Thursday, November 5, 2009

Daddy’s Girl 2


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  1. hahhahaha

  2. i mean 1st now second

  3. Frank is an arse

  4. Poor Frank is jealous.

  5. Frank should stop crying like a baby!

    You think he sent this in himself?

  6. FUCK YEAH! the best

  7. i think frank won this one. everyone hates pt cruisers.

  8. Frank probably has a ’78 Pacer.

  9. PT Cruiser owners spotted in these comments

  10. I’m gonna have to take Franks side. PT Cruisers are the ugliest cars known to man…right next to “smart cars”

  11. If I was Dad, I would hunt this spoilt piece of shit sonofabitch down!!! Who the fuck is he to talk she about this girls car.

    I reckon Frank takes the bus!

  12. What an ass, that Frank.

  13. Frank’s just pissed because he drives an ’81 Chevette

  14. i hope frank runs out of milk at a bad time, or cant find a light at the bus stop or something.

    what a little bitch he is.

  15. gah. Who cares what it looks like? If it’s a safe , decent car then frank needs to stfu instead of trying to turn cassie into the ungrateful loser that he is. It’s a thoughtful and generous gift and if I was the parents I would be a little hurt that someone tries to instantly quell (is that a word? my brain is on holidays xD) my daughters obvious excitment at her new convertable. Fucking rich snobs piss me off.

  16. Whatever, you’re 16 years old, ANY car should be fine. Frank is obviously a spoiled little shit.

  17. Amen to thay Leverhundar !

    Ugly ass car but no need to spoil the excitement and diss the dad.

  18. eesh, those cars are prettyyy ugly- but hey, its a car! I’d be pretty happy to get one for my 16th!

  19. What’s with the Frank bashing? He’s right.

    And, Cassie, spoiled much?

  20. Oh yeah she’s definitely spoiled much! She also says ‘new car’, like she already had one??

    But Frank doesn’t really have to be like that on her FB profile either.

  21. Huh? Or, you know, it’s a new car. As in not pre-owned? lol

  22. And off course PT Cruisers are ugly! (so I’m NOT one of those PT cruiser owners Teddy ;) ) But he shouldn’t spoil the dad’s fun of giving his daughter a car, I think.

  23. Well Tony, it could mean both you know :) .

  24. rad??? who says that anymore?

  25. President of Chrysler

    Frank is a jealous pr*ck.

    Cassie is spoiled.

    Enough said….

  26. We’re Frank bashing because he is a dbag!
    Who the fuck complains about a new car at 16? Hell Ill take a PT cruiser right now if it was given to me!

    What a fucking debbie downer he is…

  27. The kid is happy (and grateful!) The dad is happy. WTF Frank? That’s actually a pretty generous yet reasonable gift… a used car, but not a beater.

  28. Only the ’08 and later models are anything like what I would call “safe” and I still wouldn’t trust it in any climate with snow – especially in the hands of a teenage driver. If Doug bought any other model he needs to analyze why he hates his daughter. They are truly pieces of shit.

    That said, both Frank and Doug are douches for the entire exchange.

  29. Big Wiggly Style:
    I actually like PT Cruisers AND Smartcars, so I guess I’m not the best person to be commenting on this. Though convertible PT Cruisers are ugly.

    Frank is an asshole, seriously, most people who have just gotten their license would be pleased to have any car that ran. A convertible, even if it’s not a cool one? Come on, I don’t think any 16-year-old would complain.

  30. Completely unnecessary from Franks perspective – And no Skokeloor, like, she like, said that she like had a ‘New car’ as in “Yay! I finally have a car!” – Are we getting definitive? Because the definition of ‘new’ is too “not exist(ing) before”.

    So long as we’re making broad generalizations – I’d suggest you push your jealousy aside and sit content with your 85 Toyota Corolla, don’t be angry that your parents didn’t make the “right” choices. Pwoahhh, did that hurt?

  31. Just put that car in Google images and have to say Frank is right that car is ugly. Very nearly spewed at the sight of it.

  32. President of Chrysler


    When you turn 16 in three years, you’d be grateful if your parents bought you one. If you were not grateful, you’d be stupid.

