Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Daddy’s Girl


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  2. LOL!

  3. Holy shit this is the best one in a LONG time.

  4. Jizza-boo

  5. ‘That black guy better be kidding Emily. ‘

    Frickin awesome!

  6. Oh my god. “That black guy.” This is absolutely incredible.

  7. Black guy semen will never come out of the upholstery.

  8. I really expected a comment back from Darius freaking out about being called “black guy”…

    “would it be different if I was a cracka, pops?”

  9. Busted.

  10. @Adz: yes, the black guy did, all over Emily’s backseat.

  11. I see a lynching in Darius’s future.

  12. that is a lot of awesomeness right there.

    must be nice to have daddy buy you a volvo.

  13. I love it when these things turn even worse than you can anticipate.

  14. @ Rachel — I totally agree — especially since Darius made the comment after the Dad did, knowing Daddy was one of her “friends”.

  15. Ford owns Volvo, Ford is American

  16. This reminds me of a Dave Chappelle skit…

  17. But if it was a white guy I would be okay with that.

  18. Emily would NEVER suck a dick that wasn’t BLACK

  19. I want this listed on my CarFax report.

  20. @Emily, That Dowzer guy better be kidding Emily.

  21. Of course, Ford currently owns Volvo Cars.

  22. At least he pulled out, that’s something at least.

  23. “that black guy”

    oh dear

  24. why do people continue to have their parents on facebook..

  25. I have no words for the greatness of this post


    that is all

  27. Wow, racist father? At least we know he didn´t pass racism down to his daughter! She got jungle fever!

  28. Guess who’s coming to dinner? Or is it “cumming”…

  29. Oh God, I lol’d.

  30. Wow, a rare opportunity to quote Afroman:

    “But I aint mad at her predjudiced Dad;
    That’s the best damn pussy I ever had…”

  31. @Erin:
    How is that racist, you dumb broad? Just because it’s not politically correct doesn’t make it racist.

  32. bc the term “jungle fever” is politically correct.

  33. ahahahaha omg amazing!
    Yeah, why have her parents on facebook, but she could have just deleted the comment from that black guy.

  34. What daddy doesn’t know is that the black guy jackson pollocked her face too…

  35. White chicks everywhere are getting their fill of BBC… and I’m not talking about the British Broadcasting Channel. Guys like us can’t satisfy them anymore. It’s like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

  36. Joe is in the volvo in the black night with a black light to see if the black guy was kidding.

  37. @35 – Grandpa, is that you?


  38. Skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet

  39. Okay, there is NO way that is real.

  40. hella awesome

  41. He could have easily said “Darius better be kidding” but instead he said “that black guy” While what he said was only politically incorrect, this dad is clearly racist.

    “She got jungle fever” It’s a line from Scrubs. Seriously people.

  42. I’m not really a black guy, I just play one on facebook.

  43. Black guy wins… Sorry

  44. Popping off your shots,
    In a Volvo is not cool.
    Ask Emily’s dad.

  45. @Erin: Jungle Fever is not from Scrubs, originally.
    1st: a song by Chakachas, 1972.
    2nd: a film by Spike Lee, 1991.

    And the dad may be racist, but his comment was not. It was just specific.

  46. Noticing that people are black can’t be racist, surely? Although I have noticed that you can’t discuss any of these racism issues with them, like you can with Asians or Hispanics. They go mental. Because I’m white. Which is sort of ironic.

  47. I can just see their family snapshot now, complete with stars and stripes wallpaper in the background and absolutely NO black people in the photo, unless their maid accidently got in the photo.

    Going onto another topic here, it’s not the semen Daddy has to worry about, it’s the gigantic hole that black guy made with his penis in the backseat.

  48. Jelly, change the last two words of your post to “his daughter” and think you have it.

  49. Specific would have been saying Darian, not “that black guy”

    And “she got jungle fever” is a funny quote from Scrubs. I was not referring to the song or movie.

  50. Its not racism, just stating a fact, he is a black guy. He also better be kidding.
    I bet you he was not.

  51. By describing someone by their colour rather than by something more obvious, like maybe their name or something, you are depersonalising them. As a white guy who gets it all the time in asian countries (Ang moh, farang, orang putih, etc) I can tell you that it is unpleasant. Is it racist? Well, it does mean you see them as different and define them by their difference, but ‘different’ could be ‘better’ – Joe might venerate black people. It is descriminatory, but necessarily racist.

    But to be fair, I’m guessing Joe would object more to his daughter being boned by a black guy than by a white guy.

  52. Volvo is now owned by Ford…Don’t fret, Emily. You can keep the car your parents bought you knowing “you” are helping to support American jobs.

  53. Want safe sex? Do it in a Volvo.

    Also, Ford does not own Volvo, they have rights to use Volvo’s safety research facilities, since they are the best vehicals in the world. :-]

  54. Did someone say something about racial issues?


  55. now that’s one of the best posts really:D

    and people, get over urselves, saying ur white or black or red or yellow or even blue is not racist stop ur hypocrisy plzzzzz
    black people use the term white people all the time why is that not racist?

  56. There is a difference between referring to white people as white people, and referring to the person right next to you, whose name you know, as “this white person”. One is descriptive, and the other deliberate depersonalisation. Feel free to swap the word white for any other colour.

  57. agreed bingo.

    the guy has his name right there in front of him, clearly he chose to refer to him as “that black guy” for a reason instead of saying “That guy Darius”. By referring to him just as ‘that black guy’ he’s completely obliterating any individual identity of that person and just throwing him into the ‘black’ category.

    If someone who knew my name, or had it right in front of them, referred to me as ‘that white girl’ I’d feel pretty offended, like they were being dismissive and derogatory towards me cause of the colour of my skin.

    The dad is a douche.

  58. This is good on so many levels.

  59. Why are #39 and I the only ones calling this out as bullshit? Nobody else thinks it’s a fake? And no, #39 and I aren’t the same person.

  60. her dad are going to sell her car ..

  61. @ boobaloob – because calling fake is boring. Just enjoy it.

    @ elzinc – Dad is plural now? I have a lot of trouble keeping up with the English language. Thanks.

  62. I sent it in. She goes to my highschool. It’s real.

  63. #39 and #59 are obviously the same person, they even have the same first and last names (# and 9)
    Probably some black guy.

  64. @57

    And who’s been keeping that category alive and well since 1964?

  65. @Jonas
    That link – by the fuck! Unbelievable!

  66. So apparently it’s “racist” for someone to notice someone else is black?
    However it’s perfectly acceptable for us to be called “white boy” “cracka” “vanilla” etc? Ridiculous.

