Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chronicled Captures

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  1. I just downloaded a bear.

  2. fail

  3. lamebook you made me giggle today. kudos.

  4. I giggled at Arnon’s.

  5. The last one is awesome.

    Jay, if you’re the one running at the front, give me a call. I like the look of your form.

  6. The Qu’ran burning goes to show how soundly America has rejected the hateful rhetoric and ideology of Islam. Of course, it doesn’t sit well with the Muslim-in-chief but someone should remind the Libs that they used to burn flags and spit on American soldiers coming home from war. In fact, they still do.

    There is only one true religion, Christianity. You don’t see Christians (of any denomination) flying planes into buildings that’s for sure. You don’t see TRUE Christians supporting immoral and perverse sexual acts. Christianity is about conservative, traditional family values, protecting the lives of the unborn and loving the Creator.

    Frankly, I’d like to see this country go back to its Christian roots and stop giving credence to the hateful, anti-American, anti-family Muslims, Atheists and the like.

  7. You know I would, but I’m done for today, maybe tomorrow.

  8. Heh heh, racism.

  9. Good to see you, dan. I was beginning to think you’d gone to God.

  10. A question for you yanks.
    Why does the yank media make such a song and dance about how you are not to use the N word when I often see black americans using it to describe themselves?

  11. there seems to be a rule that you can’t say the n word unless you are “colored”. Then the white ppl are called racist.
    (rolls eyes)

  12. @ Jim_diGris

    Unfortunately it is not limited to Americans. Same thing here in Canada. My younger brother lets his white friends call him that all the time. He thinks it harmless, even though I constantly remind him it perpetuates prejudice and racism.

  13. Ah, dan fargis, how I’ve missed you. I’ve been waiting for your calm, level headed view on this whole Qu’ran thing, and you sure didn’t disappoint.

    What do you think about the pastor backing down and not going through with it in the end? You mad?

  14. Is Dan Fargis for real? I’ve read a few of his posts from time to time, but I was under the impression it was just dry sarcastic humour.

  15. Ah Dan. It’s about time you showed your face again. I was just about to convert to Islam. Your post saved me once again.

  16. Ahhh i had a excellent comeback towards danfargis but….. i forgot…all them drugs, unprotected sex orgy’s and anti-social pensioner vandalizing must of killed all my brain cells and made me forget the point i was going to make….

    Oh well, i like cheesecakes, that is all that matters for now.

  17. Why is my thing waiting moderation? Has the PC police taken over lamey lamebook?

  18. dan_Fargis is IN THE BUILDING!!!….but let me ask you a question?: Did you forget the crusades??….oh and hey btw obviously those muslims that crashed into the twin towers where the radical of the bunch of muslims……i believe every religion has radicals!…including CHRISTIANS!…and im a christian myself…people like G. Craig Lewis really piss me off!!!!…….. :)

  19. I dunno, bolly, they let me say the f-word yesterday.

  20. Anyone else notice that only two of the three following runners are white? Was his great great grandfather chased down by some sort of turncoat slave?
    f*ckandmustard, why do you think it perpetuates prejudice? It is just a word. It doesn’t contain any inherently demeaning terms (like ‘white trash’ does, for example). And black people use it themselves (if this wasn’t the case then I could see an argument for forbidding its use in general). Frankly, the only thing I have against the majority of blacks is the fact that this word is forbidden to white people…
    Bolly, I believe they frown on posting your ‘thing’ on lamebook unless it is really hot. So they need to check it first.

  21. Right Dan. No Christian has EVER killed in the name of God/Jesus. Good logic there buddy.

  22. You don’t see Christians (of any denomination) flying planes into buildings that’s for sure.

    ^Happened a few months ago, as you are well aware.

    You don’t see TRUE Christians supporting immoral and perverse sexual acts.

    ^Okay, Dan has GOT to be trolling.

  23. Yeah!!! Fargis is back, with his insane theories on Christianity and religion!

    You might not see Christians flying planes in to buildings, but since the rise of Catholisism (the FIRST christian religion, the one they all branch out from, like it or not) folks have been killing in the name of Christ for over 1900 years (remember the Crusades, anyone?). As for Christians supporting immoral and perverse sexual acts, you should come to Ireland and shake hands with the church officials (catholic and protestant) that covered up decades of shameful sexual,physical and mental abuse against little children.

    Phew! Now I can go back to lurking.

  24. Whoooa, easy now bible thumpers!
    We ALL know how good Christians are… They NEVER do anything bad like fly planes into buildings! Sure, they may anally rape a boy here and there, but they don’t kill them for Gods sake!
    Churches in North America have a centuries old practice of allowing homosexual priests to molest their “Christian” flock… Sure, not as stinky and ugly as these A-Rab Muslims, but just as disgusting
    I hate to break it to ya, but you “Christians” are just as nutty as the Muslims!

