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Colorful Comments

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  1. Ah Sing ftw.
    These people just boggle the mind…

  2. Rosalind has a point.

  3. Oh woow I think I just died a little inside. And they are so proud of their blatant racism. That’s just lovely

  4. I visited Korea and discovered they do actually eat dogs… it is not an urban myth. Enjoy that Korean Barbeque!

    I also didn’t know that Christian Baptists were raised not to like black people. Jesus must be so proud.

  5. Ah Sing was WIN.

  6. 11th Commandment – “Thou shalt not like black people that much, because thou shalt be raised not to and just because thou shall not”. I think I missed that bit of the Bible.

  7. Ah Sing thanks for responding and pointing out Oliver’s racism. I hate these people.

  8. @Mercure

    Yes, Koreans eat dog meat. I live in Korea and have had 보신탕 a few times. However, by no means is dog a common part of “Korean Barbeque”.

  9. These people are:

    a. really that ignorant
    b. really that intolerant
    c. really want a butt whoopin
    d. all of the above

    Survey says? DING DING DING d. all of the above

  10. Stupid fucking people. hate the fact I have to breathe the same air as them.

  11. Anne Frank did do some very good hiding, but I don’t think she can beat the skill of the US’s Jimmy Hoffa who has successfully remained hidden since 1975, or the UK’s Lord Lucan who has stayed disappeared since 1974 following the murder of his au pair.

    Pick your champions more carefully in the future.

  12. LOL
    ahhh kids.

  13. Ah yes – Lord Lucan FTW!

  14. Is anybody going to admit that they did get a little laugh out of the black guy in a cotton feild on farmville???

    I will Lmao that’s just humorous too me Sorry!

  15. “I’m a rebel that doesn’t like black people that much cause I was raised not to”

    Looks like our little Baptist doesn’t completely understand the concept of being a rebel.

  16. @lamer1 – no.

  17. These were all stupid. I bet you dollars to donuts that Baptist kid from the deep south.

    Mercure, Anne Frank was the champion from 1942 to 1944. Just like the how Philadelphia Phillies were world champs last year but are no longer.

  18. Mercure, you can’t forget current junior european H+S champion Maddie McCann.

    Also I wonder if the people who submit these, then send the link to the person who posted the status originally.

    I.E: “The internet thinks you’re a racist

  19. sorry lamer1

  20. I agree Yaya.

  21. “The internet thinks you’re a racist” – that really made me chuckle!

  22. @Chavlin: Brilliant! The girl Maddie has impressed the fiercely competitive world of H&S – how could I have overlooked her? Such promise from one so young. Not like that Fritzl girl from Austria who gave up after 20 odd years.

  23. To those of you getting butt hurt over race related jokes: do you enjoy spending your free time being PC police? Do you get you rocks off calling other people insensitive? Maybe it makes you feel more pious than others to accuse them of being racist. Then you can go home happily, pat yourself on the back, and look in the mirror knowing you are an awesome person. You people must lead a sad humourless existence. I pity you.

  24. = You’re really sad for calling people on the internet racists. I am not at all sad for going round pointing out that people are sad for calling other people racists on the internet.

  25. Yes, delightfully ironic isn’t it?

  26. @slickjamesjik – you must be white. If not, internalized oppression sure has taken a toll on you.

  27. I am not the PC police by any stretch but I am always shocked to see people so blatant in their sterotypical hatespeak. I find it the equivalent of them wearing a blinking neon sign that reads
    “I am a hatefilled bigot without even the sense to keep my unpopular views on the downlow but rather advertise them proudly for all the world to see on the internet, you know, where I am somewhat anonymous. What you do not see me doing is throwing this sort of trash talk out there in my real life because I would get my hateful behind kicked by some mexican, jew or nergo who happened to overhear me”

  28. #22,

    It isn’t about being “PC police”. Race-related jokes are usually (wait for it, wait for it…) RACIST. Disguising racism as a joke doesn’t mean it ceases to be racism. The part of you that laughs at these types of jokes is the part of you that holds stereotypes towards other groups, whether you admit it to yourself on a conscious level or not.