  67. Jenny from th bock

    @ Ruth,

    If people are calling you “white boy”, you should spend more time worrying about the fact that you look like a man, and less time worrying about race issues.

    Racial epithets are damaging when they are delivered across a power differential, from the more powerful to the less powerful. If you are black, they symbolise centuries of subjugation and poverty. If you are white, who cares what that motherfucker said, pretty soon he’ll die of a drug overdose or driveby shooting in Compton.

  68. FlowersInHisHair

    It’s racist because it’s not necessary to mention Darius’s skin colour in the reply. The fact that Daddy Mcblur brings it up at all displays a racist attitude. He makes it an issue, instead of saying “That guy better be kidding”. And of course he’s fucking kidding. This is why you shouldn’t add your parents on FB.

    All of which simply means that this is hilarious. One of my favourite posts on LB!

  69. @ Erin and FlowersInHisHair (incidentally, what flowers?) – agreed. Papa could just have specified ‘Darius’ rather than ‘that black guy’.

    Maybe not the definition of racism, but completely unnecessary.

  70. @Mr Haiku

    why do you always
    write your comments
    over three lines?

    just sayin’

  71. WTF? Since when is simply addressing skin color racist? Racism is the implication that on a genetic level, one person is superior to another due to the differences in genes. I get nothing of the sort from “Daddy’s” reply.

    The fact that skin color is mentioned doesn’t necessarily mean that prejudice or bigotry is implied. As the listener/reader, you can infer it all you want to, but that says more about you than it does the speaker/writer, as it’s not their direct implications, but rather what you personally get from their words. Only implied speech can say anything about the speaker, and sadly, none of what is implied here seems remotely racist.

    Poor choice of phrasing? No doubt about it. Racially based hatred? No.

  72. So, why couldn’t he just say the guys name, instead of saying he was black, as if it wasn’t obvious by his profile picture? Sure, the term ‘black guy’ isn’t racist, but do you honestly think if he was white he’d say ‘white guy’? “Daddy” could have said ‘that guy’ instead of ‘that black guy’. Zack, I think you’re just trying to justify a lost cause…get a clue.

  73. I write in Haikus
    Naaaice doesn’t know what they are
    He should look it up.

  74. I’m not saying he’s right about what he said. I agree with you that what he’s said was poorly said, but that in no way means he’s a racist.

    If you’re white and I call you “that idiot white guy”, does that make me racist? No, it’s just a descriptor. Is it unnecessary? Yes. But it’s a descriptor nonetheless. You can turn it and twist it however you want, but that doesn’t mean that it’s my intentions as a speaker.

    I think you’re trying to justify branding me as something that I’m not: an idiot. I have enough clues, I can spare one for you if you need it.

  75. Mr Haiku, sir
    Naaaice needs an education
    you are made of win!

  76. Honestly, the reason this is taken badly by all of you is because it’s used to describe what color the idiot is. If it was something else like, “Oh you’re getting banged by a black dude! Cool!” or whatever, none of you would be as hyped up about it as you are. Seriously, grow up and start to realize what real racism is, and do the world a favor and get rid of one person who abuses a word that use to have much more contest and should still contain that context. Not every little thing is racist, sexist, or whatever, and people use to know that! Stop taking offense at every little thing!

  77. Look, if you know someone’s name – just address them by it.

  78. “Jenny from th bock” (?)

    I think we’re both aware that my “white boy” comment was not from my personal experience, so don’t waste time trying to be clever. I was using a general example to show how black people can get away with racial insults/nicknames whilst we are apparently racist for referring to someone as “black”.

  79. Ruth, Zack et al. He’s not merely describing the guy as black. He’s using the word black in a negative context and as had already been pointed out, is deliberately depersonalising Darius.

    If the colour of Darius’s skin was not an issue to him he would not have mentioned it.

    Calling someone a “white idiot” is just as bad, and contrary to what you might think, is racist, as you are deliberately linking the words “white” and “idiot” in a way that suggests the two are somehow synonymous. This isn’t just my opinion either. There have been numerous court cases in Britain where people have been charged with racially aggravated breach of the peace for using phrases like “black bastard”. Based on your logic however, this wouldn’t be racist, as the word black is merely descriptive, which is clearly wrong.

    The comment that people should ignore stuff like this and just concentrate on “real racism” is pretty stupid too. If we happily allow casual racism to be thrown about then what you term as real racism will not go away.

  80. I agree with Ruth that black people seem to get away with racial insults a lot more than white people, but I don’t think anyone was contesting that.
    just saying that the dad had no reason to call Darius ‘that black guy’ when he could clearly see his name, it does seem like he was being deliberately discriminatory.

  81. Jenny from th[e] b[l]ock

    @ Ruth

    What’s the point of commenting here if I can’t waste my time trying to be clever? Apologies for the name typo though.

    I don’t think it is acceptable for any race to do it to any other race, but I maintain that it is less hurtful and less loaded if you are receiving it from on top of a power differential.

  82. I agree with the comment that her dad was definitely being derogatory by referring to Darius as “that black guy” rather than his name, and that can be interpreted as slightly racist. However I was mainly arguing with the people saying “you can’t call him black!!” in general, as in, verbally announcing someones skin colour is racist.

  83. ahhhhhhhh! haha this id definitely the best one i’ve seen in a long time. can’t wait to see the comments on this one…. emily’s a spoiled ignorant bitch.

  84. Did anyone notice Tommy, the poster, commented? Doesn’t anyone else want to know the fallout from this?

    Was Darius offended at being referred to as “that black guy”?

    Did Emily get in trouble for being gored by his enormous penis and turned into a human shish kabob?

    (oh snap, was that racist?)

    Did anyone point out that supposedly Volvo is American, now?

    Dish, Tommy, dish!

  85. A sane, rational man

    Well, I don’t know how anyone can sleep at night without knowing what sarcasticmeow thinks about this.

  86. So bottom line: don’t put your bottom on the backseat with a black dude if you are not satisfied from your car :-)

  87. Poor guy. He’s been blessed with a moron who doesn’t respect herself, hangs out with losers, and isn’t respected by them either. If I was him I would fucking leave and start over. That Darius homeboy was clearly defiant and disrespectful and those who are creeping out over him being called (go figure) black, can invite him in their cars and let him pop a few.

  88. To all of these blabbering idiots, if someone made that comment on my daughters profile ( black or white or pink or yellow — specified for you idiots), and on top of that knew I was there, I would go and stomp on their heads. Calling them by their name? You got to be kidding me. They will get a label and they will get it pronto. In this case ‘black’ is not meant to bring up the racism, it’s meant to strip the individuality from someone and make them a category. Study some linguistics of fuck off.

