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  1. first

  2. lol austin rocks!

  3. Sami deserves a kick to the head. Feminist bitch.

  4. bestiality

  5. Sami is not necessarily feminist, it’s a Charles de Gaulle quote.

  6. @belle83773
    Why would you say feminist like it’s a bad thing? Without women standing up for other women, we wouldn’t have the right to vote, there would be no birth control, abortions would only be available in back alleys and you probably wouldn’t be allowed to even touch your computer. All decent men and women should call themselves feminists, all it means is being supportive of women.

    /That rant aside, the quote itself is stupid and the first thing that sprang into my mind was that she’s been playing in the peanut butter and getting it on with her dog.

  7. This whole post reeks of “meh,” with the excwption of Austin.

  8. This whole post reeks of “meh,” with the exception of Austin.

  9. I think I’ve seen Sami and an alsation get it on in a film called ‘Dog Instruction’.

  10. Alsatian even. Covers red cheeks.

  11. this isn’t very funny or lame.

  12. Judging by Sami’s comment, I’d have to say that the reason she does is because, 1. No guy would be interested in getting any STDs 2. The very few guys she even gets close to only ask “Why is there a paper bag on your head?”, and 3. Dogs will lick anything covered in peanut butter.

  13. Maybe Dani saw the Superman picture next to the question and got confused and thought Adam was saying Superman was her hero? That makes more sense… but at the same time, it makes her seem even more stupid.

  14. @heavilyunbroken why doesn’t that make sense? if anyone tried to assume my favourite superhero was Jesus, i’d correct them with Batman.

  15. @tsuzi
    Feminists aren’t necessarily bad things, until you try to act like a gentleman… or treat women as actual equals… or just be yourself… or any of the in betweens that might occur naturally. Just ask yourself this question – what is the male equivalent to a feminist?

  16. @guttersnob:
    you’re a complete moron. just do us all a favor and stop talking. have you ever actually learned the definition of a feminist? it’s a person, of any gender, who believes that men and women should have equal rights. look it up and shut your mouth.

  17. Feminists you say?

  18. @guttersnob
    Oh, oh, I know. That would be ‘misogynistic prick’. A term that you, sir, are undoubtedly well-acquainted with.

    Seriously, though, “the male equivalent to a feminist”? Miss the etymological point much?


  19. Is that quote from Sami (yeah, I read it was a Charles de Gaulle quote, but she’s obviously using it cos some guy pissed her off) meant to be the female equivalent of ‘women only date bastards’?

  20. This makes me hate women more. Become a fan of “Hitting Women”, a lamebook classic!

  21. @Beanstalker -Either you ARE a woman, or you’re gay. Either way, for that comment, enjoy this horoscope, “You’ll take it like a man this week, which pretty much just means you’ll be too embarrassed to ask what ‘it’ is.”

  22. I am a hermaphrodite with two connected penises and a vagina on my stomach. Your point is?

    None of that matters, women need to learn their place in society, and that is the kitchen.

  23. @Beastalker -… I have no response to that other than you must be a very lonely person… unless you happen to own a dog… and a jar peanut butter ;)

  24. Oops, I meant Beanstalker. Although now that I put that comment, “beast-stalker” would work too

  25. This post and its comments are pretty blah. The quote itself is referring to all humans as “men” as was tradition in de Gaulle’s time. So meh on the original poster for failing to understand it and misusing it and meh on everyone for getting pissy over something so ridiculously stupid.

  26. If Austin is a dood, which I assume he is, and he is saying cats are cool….his man-bership should be revoked immediately.

    Cats are fine for the wife/gf to get because you don’t need to give them a moment of your time and throwing them makes you feel good but won’t usually hurt the cat. But they are not cool! They are chick pets.

  27. @omglulu57 -Your horoscope my good sir/ma’am, “It’s not enough to just sit there and cry about your problems all night long. Try also kicking your legs a bit to see if that helps.”. But yes, very lame lamebook post. I didn’t find it funny at all.

