Monday, February 8, 2010


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  1. Crab load?

  2. Emily’s roots are far too prominent on that dye job for her to be that arrogant

  3. Emily’s shitty personality also seems to be cramping her “styleee”.

  4. lay tho though?

  5. Emily’s head is so big it’s busting out of my monitor. How do you pronounce “styleee”? I need some phonetics.

    I wonder what Nicole offers in trade?

    Amber will “almost” do anything for some crabs. At least she has standards, almost.

  6. i dont think its hard work. she will have to do something hard eventually though

  7. I don’t recall male teachers giving the hot girls better grades. Am I naive?

  8. How much is a “crab load”?
    I have a hard time not reading the “ee” part of “styleeee” and “loveee” so to me I read it well, exactly how it’s written. Why do they do that?

    Duck lips.
    Terrible roots.
    Nasty cheap looking dress made of fake fibers.


  9. What’s a lay?!
    And Charity ? is that a name?

  10. Crab load, in that context, has to be the best typo ever.

  11. a lay is the flower yoke she has on her neck. its the hawaian thing they have at partys and stuff. its actually called a lei

  12. Branwenn,

    I believe she is implying that she is going to sleep with all her professors.

  13. I really don’t like Emily. She’s the worst kind of girl. Someone once told me all Emilys are evil.

  14. @branwenn
    If you are a male then yes, you are naive. If you are female, then you arent hot

  15. I like Emily… Shes a hottie so I ignore what she actually says and imagine that she talking dirty… Personalities are so overrated

  16. Nicole is just using the gifts given her. And it’s the hot/flirty combination that gets those great grades. It’ll suck for her if her teachers are gay though.

  17. Someone needs to let Emily know that those “skank poses” inevitably lead to back problems.

  18. @ ginivitis. “Someone once told me all Emilys are evil.” Hahahaha. I like it!

  19. And by “lay,” Emily means her friend is cramping her style. How many pics did it finally take for her get that awkward pose and intentional crooked facial expression?

    And can someone tell me what “OMGhhh” means? Doesn’t look familiar.

  20. @gingivitis

    My name’s Emily xD
    But yeah, this Emily gives us all a bad name.

  21. I’d bang Emily.

  22. @cherry cola

    no dude, the lay is the flower necklace thing she’s wearing. Somebody already said that and elaborated more on it earlier.

  23. Gogloplex…I know what a lei is. I’m sure her friend was the one really cramping her style.

  24. MikeysRight’sRight. Me too

  25. Why am I really doubting Nicole’s gonna be getting ‘at’ 4.0?

  26. @heavilyunbroken – haha, I haven’t met any nice Emilys yet, but I’m sure you’re the exception to the rule!

  27. Cherry, OMGhhhh is the sound one makes when one’s throat is full of…well, you know.

  28. Don’t you just loveeee women like Nicole? As if women haven’t already had enough trouble being taken seriously, there she goes relying on her hotness to get “at 4.0.”

  29. @ Katt.

    who said she was relying on her “good looks” she might have other plans to get that 4.0

  30. Emily’s attitude put her on an ignore list and the paunch cemented the position.

    Wonder if Amber is her “stage name”?

    Nicole must be shooting for “trophy wife”/ future cougar

  31. What is the big deal about the first one? Just looks like a typical scraggy bitch to me, it’s lot like Facebook doesn’t already have an abundance of those. Nothing special O.o

  32. I never heard anyone use the term “crab load” before

  33. ^
    I’m going to start using it now though. Just to sound cool, like.

  34. It’s probably just Emily’s PELVIC THRUST pose, but she looks kind of pregnant. I’d give crab loads of money to be as cool as she is, though. :(

    …lol, crab loads. BEST TYPO EVER.

  35. @Yoshi – because of the comment underneath. She’s talking about herself like she’s something amazing, and like you said, she’s just a “typical scraggy bitch”

    @gingivitis – I hate to feed the trolls, but I’m pretty sure she meant “crap load”….

  36. I know, I know – I guess the piss-taking doesn’t translate well in text. Nevermind!

  37. Maybe the friend had crabs and it wasn’t a typo… imagine a crab load is a crap load too

  38. Is the “lay” to which Emily is referring, the other girl in the picture?

  39. Emily’s awesome haircut looks like she’s wearing some sort of long-deceased rodent on her head, possibly a ratcoon. She’s going to throw her back out leaning that far over to grind her goodies on her friend, too…they should just fuck and get it over with.

  40. Sorry Nicole, but Teachers are usually impressed by grades.

  41. ‘Crab load’ indeed.

