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Secret Sauce

Does anyone else think exercising at home feels weird? Like, I don’t want to sweat on the rug. Honestly, all exercising feels gross, but it’s especially gross. It’s no sweat to follow @lamebook on instagram! (Sorry, that pun was terrible)

Back To The Present

It’s April Fool’s Day! Prank yourself by changing 10 names in your phone contacts to “Mom” and see what happens! And please whitelist Lamebook on your adblocker! It would be awesome of you.

Work Out While In

Everyone who stockpiled food should have to eat all of it. Nothing goes to waste. Make those idiots eat six pounds of sausage every meal for the next year! And they should follow @lamebook on instagram!

Molded By Fire

I’m always convinced every puzzle I do is missing pieces, but by the end they always show up. It’s annoying magic. Follow @lamebook on instagram for more content!

Cracking Crackers

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Rolling Papers

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