    There are still people that wave their ignorance flags high and take every opportunity to let others know about their intolerance. Usually, in this day and age, it’s done through the telling of racist jokes since it’s somewhat of a “safe” way to express those feelings. I think you’ve clearly let us know where you sit on the matter.

  29. Seriously, it completely boggles my fucking mind that people can still be racist in 2010. Do we really have people out there that fucking stupid? That’s just sad…

  30. See Bucky Fellini has raised a good point, and its a good counter-argument, but

    ‘I think you’ve clearly let us know where you sit on the matter.’

    Will affect any chance of slickjames taking it seriously as you’ve snidely insulted and accused him of being a racist (in a backhanded way perhaps).

  31. The reason racism still exists (outside the few tiny factions that still genuinely hate people different from them), is because we continue to define and acknowledge racism. Laughing at a joke that is based around a stereotype is not racism. If I make a joke about white trash, is that racist? Stereotypes exist because they are true, and they are funny because they are true. Laughing at them doesn’t make a person racist, it means they have a sense if humor. Jesus Christ, sometimes I wish my people were oppressed so that there were funnier jokes about Norwegians. I’m bored of arguing with people that are clearly more progressive and generally better than me.

  32. I was raised baptist, and now I’m Nondenominational. We aren’t taught to hate blacks. People always stick religion with racism and I don’t know why. My church has every race you can imagine.

  33. i can’t belive this, stupids kids
    but more stupids their parents…. how you raise youre kidt to be racist !!!!

  34. I laughed at the cotton field one. The player could be a black guy, you don’t know…

  35. @British Hobo-yes,we do.I live amongst some of the most racist,sexist,poorly educated trash there is.Okay,next question is probably ‘then what are YOU doing here?’ I’m finishing my degree and then we are moving across the country.
    I’m all for crude humor.Race related stuff ain’t funny.

  36. do we really need to analyse things so deeply that are put on a joke website?? i think not, it is very stupid that there are still bigots and racists out there but unfortunately we cannot make everyone think the same, this is not a ‘hitler’ generation.

  37. @slickjamesjik: You, dear sir, are an idiot. Stereotypes still exist not only because a small amount of the people they are based on perpetuate them, but because people like you believe them to be true. You just said the dumbest thing ever: “They’re funny because they’re true.” No, they’re funny because they’re over-exaggerated. Hell yeah, I’ll laugh at a good stereotypical joke any day. But not for one second do I believe them to be true. And I love the last bit of your post. Psst, look. The exit’s over there.

    I think, based on your post, that we can certainly oblige you with a hearty stereotype upon which to base some opressive-like jokes: “Norwegians are vapid pustules that deprecate their own intelligence while arguing for the sake of stereotypes in the same paragraph”. Let the jokes begin.

  38. WaggagePatch – Racism and bigotry are two separate things. Please learn the difference before spreading your ignorance as though its truth.

  39. @30 Lulz!”Racism only exists because we continue to define and acknowledge racism.”

    I think that’s true of cancer too. If we’d just ignore it cancer would cure itself.

  40. hmm, interesting theory @DaysWithDave, I wonder if it would prove true of the extra holiday weight I have been carrying in the old midsection. Perhaps if I ignore it it will simply cease to exist.

  41. Slickjamesjik: Don’t whine at us because we correctly point out these stupid fucks are terrible people. Sounds to me like the most smug, superior one on this thread is you–but deriving pride in defending losers is a pretty empty win.

  42. DaysWithDaves makes a good point in that slickjamesjik is talking absolute bullshit.
    So, uh… if people had just stopped acknowledging racism during the Third Reich, would everything have been okay?

  43. Racism

    1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
    2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
    3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.


    1. an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.
    2. any preconceived opinion or feeling, either favorable or unfavorable.
    3. unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, esp. of a hostile nature, regarding a racial, religious, or national group.
    4. such attitudes considered collectively: The war against prejudice is never-ending.
    5. damage or injury; detriment: a law that operated to the prejudice of the majority.

    i.e People commenting climb on the moral high horse only to reveal how stupid and ignorant of other people they are

    This is a massive fail all on its own

  44. DO you know what, Dead_Parade, you’re right. Racism is bad, but this is merely prejudice, and prejusdice is totally FINE, so everyone on this comments page is WRONG. We shall let the people in this Lamebook post continue with their lives, ignorantly judging other races. Because it’s not racism. So it’s okay.

