Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crashed Over

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  1. lol… win

  2. Funny, so funny!

  3. HA!

  4. LAD.

    I hate to be an advertisement troll, but there is a website dedicated to all these types of story.

    This is it if you’re interested:

    Couple of good’uns on there, always a good form of procrastination.

    *goes back to studying*

  5. Who's That Girl?

    This post makes me so sad for my age. My 7 year old has friends that tell him “your mom is hot!”. He thinks it’s funny now. Teenage years may get a little awkward….

  6. What does LAD even mean?

    BTW, WTG, by the time they’re teenagers, your looks may get away from you… so don’t put the cart before the horse. :)

    Ending a sex night/morning with Babybels sounds kind of perfect… I’ll have to make a note.

  7. sounds like a hell of a night , good one Kit

  8. what are dunkers and babybels?

  9. LAD is an English word I guess. I use it alot on other forums and nobody knows what it means.

    It’s essentially a word to sum up a guy who does crazy or promiscuous actions, one which a guy of normal stature does not have the ‘balls’ to do.

    Here’s a definition off UrbanDictionary, may sum it up better than my rambling.

    “An English phenonemon, lads hang around in packs, drink heavily, watch soccer and attempt to kill each other afterwards, enjoy pictures of bare naked laydeez while singing inane and tuneless songs all too loudly, such as…
    Oh we are the lads, we are the lads, we are, we are, we are the lads!”

  10. i fucked your mom once too

  11. @ slimjayz

    A Dairylea Dunker is a snack, which consists of a small tub. The tub contains ‘spreadable’ cheese and generally around 10 cracker/biscuity type things to dunk into the cheese.

    A Babybel is a small piece of Edam, wrapped in red foil, and force fed to children as a means of calcium. It is also accompanied by several very annoying television commercials.

  12. Sounds like she had a great time!

  13. Serial Thriller

    Damn… That’s actually kind of badass. I mean, Crash Bandicoot was the /shit/ back in the day. Also, WTG? MILF’s FTFW.

  14. I love the laughing cow! The Dairylea Dunker sounds like something US calls Handy-Snacks.

  15. brrr babybel adverts are really annoying thanks for reminding me Silly-Billy

    And what’s up with the fokkin abbreviations on line all the time , i am getting old

  16. Through my babbling about cheese-based snacks, I forgot to say:

    Who’s That Girl?, keep it up. You will make a lot of teenage boys very happy one day. :P

  17. dude handy-snacks suck fat dick. Its all about the DUNKAROOS!

  18. lol so he basically got a handy snack and a cheese stick… that is awesome

  19. Sounds suspiciously like a tucker max story for the brits… You would’ve thought he’d had enough dunking the night before.

  20. i love malteaser too

    Now why would she want to feed him calcium supplements? Bone(r)s not hard enough?

  21. Who's That Girl?

    @mcowles – My husband already wishes fat on me so that he can avoid bar fights. It may be for the best. Now excuse me while I enjoy my double quarter pounder cheeseburger and fries…

  22. tripleamandic

    This is truly funny. I wish I was a guy so I could have cool times like this. It may sound really lame, but I mean it.

  23. WTG, I just got kicked out of the house, can I spend the night? I promise I’ll share.

  24. aguynamedmark

    Maybe he should just not hit people in bars…

  25. Can someone please explain to me what “making some shapes” means?

  26. Who's That Girl?

    nuff – Anytime babe. Mi casa es su casa. Though I cannot be held responsible for injuries related to stepping on Legos.

  27. @WTG We can even turn it into a game. You said your husband played hockey? I’m always up for a good game and would love to see who could score the most g’O'als on you in bed. Loser sleeps on the couch. You can just call me the hat-trick hero by the end of the night, but i like to outdo myself some nights and go for more.

  28. @ tellmelies. Dancing.

  29. Who's That Girl?

    @nuff – My husband was a defenseman. As you seem like a forward, this game could get interesting. Although, I ain’t gonna lie, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a hat trick. Let the games begin!

  30. Oh fuck me, that’s disgusting.

    Dairylea Dunkers? Babybels? The two shittest kids snacks ever.

