Monday, November 16, 2009

Cheesedick Factory


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  1. Looks like Frank can’t take a hint!

  2. what a cheese dick

  3. i know frank. he’s a dooooouche

  4. If I’m being picky; even if Frank is taking her out in the future doesn’t mean that he has ever done anything nice for her in the past.

    Not being picky; Frank sounds pretty fucking lame to me.

    What is jk? joke?

  5. @5: j/k or jk is short for “just kidding.”

    and i agree, frank sounds like a dweeb.

  6. @ nor’n monkey

    jk = just kidding

  7. JK is just kidding.

    This Frank is a douche. and I hate Social interview :/

  8. thanks :) i prob should have looked that up but i’m lazy!
    i also hate social interview and all the dozens of lookalikes. why bother?!

  9. That may just be the most creepy thing I’ve ever read.

    And Frank’s wrong. I’m thinking that if Ernela is really, REALLY lucky, she wont end up as a lampshade in his apartment.

  10. Am I the only one that thinks these 2 are good friends and are jokeing here?

  11. Am I the only one that thinks that these 2 are good friends and are joking around here. As I’ve seen loads of comments like this on facebook between people that I know are good friends.

  12. @Tidy – they most likely are, but that’s just not as funny

  13. Why is everybody bashing Frank? I think Ernela is the dipshit here.

    1) Utilizing social interviews.

    2) Choses to answer the question about Frank when she could have skipped to the next person.

    3) Her answer not only screams LAME, it also screams ATTENTION WHORE as she is clearly vying for more picture comments.

    4) She’s too fucking lazy to use apostrophes or capital letters but she seems to have a hard-on for exclamation points. Douchebag.

    Ernela wins.

  14. Frank would have seemed less creepy if he wouldnt of put the whole bit about going baqck to her place.

    If they arent joking, then he failed badly.

  15. What the hell is an Ernela?

  16. um, if this guy says “lol jk” (which are to very lame abbreviations to begin with), i might scream. this guy is annoying and anyone who says, lol, jk, or lol jk needs to be castigated.

  17. …and anyone who uses the word “castigated” in a normal sentence should be severely punished. Hehe. Or “lol jk”! :D

  18. LOL @ John.
    I was wondering the same thing.

  19. lol jk lol jk lol jk

    I think that people who use the word “castigated” are trying way too hard…. stop reading the dictionary and get a life. lol jk.

  20. Transporter 3, Epic.

  21. Since my last post is being moderated, you can find this chick by just putting her first name in “search” on facebook…….first one that pops up. Not as hot as Frank thinks.


  23. @ RZ

    Yeah, and she isn’t even worth stalking.

  24. Had a peek at her profile pic too, thanks Chaz. But hey, she meets up to my standards. My ego is OK with that. I’ll even scoff at anybody who pretends they’re only ever seen with girls hotter than her. Anyway, sorry Frank M, can’t blame you for trying.

  25. Dear Ratcoon,

    Obviously you “utilize” social interviews too, how else would you know to “skip” a person?

    Also, in what way does “I’m thankful he said nice things about my pic” sound like “I need people to say nice things about me”?

    Third, facebook comments are informal, text-based conversations, not term papers, so no need to be English Nazi.

    Finally, if Ernela is such a douche, why does she “win”? And for that matter, what does she win? Your approval, you egotistical ass? Doesn’t the fact that you are so eager to attach importance to your own opinions suggest that YOU are the attention whore? Get over yourself.


  26. I think the Ernela is the one from Fort Worth. I think she’s as hot as Frank thinks.

  27. @ Rich

    Are you a nice Jewish guy?

  28. Yeah, I’m in charge of the advertising for the site. Buy a few copies of the calendar, I earn 10 cents for every credit card number collected.

  29. ratcoon you just epically FAILed

  30. what do you mean i never did anything nice for you? i bought you a 2010 oy jewish guys calendar and a big ass hotdog.

  31. jonathan cinnamon

    that was entirely too easy to find her on facebook – 4chan should definitely do something with it

  32. Dear Rich,
    I didn’t comment yet.

  33. @Rich and @Juicy
    Reading FAIL

  34. Rich, you fail hard.

  35. Ernela’s the idiot in this one, who the hell turns down free cheesecake factory?

  36. Ratcoon your wife thinks you are dead. I was using the family name.

  37. kdo you fail flaccidly.

  38. BUTTHURT^^^

  39. Everybody poops.

  40. @ Rich

    I think you need to lighten up. This is Lamebook. It’s all in good fun. No need to get your panties in a bunch.

    @ Juicy

    I wasn’t trying to win.

    @ Ratcoon

    You SOB. You’re supposed to be dead! Who the hell did that chic run over???

  41. Ernela fails here. She should have taken the free Cheesecake Factory offer. Then, after eating said meal, given him the old “lol jk” as she sends him home alone.

  42. The irony here is that most of the comments are far more lame than the original post.

  43. The irony here is that I truly care about my comments, quit making fun of me or I might cry.

  44. Too late now I am crying, thanks you jerks.

  45. I don’t understand why this was posted. It’s not funny or lame or anything…it’s just boring and stupid.

  46. Terrible and boring.

  47. *¬* she’d rather he DIDN’T stay at her place xD hahaha
    ._. okei XD that guys sounds like he’s got the crying need for more than just a going out xD

  48. He might have had better luck if he didn’t say the part about her being lucky.

  49. Haha, fuckin’ burned buddy.

  50. Yes, I would have taken the free dinner and then gone home alone.

  51. You can’t blame a guy for trying. Respect, Frank!

  52. One day I’ll develop a device that will cut off people’s fingers if they fail to use apostrophes and/or the shift key.

  53. comment #53 = EPIC WIN!

  54. Ugh mimi shut up

  55. If Frank had any balls he’d just ask her out without the lol jk shit at the end.

    ..after dinner, we can go back to my place lol jk.
    My bedroom has some cool chains and handcuffs lol
    Then I can tie you up and take a shit on your stomach ;-P xD lol jk


  57. @hmmm :
    Niiiiiiiice !
    Now let’s see the douchebag’s face !

  58. pimpin ain’t easy on facebook.


  60. Frank knows how to treat da ladiezzzzz!

  61. ohhhhh snaps

  62. Frank M: I feel so rejected LOL

  63. DENIED

  64. EPIC FAIL!

  65. They are both idiots

    As are all facebollocks users

  66. @Dave

    You’re good at generalizing.

  67. Huge props to Frank, that was a very worthwhile attempt. Well yeah minus all the “jk’s”, but at least he put one foot forward.

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