  33. I seriously can’t understand just how ungrateful the majority of the people on this board (with a few exceptions) sound. It’s insane.

  34. Frank drives a Schwinn.

  35. Yeahchalmers, no need to be like that. I just interpreted it in another way than you did. No need to be like this. What did I do to you?

    And I’m not at all jealous, since I own a Mini Cooper Convertible that I payed for myself. So no need to ‘generalize’, like you put it. I just interpreted something wrong, big deal. English isn’t even my native language, so cut me some slack will you?

    Plus, I didn’t even say anything about the daughter. I think it’s cool she gets a car at sixteen. So why would you think I’m jealous of her?? All I said is that Frank shouldn’t be like this.

  36. So what if it’s ugly? I’ve never owned a car and I’m 20. I wish I could afford one

  37. Frank is a huge toolbox.

  38. Oh, so don’t try to psycho-analyze me again. Just because my English isn’t perfect (but better than a lot of Americans that post here), doesn’t mean I’m jealous of a car?!? Way to go Yeahchalmers.

  39. PT Cruisers are fucking awful. I have to agree that nobody should pay money for those things.

    That being said, having any car is better than having no car, but I think I would rather not own a car than drive a PT Cruiser.

    While we’re at it, I’ll throw Chevy HHRs, Pontiac Sunfires, Pontiac Aztecs, any van, the Chrysler Pacifica, Hummer H2s, lifted trucks, and any American car made in the 80s into the list of cars as well.

  40. Haha Tidy, it is an ugly car. But still, Frank should’nt be like this.

    And now we’ve established it’s a NEW car, as in NEVER USED before, I think it’s cool for Cassie and not spoiled as I first thought. Frank is the one spoiling the fun.

  41. skokeloor – You most certainly said something about the daughter, way too back peddle.. Mate, one thing that I utterly detest, is a broad generalization, in any aspect. Regardless of the context, it’s not something you’re entitled to pass judgment on, and for you to say “She’s definitely spoiled” based upon the fact that her father bought her a present for her 16th birthday (a coming of age birthday in the US, much like the 21st in Australia – but once again, no matter what opinion you hold, it’s still holds a cultural significance), yet you chose to pass judgment? Jesus mate, it’s not as though he bought her a Porsche.

    Now believe it or not, I care not about your response, so given that, I’m going to go to sleep and not look at this board again; So I’d suggest you keep your response to yourself.. It’ll actually be heard this way.

  42. My boyfriend and I started a drinking game that involved PT Cruisers. For every one you see in a day you take a shot, but not parked ones or you’ll die of alcohol poisoning, especially if you drive by a used car dealership. We quickly realized that there was no way to play the game without dying, so we never tried. One day we saw well over 30 of the fuckers, more than 50 if you counted parked ones.

    Frank is a hero. I mock those cars incessantly, and I would never be able to not mock Mr. Seriousface dad here and way-too-excited teen. It is a PT Cruiser. You can’t NOT mock it. Your head might explode.

    Oh, and in the game we tried to think of a way to make the convertibles be worth more points since they are so ridiculous. PT Cruiser convertibles are proof there is no just and loving god.

    Frank, I’m with you man.

  43. I rule.

  44. Like I said, I thought she was spoiled because I thought she already had a car (to learn to drive in or whatever)! I just misinterpreted what she said, is that a crime?? I didn’t mean to generalize at all. I would have been happy too if I got a new car at eighteen (our legal driving age). So now that I know that isn’t what she meant, I don’t think she’s spoiled.

    Are you really being like this to me because I misinterpreted something? And I didn’t even know how a PT cruiser looked before I googled it, so what I said had nothing to do with the car.

    Just a misinterpretation, jezus.

    And don’t call me mate, because first of all, I’m not a guy, and second of all I’m not your mate.

    And thanks for being so judgemental to people who don’t speak English very well and by mistake interpreted something differently. That’s really classy.

  45. Oh, and you don’t rule.

  46. My mother once had a PT cruiser.
    It was a peice of shit.
    Seriously, Frank is correct, he just should have said those things- is he driving it? No.

  47. well, he certainly got you a good one sockeloor. I’d say he certainly does rule.