  45. Sometimes racist jokes can be funny because simply saying them is so inappropriate. Like the way Ricky Gervais uses racism to poke fun at it. That’s why I laughed at the little guy in the cotton field. I’m not laughing because black people used to be slaves, but because the idea that someone would have the cheek to create that pic. I guess it’s just a different sense of humour.

  46. Retard
    n. Offensive Slang
    1. Used as a disparaging term for a mentally retarded person.
    2. A person considered to be foolish or socially inept

  47. @BritishHobo and DaysWithDave

    Actually, you’re right, whatever offends people should be stopped and anything anyone finds offensive should be banned and the perportraitors should be punished,

    Enjoy censoring the world, retards

  48. Enjoy defending racism, fuckhead.

  49. I for one don’t want racists, bigots, morons, superparents, etc silenced. Who the hell would I have to shake my head, laugh at and feel superior to? My days would be so humdrum if we all lived in peace, love, and harmony.

  50. Ah sing, you’re my hero :)
    I don’t understand how people can be racist nowadays when we’re supposed to be such a civilised, intelligent species… the mind boggles.

  51. I put all my board games up in the attic… it’s all dusty and creepy up there. The Jenga doesn’t mind at all, however… the Boggle minds.

  52. @ #4Mercure 8#paquebot: Korea doesn’t exist, im gonna go ahead and assume you mean south korea since you’d pretty much get shot in NK.

    Also, everyone’s a little racist (you’d be weird not to be), and as they say admitting it is the first step to recovery.

  53. Why doesn’t everyone shut the Fuck up…you are all a bunch of sad losers..get a life and a sense of humour..

  54. haha exactly what I’d expect someone with the log in name “gaaaaaaAaaaay” would say. how old are you? 5?

  55. @xolouox: Noway, he’s 6.

  56. actually you guys i’m 4….

  57. ahh, it all makes sense now. isn’t it past your bedtime?

  58. ahhh no its 8am…..

  59. Dead Parade, it’s not about offending people. It’s about causing people undue harm. Racism is harmful. I get offended when people say U2 is a bunch of sell outs…but it’s not harmful to me. Racism is HARMFUL.

  60. Another racism debate. Ahh Lamebook, you naughty little shit stirrer!

  61. Wow. Um, why are we debating this again? The prejudice in post 17 and racism in post 25 are ironic.

    Also, Godwin’s Law!

  62. racism ftw!

  63. Boo-fucking-hoo. A race-related joke. It’s 2010, damnit. Get over it!
    There’s a little thing called freedom of speech, you know.

  64. i’m black and i laughed at the cotton field thing. i thought it was funny.

  65. Lmfao, Anne Frank.
    “Then who the fuck’s Anne Frank?”

  66. @slickjamesjik You’re right we don’t need all these PC police.

    I find it ridiculous how you can call racist people all sorts of names USING foul language. You say that racists are uncivilized? How about you learn to speak some proper English!

    @ Jaz Thank-you at least someone can see a bit of humor in it.

  67. I’m black, and I laughed at the cotton field thing too. Actually I’m black and spanish, and I love racist jokes, especially ones about my own cltures, because they sometimes ARE true, and that makes it even funnier.
    Honestly, white people are so concerned with being racist nowadays they won’t even describe someone as being black. It’s a JOKE, get over it!
    People like the Baptist chick are extreme, but the cotton field was obviously a joke, so it’s fine!

  68. I laughed at the last one.
    But the rest were pretty fucking racist. I love how there are idiots on here defending racism. Here’s an idea: How about all you racist redneck bumpkins go back to your trailers happily and safe from the race you don’t like, and when you see them in person become a scared little pansy bitch.

    Oh wait, that’s what all racists do already! My bad! Me so stupid.