    What a ‘mother’… jesus…

  31. @ BritishHobo

    I love how your attention diverses to the quality of snack the woman gives to her child, rather than the oral sex taking place potentially yards away from her son. :P

    To be honest, she seems like a dream MILF. Sex, sandwiches, and bathroom BJs. Anyone know where I can find this woman?

  32. MILF need love too

  33. @WTG I played as a defenseman for most of my life until my last few years of rep hockey (should have tried out for junior A :( ). My ability to read the play as a defenseman translated well to my playmaking forward skills and booming slap shot from the slot for that one-timer going top shelf. Now I’m just a show-boat on and off the ice, lol. Embarrasing the oppositions defenseman with my dangles before scoring with that slick deke on the goalie is just too much fun!

  34. “making some shapes” means dancing, but the ‘big fish, little fish, cardboard-box’ & ‘driving the car, stacking some shelves’ variety of ‘dancing’ i.e. not well…

    Also this definitely came off (which is, by the way, hilarious.) I read it there a couple of days ago, someone just copied it to their friends wall. And unfortunately, i know ‘lads’ with worse stories than that in real life…

  35. Lad = dude
    Ladette = chick

    You are welcome.

  36. Right here Billy

  37. Who's That Girl?

    @nuff – As much as I enjoy your impressive hockey history, there is no need show-boat, you had me at “g’O'al”. I imagine you have an impressive hockey stick, I would love to get my hands on it. I’d show you a goal you’d won’t soon forget…

    Oh – and don’t forget your guitar. You can play Layla for me…

  38. @mceilly: your name looks really familiar…I’m not sure why..

  39. Yes they do cupidcurse.

    Well they need sex at the very least.

  40. @WTG Done and done. Though I gotta admit I have a habit of stroking my ego every now and then, it gets the best of me at times.

  41. Come on Billy, you ever tried that manky fake cheese? Bloody disgusting is what it is. Just used to eat the breadsticks and throw the cheese away, and even they tasted like fucking cardboard.

    Woulda preferred the blowjob.

  42. Wait. Don’t, uh… don’t give that too much thought.

  43. Hobes, so true about that cheese, how they can call it cheese amazes me.

    The red wax surrounding tastes better.
    I eat that, and throw the cheese part away.

  44. No worries BritishHobo. Incest isn’t for me, but each to their own. :P

  45. I wonder, is there any way that @WTG and @nuff could take their skuzzy garbage elsewhere? Isn’t that shit what MySpace chat was made for?

  46. @AuntyVirus

    I’d probably say Lass = Chick, Ladette is pretty derogatory.

  47. dietpillpyramidscheme

    I knew what a “Lad” was, but because it was capitalised, I wasn’t sure if it was an acronym..

    I agree with Drongo. A “Ladette” is a word used to describe especially uncouth, unrefined …skanks.

    As the term IS British in origin, “Lass” works quite fine.

  48. MachineGun Monica

    @WTG…Aren’t you married? Pretty sleazy of you to be talking to strange men that way on the innerwebz…

    just sayin’

  49. dietpill, LAD in my world is capitalised, and is an acronym for an artery in the heart called the left anterior descending.

    Of course that’s not what he means, but if he keeps eating those crappy artificial babybel cheeses, he will most certainly soon have a blocked one.

  50. These comments are just overflowing with the pathetic desperation of fat/ugly people.
    Sorry to be a buzzkill, but I see it on every single post here, and it’s just so hopelessly pitiful I had to comment on it.

  51. Sounds to me like “LAD”s the UK version of the douchebags on Jersey Shore. Good to know.

  52. Who's That Girl?

    Hahahahaha!!! Haters!

    It’s cool though. I promise to keep my sleazy skuzzy convo to a minimum.

    And foshizz – ugly fat girls need luv too!

  53. This alenoo2 guy is really pissing me off. Anyone know the little punks address?

  54. You Got Doddified

    He’s probably forgotten cos he keeps ‘just finding’ the same site. And how to spell.

  55. Mmm.. Cheese and sex… Two of my favourite things

  56. Hello, summer, good place for shopping, fashion, sexy, personality, maturity, from here to begin. Are you ready? shoes,and,handbags,t-shirts,BIKINI..ect/… thanks… COME../,.

  57. lol

  58. you log in to say “lol” to everything…brutal

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