  48. I agree that the PT cruiser is lame. But Frank is even more lame for acting like a jealous idiot. And backtalking her father. He’s disrespectful, and he’s just jealous that he didn’t get a car from his parents.

  49. Yeah, that guy totally deserved that burn for spending time looking at consumer safety reports to try and ensure his daughter didn’t die in a car crash. Oh, and he certainly deserved it for giving her an incredibly expensive and generous gift. Go fuck yourself, Frank.

  50. im sorry guys, i’m afraid i rule.

  51. Saxon, that was ace.

  52. anyone who drives one of those peices of shit deserves rididcule, also Andy, I think you either mean Corvette, or Chevrolet. Not Chevette. And if i drove an ’81 Chevy i’d just about jizz my pants.

  53. Right from the word “rad”, I knew Frank was a douche.

  54. I hate PT Cruisers too…but if someone I knew was genuinely excited about getting one, I wouldn’t rain on their parade. That’s just mean, and in this situation, uncalled for.

  55. @Jezz

    No, he means Chevette. You know, the car made by Chevrolet in the 80′s..

  56. Mr pegasus, just because I misinterpreted something? Wow.. All class acts.

    Haha Gregg, you do :p.


  58. I think the point is that her dad could have bought her a non-ugly , safe car for the same price.

  59. Vauxhall :p.

  60. In a world full of Scions and Nissan Cubes, I think it will be a while before the spotlight of mockery is shone on PT Cruisers.

  61. PT Cruisers suck. I would rather drive a 1978 Dodge Duster than a PT Cruiser. I would rather drive a 1986 Dodge 600 than drive a PT Cruiser. I would rather ride the fat girl down the street than drive a PT Crusier.

    Frank Rules.

  62. Ride or “ride”?

  63. Dad’s a dork. He should have come down hard on Frank and reminded him what a little douchenozzle he is instead of trying to justify his shitty purchase.

  64. Frank is right. PT Cruisers ARE ugly as all hell. And there are MANY more cars out there that are better, overall. I’ve NEVER heard anything good about PT Cruisers. It’s not a good quality car, Frank is right. I don’t think he’s saying this just to be a d-bag, but he probably actually knows cars. But his response to dad is not cool.

  65. Someone should run Frank over with a PT Cruiser.

  66. skokeloor get over the fact that you’ve ruined that name for yourself, and quit trying to defend yourself. Your argument is very weak. Regardless if english is your first language or not, you didn’t misinterpret it. Pt cruiser convertibles are way cooler than the actual pt cruisers.

    Quit being a bitch and leave this thread. You just want to fight.

    oh. Mini cooper convertibles look like mini pt cruiser convertibles. Your car isn’t cool either.

    Frank is a dick. How dare he ruin her 16th birthday like that. I’d be excited about any car at 16. Parents aren’t obligated to buy you anything for your birthday, let alone an expensive one such as a car. Poor girl.

  67. suck a cock linguist.

    the point is dad thought of a gift to give to his daughter. he truly thought this is something she’d like, other wise i don’t think he would have bought it. think about it. he could have bought a plain pt cruiser. but got her a convertible instead because he thought she’d like that.

    people who say he could have bought him something different, are selfish people who need to learn something about gratitude. Americans are going to shit, and it’s embarrassing. No wonder everyone hates us.

  68. Hey I didn’t start the fight, the other guy did. I just explained that I misinterpreted what she said.. which is the truth. I can’t help the fact that you don’t believe that.

    And I never said that my car is cool. Yeahchalmers thought he had me all figured out and said I had a 85 Toyota Corolla. I just proved him wrong.

    I really don’t wanna fight. He started it because I misinterpreted something. I admitted that I did and changed my opinion. Yeah, that’s me wanting to fight. Really.

    Jezus guys, it HAPPENS that someone misreads something. No need to be all like that, I admitted my mistake. Other people said stuff about the girl being spoiled and that’s OK, but when I say I misunderstood what she said that’s bad. Come on.

    And I really wanna end this stupid argument and get back to the fun and lame entries.

    I just thought Cassie meant something else. That’s all, I was wrong. So please accept the fact that I made a mistake and let it go.

