPUTER”.

  42. @lols – I wish more people could figure that out!
    wtf did they put a take pictures of your farm thing on there for, so many friends are now hidden from my news feed because i got sick of those fucking things

  43. I’m only interested if the pink cow poops “PROM?” on a field.

    Farmville. Bollocks to it. I’m with you, flips, there are so many FB friends that are invisible on my feed now thanks to that shite. By all means, play your daft FB games, but do you HAVE to broadcast what you’re doing on it? Really?

  44. @lols, there’s such a thing as skipping the “publish to wall” option when you’re playing shitty games and taking shitty quizzes, for those of you “butthurt” people who don’t have a fucking clue.

    I honestly don’t care if you play farmville. We all have our guilty pleasures. I for instance enjoy taking shitty quizzes about which Twilight character I am, but I don’t go around broadcasting the results to the world, cause I know, NO ONE CARES!

  45. the top one is fake!!!!!

    i was this one text from last night

    (201): i have to start hiding my credit card when i drink i woke up this morning with 4 emails from Farmville telling me i spent over $800 on coins last night

  46. I don’t think it matters that Adam posted something funny he’d seen somewhere else. At least it takes a bit more effort than that crappy Status Shuffle some people use – some of those comments aren’t even funny. Maybe he should have used speech marks.

    “They said on the news that there’s a civil war in Madagascar. I’ve seen it six times, and there isn’t”

  47. This is why my respect for you as an intelligent adult goes down each time you update Farmville.

  48. I m feeling a lamebook romance coming

    Nowles and Megan , good luck :-)

  49. man man what a typo

    mcowles and Megan
    What’s the point in trying to make remarks about people if you can’t even spell their on screen names correctly :-)

  50. haha father sha. I’ve added every Megan I can find on facebook, one of the 4,573 have to be her, right?

  51. Hee hee. Funny, guys. Sorry but I am taken. And is there only 4,573 of me on Facebook? I would have thought more.. And you haven’t found me yet as I have no new friend request.

    But if you manage to find me then you can join FarmTown and be one of my neighbours! I’ll teach you how to virtual farm :)

    Hope you enjoyed House, I enjoyed watching my hockey team win last night!

  52. @Megan

    I live in a part of the US that doesn’t televise hockey and I HATE that fact.

    I used to watch hockey quite often and I miss it. Damn midwest America!

    Btw, you’d have to be a lot friendlier than you already have been, in order to get me to join farmville/town, lol. I already play FFS and feel like enough of a loser, for that fact, haha.

    @father sha

    She’s taken, now what do I do??????

  53. What is FFS? And since I generally only play Farmtown at work I don’t feel so bad.

    And I can’t comprehend not being able to watch hockey, but as a Canadian it is a national past time and not something I will ever worry about.

    @father sha. Help the poor guy out…

  54. @Megan. FFS = For Fucks Sake.

    Go Canada!

  55. @Megan

    FFS = Friends For Sale, haha. You buy your friends (or other people on Facebook that play the game) and then you make them “do chores” for other friends. It’s ridiculously stupid and mindless, but I’m trying to get to the top level, then I’m going to quit and not tell anyone that I ever played it to begin with.

    I grew up near Niagara Falls (US Side), so we were pretty huge into Hockey up there. I now live in the midwest and hate the “hockey sucks” mentality down here.

    Yes, Father Sha, help this poor guy out, haha.

  56. lmfao. Farmville is so lame omg

  57. @miz

    Anyone who writes “lmao” and “omg” and calls someone lame need to buy a mirror.

  58. I like that guys seem to like Farmville so much XD

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