  89. Ford purchased Volvo in 1999. So, volvo’s are American cars.

  90. Priceless. I guess it just shows that you shouldn’t let your parents be your friends on the FaceBook.

  91. Why is everyone so focused on the black guy? You are ALL racist.

    I laughed my ass off about the popping off stains in the back seat and thought nothing about race.

    Damn hypocrites!

  92. Calling Darius “that worthless spear-chucking jungle-bunny” would have been racist. Calling him “that black guy”, is not.

    The Politically Correct Pussification of the world marches on, apparently.

  93. @ Mike… thank you, that was dead on and well said.

    Everyone is keying in on “that black guy” instead of the fact that ANYONE being that disrespectful on someone else’s facebook page is horrible.

    Maybe calling him “that black guy” was disrespectful (not racist), but he doesn’t deserve respect after the comment that he made. I’m surprised the dad didn’t adress him directly as well, tell him how rude and nasty he is and how he shouldn’t be allowed around anyone’s daughter.

  94. btw, the term “jungle fever” is more racist than “that black guy”, so maybe a few of you should look in the mirror.

  95. ha ha yep it was a joke. Just like it was when JD said it on the show. This site is a joke. People take things way too seriously. lol

  96. Never add parents. It’s common sense.

  97. @mcowles

    the only disrespectful thing her was that nig nog commenting on emilys page about blowin his load on her seats wen the monkey knew that her father was on facebook!

    typical stupid nose!

  98. people! stop adding your parents as friends!!

  99. yeah for reals, stop adding parents as friends

  100. OMG everyone knows that chocolate semen stains

    good luck getting that out

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  102. lol at “study some linguistics”

    the “black guy” comment is clearly racist. period.

  103. Brad. I place it upon you as the listener to prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that her father meant that because Darius’s skin reflects more light than his own, that he will always be beneath him on a genetic and societal level.

    Anyone that believes that simply using the phrase “that black guy” means such a thing should not be making accusations at this father, but rather checking themselves. There’s simply not enough in that written phrase to make any sort of judgment like that. You’re mentally filling in blanks that aren’t there.

  104. zack. if there was many other guys commenting on that post, and he had to identify him somehow, then you would have a point. but there’s not so you don’t, and i think you are dumb.

  105. mnjoe,

    While I appreciate you coming up with an original thought, sadly you’re projecting your own feelings of inadequacy and stupidity onto me. Nothing in my post was “dumb”. Once you change you point of view, and get your head out of your ass, come back and talk to me like a grown up instead of calling me names.

  106. Darius was only trying to freak everybody out…Emily always swallows.

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  108. You fucking pussies are making a fuss because the father called him “that black guy”???? What in the fuck is wrong with you, he should have called him a fucking nigger.

  109. @Tyrone

    Thank you for stating the truth!

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  111. the point of the white father not that the black guy was white/black whatever. the point was that the black guy disrespected the white father so in turn the white father disrespected the black guy.

  112. it was all about respect. the black guy had none and the white father retaliated.

  113. To the guy that says Ford is better than Volvo….


  114. sure Darius was disrespectful, but that doesn’t somehow make the father’s comment inoffensive.

    if you’re saying that the dad being racially disrespectful is ok cause Darius was disrespectul…well then I guess you think two wrong make a right. personally I think you can tell someone off without committing the same sin they have. y’know…lead by example

  115. Well, everyone here is a dumbass, because Volvo is owned by FORD MOTOR COMPANY.

    And, yes they might be manufactured out of the states, but so are most “American” cars. My Ford Fusion was made in Hermosillo, Mexico. With a Japanese transmission from MAZDA.


  116. Wow. And I’m not even black. I just like that picture.

  117. Ruth,

    I do not call anyone a cracker, honkey or a white boy, and I don’t see Darius calling you that either.

    Now, if I said all white people are racist, you’d be mad, but you can go ahead and say that all black people call you that when you probably only heard about people calling you that.

    So shut the fuck up.

  118. LMAO.

  119. Oh boo hoo hoo… somebody doesn’t like black people, everybody stop and discuss how _terrible_ it is.

    Okay, feel good about yourselves now that you’ve burned a few witches? Then maybe the rest of us can get back to having a harmless laugh and enjoying ourselves without any more of your pious judgements.

  120. Go Anna, go anna, go anna…

    And I don;t mean that in a ‘black’ way, I just mean: You go girl!

    Shit, I didn’t mean that in a ‘black’ way either. Sorry.

  121. but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time!

  122. I have a black friend. I call her “my black friend”. She thinks it’s funny. My father would call her a monkey. But then again, he doesn’t think Nepal is a real place.

  123. Nepal? I have two of them. But I’m a guy, so they’re kind of useless.

    I have a black friend too. I call her stupid nigger bitch and giveher the back of my hand. She calls the cops and they arrest me. It’s all just a little game we play. Anyway, then I get bailed out straight away because I’m white and the justice system is set up to protect the man. If it goes to court I just give the judge the secret white man wink and I’m on my way.

  124. i dont get it. why are ppl comfortable keeping there parents on their fb friends list? Hhhh.

  125. Somehow, Krissa, I think we’ll be seeing you on here. Just a matter of time…

  126. Does anyone else think it’s hi-larry-us that there’s an interracial online dating ad on this entry? Tee-hee-hee! Now I’m off to see if there’s any hot black chicks tired of huge penises. I come correct when I say I cum average size.

  127. OMG Afro!! you’re bad! I’ll let you know when I get tired of it :-)

    And as for the father, how freaking hard is to type, “Darius?” is’s certainly shorter than, “The black guy!”

  128. Wow. . . these comments are funnier than the original post.

  129. JungleFever = Rape Victim

    That nigger shouldn’t be disrespecting anyone like that. I’ll take satisfaction in knowing that monkey will be dead from aids soon

  130. The worst part of this is that Volvo Cars is owned by Ford, which makes it an American car.

    Lamebook if you’re going to make a joke, at least get the lead in right.


  131. you people have some serious issues in the states…

    here in europe is full of different nationalities, and most of them are racist, and no one cares! for example, germany is full of fucking white germans and fucking not-so-white turks. if you call a turk ‘you fucking monkey-ass turk’ or whathever will it be offensive? yes. will it be racist? totally. but no one will care. you might as well just call them a ‘motherfucker’ or an ‘anal pervert’ or whatever, an offense is an offense. same goes the other way – they will call you ‘you fucking nazy ass-hunter’, and it will be both undeserved and offensive, but that’s the point of swears, isn’t it, to piss someone off.

    also the people who pointed out that the father had all the right to be offended are absolutely correct – if someone enlightened me in such a way that they left cumstains on the back seat of my volvo (i actually own one) after filling my daughter (who i don’t have) racism will be their least concern.

