Thursday, May 26, 2011

Breakin’ Up and Breakin’ Out

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  2. ifitwerentformyhorse

    In related news, Ashley G stopped letting Alex G stuff her with his dick, and her yeast infections went away.

  3. Stay classy, Alex G

  4. Ashley Parrish is a whore doo da doo da!

  5. Wow, that is just a little too over the top. SMDH, and there goes the little bit of dignity they both had left lol.
    Stay classy.

  6. littleredcorvette

    Don’t worry Alex G, we know you’re a fat slob with a beard and bad taste in women.

  7. Poor Alex, nobody is listening and nobody liked his status so only he is left to comment.

  8. dont sugar coat it Alex.. Tell us whats going on.

  9. Just so I understand what the cuckold is saying: the curds and whey dispenser that is Ashley’s vag isn’t due to yeast infections or jock itch(?), but coagulated man juice that periodically gets jostled loose?

    The only thing I can figure from all this is that Alex married a retard. And I don’t mean a foolish or awful person. A literal retard. A full on slobbering, slope headed hairless monkey. He married it. Fuck you, Alex. You deserved every stink filled pustule that popped in your moron face.

  10. I love the little heart at the end.

    “Hey, cunt, I hate you, you’re disgusting, I hope you die in a fire while eating the cottage cheese coming out of your body!!! LOVE”

  11. I love the little heart at the end.

  12. You can’t talk, Alex. I looked up “jock itch”, and after reading about it, I think it’s safe to assume that your groin area would be as equally nasty as Ashley’s. You’re both full of fucking fungus.

  13. I also have a soft spot for fat guys with beards. Fancy a bit Alex G? You sound hot.

  14. Watch out Santa!

  15. The funny thing is that there’s only 1 Ashley Parish on facebook…

  16. Yeah dude, that would be totally funny if his original post didn’t say Parrish…

  17. pandainspandex

    Totally funny if it wasn’t totally wrong… in addition to what yeliak said, I also know for a fact that there is more than one Ashley Parish on Facebook because my 12 year old cousin (Ashley Parish) has a FB and, to my knowledge, has never had a husband OR a yeast infection.

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