  25. Actualy with regards to the n word, it is true that if you are not black in america you cannot say the word as you will be seen as racist. It is much the same in S.A, here we have coloureds, indians, blacks and white, mainly, and in the coloured communities they call themselves Bruino’s, wich any of the other races can’t use for much the same reason, and Indians for example are called charo’s, wich is actualy very racist and derogatory, and blacks are called ka**er’s by whites, wich is seen as a racist and derogatory term, however it was twisted to be this way, as it actualy just means non-believer in christ, there is another term as well, but can’t remember it now, go onto urbandictionary.com and search kaffer if you don’t believe me on that.
    Anyway sorry for the long rant, just adding my ten cents. Oh and that first one was quite funny.

  26. @mad2physicist

    He was obviously a field slave the the black guy chasing is a house slave.


    yeah you’re right fargis has finally blown his cover, an expert troll would pose a sane opinion once in a while to cover his tracks.

  27. yay dan fargis is back
    now i have inspiration to burn bibles again xD

  28. I’m still suspicious of Returned Dan. Why isn’t he quoting random extensive bible verses like in the olden days? Me smells a fake.

  29. Welcome back, dan_fargis!

  30. Dan could you please stop being one of those hateful anti-every-other-religion Christians that give the rest of us a bad name? You can’t force people to think the same way you do. Why must I have to keep explaining this to people??? When the hell did all of Christianity start to judge so harshly?

  31. itsyounotme, when did Christians start to judge so harshly? You’re the ones that say we’re all going to spend eternity being tortured for the horrible crime of not believing what you do, while allowing for even Hitler to go to heaven if he BELIEVES the right thing in his heart. You are the very definition of judgmental.

  32. I do love a good “insane Christian” rant.

    Cause no “TRUE Christian” would commit acts of terror, right dan_fargis?

    So there were no Christians killing each other in The Troubles? No acts of terrorism stemming from that? No bombing of major cities, attacks on Police officers homes in the name of the “right religion”? No, that never happened did it.

    And the bit about “immoral and perverse sexual acts”…maybe you’re right….a true Christian wouldn’t support these acts, no, they’d go the whole hog and hide all evidence of them, wouldn’t they now?

  33. Fargis was AWOL for a while because he recently moved and was busy reporting house to house about his Registered Sex Offender status. Rest assured, he has canvassed the neighborhood and now has time once again to drop his tidbits of wisdom on the rest of us.

    Welcome back Dan!

  34. Just for the record, the Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholics split BEFORE the crusades began (as opposed to the Protestants who split from the RC a few hundred years after), and the crusades were a Roman Catholic thing. They didn’t actually start until the end of the eleventh century. The Eastern Orthodox claim that the RC split off from them rather than the other way round. Right now, they are in negotiations with the pope to reunite. This is pretty funny inasmuch as you have two groups each of which claims that the other was a big fat jerk to the other 1000 years ago, and each claiming that they personally can do no wrong. So in order to reunite they have to find a way to claim that BOTH groups 1. were perfect the entire time and 2. royally screwed the other over.

  35. this is why christians have a bad name. because of morons who go and make us look like we do no wrong. we all do wrong. especially this crazy pastor guy! if you ask me, it’s not very christian of him to endanger our country and our troops overseas. okay, they burn our flag and spit on soldiers, but like we’ve heard since we were youngins, two wrongs don’t make a right!

  36. I’m an atheist and Dan Fargis has just converted me!

  37. I have missed Dan onions

  38. What Kabby dosen’t realise is that the fella in the forefront of the photo is actually really fucking slow and is in the process of being lapped.

    The plantation bosses would have caught him in a flash the slow cunt.

  39. #6… And where do you see “true” Muslims flying planes into buildings or indulging in said sex acts? There are over one billion Muslims on the planet and the vast majority of them live their lives peacefully.

    Yes, there are a number of extremist groups which are lead by powerful motivators who try to manipulate their religion to achieve their own personal goals. They speak of Holy wars when any true Muslim will tell you that those two words do not appear together ANYWHERE in the Qur’an.

    But don’t try and tell me we don’t have our own brand of extremism within Christianity lol. Klu Klux Klan anyone…? And that’s just for starters.

    Then look at Northern and Southern Ireland. They worship the same saviour and God and yet there are instances of the Orangemen actually bombing Catholic Churches.

    No one religion is pure or perfect. Your willingness to ignore Christianity’s own flaws is nothing more than I’d expect from a typical ignorant American-Christian in the 21st century.

  40. People, people. Religion played a part in the Troubles, but it shouldn’t be seen as a Catholic v Protestant conflict. There were nationalists, communists, socialists, right wingers on the ‘Republican’ side, many of whom had no affiliation to Catholicism. Hell, there were even Protestants. The same way that while religion plays a part (perhaps a large part) in the recent wars of the 21st century, poverty and imperialism are far larger players.
    @ph3nom, Northern and Southern Ireland don’t worship the same saviour, some of us don’t worship anyone at all and some of us worship ‘other’ gods. Then some worship yer man Jesus. I initially got confused when you said southern Ireland (what about us in the east and west) until I realised you mean the *Republic* of Ireland.