  69. And @ActSingDance
    Is it not odd how whenever there is something offensive to blacks on the internet, a mob of random people randomly show up claiming that they’re black?
    And what makes it even more highlareeous is when they get the most offensive and claim that it’s funny! “I am black, and I love racist jokes against my kind! Especially when they’re ‘true’!”
    But I’m definitely not saying that you aren’t black and that you’re just a white person claiming to be black so that you can defend racism in a pseudo kind of way so that it seems socially acceptable, no…

  70. @Beanstalker

    I love how you verbally insult, look down on and discriminate against perceived internet racists and be so arrogant, elitist and disrepectful of other people, I love the irony, if you werent being ironic you’d just be a hypocritical fucktard but youu’re being ironic right… right?

  71. I thought these comments would be a lot funnier. The point of this site is to share a laugh, not argue about stupid bullshit

  72. I got a chuckle out of the farmville pic, and JayThe Slayer is acute, for pointing out that irony.

  73. JayTheSlayer read my mind.

  74. @Slickjamesjik

    i like norwegians. we would get along like a house on fire.


    i pissed myself laughing at your comment

  75. I’m a blond caucasian, good ‘blond’ and ‘cracker’ jokes are awesome. Can I get a ‘heil yeah’?

  76. Why would I fake being Black? It’s a fucking joke. Get over it.
    You must be very sensitive. In case you didn’t notice, racism is everywhere you go. So what if I just laugh at it because I thought it was funny. I love my race, and I’m proud to be black.
    Excuse me for not being offended by an overplayed joke. I really do apologize.

  77. Racism will exist until they get rid of the ethnic checkboxs on all forms.

  78. @52 7darkdays

    You’re correct that, as a singular political entity, Korea does not exist. However, as a singular geographical entity, it most certainly does exist. I hope you aren’t suggesting that North Korea and South Korea have completely different culinary styles that never overlap.

    At least the issue isn’t as messed up as it is with Australia! (Which can refer to three slightly different things – the island, nation, and ‘continent’ of Australia.)

    Also, not every foreigner who goes to North Korea gets shot. It’s even possible to take tours there; Baekdusan mountain in the north, Kumgang beach in the east, and the city of Kaesong in the south of North Korea all host international visitors.

  79. The guy who posted the farmville cotton field picture is on my friends list, he isn’t black. I was at a loss for words when I saw that picture on my newsfeed haha.

  80. @nashntth #77
    hahah. They’re actually considering that in my country. Wonder if it’ll really work.

    I’m just guessing, but those who are racist, area actually those who are the most afraid of getting butthurt.

  81. I miss the days when comments on Lamebook used to be funny, rather than tiresome debates about who is the most PC. Getting over-analytical about these posts is like dissecting a frog… nobody really cares, and the frog dies. Pls only comment if you have something funny to say – we come here to laugh.

  82. That last one was great. The others weren’t particularly amazing, but they were pretty funny :)

    as for all the comments, yeah.. Lighten the fuck up? I’ve used racist words before in a satirical manner, but jesus christ, I am in no way prejudiced towards people of a different race at all. If someone thought I was, I’d be doing my utmost to prove that I wasn’t.

  83. ActSingDance and Jaz….Good for you. Your particular race doesn’t get to decide whether I am offended or not.

  84. Penny Lane:
    I never tried to decide for you?
    I can’t speak for anyone but myself.

  85. Jaz…then mentioning your race was extraneous bullshit.

  86. @Dead_Parade and @nashntth FTW

    ….yeah, because black people just appear out of nowhere only when there is a racist comment. Newsflash, ethnicities of all kinds can read lamebook!

    everyone is being way too over sensitive. Of course I’m not promoting racism. But if a joke is funny, then it’s funny. Ever seen MadTV’s parody of Survivor: Cook Islands? About the funniest thing ever. YouTube that shit, and tell me you didn’t laugh

  87. and @PennyLane…I’m sorry, are you a certain ethnicity that was offended? or are you white and being offended “for” the other races?

  88. I realise I am invoking Godwin’s Law here…but ActSingDance, you’re not Jewish so using your logic you’re totally fine with the Holocaust then?

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