  28. The Jesus answer would normally be funny, but with all the Bible thumpin’ FB posts I’ve read on this site…it isn’t out of the ordinary or shocking, which makes it not funny.

  29. @Jeffrey93 -My wife’s cats fight eachother in the middle of the night while on top of my legs… fortunately my wife has given me free reign to samurai-kick them if this happens. :) I can’t even describe the quality of my sleep after sending one of the cats hurtling through the air… pure bliss :)

  30. Oh, and to Rik, if someone makes a profile for their cat on facebook, they are not “on their way” to becoming a cat lady, they are officially at the ‘cat-lady’ resident estate complete with a lifetime membership at cat-urine-stains-r-us.

  31. @BritishHobo either she’s been pissed off by a man or she’s been let down by humanityor she found a cool quote, my money’s on pissed off

  32. *humanity or

  33. hee hee I liked these posts.. I aspire to one day become a crazy cat lady.

  34. Feminists are cool and so are cats, but crazy cat ladies trump them both.

  35. @misanthropic4u -It’s very simple to become a member. There is a pre-requisite; however, of owning a minium of 7 cats. Follow these simple steps to getting your free membership:
    1. Have two-way conversations with your cats and believe they speak your language.
    2. Spend more money on them per month than on your own groceries.
    3. Choose between the two options: A. Have five or more litter boxes strewn throughout the house. or B. Own no litter boxes whatsoever and let them drop it anywhere they please.
    4. When one of your cats dies, creamate it and place it’s remains in an urn that has it’s name engraved into it.
    5. In order to successfully check step-number-4 off, you cannot kill your cat or neglect to ensure it’s safety in any way, shape or form (i.e. let it wonder the yard when you know someone is mowing it)

    Good luck!

  36. *cremate

  37. *its safety

  38. Sorry MNic, couldn’t help myself… only did it because you corrected yourself…

  39. Right-Oh, good catch on the ‘wander’. But ‘it’s’ means belonging-to it, so that still applies. I was busy laughing when I realized I was basing these steps off someone:)

  40. “It’s” is the abbreviation of “it is”, if you want to say belonging to “it” it is “its” :) You know someone like this? Holy crap… I think seven cats is a bit much for your pre-requisite though!

  41. I think if they followed steps 1 to 5 then they would only need four cats to become a crazy cat lady.

  42. Well I’m halfway there (plus I have time I’m only 23) between me and me and my boyfriend a total of 4 cats, 4 litter boxes, I speak to my cat every day and truly believe she understands me, and once when I first got her I maxed out a credit and debit card for a total of around $3000, trust me there was no groceries in my home for awhile lol (she had swallowed several yards of string which somehow got wrapped around her intestines) she was in the hospital for a week. Hmmm about the cremation though… that seems a little creepy…….

  43. .. and yes there is 2 homes between the 4 cats…

  44. @6: Because “feminists” these days aren’t feminists at all. Just annoying emos going “lolz I hate men”.

    And no, not all decent men and women should call themselves feminists. That’s just daft. The greatest irony of all is that you and people like you are the sexist ones nowadays.

  45. Btw…that quote is actually supposed to be ‘The more I see of men, the more I love my dogs’. And, feminists? It actually comes from Frederick the Great of Prussia. Kthnxbye.

  46. further to 45:

    i think it was shakespeare’s king richard III who said:

    ‘a dog, a dog, my kingdom for a dog.’

  47. HA HA ha HA ha HAH ha

  48. “the better i get to know women, the more i find myself loving pussy”

    why did no-one reply to her with that? had to be said

  49. @awful it’s is a contraction, not an abbreviation

  50. Does Austin’s porn involve cats?

  51. @SoyMochaMike. Gotcha.

  52. indeed.

  53. It’s odd that nobody has recognised that a cat is fine too.

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