Monday, November 30, 2009

This is Your Status on Drugs



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  1. First

  2. Not gonna lie. I’ve always wanted to do that. (First one.)

  3. Jessica is on the right road to being a gangbang whore starring in xxx films. Good work Jessica! Hope to see you on DVD soon.

  4. insert clever name here

    @kal That’d be great. Then Judy could snort coke off of it.

  5. What is the obsession with “First” comment? Who cares? So you made the first comment on Lamebook, or any other site where the same phenomenon occurs…..does that fill you with some sort of joy? Well thats just sad. Here’s an idea. Turn the computer off for a while, move away from the desk, go outside and see the sun. Do something interesting….its a lot more fulfilling than being the first person to comment on a post.

  6. @Kal, ok ok, other than this being TMI on facebook what is so terrible about what she did?

  7. @Penny Lane
    Absolutely nothing is wrong with what she did! Hence the reason I said, “Hope to see you on DVD soon.”

  8. Well, I guess I mean, how is it going to lead to “being a gangbang whore starring in xxx films”?

  9. LOL! I guess she’s starting small and working her way up. I guess some women can just dive into gangbanging before ‘testing the waters’ a bit.

  10. What is this obsession with complaining about the “first” comments? It’s dark right now, I’m on my phone and just burning some time. Check this site out more and you may get to do it someday.

  11. I’m kind of jealous of her…. but I just don’t get what makes people put this on their profile!

  12. Could I really? For true? I could be the first to comment? Little ol’ me? No, way. You have made me feel like I could do anything now. Wow! If only I knew it was possible.

  13. @teddy, yes that’s right, listen to cumdog’s advice. You’ll be fucking small-chested French girls and making lame, tiresome comments in no time.

  14. Wow, I would have been less surprised if Jessica had said “yep, crack!”

    Then again, this is Lamebook. Very little can surprise me on this site.

  15. Samantha only wishes she could join in on that.
    She has a gunt so big, it looks like she’s hiding a spare tire around her waist.

  16. posty mcposterson

    I am sure that many girls have done this but I would hope that NOT many brag about it.

  17. @mittens-exactly!

  18. You’re an idiot. Also, your name is gross.

  19. It’s not my real name.

  20. Yeah I know CumDog, I got you all figured out. Wouldn’t you like to be a little less predictable? Try something new. How about German accents and C-cup titties? Perhaps you should profess to not want to “hit it” for once. Right now you seem predictable AND easy.

  21. No need to guess who the awesome new people were and how she met them…

  22. insert clever name here

    @teddy226655 – It’s actually a brilliant name. If you don’t like the “first” thing scroll past it.

  23. True, cum jokes are the height of wit.

  24. II’ve done the first one. Its exciting for about 5 minutes. The couple next to me was staring at my penis the whole time (its above average). Have no issue with the girl having a peek but the guy felt inadequate (his was below average – yes I peeked, does that make me gay? Fuck.)

  25. insert clever name here

    Hardly the height of wit but still pretty funny. You have a weird sense of humor. Oh, I’m sorry, was that meant to be sarcasm? Ohhhaahahahahahahha you’re so funny teddy226655. So so hilarious!

  26. Don=hilarious liar

  27. Oh lighten up teddy, everyone has laughed at a cum joke at least once :)

  28. a very TMI thing on FB…

  29. @ insert clever name – not trying to be funny. I just don’t think cum jokes are as funny as I did when I was 16.

  30. lmao. CumDogMillionaire.

  31. This site is lame now with the login. I’m ungrateful.

  32. I know a Jessica and a Samantha, and this is exactly the kind of conversation I’d expect from them.

    And if they did it together, I’d want footage.

  33. Do want footage NAO!

  34. Wow. The only thing that would have made these worse would be if there were parental comments on either post.

  35. ratcoon? When did you reincarnate? Or maybe I’m outdated…

  36. What is the bet that Judy has a French accent and A-cup titties? The front cover would more than likely be of Judy snorting coke off of CumDog Millionaire’s cock!

  37. I did it once. The first one, I mean. Back in the day. We were all 17, it was Valentines day and me and the other chick had cooked for the guys. A few bottles of wine later and we are all in the living room. Things just kinda happened. It was no big deal. Just a bunch of horny teenagers who couldn’t keep there hands off each other. It was fun.

  38. *cheers and applauds sixty nine for the mass orgy*! If there were more orgies there would be less wars!

  39. gotta love a gangbang

  40. I like turtles.

  41. i, too, like turtles

  42. I wonder if her boyfriend was imagining he was doing the other girl.

  43. @ LittleBit

    I hope he was – Jessica was probably imagining she was doing the other guy. Wish I was that other guy, so I could have imagined Jessica…

  44. @ LittleBit

    I can’t speak for Jessica and her group. But I was thinking about the other girl. She was my first girl crush.

  45. @35…

    The reason that they don’t have a parental post is because they don’t have any parents!

  46. I don’t see what the big deal is about the first one. It was like this most nights when I was in prison in Nigeria.

  47. Nigeria is the reason my Clitoris is gone.

  48. @47 The prince of Nigeria owes me a shload of cash, do you know him?

  49. @47, 49

    He owes me approximately 34 million dollars now. Please send him a request for my cash on my behalf.

  50. Please wire me a ‘facilitating fee’ of only $24,900 and I will be able to release the $34m into your bank account. I will also be able to reunite Clarice with her clitoris for another $4,900. You are all my friends. God bless.

  51. Nothing against orgies, or unusual public sex acts, whatever floats your boat so long as you aren’t hurting anyone…. but i don’t understand WHY you would choose to post that on facebook so that EVERYONE can see it, and spread the gossip which will inevitably get back to your co-workers, your parents, your long-dead great grandparents even. hmmmm…. the mind boggles at strange motivation behind sexual perversion.

  52. jessica doesn’t get out enough.

  53. hehe mercure , nice one , familiar with the 419 eater website ?

  54. The only way this could have been better is if her Mom made a comment on this.

  55. How about we just post our personal life on facebook! Imagine how much attention I will get!

  56. You know, I wish that more people would post a status like this once in a while, even if they ARE attention whores.
    I am so sick of reading, “is eating cereal.”

  57. @Anitalaff: How about reading “Is eating muff”?

  58. Now THAT would make me LOL.

  59. I will post it on facebook for you. LOL. I’m looking forward to all of the WTF comments coming my way.

  60. Have done so. I didn’t get the comments i was looking for though.

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