Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bright Ideas

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  1. Ben, Frodo etc

  2. Steeever, First!~ etc

  3. Loved the third one! Where’s Waldo 3D. I want to dress my kids that way as well when I grow up.. But you have to be careful only a select group of people will do this, otherwise it will be waaaaayyyy to easy to find Waldo

  4. @ Granny Weatherwax – I think you’ll find that if you only ask a select group to dress their kids like Waldo it’ll be even easier than everyone doing it. Just sayin’…..

  5. Rape jokes… classy Lamebook.

  6. @ scotty – Never said I had to find my own children…. (Is that the right time when I talk about the future? Sooo bad at English grammar sometimes!)

  7. Ah yes, there’s always someone on Lamebook who has a problem with rape jokes.

    (and child molesting jokes)

  8. You know what the best thing about having sex with twenty-five year olds is? There’s twenty of them!!

  9. CommentsAtLarge

    Sir-Nate forgot that the ladies do in fact get the shaft sometimes. We’re pretty good about sharing it given the opportunity.

  10. Second one is kinda funny. I didn’t know they had Facebook in jail though. The rest are just lame.

  11. Gee, I wonder why anyone would have a problem with rape jokes? Maybe because they aren’t funny.

  12. Rape is hilarious! I dont know, but i think someone may have been raped as a child. Also, fuck Waldo, Where’s Wally is where it’s at!

  13. The Waldo one was funny the first time I saw it. Hundreds of times later, not so much.

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