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Calling all Nan Fans

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  1. stabbin ma nan, now that’s a turn on.

  2. I’d criticize the message she’s trying to send, but I can’t understand a fucking word she said.

  3. Oh, god. I’m assuming ‘getting justice for Ste’ means campaigning against the punishment he’s been given for STABBING HER FUCKING NAN?


    ‘if ur in love no matter wot’?
    No. No. There’s a difference between ‘true love’, where you can forgive a person things because you love them, and ‘sheer fucking insanity’, where you try and get your boyfriend off for stabbing your nan.

  4. Also – got to be a joke. Right? Please?

  5. yes! First! Ben! *dancing*

  6. FFS

  7. umm i had to urbandictionary “nan”.

    1. Nan – a strong, beautiful woman. A survivor. The best big sister, mother, wife, aunt and friend.
    2. Nan, this is another word for Grandmother.
    3. Acctually a abriviation for Nobody ass Nigga, a diss word like calling somebody a loser
    4. Vagina or “beaver.” Generally, the nan is not clean shaven. Activity with a nan is reffered to as “waxing”

    well they all seem to work.

  8. Okay, what the fuck? So I searched ‘even tho u stabbed ma nan’ and it came up with ‘even tho u stabbed ma nan u r still da 1 4 me = FAKE’.

    And… what the fuck?
    Is it an inside joke? I guess so. Whatever it is it definitely isn’t real.

  9. @Kiri – HAHA, thanks for the definitions that changes everything if Nan means #4

  10. as fake as this sounds, locally a girl went around trying to drum up donations to help buy her man a lawyer after he (get this) blinded a mofo for asking his wife to a cd. Took a knife to the dude’s eyes for seeing if he wanted to buy a CD from the show they just left and that little whore wanted people to pity him?

    People are just that stupid, y’all.

  11. Well even if this one is a fake I am sure there are people out there that are like this. Maybe they just aren’t dumb enough to post it for the world to see.

  12. I actually don’t believe this is fake. Apparently she’s pregnant with his baby too. I still can’t quite figure out what her nan is though.

    Apparently we’re not the only ones who thought it was fake:!/topic.php?uid=119093601436097&topic=112

  13. Dancinganimal256

    I actually believe this might be true since I know a personal instance similar to this that involved a family member.

  14. Oh my god, Nan is her grandma.

  15. I think Alen001 is the 20 year old pilot.

  16. Saw this group a week ago… If you look at the discussion area of the group you’ll see a lot of people playing along with the joke all ‘typin lyk dis’…
    and then a whole lot of other people getting offended by the idea of someone staying with the guy who stabbed their nan…
    and then a whole lot more people getting offended by the spelling and grammar.

  17. i’ve been enjoying this facebook group for a bit now. the great thing is it’s full of people taking the piss and correcting her grammar. and whilst there was a big theory of it being a hoax, someone has just found their bebo pages, which they posted on the page. so either someone’s done a very elaborate hoax…or it’s very true indeed. it was all in self defence apparently…

  18. Alen001 – have you no gotten the point that nobody cares about your TWSS site! I have been going backwards through this site since I just learned about it and you put that almost everyday if not everyday. Get a life. Thank you.

  19. oops * not

    sorry for any grammer or spelling errors

  20. Alen001, go suck a donkey’s cock.

  21. Borken britin?!111111

  22. lol thats funny , i just met Alen001 in real life and this is what he said : nooooo not in the bollox please …

  23. In the perpetrator’s defence, nans can be quite vicious when they have to queue up at the post office for their pensions. All that tutting and head shaking probably tipped him over the edge.

  24. even though i met a lot of nans i couldn’t stand , stabbing them seem to be a little over the top

    After all , why go to jail for something time and nature is bound to resolve in your behalf?

  25. i love malteaser too

    Alen001 was Alen002 yesterday. It soon will be Alen007.

    Alen001, can we stab you in your nan#4 as well? Please?

  26. What? I stab all my girls nans when things start to get serious. This is the true true love test.

  27. So if you stab someones nan even that wont break you up? Man what do you have to do to get someone to end things

  28. Stab THEM? Rather than the nan, perhaps? Goodness knows. We should probably go to her for advice about those kind of things… Before Jeremy Kyle gets to her.

