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I’m Gonna Lose My Lunch

Lose My Lunch

JD, you have a way with words.


Classy Girl Ya Got There Anthony



Val, girl, you are not the first to pull this amazing prank! One time I bought this cute boi an 800 dollar bracelet (cause every girl knows the way to a man’s heart is through expensive jewelry). So I go online expecting his relationship status to say “single” but guess what?! Instead I find a picture of his gf giving him a HAND JOB in the back of a ’98 Ford Taurus while wearing the bracelet!! I was like sooo pissed off! Ugh. So props to you Val, I’m sure that skank will lay off now.

Get Money, Get Laid

Get Money, Get Laid

Song Fight!

Passive Aggressive Song Fight!

Lame-O and the Tramp

Lame-O and the Tramp