  132. oh, one more thing – the so called political correctness is bullshit, at least at the extend some people make it to be (mainly across the atlantic + britain).

    i am originally from bulgaria and we don;t have many black people here. the few we do have are actually from africa, coming here to get higher education. how am i supposed to call them? african african americans? i call them negros and it’s fine with them, simply because this is the correct expression in our dictionary. and it’s cool with them, because they know it. all the hype comes from across the border, and all because of the way things turned out.

    bulgaria was enslaved by the ottoman empire for over five centuries, and my ancestors were treated as slaves. so does this give me a right to call all the modern turks “forheadless homos” and forbid them from calling me “christian infidel” all however muslims offend? no, because that’s bullshit. i respect turkish people because they are people, and not because of their race/origin/history/beliefs, and same goes for them towards me.

    i believe things have gone so perverted across the ocean in the past 30 years that (some) black people ARE racist towards the white and it is tolerated, while the opposite will get you arrested or i-don’t-know-what….

  133. Yeesh, clearly I ‘got’ it. My whole statement was sarcastic.

  134. @Krissa

    But how do we know? Maybe your original post was sincere and *this* post is sarcastic?

  135. You’ll never know mwahaha.
    No, but really, I did get it. Unless he was paying out my ‘hhhh’ which is self-admittedly lame, but nowhere near as lame as writing *sigh*.

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  137. Everyone says that volvo is american, wrong!
    Volvo is a swedish car even that its owned by Ford motor company.
    For example Lamborghini is an italian car not a german car.
    Lamborghini is owned by Volkswagen/Audi but it is still an italian car! sorry for the bad english!

  138. your english isn’t even bad!

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  140. joe should be dave chapelle and in sted of “black guy” should be nigger that would be some funny shit

  141. instead*




  144. LOL I think this may be my favourite lamebook post so far

  145. I like how it couldn’t be “that guy better be kidding.” It had to be “that BLACK guy.” ROFL

  146. Jim "F*** Latinos" Carrey


    If the man believed that his daughter was a coal burner, he probably wanted to drop a subtle hint that he disagreed with her debauchery. If I were in his position, not only would I take away her car, but I would disown her and try to forget that I ever had a daughter

  147. Except Volvos are Swedish sooo… nice try

  148. some white boy stains in da back seat would have been much more acceptable

  149. @146 – Aww. You seem hurt, you poor dear. Did some black dude steal your underwear or something?

  150. @Duncan- A black guy stole my car once- but I’m not butt-hurt about it. It’s in their behavior. It would be sort of like getting mad at a dog for barking.

  151. lol at Jim – thmubs up man :)

  152. how come it’s ‘racist’ to call someone black, but it’s acceptable to presume the black guy has a huge dick? by definition, the second is more racist.

  153. He should be nutting in her mouth. Saves on the stains that way.

  154. @Muwawawawa- It is well known that the semen of the African male is extremely poisonous to the sensitive inner stomach linings of the European female. The daughter, being the selfish harlot, that she is, would rather ruin the car with the African’s semen-which was once used to soften leather products. Back in the good old days, when women served as footstools and darkies knew their place.

    @Hillbilly- What you are seeing, friend, is the reserve racism that is a logical result of the vast effort of the liberal media and Marxist provocateurs- who would rather see the white men put down and spat at, then hear a bit of racial reality.

  155. LMAO!.. ddddddddddddamn!..
    summonee prolli got his ass kikkkddddd

  156. Mr Haiku rocks.

  157. 70.naaaice
    October 7th, 2009 at 5:14 am
    @Mr Haiku

    why do you always
    write your comments
    over three lines?

    just sayin’

    there’s some dumb fucks in the world

  158. Nobody’s calling it racist when the posts talk about the enormous dingle of Darius That Black Guy.

  159. ford is actually an australian car

  160. Ford Motor Company is NOT Australian. Ford AU is their Australian division, like Holden is GM’s.

    Just because Ford owned Volvo doesn’t mean

    a. This girl’s Volvo was built during the Ford ownership years.
    b. That Volvo wasn’t built in overseas, like all of them are. Volvo has never had a manufacturing facility in the United States.

    Just because a manufacturer is owned by another company overseas does not make their product a product of the parent company’s country.

  161. thats way too deep, swarley. its fucking lamebook for a reason: ITS LAME. LAUGH AT IT. to sit here and debate the origin of said vehicle like you have a phd in automobile manifacturing defeats the entire purpose of the simplicity of this website.
    quit rainin’ on the parade. christ amighty.

  162. *manufacturing

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  164. “That black guy..” roflmao

  165. However rude the father was the black guy was 10 times ruder. If I’m not talking to him and I don’t know him I’m not referring to him by name. You guys calling it racism are ridiculous. Not getting personal with someone you don’t know isn’t racism.

  166. I sense that a family meeting is in order.

  167. There’s plenty of black people referring to White Trailer Park Trash, but nothing is ever done to stop this.

    Not every white person has power, so any b*llsh*t about ‘power differentials’ is just horse sh*t.

    If the guy was ginger then I’m sure the dad would have made reference to that gigner guy.

    Why is it not racist to assume that blakc guys have bigger c*cks than white guys?

  168. Because they are.

  169. Oops. Bc they do.

  170. Go, Daddy, go!

  171. Enjoy the aids, whore.

  172. Every 7th Commenter

    Really people? No one has mentioned that Darius was rude, the dad is racist and Ford owns Volvo. I know this even though I didn’t bother scanning the comments before I said this. lol

  173. several things…emily if you want an american car, be prepared to drive a gas guzzling piece of crap. and be grateful your parents got u a car. Darius is rude as hell. and uh that dad is just a bit..ok quite racist

  174. Calling a black person black isn’t racist

  175. It is if it’s not relevant to the conversation. It is because I doubt the dad refers to white people as white in the same context. If Darius were white, I highly doubt the dad would have commented, “That white guy better be kidding, Emily.”

  176. The only thing worse than racism is counter-racism.

  177. geez! who cares what the daddy called the guy/girl whatever! the post was hilarious regardless of what color he was called. That is until the color issue got exhausted over and over! get over it people! I’m sick of people using the color thing as an excuse to throw in the racist card. Geez, anytime someone that isn’t white gets in trouble or whatever, they automaticly assume that they are in trouble simply because of color not because of the actual act done. get over it! move on!