    Emily looks like an extra from the original Star Trek in that dress. No doubt the ‘hot ass boots’ were also silver metallic, to the knee, with a racing stripe up the side.

  42. Sensible, it seems as if Emily had back support in the way of someone’s knee. my guess is she and her friend were kneeling between some gent’s legs and decided to get a before shot.

  43. Does anyone else just REALLY want to hit Emily?

  44. Don’t you just hate women with confidence? They should all realise that they’re totally bag worthy without digital enhancement…how else are we gonna shift that $8 billion worth of cosmetics every year…. She’s a normal girl ffs people, so what if she thinks she’s hot. Better than “oh, I look terrible, I always do, why do I even go out?” etc

  45. Jez…save it. That isn’t confidence, it’s arrogance. SERIOUS difference. A person who is confident doesn’t need to go off about themselves like that.

  46. Oh, and there is a world of options between almost whacking off to yourself and self loathing.

  47. Meh she’s just a girl that thinks she looks good, that comment she posted was mainly meant for her mates, no need to go on about her looking like she’s got a dead squirrel on her head or whatever, and a ‘paunch’. I’m just saying look at the kinds of horrible things people will say about a stranger while safely hiding behind a monitor. And the idea that they have the right to judge this person so harshly… then again I probably thought the same way when I was at high school

  48. Well, I didn’t say anything about her hair or body. I do however think she’s a little too happy with herself. Although I find arrogance to be one of the worst human traits. So this rubs me the wrong way.

    BTW, she talks about her new hair and dress, she’s a consumer supreme, not a plain girl who is confident in her human worth.

  49. AND her hot ass boots…

  50. lol true. shes a bit of a jerk. I just got rubbed up the wrong way by some things people said

  51. Emily is a delusional skeez.

    Pray tell Nicole is not going into an occupation where people’s lives will depend on her knowing things.

    Poor Amber, so much fail. A crab load, I imagine, is equivalent to the maximum volume and/or mass, able to be safely transported by an ocean-going vessel without endangering the buoyancy of said vessel. I know that doesn’t help, but… …what I want to know is how much money was offered in dollars, and why don’t I have friends like the one who made the offer? fml

  52. Why do people like jez_24 get on people for criticizing the people in these posts? That’s the WHOLE PURPOSE of this site! If you don’t like people bagging on other (anonymous) people, then go find some other site to hang out at. Christ.

  53. What is going on with Emily’s pose? I cannot make out which part is her dress, the background, someone else … or is this a rogue Picasso photo?

    This reminds me of someone I know who posted, “Isn’t my new profile picture awesome?” Trouble is, it was. But I was never going to gratify her with a response. I need to start submitting to this site. Unfortunately I see too many possibilities each day.

  54. I’m thinking that Emily’s banana-back pose has something to do with
    a) making her tits look bigger and
    b) pushing her less attractive friend out of the picture to stop cramping her “styleeee”

    I’m also thinking that Ashley’s sore throat is a result of already blowing the guy’s friend, and her miserable mood is a result of not getting the promised cash.

  55. I really didn’t get the first one, but her friend is trying like hell to avoid her tits.

    And I hope that Nicole’s male profs are gay. That would lol me.

  56. @Sensible Madness: I couldn’t agree more with you. That is the whole point of this site and these people come with their “moral” comments and try to ruin the fun. But the worse thing is that they are here, reading the posts, our comments and continuing the thread. Really, get a grip!

  57. @19 Cherry Cola

    I took “OMGhhh” to be a combination of ‘OMG’ and ‘hhh’ mashed together through lack of appropriate spacing.

    I hope Nicole gets put on academic probation for being an idiot.

  58. If by “hit” Emily you mean “tap that fine behind” then yes.

  59. I thought Casey Anthony was in jail? Oh, nevermind, her name is Emily.

    tsk tsk tsk Nicole, start training right now for that career in exotic dance.

  60. @gingivitis

    I, at least, don’t take pictures like that Emily. So I guess that’s a good start.

  61. Madrid, but the moral crap is how *I* have fun…so, there ya go!

    yaya, she is a little Casey Anthony lookin’ huh?

  62. Not to mention, Emily is probably blowing it out of proportion. Her “hot ass boots” are probably the same fucking boots that everyone in the world is wearing right now.

  63. Wouldn’t it be great if they were the same boots Kimberly’s mom is wearing?

  64. wtf is she trying to do with her mouth? that would even scare the shit out uncle Fester! biggest pout failure I’ve seen to date, and if thats a haircut shes proud of, she must have had some really shitty ones in the past. Its not the lei cramping her style, she’s cramping the lei’s style.

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