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Sherry, Sherry, Quite Contrary

Sherry Sherry Quite Contrary

God Bless You Please, Mrs. Robinson

Mrs Robinson




Including You!

Including You

Better Get Started

Better Get Started

Im Not That Racist


Dnt Get Me Wrong

It looks like Jersey Shore Community College has taught you well. They should be proud to have produced such an intelligent student. All along, I thought this economical slump was some complex dilemma requiring the skills and intellect of several brilliant minds…

Then you come along and remind us that the solution is not so difficult. You’re right, Stafford, there is an obvious link between The United States Recession and way too many chinks opening up Dollar Trees. As Americans, we must resist the urge to go buy 49 cent toothpaste so that our country can once thrive again.


It’s that simple.

Bless you Stafford.

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