  178. I love how Emily responds to Darius’ post.
    If Darius was lying, she wouldn’t be “laughing her ass off” after that comment.

  179. Best one yet!

  180. @ A white Guy: No, you’re not talking about the British Broadcasting Channel, because that’s not what it stand for. It stands for British Broadcasting Corporation.

  181. Both dad and Darius and douchebags. Emily sounds like a slut.

  182. @ Jim Carrey…I don’t know which 1930′s literature you and your “clan” read every Sunday about the “african monkey” but I guarantee you, you better keep that shit and all your ideologies in the US where you can get away with it. I wonder when all “black” ppl will stop being judged by african americans. There are black ppl of different nationalities you know. Black americans are very different from black caribs and black canadians and so on. So keep your racist bullshit to your dam self because you know NOTHING about black people.

  183. @Tara

    Thanks for feeding the trolls. It makes this site so much more fun.

  184. Successful troll is successful

  185. Really?….

    but American cars are generally rubbish..

  186. @Tara – I know at least ONE thing about balck people…

    they are black.

  187. Racism – [rey-siz-uhm]


    A belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

    Get over yourselves, his comment isn’t racist. Joe calling Darius “that black guy” is just as demeaning as calling someone “that bald guy” or “that blonde chick.”

    It’s depersonalizing, yes, but not racist.

  188. After hitting the previous two I fell down on this one. ,

  189. @Erin I think you need to die.

  190. Guess Emily couldn’t keep her hands off some good ol KFC ;-)

  191. wow, that’s fantastic.

  192. firstly I’d just like to comment on the whole ‘that black guy better be kidding’ is rascist thing. I can tell you this much, If some body was slipping my little girl a length in the back of my volvo I sure as fuck wouldn’t refer to him by name either. I might refer to him as ‘that soon to be dead muthafuckah’ but I wouldn’t refer to him by name, that would just humanise him in my mind making it all the more traumatic for me while I’m torturing his good for nothing daughter shagging ass to death. Regardless of his colour.

  193. Should he have called Darius that “nice young African American boy” after he talked about jizzing all over the car? Would that have been better for you bitches that think everything is racist? The kid is black, whats wrong with saying it?

  194. @chasboy would he have said “that white boy” if Darius was white? nope, you stupid stupid stupid twit

  195. LOL. What’s wrong with him calling him that black guy I’m sure he’s more to do with the fact that his daughter’s getting boned than do with the fact it’s a black guy boning her or it’s a bit of both.

    But c’mon if your daughter was getting boned you sure as hell wouldn’t want to be all polite about it especially after if it was YOU who bought the car.

  196. So what Vanilla, you monkey lover. Its not illegal to be prejudiced. Go mind your own fucking business.

  197. Personally, I think the dad’s reaction is restrained to say the least. Which I find admirable, given the vile contents of the postings by his daughter and Darius. To all the judgmental people in this thread who just can’t get over themselves because the dad wrote “the black guy”, judge away.

    I am just glad I am not you with your racial obsessions, and I am equally glad I am not the father in this scenario. But I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be Emily at the next family gathering.

  198. amazing

  199. @Tara

    When I speak about Black people, I am NOT exclusively referring to African-Americans. I have been to France, England, Spain, Canada, and the Netherlands and the only difference I’ve noticed about the African Immigrants is the dialects spoken. Is it a coincidence that the most dangerous neighborhoods are the ones inhabited by African immigrants? Is it “racist” to speak the truth?

  200. Also. no self respecting WN would join the KKK, you trollop.

  201. LOL!!! Wow.. This was posted on ihatejade.com btw. See here: http://ihatejade.com/?id=x6bmgggb0q7mj78ywuzs8foivwr8ep

  202. American morons. Everyone knows American cars are shit.

  203. pahahaha.

  204. I think that Dad should have apologized for his racism:

    “I’d like to apologize for being insensitive to the gentleman who shot hot jizz all over my daughter and interior of the car I bought her.

    Again I’m very sorry and you are welcome to come over anytime and jizz all over my home and my family.

    -the dad.”

  205. Dad should apologize for his racism? what is racist about calling a black guy a black guy?!

  206. Ha!
    Jessica can’t read!
    (Or may have no sense of humor)

    I think the black guy could have been nicer too:

    “Dear Dad, please forgive my aim. I am really sorry about the car interior, I always try to jizz directly on Emily’s face but this time I was texting and I lost my concentration. Also I hope she eventually learns to see better out of her left eye, or at least invests in a pair of safety goggles”.

  207. Some of you are so pathetic. Instead of laughing at the humor in this all you can focus on is that the dad called the rude mofo,”That black guy.” Are you people really that uptight? If some POS said something like that to me about my daughter I would have quite a few choice of words way worse then what the dad said. If anything the dad is being rather nice compared to what most parents would be after reading something like that.

  208. What dumbass gets a Volvo bought for them and complains about it wishing it was some American POS? B**** probably wants a Neon

  209. 100% win

  210. the true heroes of this piece are Roofie (for not missing the rare opportunity to quote Afroman) and Mr Haiku, as always



    Wow that really brought me back.

  213. Dear Darius,
    I need some spackle work done on my home, please send me an estimate.

  214. volvo is and always will be swedish, doesnt matter if fords owns it for now, thats just how it is, deal with it

  215. wow. Americans are idiots about race relations

  216. nothning like some mild mannered anti race mixing

  217. kate smokes crack

    Yeah, we sure are idiots about race…

    American black presidents- 1

    European black presidents- zip.

    Enjoy a tall, cold glass of mind your own country’s fucking business.

  218. kate smokes crack smokes crack


    That is by far the worst comparison i have ever seen…

    European spanish presidents – 1
    American spanish presidents – zip

    European italian presidents – 1
    American italian presidents – zip

    European female presidents – 1
    American female presidents – zip

    African black presidents – more than 1
    American black presidents – 1

  219. Vanilla, please refer to post 187. The father obviously wasn’t trying to be complimentary – dependent upon the ‘target’, there could have been a long list of descriptive traits he could have highlighted (e.g. cracker, blonde, white trash, redneck etc etc) but only a minute handful would lead to this incessant “zomfg racism!!” crapola.

    Oh and Zack/103 – darker colours absorb light, and lighter colours reflect light. Just sayin’.

  220. Who the fuck cares? This post is funny because of what the dad said. Calling someone by their name is a sign of respect, so why would the dad feel the need to do so after Darius made such a disgusting comment about his daughter?

  221. Even so, WahwahwahKaty, he could’ve just said “that guy.” Dad’s racial prejudice clearly shone through his post. Yours isn’t nearly as blatant but it seems to be present, nonetheless.