    End of rant.

  41. dan_fargis–

    I’m going to take a wild guess and say that somehow you were able to get access to the internet and a computer from your cell in the psychiatric hospital and give you the benefit of the doubt.

    ‘Die-Hard’ Christians are some of the most vile, destructive, and deadly people. How is it that you can say that they don’t kill? Have you stepped outside your room since you were born? People kill ‘in the name of the Christian God’ all the time. Hell, there are plenty of Christians in Iraq right now killing innocent people on thier own land and what do people say here? “God Bless The Troops”. That’s bullshit. If you were following the religion, it says “Thou Shall Not Kill”. It doesn’t say “Thou Shall Not Kill…unless someone tries to kill you first or you feel like it’s ‘needed’ or someone argues with you on your turf.

    I’m not Christian. I find the religion extremely dumb and hypocritical.

    On another note, by the way, I’ve always wondered how they KNEW it was Muslims that attacked the Trade Centers, seeing as how everyone DIED that was on the planes……

  42. Whenever folk start taking the polarisation caused by religious ideals too seriously I play with my genitals until God tells me to stop.

  43. Zombiekiller, they know who perpetrated it because they know who was on the plane and they have the statements released about the attacks by the coordinators. I suppose in theory it could have been some batshit insane white lady who had just lost her cat, but most people think the rational deductions are fairly adequate.

  44. I really can’t be arsed!

  45. To dare changing the subject, I reckon a “Jenga” joke could’ve been also worked into that middle one…

  46. krasivaya_devushka

    LOL@the first one!

  47. I like turtles.

  48. Oh Dan….we’ve missed ya buddy!

  49. I’m a little late responding to this conversation…

    @ mad2physicist

    The word was born of ignorance. I don’t think anyone should use it. I realize people today are not slave owners, but there is still racism, prejudice and hatred in our societies. I don’t pretend by any means to be perfect, but I do try to abstain from using these particular kinds of terms. However, an asshole is still an asshole regardless of race, creed or religion. As proved by Dan Fargis…

  50. @ fuckandmustard, of course there is still racism, prejudice, and hatred in our society, and there will be so long as certain members of each race act in a stereotypical fashion. As long as the vast majority of crime can be linked to one minority in particular, there will be hatred. Like how some white people can be white trash or rednecks, some black people are just n-words. Get off your high horse, I don’t use these terms either, but I call it like I see it.

  51. Everyone knows Pastafarianism is the one true religion, kthx.

  52. Funny thing is, there really aren’t any TRUE Christians, no matter how much other people argue that they are.

    So really Dan is correct, other things that can be correct:

    No TRUE Christians take a shit
    No TRUE Christians like to eat blueberries
    No TRUE Christians would ever post on lamebook

    See how fun that is! And it is all true because there aren’t any!

    (and I consider myself a Christian)

  53. A “true” Christian is just somebody who truly believes in Jesus’ forgiveness and seeks to follow him. Being as wrong as can be about HOW to follow him, being sinful, or being a racist, misogynistic prejudiced ar5e doesn’t mean that your faith is not real. It just means Jesus has more to forgive you for.

  54. You people just hate Christianity because you don’t like to follow conservative traditions. You’re too wrapped up in what you want to have good morals. You don’t like following rules. Dan_fargis has a right to his opinion, especially if that opinion is correct. Heathens.

  55. No, I’m against Christianity because I’ve seen too many hypocrites. Preachers who milk offerings to finance themselves, use the Bible as an excuse to murder doctors who perform abortions, one who raped my mom, and currently, one who has cheated on my sister for the past 3 years. So when you talk about “radical” Muslims, don’t forget that there are radical Christians, too. I have learned that not all who believe in God are evil, but many are. Conservative hypocrites suck. Conservative perverts are still f***ing perverts.

  56. @un1k3n well perhaps you should be against hypocrisy instead of Christianity. There are hypocrites in every religious sect, including Agnosticism and Atheism, so instead of being a close-minded prick and generalizing, how about you direct your misguided hatred, or distaste, or whatever you want to call it, at the specific set of people who deserve it. You’re just as close-minded as dan-fargis, just on the other side of the coin.

  57. Yeah, I’m gonna have to go with rollinca on this one. Every denomination and every sect of every religion has liars, cheaters, rapists, murderers, and hypocrites. Does this mean you hate all religion? Because there are liars, cheaters, rapists, murderers, and hypocrites who are NOT religious in any way. It’s unfair to generalize, and stick the label of one person on an entire religion just because that one person is a follower of said religion.

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