  69. no. we’ll never get over the fact you suck. and try to hard to please people you don’t know. seriously it’s not like we know who you are quit caring so much.


    it’s really not that ugly

  71. Am I the only non-American here wondering what possible use a 16 year old has with a car?

  72. READ THE ENTRY AND MOVE ON! Every single post has 8,000 comments of idiots arguing with each other over the most stupid shit i’ve ever seen! and i just lost 5 minutes of my life i’ll never get back b/c some girl named skokeloor misinterpreted the word “new” and got fucking jumped on! is everyone here 13 or what??

  73. Frank is obviously a rich douche, most people don’t actually have the money to buy any car for their dad.

    I’m sure Frank loves living off daddys income.

  74. I totally wanted a PT when I was 16. I think they’re cute (though I do think the convertibles are fugly; they’re like the ugliest convertibles around). Ended up changing my mind because I was terrified I’d kill myself, so decided to wait a few years and ultimately picked a different car because Chrysler went down the shitter.

    But they are (or were when I was looking at them, don’t know about now) pretty highly-rated in safety, which is one of the more important considerations in your first car anyway.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s hideous if it will protect your dumb 16-year-old ass when you flip it in a texting-and-driving accident.*

    *I do not text and drive and think people who do deserve whatever they get.

  75. # 69 – True, but when I get jumped on for misinterpreting something (which hasn’t happened to any of you guys before, right?), I just want to defend myself. That’s not so crazy, right?

    But I’m over it now. So moving on to the next thread. Thank you.

  76. Eat a dick, “Muffin ass” (skokeloor?).

  77. I thought what Frank said was hilarious, so fuck you guys, GO TEAM FRANK!!!

  78. @stickfigure- I’m not sure which country you’re from but in America, the legal working age is 16, 15 if you get a permit. There are quite a few 16 year-olds that are just spoiled and don’t need a car but I know I got one because I started working. I had to pay my parents back for it too.

  79. No Chinchillazilla, not me.

  80. I see… so working age is the same as driving age?

  81. Yeah it’s around there.

  82. @stickfigure: Suburban sprawl and very poor public transportation are the main reasons.

  83. i thought you were moving on skokeloor. please do it. you are annoying.

  84. Why is everyone talking so much shit about the car! Thats not the point, she got a car for her birthday…at least she is happy about it!

  85. she got a fucking car! Fuck frank! i wish i got a fuckin car!

  86. Yeah, Frank is most likely one of those douchebags that has a BMW given to him by his parents, wrecks it while drunk, and then they buy him a new one.

  87. 50 bucks says Frank ends up fucking Cassie in the back of her shitty PT cruiser.

  88. @Two Worlds- LMFAO. Good call.

  89. What retard parent thinks any type of convertible is a safe car?

  90. I actually think that little convertible pt cruiser is pretty cute; regardless though a free car at any age, though esp at 16 is leet. The daughter was appropriately grateful and excited. Frank is a douche.

  91. Who buys a 16 year old a new car…were does it go from there ?
    I wish I had been given any car let alone a new one.
    Trade the PT in before it explodes.

  92. PT cruisers are gross. the end.

  93. Agreed! Frank is a DOUCHE!! but there is nothing wrong with, RAD!!!???
    I hate spoilt kids, but……. I love, the word, RAD!!! it’s Rad! word!

  94. I don’t know what’s funnier, the fact that I wholeheartedly side with Frank on this one or that her dad tried to justify such a shitty car with a “fantastic consumer report [sic].”

  95. PT cruisers are god aweful.

    Only older/old women drive them, and male douchebags who think its cool to drive around a “retro” looking car.

    I just want to punch the engineer in the face who thought of the concept.

  96. Hey BZR: What’s wrong with “fantastic consumer report”? You put a [sic] there as if there was an incorrect spelling or use of grammar.

  97. I agree with frank ever heard of the song, piece of shit car?

  98. Have to agree with Frank here. PT Cruisers suck balls.

  99. It really doesn’t matter what kind of car it is. The parents wanted to do something nice for their daught, so they bought her a car. The daughter found the gesture (and maybe the car too) to be unexpected and she was very excited and grateful.