  222. Shit. That blurred-out photo kinda looks like a Joe McSomething I know.

    Also, why would anyone with half a brain insist on only buying American cars? If they care that much about cars, surely they would choose a nation that made decent ones.

    Sod the racism, the poor car taste is what’s lame here! Enjoy your Chryslers!

  223. Joe is prolly pissed coz he knows a big black dude nailed his daughter better than his own redneck ass could!

  224. If this goes on much longer, I’m going to need a drink.

  225. @Anitalaff

    Yeah, that’s what she said.

  226. black dude must have a huge cock

  227. Please tell me I’m not the only one seeing the really racist comments here and not the one in the pic……

  228. Moral of the story: there are Somethings u just don’t say on facebook!!!!! Peoples parent will find u and u will b busted!!! Hahaha

  229. lets play a game… its called “spot the word”
    if i were Daddy, i’d be REALLY pissed by what that guy wrote. I mean i’d be reallllly mad. So, naturally, i’d want to express my anger big time!.. use real colorful language for the occasion etc.
    instead, i write a calm “that black guy better be kidding”. It seems like i am pretty confident that that one sentence will communicate a whole lot about what i’m feeling. can anyone spot the word/s that expresses the fatherly outrage in this??
    thank you for playing…

    i mean seriously ppl, shut up and enjoy the post and refrain from defending either mofo…

    btw just for fun, here are some things i would have written if i were the dad: emily, this kid better be kidding. emily, your friend better be kidding. emily, this idiot better be kidding. emily this mofo better be kidding. emily this foul-mouthed boy better be kidding and i’m disappointed that you have such moronic friends. really, any number of things to describe my contempt for this kid. but no, use “that black guy”. that will show my contempt just fine.
    stop reading.

  230. Okay, am I the only one who noticed that Darius (I actually seriously think it’s him) commented on the post, saying and I quote: “Darius
    October 7th, 2009 at 8:31 pm
    Wow. And I’m not even black. I just like that picture.” I think perhaps everybody is so busy with their narcissism, that they fail to see what is actually being written. But more power to those who have their head so far up their asses that they couldn’t tell the wood from the trees, for our entertainment!

    The father was pissed. Instead of using a whole string of expletives to kindly take the kid out, he chose the first thing he saw, albeit it the bad contrasting on his picture. Shame guys, computer says no. End of discussion.

  231. [...] [Lamebook] [...]

  232. [...] [Lamebook] [...]

  233. Spammers, be gone!

  234. You people are rude.

  235. He probably just said “that black guy” to differentiate from all the other guys that have screwed Emily in the back seat of her Volvo.

  236. Might her dad dont think black as his a colour of skin, but black like someone who is rude. Im from czech republic and here if you dont have a transport ticket in a tube you are said a s “black passenger”. That’s nothing about colour of skin. It means black like dark passenger can’t be seein. I once see in a tube funny situation when transport ticket inspector get an afroman without ticket, and he tried to explained him, he needs tivketotherwise he pay a tax. There was nearly fighting between them when inspector started to speak with his bad english. / “you’re black passenger!” “what?” / That was fuuny as that sounds like thats completely racist, but it wasnt ;o)
    Sry for my wrong english if that is, Im not native speaker.

  237. Keanu Reeves In Speed

    Why would Darius have a picture of a random black guy as his profile pic? That’s just creepy and disturbing and worthy of another entry on here.

    I’d love to be friends with this chick in real life. She says some dumbass thing about American cars when she drives a foreign one, she tries to make a stand when she’s not the one buying the cars, she ignores any possible trouble with the intimation that she’s getting boned in the backseat knowing that her dad is friends with her on Facebook…

    what a great dumb whore.

  238. [...] Thanks to Facebook refusing to die and the eruption of Twitter, all of a sudden everyone knew what every person they didn’t care about was doing at every second of the day. Status updates from Joe Nobody to drunken chicks discussing their intimate affairs via comment not message (whoops), to celebrities like P. Diddy tweeting so often a drinking game was created to play with his catch-phrase updates. The absurdity and hilarity of this wasn’t lost on anyone with half a brain, and websites like lamebook.com managed to catch a few gems (click here). [...]

  239. [...] Facebook Comment Posted on January 2, 2010 by xandiprice Lamebook never fails to brighten my [...]

  240. I hate stains on the vulva.

  241. LOL!! SET YUH SELF UP !!!!

  242. LOL dad FTW

  243. @Bingo – LOL.

  244. It’s a racism comment to me too, Mez609.

  245. @Brad – how is describing a person as ‘black’ racist? It is a fact based description of his appearance.

    No different than me saying ‘That blonde girl’, ‘that short guy’ or ‘that post-op trannie Brad’.

    Stating fact isn’t racist. He IS black, so calling him black can not be racist or offensive…unless Bradley…that you think calling somebody ‘black’ is an insult and that being black is somehow a negative thing, in which case I suggest that you may be the racist.

  246. Are there any black people on here who found that comment racist? Or should I say afro-caribbean, or afro-american, or African or whatever else they have changed it to this week. I’m getting so confused with political correctness nowadays I’ve forgotten what we are allowed to say! I’m sure if Darius was offended he would have commented back.

  247. I’m African and i found that hilarious…

  248. 1 – Darius is black
    2 – Emily’s Dad noticed it
    3 – By Emilys ‘DARIUS LMAO’ they blantantly smashed. Oh you…

  249. I don’t understand why everyone is hating on Darius for being direspectful. If that’s the kind of company she keeps, she’s enabling him to be that way. If anything, he should be mad at the daughter for messing with dudes with no respect for privacy or values.

    Sidenote: I like how at the bottom of the page it was an ad for an interacial dating site.

  250. agreed @dump ass

  251. so all this debate about racism in this post.. and i came away with a definitive realization that about half the people browsing lamebook are racist fo sho.

    thanks for the certainty, folks. :]

    and as a black person, black people wouldn’t “get away” with calling you white girl/cracker/miley cyrus if you’d say “that’s fucked up, i have a name”. put your grown people pants on, guys.

    save darfur.

  252. Yet another reason not to friend your parents on Facebook!

  253. Sorry facecrooks but I think the real lesson here is to not be an ungrateful princess.

  254. Pwned! Hahaha!

  255. how do you leave a lamebook post? i’m not familiar with this site but i have an epic would-be post if i can figure this stuff out…help?

  256. dis be so racis!