  29. How are people like this allowed to have knies?

  30. Well Naaaice, they are quite harmless when you take the ‘f’ out of them.

  31. I have two knees.

  32. Me too Benisglory, I find them quite essentail in various ‘bending of the leg’ activities and to get down on them to beg to my partner not to stab my Nan in the face.

  33. I like that the first thing I read when I went onto the group was ” getin rly pissed of wiv da poems ppl r postin,,,, they r hurtfull,,, most of em dont even rhime n r shit,”

    I too really hate when people are mean to me and don’t rhyme! The humanity!

  34. ghetto love is a beautiful thing

  35. OMG – Just cheked on FB!/pages/even-tho-u-stabbed-ma-nan-ur-still-da-1-4-me/119093601436097
    There is 22,000 people in this group. WTF? This got to be a joke… I mean… Right??

  36. Dear Lord, we pray you let this chicks eggs dry up before the nan-stabber gets out of the pen. The last thing society needs is those two procreating.

    That said, most of the poems in that group are pretty epic.

  37. Man, I really hope somebody involved in this comes onto Lamebook and explains the full story, because reading the Facebook page just hurts my brain. And that ‘Stacey’s Nan’ video? What the fuck?

  38. “oh my dais,, wot is it nowdays wiv gettin asked 4 id 4 Fags,, i used 2 b able 2 get em well easy 4 ma m8s yrs ago,,, n now sudenli every were is askin ya 4 id!! GRR,, n no they r not 4 me actualy lol they 4 ma mum hu was kicken off wi me b4 big STYLEEE,,, so mayb a few tokes wil carm her down! ! She can shuv em up her arse afta all this agro , , , pmsl! ,, so prowd of ste 4 quitten smokin x x x x x”

    I don’t even know where to start with the group/the girl who created it or the spelling/grammar mistakes.

  39. @rabid

    Really… we need licenses for cars, driving, businesses and nearly everything we do in the US… And yet there are no controls on the idiots like this poisoning our world with their crackhead spawn

  40. ok, so nan is dead? And her man killed nan? Who the fuck is nan? I”m hung over, I can’t handle this right now.

  41. Some of my personal highlights of this group are:

    - The photo of Staycee and ste which has ‘IDST’ on the bottom – do people still use that?! It was a craze when I was about 13!

    - The comments from other people on the photo including a girl who says’ u 2 lk propa in luv. bt i av 2 say, b karefull bout it wen he gets out ov prizun. innit. my bf frew asid on my grandads mug n i tuk him bak still. bt then lyk shortlie afta we woz bak togetha he put a hot iron on my bak wen i woz asleep coz i dint load da dishwasha.’ Translation – Her boyfriend threw acid on her grandad’s face but she took him back and then he put a hot iron on her back because she didn’t load the dishwasher!

  42. YorkshirebornNBread

    @ee disturbingly if you look at 7. Kiri provided us with 4 definitions of Nan. Which if No.4 is correct means that British Hobo has just seen something no sane person should have to watch….

  43. @ eenerbl

    Nan means Grandmother in the UK.

  44. nan is another word for grandma, and this girl’s boyfriend stabbed her grandma, and she still took him back! i doubt the girl would make a facebook group about it but it has been on the news in england recently, so i think this will be somebody taking the piss :)

  45. YorkshirebornNBread

    @ daisy croc…hey obviously a Modern man…he knows how to switch on an iron..and doing well for themselves, they have a dishwasher….I’m still using a brush, a bowl and morning fresh (lemon scented) for my washing up.

  46. Who's That Girl?

    Awwww….she forgives him…now that’s love!

    “By bad for shanking your nan, but that hoe was holding out on on the crack”

    “It’s okay boo, I know you’re sorry. I’ma stand by you”

  47. I keep seeing jokes about this. I saw this one a couple of days ago and had no clue what it was about

  48. OH MY GOD! He killed her vagina! I’m going to go with that one. It’s adds an extra twist to it.

  49. YorkshirebornNBread

    That could be the new South Park tagline…”OH MY GOD! He killed her vagina…You Bastard!

  50. thehiviewarcade

    Found in the discussion boards:
    The group founder said, “this is nOT A murder,,,,,, sumthin exacli the oposite” and someone responded “he brought her back to life?”
    I cannot stop laughing.

  51. WHy is it you guys can all find the actual page, yet I’m just stuck with a video of a wooden spoon dancing to a song about Ste killing Stacey’s nan?