    Frank has no right to step in and tell the daughter that her present sucks and to tell her father, right to his e-face, that his taste in presents for his own daughter sucks also.

    I have a feeling that this isn’t the first time Frank has been a dick like this.

    In fact, when he was 7 years old, he went to someone’s birthday party and the birthday boy (Ryan) opened up an original Power Ranger. It was the Yellow Ranger (which the racist power ranger execs casted the asian chick as… I mean, seriously? Yellow Ranger = Asian Chick? geez).

    Anyway, Frank saw the yellow ranger and stepped forward, stopping the party and yelling, “The yellow ranger sucks! I can’t believe your parents were stupid enough to buy you the crappiest Ranger of them all!”

    Ryan ran away crying and never talked to Frank again.

  100. Frank, fair enough, diss the car – it’s friendly banter etc. But don’t be rude to her dad. Fuckin’ peasant

  101. i got a Chrysler for my 16th birthday many years ago and they are generally, indeed a crappy brand of cars. that does not, however, give Frank the right to talk to the girls dad like that. i hope she deleted him from facebook.

    and i’m with muffin ass…all the arguing about dumb shit totally takes the funny out of the post itself.
    “arguing over the internet is like the special olympics – no matter who wins, you’re both still retarded”


  102. that’s just rude. i don’t care what your personal tastes are, way to shit on someone’s birthday present.

  103. @jellybeans
    While i’m in agreement about not arguing about dumb shit on here, I’d like to say you just got my hackles up big style with that last comment/quote. I’m not disabled but I do have friends who are, one of whom actually does compete in the paralympics (for real). He is far from being a retard.

    If people could ease off on the blatantly offensive and douchebagesque comments there might be less arguing. Thank you.

  104. @102: I am your father.

  105. Frank seems overly enthusiastic in the first post, only to turn into a sour, cock-munching little bitch when he finds out Cassie got a PT Cruiser. Any guesses on his age?

  106. I hate rude teenage douchebags, but I hate spoiled little rich girls even more, so Team Frank. But only on aggregate.

  107. i apologize, flips. never meant to offend your friends. however, you may want to avoid blogs like this because you’re not going to find too many politically correct people in here. :)
    i wasn’t making fun of mentally retarded people. the point is nobody really “wins” an internet fight.

    it’s the kind of place where even infants are fair game to be picked on because of their parents. have you read the comments in here?

  108. Thanks jellybeans. That is, thanks for the apology and the kick into touch ;)
    Just me being an oversensitive and hypocritical eejit this morning. I do apologise! Ordinarily I can take a joke with the best of them. Lightening up. Now.

  109. Muthafukin' Maurice

    Frank is right. PT Cruisers suck.
    PT Cruisers are for silver caps that think they are too cool for their Buick

  110. It’s a fucking car!

    Goddamn it, I hate spoiled assholes. She either doesn’t have a car, or she gets the car her parents choose for her. Frank is an douchebag.

  111. “PT loser” enough said.

  112. i wish my parents would’ve bought me a car for my 16th bday, but they didn’t…im glad they didn’t either cuz if they did it wouldn’t have a been such a shitty car as a pt loser!!!

    plus im not some spoiled lil brat..

  113. I got a car from my parents when i finishes school. It is ugly and old but that ok, cos i have a CAR! I’m not in debt and i can drive wherever i want whenever i want so suck it Frank.

  114. @misandrist

    judging by your comment, maybe you should go back to high school.

  115. @ mcowles #99 HAHAHAHAHA. That is brilliant. That is exactly what frank would do. I love it. *applauds*

  116. I think it’s safe to say Frank is another car enthusiast DOUCHEBAG

  117. Car enthusiast douchebag? Oh, so car enthusiasts are douchebags?

    Oh, wait, ya…. I’m a horrible awful self-absorbed person for owning three sports cars. Oops! Mommy and Daddy didn’t pay a dime for any of them either. Aw, the horror.

    “PT Loser” comment FTW. Hope she likes her ugly convertible Neon. Maybe if she could even spell “convertible,” it would have helped her to not look like another spoiled dumb teenager. [/snark]

    Okay, flame on people. :D I know you’ll want to.

