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Get Her Tea, For the Love of God

Get Her Tea

“There” Both Just Being Honest

There Both Just Being Honest

Ryan Reaklly Loves Shannon


Ryan Reaklly Loves Shannon

Ryan. Seriously. You love Shannon TOO much? Reaklly?! Lame.

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Why Oscar’s a Grouch



Rule #1: Don’t post poorly spelled, personal details from your weekend on Facebook. Judging by your impeccable spelling it’s safe to assume you are still in that same vulnerable state. I can’t believe Oscar got you drunk and ate you out. I hate when guys buy girls drinks all night, get them drunk, then take them home to orally pleasure them. I mean, props for getting some, but publicly posting that stuff just to take Oscar down makes you look a little … you know … whore-ish.  In the end, however, it does sound like Oscar got the short end of the stick (no pun intended).

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Baby Mama Drama


Jakey’s a Fakey


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