  52. And as I post this comment I notice the incredibly blatant ‘Join Here!’ underneath the post itself. Fuck me, I need some sleep.

  53. And as I click the link, it just takes me to the Facebook homepage.
    God damn it.

  54. Relax British, I will give you a hug and all will be well.

  55. My favourite part is that it was “self-defense”.

    Oh chavs, what would we do without you.

  56. Aw and I wish it were real, I feel like my little heart has been broken now.

  57. Good thing she wasn’t Ste’s attorny. His sentence would of been double whatever it is.

    “Yo Juj, I luvz ma nan n awl, but Ste ma boo. Nan wuz badazz yo, sheda cut im 1st. I swerz. He kant B ma Baybee Daddi if e lokd up in jale u no.”

  58. if thats the case ive killed a few nans in my days… any gals got a nan that could use a good stabbing?

  59. She actually is pregnant with his baby already…
    I feel terrible for that kid.

  60. Molly, do you know these people or was that said somewhere in the group?

  61. it may not appear in the news but we’lll know it’s true when it appears in ‘love it’ magazine. and yes, she is apparently pregnant with his baby, they’re also engaged. and she’s about to go on a bender this weekend. good god.

  62. krasivaya_devushka

    So nan = grandma.
    You learn something new every day! :)

  63. Stabbing nan? I guess this is a spin-off of the master key where it’s rape instead. She still loves her rapist though because the sex was so great that she has to have more and is willing to forgive him for it. As for the R.I.P. She’s referring to her virginity.
    That’s my story and i’m sticking to it.

  64. Yes, of course it is fake!

    even tho u stabbed ma nan, ur still da 1 4 me :I’ve deliberately made every status more outrageous than the last so that it was obvious… but people still bite. Unless they’re ‘trolling’ the troller… haha ;)

    The pics have been hilarious for me to look at

  65. So there is an Alenoo1 AND an Alenoo2.

    The fools are multiplying.

  66. Ha, trolling the troller. It’s as though there is a pyramid of internet predators, and LB’ers are at the top.

  67. Ha! LB’ers the apex internet predators.
    What a tremendous bunch of cnuts we are.

  68. @Euphejizzum… you ain’t seen nothing yet. Try the comments of the post before this.

  69. Also, on internet stalking, Lamebookers have gone insanely further than this before. Infamously :P

  70. Oh Hobo, you got that right my friend, we’re totally on the same page on that one.

  71. I would applaud you but I have no arms.

  72. Am I dumb if I don’t know what a “nan” is?

  73. no but you should read comment #7.

  74. To all those that don’t know, Nan commonly refers to your grandma. You all should be on lamelamebookers. :|

  75. What is this I don’t even

  76. I always think of Ali G when I read “nan” … that or math errors in Java …

  77. rebarbativebecc

    I submitted this, not sure if it was THIS one or if someone else submitted it, too.
    Anyway…From what I can tell she is deadly serious, but her friends are sticking up for her/him, too! It’s hard to tell what any of them are saying as they are typing horribly.
    Basically her boyfriend stabbed and killed her Nan (Grandma, Grandmother) and is claiming self defense (!!).

    She won’t give away anything else incase it hurts his chances in court. Don’t know if it’s fake or not but that’s the basic story.

  78. rebarbativebecc

    Also this is apparently a news article about the crime
    (Within the discussion)!/topic.php?uid=119093601436097&topic=166

    but you never know if news stories have been fabricated.

  79. rebarbativebecc

    Oops the news story was a joke, probably should have finished reading it first haha.

  80. @rebarbativebecc yeah I submitted it aswell.. A big part of me thinks it’s a joke but I just don’t know.

  81. First few times I saw this, I kept reading “nan” as “man”. IMAGINE MY CONFUSION.

    I’m not sure the truth is much better, though. >>

  82. terribletimes

    Just to clear it all up; it is a fake. I’m (sadly) from the same area in the North-West of England as the group of girls who made the group and it’s not real. HOWEVER, i am a fan of it, just for the sheer comedy value of the comments left by people on it…a bit like lamebook to be honest.

  83. British Hobo – at least you saved others from having to do the same thing – I was also going to investigate it and missed the Join Here thing… Sunday night is not the time for thinking

  84. fake – the picture of this group is stolen from some one not even close to being called steve

    my source: they are a fb friend

  85. The only person I know that would stab a nan is Soup. He will screw anything.

  86. LOL

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