  257. What a spoiled little brat

  258. haha, “that black guy” hahaha

  259. @porkchop – top right of every page … click the big red “submit to lamebook” button

  260. 50%+ of Toyota and Honda components are made in the United States. While the Ford Fusion uses only 30%. Granted not all American cars (including Ford) use that low of a percentage but “American” and “foreign” doesn’t mean much when it comes to cars.

  261. lol @ everyone who thinks that constantly taking umbrage @ comments like the fathers “black guy” statement means that they are not racist :P

  262. LOLOLOLOL! The ad at the top of this page is for an interracial dating site. Daddy Joe McWhatshisface wouldn’t like that!

  263. Sounds like Darius has been in both her volvo and her vulva.

  264. I have my Mum, my Aunties, my Grumpa’s brother etc on facebook and I’m pretty sure all they’d say to Darius’s comment was…”I hope you used contraceptive, you’re still on the Pill right?” I know this because it has happened! The fact that he’s black wouldn’t even come in to it.
    I have my opinions about racism as well, I got bored reading half way through because the comments were all the same, but I’m pretty sure everyone should remember that you don’t have to be white to be racist. I do realise that white people in many coutries have done horrible things to people that don’t look like them (I’m from Australia, but I’m Scottish just so you know), but white people have done horrible things to other white people too. Everyone is horrible to advance their own position; it’s the way of the world unfortunately. Religion and colour: the world’s greatest dividers. I know I’m v. behind in commenting on this but I don’t lamebook often. :D

  265. Lmaoo..this is why i’m glad my parents don’t have a facebook.

  266. dis b soo racis!

    i’m losin my shit over it

  267. I wouldn’t want a black guy having sex with my daughter either. Especially one that would post something like that in a public forum. Unless she was fat or ugly, because that is the only white girls black guys can get anyway.

  268. hey im new here and i jst wanna say HOW THE FUCK IS IT RACIST?!
    the guy doesnt wanna call him by his name becoz that ould make him feel human, soo he described him by the only thing he knew about him. if he was racist he would of said “WHY THE FUCK DID U SLEEP WITH A BLACK GUY?!! U KNOW HOW I HATE THEM NIGGAS!” that would b racist.
    btw soory if this has been already posted, i jst skimmed the comments lol

  269. why didn the dumb bxtch jus delete the post?

  270. If you cant find the racisim in this you are racist. Maybe you dont think you are but you are. but thats life. man white folks say the darndest things

  271. hmm, I don’t really care about the racist part.. what I want to know is who really owns volvo? I also wonder if Emily has American made clothes exclusively? just wonderin =)

  272. #272

    Guru says: So real it made me spill my 40.

    “That black guy” might sound out of place, but it is normal for Joe’s A-bomb generation to say it when the N-bomb was the usual alternative. Ever hear old people use the word “colored?” My dad used “That colored guy” with no disrespect to the black race and people say things like that all the time about minorities — “That Chinese guy” (Even if he’s Vietnamese) or I did not have sex with that woman. (Even when she’s a nut-stain-savin’ ho.)We need to stop whining about the speed bumps if we’re ever going to reach the summit of the race-and-gender-awareness mountain.

    First off, Emily is a shallow idiot to ever think that buying an “American” car is going to help American workers, or our economy. We won’t see anything of it. Almost every piece of any given model of car made after 1981 was either manufactured or assembled in countries where they can work a 14-year-old 20 hours for seven dollars. Buying American is a complete myth in these days of outsourcing and only keeps the car companies begging for bailouts while feasting on record profits from exploiting the third world. Wiki “outsourcing” if you think any car or plane made today is 100% American-made. The crap I just took wasn’t even American made, just processed and assembled here.

    Not to mention that foreign governments (Ireland, Japan, Germany)own most of our American land already — they own more American land than we Americans who live here. You can thank Ronald Reagan for that. He allowed foreign countries the ability to buy U.S. land to pay for his failed SDI program — something our founding fathers expressly warned about never doing if we wanted to remain free (selling our land to foreign countries, that is, not SDI. The space program was still in its infancy then). Oh well, so much for good advice from the guys who brought us The Constitution. Then again, the founding fathers also smoked pot, too, so to today’s toker, it’s painfully obvious just how un-American we’ve become by criminalizing Mary Jane — what used to be America’s #3 crop, after cotton and tobacco… We see where those industries are going, too — they want to outsource smokers now. I don’t see anyone making any laws against being fat or eating meat or the health police kicking down people’s doors or splitting up homes over how our cars’ emissions will kill us sooner than cigarettes, but I know it’s the propoganda mill brainwashing the masses to forfeit control of their own bodies in the name of “good health” and “protecting children.”

    But I digress, that’s not the issue here, perhaps I need to cut down on Thomas Jefferson’s main crop, myself…

    Darius was so wrong to say something like he did, knowing full well Emily’s father would be reading it. You don’t pick up your date for the prom and then check your wallet for a prophylactic in front of her dad, so true or not — Darius was way out of line. He wasn’t exactly putting his race’s best foot forward and his verbage smacks of the usual white-girl-lovin’-ghetto-thug-gangsta-wanna-be stereotype that we’ve all seen way too much of since the days of Flavor Flav and 2 Live Crew.

    “I knew Malcolm X, and Darius, you are no Malcolm X…”

    If you think I’m being a little racist here, how many white guys do you know who are banging black girls and leaving nut stains in the back of a Caddy or whatever? How many of these so-called guys are posting a comment about their jungle fever on facebook?

    I’m a wigger; I know. It’s not because white guys don’t like black girls, or that black girls don’t like white guys, it’s because black guys don’t like white guys banging black girls. It’s because if I have a problem with Tyrone and his all his Insane Crip overgold homies banging my platinum-blonde sister between their bouts of crack smoking, breakdancing, watermelon eating and drive-bys, and I decide to go out with Orenthal’s sister Tameka, I’d get jumped by O.J.’s homies for sure. My cracker ass would be shanked and hospitalized and every white guy north of Alabama without a gun or a welfare check knows that’s the way it really is.

    There’s still a long way for all of us to go in the respect department, so I’m not bagging on Joe. He’s just a man of his time. Sure, he could have said, “Golly-gosh-gee-willikers, Pumpkin, I sure hope that African-American friend of yours with the so-white-sounding name of Darius was just shucking and jiving, Emily, or I may have to send you off to Bible Camp.” If Darius was being that insensitive, why should Joe give a rotten damn about Darius’ racial sensitivities? The brother just said he’d nutted on Joe’s upholstery, which suggests that he’d been banging Joe’s daughter in the backseat of the car that Joe worked hard to pay for. Not exactly the best time to expect a dad to be in a good humor about his daughter’s sex life or to completely disregard the notion that he might be seeing his “own little Obama” running around in a few short months.