  118. Gonna have to agree with Frank on this one.
    A PT Cruiser /is/ a POS.

  119. Sigh, the point is, her dad researched and bought her a “safe and reliable” car. It REALLY doesn’t matter what it is.

    The whole “your car is ugly” thing is ridiculous. If you like driving it, then drive it and be happy.

  120. Dad doesn’t fail for buying a PT Cruiser (although they ARE lame and ugly).

    He fails for buying his 16 year-old daughter a car… period. I bet she didn’t spend one cent of her own money on it. Congrats on your spoiled child who will not appreciate the value of that expensive gift since she didn’t work, save, and spend her own money on it.

  121. Seriously who is that rude to their friends parents? If I had a friend who talked like that to my dad I would never hear the end of it. “A PT Cruiser is ugly” – this kid is so greatly concerned about the aesthetic appeal of a car that isn’t even his that he needs to publicly insult his friend and her family over it. Meanwhile kids in other countries are picking maggots out of their rice and pulling pieces of scrap metal out of dumps. This whole post makes me want to kick anyone under the age of 18 right in the fuckin box.

  122. pt cruiser isnt just ugly, its a complete piece of shit.

  123. it’s all about the plymouth prowler. Fuck the PT cruiser. Faggotmobile.

  124. It is a shit car though.

  125. A PT Cruiser is better than nothing but its not that great of a car. In all honesty I would say they are great for first time drivers but they tend to have a lot of engine problems down the road. I also definitely believe that Frank will probably end up fucking Cassie in the back of her PT Cruiser. 10 bucks say’s Cassie’s a chubby chick

  126. Lol, does anyone remember when the PT Cruiser was $1 (After you purchase another car)??

    If you know anything about cars, you know the PT cruiser isn’t worth more than 5 cents.. I’m just sayin’.

    Poor girl, I’d be crying.

  127. geesh, guys – learn how to spell! it’s “dooshbag”. jason said so. !!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!onE~!!!!!!!

  128. Actually when spelt correctly… it is Douchebag!

  129. actually the dad should take the PT cruiser, find frank, and run him over with it…… then back up again if he was still conscious ;)

  130. actually he’s right. pt cruisers are probably the ugliest cars out there and are cheap as hell.

  131. Thank god my parents actually have taste in cars to not buy me American made pieces of shit cars.

  132. im gonna let you enjoy your birthday gift in a minute, but my taste in cars is the best taste of all time!

  133. I’d rather have a convertible Miata. And I’m a guy. At least I could autox then! LOL. PT Cruisers, even at 16 I’d rather have my POS Civic I bought w/ my own money…

  134. @Charlotte. It was a joke, babe. A reference to the post about Jason. I guess my over-achieving use of exclamation marks and typos didn’t come through?

  135. @anony -

    now that shit is funny.

    that is all.

  136. @ I finished high school and its awesome, so suck it phil!

  137. all you people who are just picking on other people’s english skills in this forum – do you realise that there are people who go on this forum who don’t actually speak english as a first language? Yes, we do exist. More of us than you think. I’d like to see you type in your second (or third or fourth) language.

  138. You misspelled REALIZE.

  139. I worked my arse off to buy my own first car. Fuck these retard parents.

  140. jesus people a car is a fucking car! it gets you from a to b, who gives a crap if its ugly atleast you wouldn have to wait in teh cold at a bus stop if you had a car to travel in!!! fuckin wankers in this world jeez

  141. I did NOT fuck Cassie on the back of her lame as car.

  142. Any parent who buys a girl a brand new car on her 16th birthday is a moron. Try teaching her the meaning of a work ethic after this…

  143. Much as I hate PT Cruisers, I don’t have a car so anything would be great. Frank seems like a bit of a dick really

  144. You know what Frank got for his 16th birthday? His dad tossed him a carton of cigarettes and said “SMOKE UP, JOHNNY!”

  145. @144: That’s weird since his name is Frank.

  146. Frank is a douche.

  147. [...] source: Lamebook] Share and [...]

  148. If someone offered to buy me a car, I don’t think I’d be that picky. Except if it was a Nissan, every single Nissan model is ugly as hell.

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