    Shawty wanna thug…

    Not the greatest post, but a memorable one, nonetheless.
    Black or white, asian or mutt, we all need to embrace diversity.

    The Lamester Guru’s Mantra:

    “If you don’t want anyone to know, don’t tell anyone.
    If you don’t want everyone to know, never write it down.”

    Peace, I’m out.

  273. #273

    Corrections, for even the Guru screws it up time-to-time:

    “It’s because if I have a problem with Tyrone and (-his) all (+of) his Insane Crip overgold homies banging my platinum blonde sister between their bouts of crack smoking, breakdancing, watermelon eating and drive-bys, and i decide to go out with Orenthal’s sister Tameka, I’d get jumped by O.J.’s homies for sure.”

    “Black or white, (A)sian or mutt, we all need to embrace diversity.”

    To err is human, I guess…


  274. #275


    Peace, you grammar Nazis.


  275. #275


    yES, i AM A GRAMMAR jEW.

    And yes, I like to write for a hobby.

    So solly… Thanks for putting up with the Guru while he mentally menstruates all over this white and virgin-seeming page. More virgin than the back seat of a Volvo, anyway…

    I think the comments on this one are brilliant. I read lamebook for the best comments I can find anywhere. You all are hysterical and so funny in ways I only aspire to be! Before someone tells me to STFU or says I’m being Frodo without a pool or accuses me of serious over-verbosity or whatever, understand I don’t have much of a life outside of being entertained by things like Lamebook so I really don’t consider that most people’s entries are only about a sentence long while mine are just a paragraph short of a novella. I like how there’s a large amount of British folk who comment on this site because they have an appreciation for verbosity with all their Shakespeare and all that, but I also think there’s some people on here who should do an act in Vegas or something — so witty!

    May The Lame Be With You,
    (And Also With You)

    This is the word of the Lame.
    (Thanks Be To Lamebook)


  276. Oooh that was wicked :D btw some of the comments here are just as funny as the status lol.

  277. wiggity whack… (in the back)

  278. Hiijole_Chingada

    haha this is my fav post haha ftw

  279. Haha..WIN

  280. Dad should be checking Emily’s face and chest for the stains Darius left

  281. HAHA YES.

  282. i would lay a KU KLUX BEATDOWN ON DARIUS (not racist but can see how this might be observed as one)

  283. -_- black guy lmaoooo

  284. Whats nice about facebook is that Dad can find Darius, HUNT him down and …..Pop stains all over his back seat! Whaaa whttay think I was gonna say????

  285. Wow Lamester. Just wow. I got bored about halfway through, then reenergized myself to keep reading, then got bored again. However, I think I agree with some of what you said, and I’m sure they were collectively awesome comments.

  286. [...] status about me being a “total bitch” and watch what happens.  My goal is to end up on here for virtually punishing [...]

  287. Omg, the comments here are even more funny than the screenshot! LOL!

    “He mentioned his colour in a negative sentence”
    Well, the dude wrote in PUBLIC that he fucked his daugther! I dont think he’d be so happy about that ;)

    You dont even know if the dad knows Darius and is just joking back…
    RELAX why wont you ;)

  288. Would any of you white boys want your daughter being f’ed by a black guy? Most likely the “black guy” wont be able to financially support her.

  289. [...] Source: http://www.lamebook.com [...]

  290. What “that black guy” said was disrespectful as hell, and he deserves in turn to be disrespected. The issue shouldn’t be whether the comment was racist or not, but whether or not it was justified, and it absolutely was. F*ck that guy.

  291. this post made me lol, hes not racist he was just being ironic (;


  293. why do you give a fuck about racist issues.
    each to their own.
    all i know is if some punk ass kid said that on my daughters face book he would be blue from decomposing in the back yard.

    Emily you want to drive american cars but you are happy to fuck african punks maybe you should have your volvo towed and your vulva sowed.

  294. Sounds like Emily already had her vulva sowed. But @noonespecial probably meant “sewed.”

  295. This stuff is epically funny!!!!

  296. Oh wow. have to say I love this thread even if it isnt real! Also, thank you Jonas for sharing the link to the red house commercial. “Look at this couch. It’s great for black people…aaaand white people.” :) haha and then how they include the “its-panics” (hispanics) at the end of the video.

  297. People, it has nothing to do with the fact that it was a negative sentence. It’s the fact that the guy’s race made its way into the sentence for no reason.

  298. “Daddy should be thankful the car wasn’t stolen”…….Now thats a racist comment….. come on people, anyway you look at the problem, the stains are still white. You can get more brain stimulation watching paint dry on a wall!!!!!

  299. [...] [...]

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  301. Best lamebook post ever.

  302. ahahahahah that is insane.

    http://www.tourist-destinations.com how about this ?

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  305. blondie1508: I found it racist.

    LamesterGuruPro4shareware_geniusedition: it started off well enough, and then crept into racist territory quickly.

    Vaginalroundhouse: We get it, either you are a troll, or you really don’t like black people. Regardless of race, if you were born in America, then you are American. “Whites” discovered the land, despite Native Americans being here first. The only reason it is credited to whites is because they told other people that America existed rather than saying nothing like the Vikings.

    noonespecial, she isn’t being hypocritical if he was born in America.

    There is being disrespectful and there is being racist. You can be disrespectful and not racist, but you can’t be racist and not disrespectful. Plain and simple. Yes, Darius was being disrespectful, but Joe didn’t have to retaliate by saying “that black guy”. In context, it is racist because he has access to his name. Even if he doesn’t use his name, he can use something colorful not racist term as well. Clearly, everyone would have know what he was talking about, right??? But he chose, “that black guy”.

    If you don’t know someone’s name and there isn’t anything else you know about them, that black, Asian, white, etc is acceptable because you don’t know the name. It isn’t racist to call someone by their race unless you are trying to depersonalize them, which he was doing and others even admitted he was doing.

    But, personally, as a black person, I’ve never called white people crackers, honkeys, or anything other racial name to describe them. It’s white guy/girl if I don’t know their name and I can’t describe them any other way. Or if they share a common name with a black/asian/mexican/etc person and we don’t know the last name.

    As someone mentioned, not all blacks are the same–even in the US. But, the same could be said for every race.

    And yes, this fell into the tl;dr category, I know.

  306. too bad most of the shit on lamebook is fake.

  307. http://bit。ly/oGbb83

  308. *chuckles*

  309. vaginalroundhouse

    2shy……you need to calm down before I call the Internet police on your trolling.

  310. Darius, u hilarious son of a bitch you… HE WASNT KIDDING!

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